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Having problems with this
Posted by on
LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I too have suddenly encounter problems with Mozilla. It was working beautifully when disaster struck and the program keeps shutting down- about every 10 minutes. If you are in the middle of an email all is lost. I know this is not as bad as losing address books and bookmarks, however, it unbelievably annoying! Is it me or them? Also there is no ability to back page if you are reading emails in AOL. You can only close the tabs and return to your current emails. Again is this them or me being completely computer illiterate? Please help me. I believe there was a Does anyone have the number for the tech service at Mozilla, or am I just spinning my wheels?
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Sparticus on 05/22/2007:
Ever since I upgraded to 2.0 (, it seems a bit more unstable than my previous version (1.5). It will randomly lock-up and then crash... I secretly think it is Microsoft's handy work... ;-)
shawnp80 on 05/22/2007:
It's Firefox.... Not Foxfire.
Anonymous on 05/22/2007:
Mozilla is a free browser produced by the Mozilla community. There are many ways to get support for Mozilla projects, including community run message boards, newsgroups and chat rooms, just Google Mozilla or Firefox. There is no company called Mozilla but there is help at

Paid support is also available from the following independent providers (who are not affiliated with Mozilla)

* InfoSpan - Telephone support at 1-888-586-4539 is available for Firefox 0.9 and above, Thunderbird 0.8 and above, and final Mozilla release versions 1.5, 1.6, and above. $39.95 per incident.
Anonymous on 05/22/2007:
Sparticus... I doubt seriously this is Microsoft's handy work cause if it was that would mean M$ was successful at something on their first try and that's just a little too far fetched for my belief system.
Sparticus on 05/23/2007:
Ha... good one Stew... ;-)
Anonymous on 05/23/2007:
I use Vonage.
Sarah May on 05/23/2007:
Vonage has a browser?
shawnp80 on 05/23/2007:
Jstr, Did you try re-installing?
CrazyRedHead on 05/23/2007:
I didn't know you could read emails from Firefox. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails. Are you having troubles with Thunderbird also? Oh, and BTW, I haven't had any troubles with Firefox or Thunderbird. I have the current versions of both and they run fine and I have Win 98SE.
Sarah May on 05/24/2007:
I *think* the author is referring to web-based email. I've never been able to manage Thunderbird myself. It's been awhile since I've bothered with it, so I don't remember specifically the problems I had with it. Perhaps I should try downloading an updated version and giving it another shot.
AB BEST on 05/20/2011:
Firefox is a real nuisance. I Just crashed into the middle of my secure financial transaction and tried to sell me a version upgrade. I tried to complain to them online but they don't allow that option. The FCC should revoke their license...but they don't give a damn either.
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Failed service
Posted by on
A word or 2 about my experience with the much-hoohah'd Foxfire:

It appeared with an upgrade signal & address bar, started the upgrade, and after a few seconds stopped
with a freeze on everything, including the pointer, preventing me from any action.

After many minutes with no change and unable to do anything, I had to shut the computer. When I restarted,
everything connected with Foxfire was gone -- mail addresses, dozens of bookmarks, Foxfire itself.

I got back online with my former browser & called my Internet provider, which gave me the Foxfire tech help number.
Guess what!!!!! After the foregoing "disaster," the tech, saying that "we started it, not you," when I misstated that I turned on the upgrade, advised me that I must pay $39.95 to have him get Foxfire back with the programs.

Back I went to the original browser and a lot of my work gone. Foxfire? Boo.

Al Best Farmington Hills, MI

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/24/2006:
Thank's for the information. I will not be using them for anything.
SilverWngs on 12/24/2006:
We have FireFox and its been very reliable. My husband installed it to our computer and when we get the new one It too will be on that one as well. I guess it depends on the user.
lobo65 on 12/24/2006:
I use Firefox exclusively, and the upgrade caused no problems for me either.
Sparticus on 12/24/2006:
I'm a happy firefox user as well. I particularly use it when dealing with high security risk sites like my online banking and credit cards. It is a little safer than IE, which is exploited much more by hackers.
tnchuck100 on 12/24/2006:
I have been using Firefox for 3 years. I found it to be FAR better IE. I have not upgraded to the lastest version as I have heard it has some issues. What I am running now serves me well. I learned long ago, newer does not necessarily mean better. Or, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Anonymous on 12/24/2006:
When I did the recent update I found that only the original Firefox theme would work. The other themes would freeze. Within hours some of the themes had updates. All their updates have had issues. At least they provide fixes within days, not like M$ take weeks if not months for fixes.
Bababooey on 12/24/2006:
I think that all of these browsers contain bugs, spyware, and viruses which screw up your computer.

I attempted to upgrade my browser to the Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7, but after I downloaded and installed it, my computer started freezing up. I quickly removed the new browser from my computer, and I'm back to using Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.
Anonymous on 12/24/2006:
You can save your bookmarks to a file. If the program ever crashes, you can easily restore your bookmarks. Everyone should back up any information or programs that they can for their computers. I have my bookmarks saved. As a matter of fact, this is a good time to resave them.
Anonymous on 12/24/2006:
Firefox saves your profile outside the program itself. I've uninstalled it before loading a newer version. All my settings and bookmarks were there when I started the newer version. The only problems tend to be some themes and extensions not working on an upgrade.
CrazyRedHead on 12/24/2006:
I have been using FF for the past year and a half and had no problems. I have upgraded to the newest version and have never had a problem with it. I have Windows 98SE and have never had a problem. I rather use FF than IE, once I started using FF I haven't been smurfed yet. Maybe you should check you system for spyware, malware and viruses, or maybe your system doesn't have enough resources to handle the new FF.
*Brenda* on 12/24/2006:
I use firefox too with the new upgrade and have had no problems.
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Always says information input is wrong or does not exist
Posted by on
The program came already in a computer I bought and it asks for email address and password which I enter then the program updates or add ons do not down load properly and they always say that my email address and password are wrong, invalid, or not real. At points it locks up my computer and interferes with other functions. It is not listed in the area for program removal so I can't get it out either.

It is not the only program with these problems but it is the one I am dealing with today. Thank you
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Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
The only fix we have found is to remove FirFox, re-boot, download a new copy and re-install. Then set-up the security features the way you want them.
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Easy fix…

Base on what you posted, this appears to be a corrupted profile. You will need to delete the Mozilla Firefox profile under your user’s profile. I do not remember the exact path, I do not use that program anymore…


Win2k and WinXP = C:\Documents and Settings\userid\Something...

WinVista = C:\Users\userid\Something...

You may also have a corrupt regkey for Mozilla Firefox uninstall. You will need to download and install Mozilla Firefox to fix that problem.

Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Bear, think that is what I just said? We have been down this road a few times, the easy fix is the one I posted. They can try to lay down a new install over the old one but that will probably not work we have found.
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Super, she cannot delete the program. There are 2 steps. She needs to get ride of the corrupted profile first, then download and install the problem. She can keep the program or delete at this point.

I found the URL.

On Windows Vista/XP/2000, the path is usually %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\, where xxxxxxxx is a random string of 8 characters. Just browse to C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ on Windows XP/2000 or C:\users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ on Windows Vista, and the rest should be obvious.
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Bear, we do not advise our clients to start deleting system root files or messing with the system registry unless one of our techs is around for damage control. For a remote repair, remove and re-install is our first advice. If they delete something the system registry is looking for at boot up the system may not boot. Just our experience. The MS remove program fuction will get rid of enough of the program for a reinstall. What's left are some registry entries that get written over with a new install anyway.
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:


APPDATA=C:\Users\userid\AppData\Roaming (A.K.A user profile).

C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

Two different things.

I did not tell her to regedit his OS?

Removing the Mozilla Firefox profile does not damage any system files. Mozilla Firefox will recreate a new profile after successful re-install.

I have done this before.

You personal settings, bookmarks, history, temp. cache, and email settings will be wipe out.

Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Dr. Mom,
To play it safe (not delete/Recycle Bin Option).
You can move that profile folder out of your user profile.

C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\


They explain the steps with pictures @ their website.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this. Get someone with some IT background to assist (Family, friend and/or neighbor).
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