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Cancellation of internet service / billing
Posted by on
Got a new computer and thought I would try out the trial "FREE" MSN internet service. since it was a dial-up service, I quickly gave up on it. Tried several time to cancel the service, and even though I did. However after the "3 month trial" period, while I was in the hospital, then traveling due to my mother's ill health and eventual death, MSN began charging my credit card. Trying to get caught up on my bills, I noticed MSN charge for the last three months. I immediately called MSN for cancellation and dispute the billing. Although cancellation was successful, billing was not adjusted for the months that I didn't use MSN and the months that I thought I had canceled MSN Service. Even though I tried a couple of time to cancel online, and once that I thought if was canceled, MSN representative said I should have read the terms and conditions CONCERNING THE "FREE" OFFER AND THAT EVEN THOUGH I MAY HAVE CANCELED ONLINE, I WAS REQUIRED TO CALL INTO CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR CANCELLATION.



By the way their customer service rep stated I would need to contact their lawyers if I wanted to dispute this further!
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Anonymous on 01/27/2008:
If the information is in their terms of service, you probably don't have a leg to stand on. You can try to dispute the charge with your credit card company although they may likely be unsympathetic because you were charged for three months of service before you called. I understand that you had an unfortunate personal event going on, but the world keeps revolving no matter what is happening in our personal lives. It's just the way that it is.
jktshff1 on 01/27/2008:
Agree with john.....ya should have read the fine print.
Ponie on 01/27/2008:
Yeah, that's a bummer! But it's probably there in the fine print.
Nohandle on 01/27/2008:
Llyod, you're sore and I don't blame you. Most of us started with the dial up connection and when other options became available went elsewhere. Others are stuck because that's all they have in their area. I stayed with MSN, in addition to Comcast, because I am familiar with and like the email format on MSN. I've dealt with a few doozies the past several years with MSN when trying to solve problems, but none rude. I've heard of this with some other services but not MSN. Thanks for your review. Something new every day.
OhMyGosh on 03/31/2009:
I, too, have had umpteen problems with MSN billing. I was a Verizon broadband customer and should have had MSN for free after I bought the broadband service. I was already an MSN subscriber so called customer service (no easy feat -- try finding the # on their website) AND eventually the migration team to get my so-called "free" service. This never happened and my credit card was auto-debited over and over again. I called to ask for a refund; well, their company policy says they can only refund two months worth of cost and ONLY IF you keep MSN. This (giving only a two-month refund) can't be legal, and why in the world would I want to keep MSN if they continue to rip everybody off and give such bad, so-called customer service. Their auto-debit billing system is an awful system. And their customer (dis)service runs neck-and-neck with Direct TV's bad customer service. Bottom line - avoid auto debit IF you can. BUT most such services require auto-debit ... just so they can keep scamming your money away from you. Can't the FTC or the FCC do something about this?
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Having To Sign In To Each Of My Accounts Separately
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROBBINSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I used to be able to have all my email accounts on MSN Premium. Now I have to sign into each one separately and sign out and in again to access another.

Can you idiots just leave this stuff alone. Unless you change it back to the way it was I will be canceling my account and go to another competitor.

Do not renew me in April.
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User Replies:
Nohandle on 08/11/2013:
This issue is being worked on as we speak. For those who don't know MSN Premium is NOT free. We premium members pay $100.00 plus tax per year for the privilege of the email services. Yes, there are a lot of other services that come with the subscription but I don't utilize any except the emails and tech support, if needed.

This happened about a week ago with no advanced warning. All of a sudden we had to sign into MSN. Then for the email accounts a password for each to get to the accounts, primary and secondary. If for some reason it was necessary to restart your computer there you were again back to signing in and password.

I was told initially it was a MSN update for security reasons/safety to keep the hackers out. Hogwash, that's what I pay for my security software having nothing to do with my MSN account. Now I can't get onto my secondary accounts period. (cannot send or receive emails) It was fixed early this morning and now it's back to not being able to do squat. The last telephone call I was told the engineers were aware of the widespread issue and were working on it
Weedwhacked on 08/12/2013:
So you prefer an easier way for a hacker to get into all your accounts at once?
ARMADILLIO on 09/01/2013:
Public Education on 09/13/2013:
I will cancel for a different reason. Along with changing the password framework, they also deleted the possibility of working off line. I am trying to figure why it is that I pay 59.95 a year. No value added. Does not make sense.
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Support of MSN Groups
Posted by on
KENTUCKY -- Since the removal of group chat, our MSN Groups have have nothing but problems. Some days you can post, some days you stare at a blank page. Why can't, (the company that boasts of such great software) even keep groups running right?

Now Microsoft brags about software that is powering certain model cars. I'll never buy one. I'd hate to be driving along depending on Microsoft and the software crash.

After a few lawsuit claiming faulty and untested software, I think Microsoft will be on it's way out.
Look at the facts... Microsoft never fixed any version of Windows that they made or actually worked, they just made newer versions they forced people to buy.

Maybe that's why Bill retired.
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Just Try To Leave MSN
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- If your currently signed up with MSN, good luck getting away from them. They are real proud of their $20/Month dial-up service that is available through several other companies for less than $10 a month. Most people stay with MSN despite the savings offered by other ISPs because they are Microsoft. I guess people think they will get discounts on their software purchases or free technical assistance for Microsoft software products, good luck on getting anything else but a monthly bill and very little support.

About a year and a half ago I did the unthinkable and called Microsoft Network administration to discontinue my service. I was switching to a local broadband service provider and Internet access came with the package. Well, first of all, try to find someone to talk to about discontinuing your service. After an exhaustive search, I finally found an individual who immediately went into a sales pitch and offered a rate reduction from $22/month to $19.95/month. I repeatedly told the individual that I was not interested. I was finally offered three months free service to give me time to consider the consequences of my actions. I told the individual on the other end that they could give me as much free service as they wanted but I was still changing ISPs.

Well, here we are a year and a half later and guess what, out of the blue I just got a bill from Microsoft Networks for service that I dropped a year and a half ago. It contains lots of threats about handing my case to a collection agency if I don't respond immediately.

What do you do when attacked by a 600 pound gorilla ? You pay the bill or have your credit rating destoyed. After all, the government has been going after this company for questionable business practices. Large companies have felt the wrath of Microsoft, what chance does an individual have ?

If your a current MSN member, get out any way you can. If your considering MSN as your ISP, don't even think about it !
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/18/2003:
You can never leave the family.......
whybuya1 on 02/18/2004:
msn kicked me off because of an unsolicited e-mail I sent to a porn web site operator...I lost all my favorite sites and e-mail adresses of friends and family and I was paid up through next month...I have no answer to my complaint to msn as of yet and don't expect can I retrieve my lost files?
dropdeadfred on 04/22/2004:
as a former MSn tech, when all else fails to cancel service, ask for a manager and just says you changed providers and want it cancelled now please. just say it calmly, it will be cancelled. and ask for a ticket, at this point, it better start with a 1 and be 9 digits long (the reason it starts with 1, 2 billion calls have not don in 4 years.) I cancelled my service easy as well.
anonymous2 on 05/05/2004:
As a former msn CSR for billing support whenever someone called in to cancel their account I would transfer them right away, so It's not hard to get it cancelled. I know the cancellation CSR's will try and save your account, and that's because msn offers many incentives for the rep's save rates. So, give them a break, let them do their job, and say that you're not interested in staying with msn. They are obligated by msn to make 3 save attempts with different offers.

As far as the bill a year later, if there are unpaid charges of any amount left on your account then you have 6 months usually before it is written off and sent to collections. Although you should have received an email and a written notification of the out standing charges within those 6 months.
cbindustries on 09/15/2004:
You can try to leave MSN, however they will still bill you regardless, and if you don't pay, they send a collection agency quickly. I cancelled my MSN service in April and then received a bill in August stating that I owed 3 months service. I even had a cancellation number but they said it wasn't correct. They said I had two options - 1) pay the bill 2) pay the bill with the collection agency.

Consumers beware!!!!!!
OhMyGosh on 03/31/2009:
I wholeheartedly agree. MSN is a nightmare with horrifying customer service (if you can get to it by internet or phone) and with (probably) illegal billing policies (I.e. "even though you canceled and we kept billing you, our company policy is that you can only have a two-month refund, blah, blah, blah). I think we should all jointly get the Feds or our states' attorney generals to do something more about Microsoft. It may be like a 600 pound gorilla, but the average American is now pissed as hell and doesn't want to take any more nickeling and diming from big companies!
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E-mail address book
Posted by on
DENVER, COLORADO -- Suddenly without any prompting by me, my e-mail address book was changed. It had taken me months to arrange the addresses in my book for my preference. There was a "quickname" listing that made it easy to locate the names I wanted in the order of frequency used as well as category of individual addresses. Now "someone" has rearranged the address by alphabetizing the addresses by the first letter of the entry. It is totally confusing, and I cannot find any way to re-establish the former list. I was not warned or advised of the change and certainly did not request it. It will take hours and hours to figure out how to arrange and maintain an address book to my satisfaction.
Is this a breach of privacy? I think so. Is is poor consumer relations? Absolutely.
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Anonymous on 10/29/2003:
This new address book change is ridiculous and inconvenient. It has messed up the order of my email addresses and makes the process of sending emails difficult because that I don't have all my email addresses memorized. I like the way the contact list was before where it listed the contacts by their quickname rather than their email address. Furthermore, whenever I get a notice saying that so-and-so's mailbox is full, I would usually be able to go to the contact list and uncheck the boxnext to their name. Now I have to go to the address bar and delete the email address. I would much rather have the old contact list rather than this one. I actually pay for more storage for my email account and the fact that the change was made without any consideration towards your customers is very frustrating. This is not a good way to satisfy your paying customers!
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Billing a phantom customer us
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- These crazy lunatics refuse to remove credit card
billing, which is obviously fraudulent.
We tried, oh, how we tried, to get it through the thick heads of the folks at billing that we did not order, nor have we ever used their service.
Fourteen orders were processed, all with the same name, in a period of several days. "Hmm.. it does
look suspicious, the billing supervisor intoned,"
after we got nowhere with the regular billing person. Now, why would it be suspicious that two people living in an apartment would open up 14 separate accounts, all in their name? Because it was done fraudulently, you morons. Why would anyone need more than one of any account? Yet we
did not even order one. This service, whatever it is, was not used, has not been seen, was never ordered, and yet, the billing people at this multi-billion dollar corporation cannot even see the hand in front of their face. Take the charges off, my dear moronic friends. We never have, and, owing to this experience, never will, subscribe to any service Microsoft offers.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 04/14/2005:
If you didn't give them your account info, someone else did. Not only should you be disputing the charges directly with your bank, but you should be cancelling that account completely.
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sexual ads that aren't blocked.
Posted on
RED BLUFF, CALIFORNIA -- I think it is morally wrong when I pay for a service and have to put up with sexually inticive material always being displayed. I have three kids: 10, 13, and 17, and I'm doing my best to raise them in a christian atmosphere. Even if someone isn't a christian, they should not have to be subject to the garbage of: "I'm single, call me," or "Date me, I'm single," or "Find the right date or single in your area for a good time."

I don't want to see it and it is not right for my kids to have to be subject to this when all they want to do is get information of the internet.
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Anonymous on 10/28/2003:
I have only ever used my MSN account as a means to upgrade MSN Encarta, I am subjected to at least 4 or 5 spam emails per day for penis extensions or whether I would like to make love to my mates mother and here are the pictures etc. I can understand it if I used the account generally but this infuriates me especially as I have 2 young children who are just starting to use the internet under supervision. More control MSN on who gets your customers email addresses.
workmail on 03/17/2004:
I am having problems with the e-mail company I have sent several complaints about receiving child porn and other sexual acts on my regular e-mail and the same or even worse on my spam section. I have changed the contents of checking it to more security but it is still getting through. With volgur language and even pictures. Some that even states sex with underage girls and parents rapeing there kids. What is wrong here. I was told I should sue this company. I am looking for any sugestions of what to do.
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False Advertising
Posted on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I signed up for MSN under a promotion that said I would get the first 90 days free as long as I agreed to a two-year contract. That was last year and now I just got a collection notice for the 90 days of service last year. Not only are they charging me a year later for what they said was "free" but they didn't even send a bill. They just sent it off to a collection company that is hounding me. When I called MSN they said they had a billing problem but the collection company is still calling a month later. I say f_u_c_k you MSN
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/13/2003:
Your mutiple posts are confusing and unnecessary. I do see from a quick scan of them, you indicated you have quit after a year. although you had justification due to problem billing, it seems that failure to honor your 2 year contract is why you owe them (at least from their standpoint) for the 1st 90 days. Next time, tell the whole story in one post/letter, and use some judgment on your language.
Anonymous on 06/13/2003:
First, I have only posted my complaint. I, too see other complaints about MSN and that only backs me up, it doesn't make my complaint less valid.

Second, I have honored my MSN contract -- I never even now have cancelled. They sent me to collection for approx. $66 that they never even billed me. They admitted it was their fault but they won't fix it.
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erroneous charge
Posted by on
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- a free 30 day trial account was set up in March 2000. on the 3rd day it was cancelled and I was assured I would not be charged. in fact, I WAS charged for two months. one month was refunded, the other was not. I have been told time and time again for nearly two years that this amount of $19.95 is coming to me, but it never comes. two years is long enough. my last discussion with a rep of your company was just a few weeks ago. the last letter I mailed was written January 27, 2002. I am tired of the reiteration with no results and the inability to speak with a higher authority. letters on file will give all the pertinent details.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I want the refund NOW. the original credit card account which I gave in order to set up the free account has been discontinued, therefore I would like a check.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Anonymous on 03/19/2002:
Anonymous on 03/19/2002:
right now they have several different promotions..$50.00 rebate..3 free months of service, or 1 free month of service...guess which one I got..yup the one with the least value!
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Posted on
DENVER, COLORADO -- MSN broadband, which I have used for almost a year, started charging me $74.95 a month last month. My contract rate is $39.95 a month. When I called to complain they said they would fix it but they didn't because the $74.95 charge showed up on my Visa card bill again this month. I called to complain again and they said I was stuck paying $74.95 if that's what is on my bill.
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