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Pop up ads
Posted by on
ALL CITIES -- Pop up ads are one of the most annoying things in the Internet. I plan to boycott anything that is offered in a pop up ad. Any takers for a worldwide boycott?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/31/2002:
popup ads blow. it shows that a company or website is on its way out when they have to resort to such cheap tactics to earn a few bucks.
Anonymous on 04/01/2002:
Why are you tell Microsoft?
Anonymous on 04/01/2002:
count me in! Pop up ads are the more annoying than telemarketers!
Anonymous on 04/02/2002:
Count me OUT. Pop up ads are advertising, just like tv ommercials. How do you think the site makes money? If you want to use the site for free, then you have to live with it.
Anonymous on 04/30/2002:
You can download software to stop the popup ads. I did and it works great!
Anonymous on 05/10/2002:
Wow, what an astonishing idea! Let's all deprive website owners of what is likely their only source of financial support and destroy all content on the internet! You know what else? I can't stand those stupid web pages that come up when I type in their web addresses. The unmitigated gall! And this is certainly the starting place for a worldwide revolution, I can see the press conference now. And HEY!! I'm sure for all the starving third world countries in the world have this problem as the only thing to worry about. "Boy Shala, I sure am hungry. But I can't even think about it due to my blinding rage against pop-up ads!!" The closing icon on browser windows have a purpose, genius!! Buy a "Figuring Mindless Crap Out For Dummies" book and LEARN!!!
Anonymous on 05/15/2002:
It works!
Anonymous on 05/20/2002:
What a stupid complain!!!! Ever heard of software? that can actually stop them. If you didn't, you deserve pop ups. Guess you need to call pro to find them and install them. Get off the internet and stop wining....
Anonymous on 10/13/2003:
I have also had problems with pop ups! I was mortified to find that after an amazing amount of pop ups from Microsoft another one "popped up" asking me if I was having problems with pop up's and if I would like to download some "Microsoft" software to stop the problem that would obviously cost me! Erm excuse me, is there anything you bast***s won't due to make money. I DON'T WANT POP UPS AND DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR THEM TO BE STOPPED D**K HEADS!
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