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Nightmare - Jumping Ship!
Posted by on
I will start by saying that I NEVER write reviews. Good, bad or indifferent, I never write them. I have no good reason or excuse, I just don't take the time. However, this time I have pushed to the point that I think people need to know before they sign on with this bank.

I opened a car loan with M&T this past June and have had nothing but headaches since. The first month's payment was made at my local branch. I had to wait in line for almost 30 minutes to make this payment (with no apologies for the wait) so I decided I would make the payments through my banks online bill pay.

I sent the September payment out a few days before it was due and did not think about it again. I received a past due notice yesterday and immediately called M&T. The customer service representative was shockingly rude and totally unwilling to help. I told her my story and she said, "Well, the payment is not here." I asked her to investigate a little to make sure that there were no errors made. She just kept repeating that the payment wasn't there. Infuriated, I hung up. I called my bank this morning and they confirmed that payment in the form of a bank check was sent out on the 8th. I called M&T back and explained again the situation. This woman told me the same thing the lady last night did, "Gee, the payment isn't here." I told her that I understand that but I am looking for some basic customer service help. I asked her if my bank sends proof of payment can they waive the $49(!!) late fee. She said proof of payment does not mean anything to them because the payment has not been received. I then asked if they would waive the outrageous fee if, when the payment arrives, they see that it is dated 9/8/11. Her response was that a machine processes the incoming payments and nobody will see or note the check date. I suggested that there is a possibility of an error on their end and maybe my payment was mishandled by "the machine." She told me that was not possible and that she was not able to go to Maryland from Delaware to hand check all the mail to find my payment (yes, she really said this to me). I have not been this furious or disgusted with "customer service" in a long time. I reminded her that this debacle is affecting my credit rating. She assured me that this issue would not be reported for another 14 days. I am speechless.

Customer service 101 would suggest that you tell the customer you will notate the account that payment is on the way and when it arrives we will verify the payment date and adjust the fee accordingly. I have worked in CS for many years and treating customers that are spending their hard earned money with you like they are liars is the fastest way to lose respect and their business. So, this weekend I am moving my business to a different bank.

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Alain on 09/24/2011:
You can make a complaint via http://www.federalreserveconsumerhelp.gov
You've all ready taken the most effective action: getting rid of M&T Bank.
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Policy Change?
Posted by on
When I opened my account last year, the way things were explained to me, and the way it appears in the papers that came with my account is that if I accidentally over draw my account by less than $10 I won't be charged a fee. However I accidentally over drew my account by $3.80 because 2 checks I had written months ago and forgotten about finally came out of my account.

But the checks were for $15 each. that's what over drew my account by $3.80.

Then I saw the Overdraft Fee of $37.

So I called to ask why that was applied and see what they could do about it. I don't have a problem paying a fee for ODing my account, but $37 on $3.80 seems a bit extreme and it was a mistake and I admit that. Hell I offered because of how my paper work is to pay half of the fee for my mistake, even though my paper work makes it seem like I have a $10 grace.

It's now been explained to me that no, that's not how it is. If the purchase that over drew your account was less than $10 you won't be charged. (again, this is NOT what is in my paperwork. It can't even be twisted that way in the paperwork I have from when I opened my account) So as long as you have $.01 in your account you can still make a $9.99 purchase and be fine. How is that fair?

Anyway, I thought that everyone else that banks with M&T and has a "My Choice" Checking account should know this.

It was a nasty surprise for me and yes, I know, I made a mistake and I know this is how they make their money. But I'd be so much better if they'd only charge a fee of whatever you overdrew your account by. Because $37 on $3.80 means I'm going to go without grocery shopping for 2weeks until I get paid again.
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leet60 on 09/22/2011:
M&T bank, like almost every bank I have seen, puts a caveat into their terms for checking accounts: "Unless otherwise specified, all advertised offers and terms and conditions of accounts and services are subject to change at any time without notice. "

It sounds like they changed the terms, which is not surprising considering the recent uproar regarding overdrafts in the banking industry.

In reality, the issue comes down to entering all transactions into a checkbook register and balancing it monthly.
Kris10 on 09/22/2011:
leet, while I understand your view, I respectfully disagree. I have a spreadsheet on my computer that I use, and yes, I forgot to enter one of my transactions into it and that's one thing that contributed to the OD. But Actually using a register is not viable for me as I use my card more than my check book.

I also think they should be required to give notification of changes as that affects their customers. I know they're not 'required' to, but it would be customer friendly if they did. So far, I've been very happy with M&T. This is the first major snag I've found.
leet60 on 09/22/2011:
Kris10. My comment was not meant to be a personal attack, rather a general comment that few people use any tracking whatsoever on checking accounts with the advent of debit cards. I can understand missing a single transaction, the resulting overdrafts.

I also agree that changes should not be made without notification, the fact that they are, however, is an unfortunate reality of the current banking system. High profit from overdrafts has led to these practices.
bcd on 09/22/2011:
"using a register is not viable for me as I use my card more than my check book"

Why are you unable to enter debit card transactions in your checkbook?
Nohandle on 09/22/2011:
I don't use a debit card but have local friends who do. They keep a paper check register handy and write down each transaction just as they would if they wrote a check. They do not rely on the online bank balance. Anyone who ever wrote checks and didn't log or balance the register might not be willing to give it a try. I think the real problem might be for those with a really close balance and a deposit might not be recorded at the bank for a number of days. Many banks seem to change their policies from day to day and YES, the customer is often unaware of the change until he is hit with a fee he didn't expect.
Kris10 on 09/23/2011:
bcd, I had an experience once that because I don't use my check book that often, I actually lost it in a store and there were then fraudulent transactions made with my account number. So, I don't carry it unless I know I'm going to need it.
Kris10 on 09/23/2011:
leet, I understand that. I didn't mean to make it seem like you were attacking me or anything. I didn't even take it that way.
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Bought my bank, and it was so bad that I closed all accounts
Posted by on
I had both business and personal accounts with a local bank, and was very happy with both the service and the lack of fees (free checking) that I had. My bank was purchased by M&T (or as I pronounce it "empty") and everything went downhill fast. The second time that I went to the "new" bank (they actually closed the branch that I had been dealing with because they had an existing one nearby) to make deposits into both my personal and business accounts, they messed it up. They put money into my personal account that should have been put into the business account. The lead to overdrafts on my business account which they paid, but charged a fee to do.

When I went back to the bank to find out where my deposit was they told me that it was my error, and I had deposited the funds into the wrong account, even though I gave them copies of the deposit slip. They agreed to give me a "courtesy credit" on my account for the fees. I had to write a personal check to the business account to cover the money that was supposed to have been originally deposited into the business account.

When I asked for the copies of the deposit slips back, the woman mysteriously could not find them. They wanted to destroy the evidence of their error.

I am not stupid enough to bring my only copy of anything to a dispute, and I told her that it was not a big deal, I had additional copies that I would be sending to the corporate headquarters. Her face dropped, which told me that I could not trust the employees there.

I went the same day and opened a new business account at a different local bank. As soon as that was done, I wrote a business check on the M&T account, leaving a balance of under $5.00. I also went to my credit union, and opened a checking account there for personal use. (They do not offer business accounts)

Before the end of the statement cycle, I went into the "empty" bank and closed my accounts. Three weeks later I got a notice that I owe fees on my business account, that they had not posted when I had closed the account. For six months I got letters and phone calls demanding payment. A letter from my lawyer seems to have gotten it straight, but in any case they will never see another dime of my money.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/24/2011:
If I read this correctly, this was over a deposit that was credited to the wrong account, in your name. A fairly understandable mistake, perhaps one wrong keystroke by the CSR, if she had both your accounts on one screen.

If you had copies of your deposit slip, I am surprised you didn't present these to the bank so that they could refund any fee they may have charged you to correct the alleged error.

Bank mergers are tough. I had MBNA, which I loved, and then they were bought by BoA.
tnchuck100 on 03/24/2011:
trmn8r, you did not read it correctly. Try again. You missed some MAJOR points.

The deposit slips WERE presented. And mysteriously lost.
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Let me save you some money.. don't deal with M&T's irresponsible and unorthodox methods
Posted by on
I don't recommend M&T at all. I called in for a stop loan payment on my checking account that is automatically withdrawn 2 weeks in advance and to have some kind of payment book or mail delivered to me so I can get them the money. This is all because that I'm vacationing in California for a while and M&T doesn't exist out here. so the customer service gentleman told me everything was cool after I gave him the information he asked for to complete the task. Down the road I hadn't received any mail and went on-line to check. Sure enough there's a overdraft of $81.92 and the loan payment normally of $45.71. So I called their very rude customer service and explained things very rationally and calmly tho no lie I was extremely pissed when they were telling me there was no record of anything and there was nothing they could do. I spoke to the woman very nicely even tho she was a very rude customer service representative about the situation and I just wanted to reverse the charge that was made and have the paperwork that I needed to make the payments sent to me to California from Pennsylvania so they could get their money. I just didn't want the overdraft charge due to MAYBE SOMEONE POSSIBLY HADN'T DONE THEIR JOB???? I eventually spoke to a supervisor and explained it to her. She was even more nasty. I talked to her about the gentleman who possible hadn't done his job but she would not have any of my side of the story. Throwing bank regulations and policies at me raising her voice every-time I would try to get a word in. As there was no proof except the time I called it in which should be proof enough that I DID speak to this gentleman. There are many things they could have done for me and we could've worked it out but M&T throws a fit over a small $37 overdraft fee that they lost my business once I pay them the $81 I "owe" them. Most customer service centers and bank personnel respect those customers who try to understand the banks side and not scream at employees when something goes wrong. Most Bank employees will try to help you and do what they can if you present your case nicely... Not M&T My advice I was being responsible with the knowledge I was given. I was respectful and courteous to the staff because if I was them I wouldn't want someone screaming at me either. In the end you just get stepped on by M&T. Worst Bank experience but its just my opinion.

aside from the above statement.
Very nasty customer service, tons of hidden fees and fine print, takes forever for a check or transaction to clear, employees don't have any compassion or common sense; they are a slave to the bank and will spew the regulations at you till they pass out.

M&T is by far the worst bank I've ever dealt with and this experience is just one of many problems m&t has given me. Save the trouble and go elsewhere.
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How banks are robbing you
Posted by on
SAYRE -- My wife is disabled and needed to find a bank for everyday use, nothing special, we are all forced to use banks in this day and age and should not be subjected to unreasonable NSF fees. She had kept at least $40 in the balance since 12/2/2009 and on 12/24/2009 she had a balance of $47 and made a deposit of $61, when the deposit was made the receipt given had the balance blacked out by the teller, and no explanation was given. Then she wanted to get some grocerys and the card was $0. I went online and got a copy of the account for the past 30 days and found not one substanciated NSF fee and the balance was $108. There were no debits and she uses no checks, only the card. So the first NSF fee was on 12/24/09 with a balance of $90, then another at $18 fee with a balance of $72 then another for $18 with a balance of $54, and yet another $18 with a balance of $36 Then on 12/26/09 a Paypal direct payment was in the bank of $80, and the bank did not post it until 12/28/09 at 5:00pm no word from them at any time that the account was being drained out of nowhere, until I found out about it from the printout fron the online banking. They refused to waive the fees, and said that everyone does this at the hollidays, Yeah right I really spent a lot for Christmas after they took every cent I had plus all my deposits and are still charging fees for checking the account. They said I tried to get money from their ATM when I could not even get a balance without incurring a $37 fee. Who the hell do you banks think you are? If I went into someones account and stole funds I would be prosicuted, but the banks are above the law and so is the Fed. They are all in the game of bankrupting the people for control of them. Do the research about banks and all the filthy tricks with the books to make it look like you were spending the money, and they are innocent of wrongdoing. My daughter tried suiside on the 23 of Dec, and was sent to a hospital 155 miles away, and we could not even visit her for Christmas Day, and as far as any presents or food for Christmas? Well we had to beg at the Salvation Army for a box of food. All because of banks illegally taking fees from anyone that they can set up the figures to gain the maximum fees. We should all do the same thing to them, we all should put a run on the banks in one day, and close them all down. That's right we all should go to the bank on the same day, and close your account out, where would they be then??? Sounds like a plan to me, how about you?? This bank is not the only bank doing us in, all the banks are set up to control all the money they handle, and when they cry that they are losing money, who bailed them out with our money??? Obama of course, he's the head of wall street and does what wall street tells him to do.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
"12/26/09 a Paypal direct payment was in the bank of $80, and the bank did not post it until 12/28/09"

It didn't post until Monday because weekends aren't business days. Anything you do on the weekends don't post until Monday or the like. Friday, after cut off time, the next business day would be Monday. The same goes for federal holidays, like Christmas. After Christmas eve, the next business day was Monday, as that Friday was Christmas Day (a federal holiday) and weekends aren't business days.

Just be wary when it comes to using debit cards. Those transactions aren't instantaneous. If you spend the card like debit (you punch your pin number in); things generally post the next business day. If you spend it like a credit card (you don't punch your pin number in); things can take up to 6 days to post. And while you might have had money in there before, when those things post, anything else you might have done that day (if the account was drained) is going to overdraft. No more are the days where things come back unpaid. Things go through now and incur overdrafts.
Just be aware of what's being done. Keep a check register, if at all possible. Or use some sort of computer register like Quicken or something. Don't solely rely on what it tells you online for it doesn't show everything.
Don't give them your money. Just be a little bit more aware of your account. I hope things get situated.
MaggieMcT on 12/31/2009:
I don't understand -- if the PayPal payment was deducted from your check register at the time it was made, why does it matter that it posted 2 days later?
bcd on 12/31/2009:
You noted the balance of your account and the amount of the NSF penalties, but didn’t state the amount of the debts you incurred. Maintaining a $40 minimum balance may not be enough, because when using a debit card temporary holds may be placed on an account for an amount greater than the purchase price. Weekend deposits may not post until the following business day.
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Submitting Two Checks Twice
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BERLIN, MARYLAND -- I always pay Twisters Gymnastics with checks 99% of the time. They use M&T Bank for their commercial account. M&T Bank submitted two of my checks twice. The amount came out of my bank account and I asked my bank to reimburse me for one of each of the cleared checks that were cleared twice. My bank complied. M&T has stated that they will charge Twisters for my two checks bouncing. I gave the owner of Twisters my banking information showing the balance at time of submission of checks to the time they cleared. She agreed that M&T Bank is in error and has informed me the money was never deposited into her account. Now M&T Bank is telling her I need to reimburse Twisters for the amount of the combined total of the two checks after seeing snapshots of my account showing the two checks clearing twice and each one of the two transactions being reimbursed. M&T Bank I believe is acting in a fraudulent manner. M&T Bank has $198.00 of money floating around that belongs to Twisters.
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yoke on 01/11/2014:
This issue is between Twisters and their bank. Let them deal with it.
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This Company Really Has Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I entered the bank on January 30 2013 to cash a check; I have 2 business accounts and a personal account with M and T Bank. I signed the check and put a thumb print while waiting for the Teller.

When she came she was looking up the account and had to receive approval because of the amount of the check". This was a new account but I am not a new Customer. The other Teller comes and starts asking who the owner of the company is, where else did I try to cash the check, and treating me as if I was a thug that just came off the streets:. My check had cleared and been validated, the Teller proceeds to help other people without letting me know anything when I asked what is going on she tells me that they are working on it and she doesn't know what they are doing".

So I asked to speak to a Manager and she says the Manager is in the back working on something. After I insisted on a Manager and raised my voice then someone came from the back and guided me to the Manager, as I arrived in the Managers office she is calling the bank I opened the account with inquiring on my intentions.

I was never asked any questions; they were treating me as if I had bad intentions, without explaining or asking any clarifying questions! They didn't even research to see if I had any other accounts/.The customer service at this location is very unprofessional and the Tellers are very unhelpful, if you can go to another location or better yet go to another bank.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 01/31/2013:
With respect, the tellers may be limited in what they are allowed to tell you in a situation such as this. They could, perhaps, been more polite to any customer.

The bank verifying a check on what they considered a new account is not uncommon, with the amount of check fraud that is prevalent.

While I agree, they could have been more polite and professional with any customer, verifying the check was certainly not out of their normal procedures.
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Cannot Get a Payoff Amount
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
My son called in for the payoff on his truck. They can discuss the account status but can't give him the amount. So he calls me 2700 miles away. I call and I get we can't give you that amount without the VIN number to verify the loan is the right one. I only have one with them and never a freaking again. DON'T GET A LOAN WITH THEM. They tell you can get info on line. NOT ON AN AUTO LOAN why is it the only one you can't get. HMMMM they are the people they can scam more......................... My mom was to be the co-signer, but she is the only one on the loan. I have complained for 5 years and they say it will show on my credit that I paid this loan. NOT
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 08/06/2012:
I'm a little confused here...the truck belongs to your son, the loan is under YOUR name (his parent) but your Mother (Your Son's Grandmother) is the co-signer? Do I have that right?
Susan on 08/06/2012:
If the auto loan is in your mother's name only then that is most likely the only person they will give account information to, such as the payoff amount. And since the loan is in her name under her social security number there is no way that the payments can be reflected on your credit report. Finally, requesting the vehicle identification number seems pretty reasonable to me.
trmn8r on 08/06/2012:
I'm with DebtorBasher, who is a pleasant companion if you must have one. It sounds like three generations are involved.

I'd like to believe that if the person who signed for this loan were to call, and provide the information needed to identify themself and the car, they could obtain the information sought.
jonthethird on 08/06/2012:
the payoff on my vehicle note is on every statement
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Excessive ATM Fees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Apparently the bank, in their usual manner, issued a notice in small letters at the bottom of a statement that they were to charge a fee for each and every ATM withdrawel over 4 per statement period (1 month). I still haven't found that notice! This fee was to be $5.00 per transaction. This is in addition to the $2.50 fee if you use another banks ATM.

In July my wife used the ATM 20 times to acces HER money so M&T charged her $80.00 in fees. During the same oeriod they paid he $.01 in interest. It looks to me like they want to penalize you to keep YOUR money where THEY can have access to it to use as they see fit. When I called them I was told TOO BAD no refunds for you. That is why by September 1st the account will be closed and in another bank that appreciates my business.
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User Replies:
Bill on 08/03/2012:
M and T has to make up the money they paid to acquire Wilmington Trust last year. If you want free atm use you have to sign up for the premiere account or whatever it's called and it only applies to M and T atms.
Luckily I was a customer with Wilmington Trust before and we were grandfathered in according to a teller so I don't think M and T and can start hitting us with fees.
If they do it will be time to look for a new bank or credit union.
trmn8r on 08/03/2012:
Reading those disclosures is extremely important, as you found out. My guess is indeed there was such a notice - banks are required to send them.

Banks have scrambled in the last year to find new ways of making money because of certain changes in fees they can no longer charge. I think everyone realizes at the end of the day they have to be profitable. However, fees like this can be shocking because if you aren't aware of them you can get whacked like you did.

It does cost money to provide and maintain ATMs. Limiting customers to 4 withdrawals a month is reasonable IMO. Of course I would NEVER pay $4 to use an ATM, so I would make sure not to go over 4. I also would NEVER use an out of network ATM. Avoiding bank fees can be very profitable for us as consumers. Good luck with your new bank.
bob932304 on 08/03/2012:
Want free ATM withdrawals - join a credit union. Some minimums are $100 for checking, some are only $5.
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Condescending connivers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- I have automatic payments from my checking account to an overdraft line. Since M&T bought the bank I used, there seems to be endless creativity in finding ways to maneuver the customer into a late fee or service charge. I have a couple of carefully documented instances in which the bank took a larger payment than the billed amount. If I pay directly, in cash,. less than 72 hours before the automatic payment is scheduled to come out, the payment "doesn't count," it takes the automatic payment anyway, and if my checking account balance won't cover the payment, I get an overdraft fee. The bank will not take available money from the overdraft line to cover this type of overdraft. Paying cash into the checking account the day the payment is due also will not cover a potential overdraft, as the bank does not consider a cash deposit available until the next business day. Their so-called "customer service" reps treat complaints and appeals on these subjects as if I were a petulant five-year-old. When I pointed out to one of them that the bank's practices are quite likely illegal, she laughed at me and hung up. I fervently hope that one of these days they will lose a huge class action lawsuit for this crap. I understand it wouldn't be the first class action lawsuit they've lost over confusing and exploitive fees. Forget 'em!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/11/2012:
The things that you describe sound standard to me, at other banks as well.

Automatic payments need to be cancelled days in advance to be sure they are actually cancelled. And I don't know if you can cancel a single payment without cancelling the periodic transfer altogether.

Depositing the same day to cover a debit often doesn't work either. The trick is to keep a buffer in your account to cover impending debits - incurring overdrafts just isn't worth it.
Mark on 12/21/2012:
This is the worst bank hands down
Al braden on 02/14/2013:
M and t has robbed me the same way. Just last month they hit me wit 9 overdraft fees using the same practices. I am looking for others and will file a class action suit.
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