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MSN Messenger is the most unreliable IM!
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CHICHESTER -- I have been using MSN Messenger for a few years and for the first week I had no problems, no errors, everything was working fine. I was pleased with the service and supported it, then came the problems... I changed absolutely no settings at all, I had no enemies who could have hacked my account, so a random person was just hacking my account and changing my password! When I went to reset my password they locked me out of my account and I was stuck with bad security to my account, not having proper access and some thoughtless person talking to my contacts pretending to be me!!!

I wrote a letter to the MSN customer support and they said if I cannot sign in I should check my firewall! WHAT!?!? Nothing to do with my bloody firewall! It was just a hacker who had got into my account, my password was not easy to guess and I certainly never let it slip! They had tried to gain access to my account for a while hense the 'You have tried to access your account several times with the incorrect password message I would get whenever I try to sign in before.

Eventually I had to ditch the account SPAM my own inbox to try to stop whoever it was from reading my mail, then get a new account. And now me and almost everyone I know is having a problem with program stability! It is pathetic, you cannot keep the older versions of messenger which work, you have to upgrade all the time or you cannot sign in!

I am aware that I am probably rambling but I want to verify that the problems I have had must be to do with the service and program because my friends have had the same problem and its pathetic! A lot of people I know have had their accounts hacked or ruined by common people with nothing better to do. Then the program is unstable, nothing to do with our firewall configuration or account settings or anything!

Thank you for taking the time to read this 'informative complaint sort of thing' but I am Certain that many people will agree if not all.

From now on I will use a different IM application and a different service as this is extremely annoying!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/04/2006:
It is worth every penny you are paying for it!
Sparticus on 12/04/2006:
Good point Ken...;-)
Anonymous on 12/04/2006:
There's a device known as a telephone. It comes wired or wireless. Pick one and use it. Of course there's also email and actually taking pen in hand to write a letter. For 39 cents you get personal delivery.
Total Prat on 12/04/2006:
I am aware of the other forms of communication, but I use messenger to meet new people, not to communicate with people I know already. I appreciate your thoughts but I still feel I have the right to give my opinion... I stay ahead or in lead with technology, so I am in constant contact with new forms of communication. It is not so much the service and program that is getting me annoyed because as you say 'it is free after all' it is the security of the service which is supposed to be secure. There are major flaws with their security and I don't feel anything is being done about them.
Sparticus on 12/04/2006:
Microsoft is pretty poor with their security. Most the time they are late to market just trying to get the base functionality working with minimum bugs. They usually don't address security problems until the community complains.
Total Prat on 12/04/2006:
Thank you for sharing your view on their security, I definitely must say that it is the down fall of their programs, if only these problems were made better than the programs would run with better stability too!
dfields on 12/13/2006:
I agree with TotalPrat and Sparticus. The other guys totally missed the issue: SECURITY not the service itself. PC World also agree's, since MSN upgrade there have been numerous security issues and Microsoft like all its software, are working on patches.

I have read comments from the top three respondents before and you guys obiviously have LOW IQ's. You are probably nothing more than snot-nosed guys who don't have life and come here with your smart-alec remarks instead of contributing to resolving REAL issues!
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Microsoft forcing customers to use the latest version of Messenger.
Posted by on
LONDON -- I find it intensely frustrating that Microsoft attempts to force MSN Messenger users into using its latest version of the product. I'm currently at a university, where they will permit you to run version 4.3, but they haven't got version 6.0 (the latest) compatible yet. But I can't run 4.3, because Microsoft demand that I download 6.0, which I can't run, because it's not compatible with my university's network yet. You see my problem? I use MSN Messenger frequently, in fact considering it an important resource for talking to people I know, and if Microsoft didn't force its users to use an older version of the product *or nothing*, I would be fine. As it is, I am unable to use it at all.

This is the sort of typical Microsoft sameness-forcing tactics I loathe. I use MSN Messenger a *lot*, in fact almost rely on it for some things, and I'm being forced into a situation where I *can't* use it, because Microsoft seems to want to make it impossible to use older versions. Which is of course absurd. There shouldn't be any sort of a crime against using old versions of software, least of all making them completely unusable. I am quite angry about this, and if only my complaint would do any good. I just want to be able to use Messenger. Is that too much to ask?

Thanks for reading, if you've found the time.
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