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Email Address book change
Posted by on 10/29/2003
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I am not happy with the new email address book change in which I find ridiculous and inconvenient. I would much rather have the "favorites contacts" list to be listed by the given quick name (as it was previously) rather than the email address itself. Please take this into consideration. My friends and I are all customers (some of us even pay for extra storage) and we are all very frustrated with this change.
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New "Policy"
Posted by on 11/22/2001
I haven't had access to my computer/ANY computer for a few weeks...(hospital stay)....came back, logged into Hotmail, and found that they'd DELETED EVERYTHING in my mailbox!! Some new policy about logging in every 30 days OR ELSE. Now they tell me, "Sorry, can't fix it."! I'm so angry I can hardly type!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-11-23:
I had almost the same - they deleted all my emails, plus what I had in my filing cabinet, but I had been in my account (almost daily), the problem I had was to much in my in box, so they deleted everything. This stinks!
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-11-25:
I had the same thing happen to me but I had also been in the site at least every other day! This was a couple of years ago so I don't think it's a "new" policy...just some hidden thing they don't publish. I guess they can just do this at will. I would never use Hotmail again...switch to Yahoo...they are reliable and issue warnings if your mailbox is getting full. They also don't care if you haven't been there for a month! Thumbs down on Hotmail.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-11-28:
Users should have been given a grace period to retrieve deleted mail under such
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-24:
MSN stands to lose a lot of consumers over their new policy. I wouldn't care because all I ever get is junk mail. I have use their so-called junk mail filter and not one piece of mail gets put into "junk". I go in every day and there are as many as 30 pieces of junk. I have switched all my mail to AOL. MSN is going downhill fast. Even their web site doesn't fully load and it's the only site I having trouble with. They really don't care - they've got the bucks.
Posted by lillian997 on 2002-01-31:
I am gone out of town alot, if they do that to me, i will drop msn. and never return
Posted by Lou on 2014-03-02:
I didn't access my hotmail account for probably 8 to 10 YEARS I kid you not. It's full of spam and viruses it's a junk account. Still can get in not that I want to.
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Too high of security for their email
Posted by Karenabotta on 09/09/2011
I Have just experienced a ridiculous & unnecessary, bout with MSN. About my brother in laws account. He has been locked out of it for at least a month! He has been struggling with cancer, for over a year and is not doing well. I offered to try and help get his account unblocked. His wife is in, no state of mind to do this. I contacted MSN, on their behalf, and was told the reason was that, the account was closed, and that is why it's blocked. When I tried to get in it, It told me it was blocked because of too many wrong passwords being tried. But the tech insisted that it was closed. My Brother was in the middle of the change in Quest. That led to the separation of the two companies. So I asked the tech what should he do? She told me they would have to sign up again. There are two different accounts, one costing $59.99 a year, with all the bells and whistles, or one for $9.99 a year with 1 tech call. So I decided to use my credit card and renew for the $9.99. The only reason the wanted to get back in there was for photos stored & their email address' in that account. The Tech took my credit card & renewed the account. I asked her if I would be authorized to get into that account if I renewed it, her answer was yes. So she opened the account & gave me a new password... I tried to get into it, while she was still on the phone. Still not able to get in, it was still blocked. She said "she didn't why", and passed me to another tech. He immediately told me I wasn't authorized on that account & he couldn't help me. I asked what it would take to get this authorization. I was told that if his wife called and told them to add me that would be OK.. I asked him just what she would need to tell them, because I didn't want her to have to look for anything or to spend much time away from her husband... The tech said " Only my name & the last for digits of my credit card account for verifying that ACCOUNT". My credit card mind you!!!! So I had her call & we did a conference call between the three of us. That new tech said he was sorry, but couldn't do it, because neither of us were authorized on the account. She has power of attorney on his behave, but that wasn't good enough! He want to talk to her husband!!! Her husband can not speak well at this point, but she was so enraged that she went right in & tried to wake him to say his name!! I was appalled at this demand from this tech & told her not to do it, but she had, had it with all their BULL! He couldn't even say his name well!! The tech finally said " I'm so sorry, I'll let you into the account... He put all of under such stress & we were both in tears !!!!
I did finally get it unblocked & got the information they needed... I understand the need for security, don't get me wrong, but to get a dying man on the phone is totally ridiculous!!! How can they be so cold!!! Plus I paid for this account for nothing. I'm sure we could have gotten in there if they would have tried. All those old MSN accounts from Qwest have been switched to Hotmail accounts... So they made us pay for nothing!!! I would like my money even thought it isn't much!!!!
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Posted by lexophiliac on 2011-09-10:
Over the past couple of decades, email has become one of the world's leading communications mediums, even outpacing the telephone and traditional mail service.

Unfortunately, over this same time span, email has proven itself to be highly vulnerable to outside influences, including individuals and organizations that seek to cause some form of technological damage or hope to make money in an illegal fashion. As a result, security has become an increasingly important issue for all email users and providers.

You are out $10, but your BIL is back in his email account and I"m willing to bet you wouldn't trade back on that for the world.
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Hotmail cannot be accessed-and no "fix" available
Posted by Azspots on 08/31/2010
I have had a Hotmail account for years (use it for companies/bills). About a week ago it said my password was incorrect (no, there is a problem as password hasn't changed). No matter what I did (per their online suggestions) I cannot access my account. They'll send a new password to my Hotmail account - well, since I can't access the darned thing, what good is that???? Apparently, there are A LOT of people with the same issue and Microsoft could care less. Don't know if accounts of myself and many others were "hacked", or if Hotmail is just screwed up and they could care less. Of course there is no customer service phone number, just email, that they say they'll answer w/in 24 hours, my email was sent 6 days ago with no reply. It's extremely annoying.....
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Posted by MRM on 2010-08-31:
I have Hotmail and havent had any problems logging on. Your account may have been hacked into.
Posted by azspots on 2010-08-31:
Hi - MRM, apparently a lot of people are having the same problem as I am. I"m leaning towards the emails being hacked, I don't know ;( What I do know is MSN should have a little support available since it is effecting many people.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-08-31:
I have an MSN account, it's not Hotmail and I pay yearly for my service. If a company offers a free option then they need to correct errors when reported or tell the customer they can't guarantee anything when signing up. Then it's the individual's decision to pay for something or go elsewhere. I guess with free one gets what he pays for. Helpful warning for others.
Posted by azspots on 2010-08-31:
I have another account with another service, no problem whatsoever.
Posted by Enigmatic on 2010-08-31:
My husband is dealing with the same thing right now. Someone has taken over his Hotmail account and is using it to send out phishing emails to WoW users. We've closed the account *three* times, and sent two emails to MSN about it. No one has responded to our emails, and the account is still open and sending out spam. Thanks for nothing, MSN.
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MSN Help
Posted by DBBUM on 04/25/2009
I have been a subscriber of MSN for several years, don't know why, guess I want the additional storage space!

I have had the same problem for years, when I try to go to the Calendar from Hotmail, it requests my password for NON-MSN subscribers. Since I AM a MSN subscriber, it is really irritating! I have tried to contact them around ten times on the subject. One time they blamed Hotmail, which is weird since they are Hotmail.

A friend told me a game to play on Google was to type in a phrase that Google couldn't find, so
I typed in "MSN.COM HELP" and "How to talk with a live person at MSN. COM"

You guessed it! Google couldn't find anything on either one.

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Unsolicited Microsoft E-mail Offers
Posted by Mickeroo on 01/22/2009
NEW PRAGUE, MINNESOTA -- Using my e-mail address and under the guise that I have signed up for this mail through MSN, I get 25 to 30 Microsoft e-mail offers per day using my personal e-mail address sending to myself. The items are meant for males and are very adult-related. I am a female. This type of e-mail must stop!!!

Microsoft's name is at the bottom of every one of the messages. That means they have sold my name to some very sleazy companies!
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Posted by Sparticus on 2009-01-22:
Hotmail is one of the worst for getting spammed. I would recommend trying out Google's Gmail at


With my Gmail most of these spammy offers don't even make it to my inbox... I'd say 99.9% get dumped into a spam folder without me having to worry about it.

Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-01-22:
These are not from Microsoft. If you notice the links to unsubscribe, etc. you will see all links point to the same Canadian or United Kingdom website. They are made to look like they are from Microsoft.
Posted by KCRovert on 2009-01-22:
"The items are meant for males and are very adult-related. I am a female. This type of e-mail must stop!!!"

So, if the "Adult-related" e-mails were meant for females intead of males, you would be okay with them?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-01-22:
What is the originating email address? I think that there may be someone to contact to trace the email address.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-01-22:
I have none in my spam folder at the moment but if remember correctly my email address was in both the To and From fields.
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The Destruction Of Hotmail Accounts By Automatic Updates
Posted by Introspective on 09/11/2008
There I was,opening up my computer when suddenly, automatic download from a well known software company, intruded on my space.

After wreaking havoc in the interest of safeguarding my environment, I found my tepid mail to be inaccessible. Of course all queries went unanswered as I could not access my mail.

They call this Progress?
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Addresses taken off of favorites, inability to find out why on their website
Posted by Aknome on 04/28/2008
Overnight 1/3 of my favorite list of e-dresses disappears. The next night, another 1/3 disappears. I spend an hour on their website hunting for a place get a reason for this, to no avail.
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Posted by Ponie on 2008-04-28:
We have computer gurus who frequent this forum who can probably give you a reason for your 'Favorites' disappearing. However, my limited knowledge of computers leads me to believe it's a problem with your computer, not MSN.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-04-28:
Calling the M3C Geek Squad....You're help is needed here ASAP!

Superbowl! Digital Commando! MRM!
Front and Center!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-28:
Do you use Outlook or Outlook Express to access Hotmail? If you do they should be local on your PC. If you do it all online then look in your deleted items folder. If they are not there then you need to ask MSN to restore them from backup a day before you noticed they were missing.

MSN will say no and put up a big stink about it but hold your ground and force them to restore your contact list from the backup file they keep. No one knows how long they keep stuff backed up so you should get on them ASAP.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-28:
I found the following on the Windows Live forum. See if it helps. Apparently M$ made some changes which are causing some problems.
By default, only your Favorite contacts will appear on the right side of the page when composing a message (in Classic version). Please be guided that from Preferred contacts, it is now called Favorite contacts. Only contacts that are marked as "Favorite" will appear in your Favorite contacts when in the Compose page. If you wish to show all your contacts in the Favorite contacts box, you will need to edit each of your contacts and mark them as favorites. Please follow the steps below on how to do this:

1. Click "Contacts."
2. Select a contact you want to add.
3. Click "Edit."
4. Check the box beside "Mark this contact as a favorite."
5. Click "Save."

You can also view all your contacts in your Favorite contacts box without marking them as favorites by clicking "Everyone..." link located below this box.
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Hotmail Upgrade Scam
Posted by Wanteffingservice on 11/09/2007
Last year I took the plunge and upgraded to Hotmail Plus for a year. Believe me it was a bad move, why? This year I decided that I need to cancel it and realized that it was on auto-renew. Tried to go through Hotmail to turn it off and cancel it but guess what? No link to cancel it, just vague info to e-mail us and we'll cancel it blah, blah, blah. No number for phone support etc. I finally dug up their hidden phone number via the web and called to cancel. Basically what they're saying is we'll put it on "auto-renew" then we'll make it so hard for you to cancel you'll never do it. Think about how many $'s they've reeked in with this policy? Spent hours doing something that should have took seconds. I am very disappointed in how Microsoft uses this approach. Will probably still use stuff like Windows and Hotmail but will not buy stuff like mouses, Zunes, software, etc. from them.

Take my advice don't upgrade your free Hotmail account to Hotmail Plus, save the headache and wasted time. Don't support shabby policies.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-11-09:
Yikes! Paying for e-mail??? Go with Gmail! It is free and one of the best e-mail programs out there.

Posted by Skye on 2007-11-09:
Wow, thats crazy. Cancel the credit card they are automatically billing, and take the advice Sparticus has provided.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-10:
I have both gmail and hotmail. I use the hotmail for buying offline and gmail is my regular email. Gmail is awesome. There is a lot of space, it's easy to use, and it's free. The attachments are easy to upload and down load which is big for me since I send a lot of pictures to my family.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-10:
Got G-mail when it came out, never any problems. Use for family friends etc.
Use Yahoo for forums, discussion etc. Wish I could find something else for that. don't really like yahoo.
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Terrible Hotmail Program
Posted by GreenMarine on 08/09/2007
Upon upgrading to the "NEW" Hotmail upgrade, I've experienced "total ads" on my hotmail account (which I pay for), program has "locked" my incoming email attachments informing me that my "security clearance" will not allow me to download and in general has screwed up my entire email system. My computer "freezes" screens when I try to "move" to other messages, etc.

Cannot find a way to communicate this to MSN as they have made it totally difficult to communicate with a complaint on email. I will be ending my service and moving to yahoo mail or something similar due to this problem.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-08-09:
Check out Google's free email system called Gmail. It is 10 times better than Hotmail, and it is 100% free.


Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-09:
I have both hotmail and gmail. I used each for diff. purpose.
You can switch to classic version for faster load and slower ISP connection.
See if this help…
The problem with hotmail does not allow forwarding.
If you cancel hotmail, you have to tell everyone to use your new Gmail address.
You may loose email if you forgot someone.
Gmail support mail forwarding.
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