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Mr Clean Magic Eraser Is A Miracle

My 2 year old nephew decided to be devious this morning and drew all over our kitchen table in green permanent marker. I tried to clean it up. Nothing I used worked. I called my mom to ask what I can use. The women has had 8 kids so I figured she had a few tricks up her sleeve. She told me to come over and borrow her Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I've seen the commercials and thought I would give it a shot since nothing else worked.

I took it home, got the eraser damp and voila! It actually worked! The marker came right off! I decided to see what else this little eraser would clean. I used it to clean all the doors and walls in the house and now they look white again. My only complaint with this product is that after a while, it falls apart and you have to keep rinsing it out after every use. But, it works much better than soap and water. If you have little kids in the house, I recommend getting a few of these erasers.

No Refills
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I bought a Mr. Clean Magic Reach last year and it saved me from having to bend over the tub and clean. Now I can't find the refills anywhere in the local stores and although I can find them online I'm forced to buy them in bulk. I'm getting sick and tired of products these companies make and then stop making the refills for. I also purchased a Swiffer wet jet and they now have a new model out that holds more detergent, but now I can't find the refills for the earlier model. Buyer beware.

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