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Having problems with this
By -

LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I too have suddenly encounter problems with Mozilla. It was working beautifully when disaster struck and the program keeps shutting down - about every 10 minutes. If you are in the middle of an email all is lost. I know this is not as bad as losing address books and bookmarks, however, it unbelievably annoying! Is it me or them?

Also there is no ability to back page if you are reading emails in AOL. You can only close the tabs and return to your current emails. Again is this them or me being completely computer illiterate? Please help me. I believe there was a... Does anyone have the number for the tech service at Mozilla, or am I just spinning my wheels?

Failed service
By -

A word or 2 about my experience with the much-hoohah'd Foxfire: It appeared with an upgrade signal & address bar, started the upgrade, and after a few seconds stopped with a freeze on everything, including the pointer, preventing me from any action.

After many minutes with no change and unable to do anything, I had to shut the computer. When I restarted,
everything connected with Foxfire was gone -- mail addresses, dozens of bookmarks, Foxfire itself. I got back online with my former browser & called my Internet provider, which gave me the Foxfire tech help number. Guess what!!! After the foregoing "disaster," the tech, saying that "we started it, not you," when I misstated that I turned on the upgrade, advised me that I must pay $39.95 to have him get Foxfire back with the programs. Back I went to the original browser and a lot of my work gone. Foxfire? Boo.

Always says information input is wrong or does not exist
By -

The program came already in a computer I bought and it asks for email address and password which I enter then the program updates or add ons do not download properly and they always say that my email address and password are wrong, invalid, or not real. At points it locks up my computer and interferes with other functions. It is not listed in the area for program removal so I can't get it out either. It is not the only program with these problems but it is the one I am dealing with today. Thank you.

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