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Stay away from Honda small engines
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I bought a pressure washer with a Honda engine on 6/18/09. Used it twice with no problems. Third time it would not start so took it to the authorized Honda repair shop. They say it needs the gas tank and carburetor cleaned (after two uses????) and warranty won't cover it. Repair cost of $58 on a practically brand new product. I called MTA Distributors and they claimed I had put in bad gas that had broken down after a couple of weeks. HMMM...the gas works o. k. in my car and lawnmower! (Maybe I should buy "magic gas"). Also claim in a related review that may be gas sat in the carburetor "perhaps even months, before the consumer bought it." And that's my fault??? Would do NOTHING to assist so the pressure washer goes to Goodwill or The Dump and I'm out $335 because MTA says it's my problem and Lowes says not to bring it back to them for repairs or a refund. Consumer beware!!!!!
Company Response 09/29/2009:
Response of MTA Distributors to this complaint:

The customer took this Honda-engine powered product to a local servicing dealer. The dealer diagnosed the problem as one not covered by Honda’s warranty, and offered to fix the engine for a reasonable charge. The customer was apparently unhappy with this decision, and so the dealer contacted MTA Distributors. In accordance with Honda’s good-will policy, MTA offered to provide a replacement carburetor at no charge, but the customer would still have to pay the dealer’s labor charge. Apparently this was unsatisfactory to the customer, and she refused the offer and later contacted MTA Distributors directly.

MTA Distributors believes that its personnel handled this customer’s telephoned complaint courteously and professionally, but firmly. When this customer didn’t receive the answer she wanted, she responded rudely and with very inappropriate language, twice. She was given a direct number to contact Honda, which we understand she did. Once again, she was told by Honda that this engine problem was not covered by Honda’s warranty policy.

This customer fails to understand that the problems with this engine are not the result of any defect in the engine. Any repairs needed are not covered by Honda’s warranty policy, and are thus her responsibility. The servicing dealer, which had the engine in hand, diagnosed the problem as being caused by gasoline that had deteriorated, and thus clogged the engine’s carburetor and gas tank. This customer fails to understand that gasoline can indeed go “bad” and cause engine problems of the type that she experienced. For more information on the causes of “bad gas,” please see this article:

At the time of purchasing the pressure washer, the customer would have received a copy of the owner’s manual for the Honda GCV160 engine that powered the washer. Pages 22 through 26 of this manual thoroughly discuss the problems that can occur when gasoline oxidizes and deteriorates. Page 22 of the manual states that “fuel problems may occur within a few months, or even less if the gasoline was not fresh when you filled the fuel tank.” The owner is clearly advised to add a gasoline stabilizer to extend fuel storage life, or to drain the fuel tank and carburetor.

Page 23 of the manual states that “fuel system damage or engine performance problems resulting from neglected storage preparation are not covered under the Distributor’s Limited Warranty.

Neither Honda nor MTA Distributors can be responsible for the quality of the gasoline used by this customer, or the length of time and conditions under which the engine is stored.
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User Replies:
azspots on 08/25/2009:
I would try taking back to Lowes anyway.....they sold a faulty product, they should at least do an even swap with you.
Hugh_Jorgen on 08/25/2009:
With the addition of more ethanol to our gas supply, expect to see more problems like this. If you replace this, make sure you either run the tank dry before you store it or add some Sta-Bil to your can of gasoline.
Bob Davis on 06/23/2011:
I bought the Excel pressure RTX 2625 with the Honda engine. The Honda engine is what sold me on this unit. I got five years out of mine....I work at Home Depot Tool Rental and have repaired many of our pressure washers but this one wasn't ever returned. It is not the Honda engine problem it the ethanol (corn oil) added to gasoline that is causing the problems. The ethanol and gasoline part ways in about 4 to 6 weeks. Use Sea Form additive. If you want to get mad at someone get mad at your EPA and the left wingers that think burning our food is a good idea.
Geoff on 05/08/2012:
The response from Honda or MTA RE: what's covered under the warranty dodges the fact that the product is crap. By excluding simple things like the issue presented by the owner, they readily admit that the unit is junk and can't stand up to simple usage. Otherwise, cover it under warranty.

It seems that Honda, like many other decent manufacturers, has agreed to sell 2 different lines of engines - one of lower quality and price specifically designed for the WalMart/Lowes/Home Depot market. Unassuming shoppers see the name "Honda"and think that it's the quality product associated with that name - but it's not.

None of the reputable small engine repair (including saw shops) think that fuel stabilizers do anything to extend the life of your fuel. They say it's BS or snake oil. Ethanol is not corn oil. It's ethanol (ethyl alcohol, like we drink).

BTW - why is it a complaint to use ethanol for fuel (short of the small engine/stability issue) but not a problem when we use it to be drunk drivers, alcoholics and such? That's not a "food use" IMO.
frugalfreak on 06/17/2012:
I remember back when everything wasn't plastic and you could take carb and tank off and plow them out and put fresh gas and go. They were made of metal, the deck was durable and not likely to be cracked after getting hit a time or two. It's all profit no quality these days. I miss the old murrarys and heavy duty B and S engines. I had a 3.5 hp mower that lasted 10 years, now you are lucky to have them last two.
mpaule on 04/30/2013:
DON'T BUY HONDA ENGINES: I bought a Troy-Bilt pressure washer with this same Honda engine. After 3 years and perhaps 5 uses it will no longer start, so I went to the internet to find out what to do. I found page after page after page of complaints concerning this engine not starting. The answer from MTA is truly lame and the argument that it is the ethanol in the gasoline that is the culprit is ridiculous. I have a Johnson outboard engine made in 1983 that runs like a champ and starts up on the second or third pull every time AFTER 30 YEARS OF USE, including using gas with ethanol (which didn't exist 1983 if I recall correctly). If Honda can't make an engine that uses modern gasoline, they should quit selling them to an unsuspecting public. Further, they should tell the manufacturers who are selling products using their engines NOT to tell users to stop the unit by shutting off the ON-OFF switch (which I think stops the spark plug from sparking), and instead to turn off the gasoline feed and allow all the fuel in the carb to burn off.
Better yet, buy a unit with a different engine!
Leo on 05/27/2013:
I bought a Honda power washer two tears ago from Home Depot the thing is piece if crap, has never worked right. Honda should stick to cars!!!
Geoff on 06/11/2013:
It should be noted that the "ethanol in the fuel" is enough of an issue as to void warranties on some high end small engines as well --- Example - Stihl chainsaws and lawn equipment.

Here the rule of thumb - if it's 4 weeks old or more, dump it in your car's fuel tank. A small, air-cooled engine is not the same thing as your car's engine.
pkagarise on 08/05/2013:
troybuilt logspliter 5 loads of wood Honda 160cc blew up there tellin me Honda dealers that that engines only good for 80 hours an theres a sticker on it that tells u that so I bought a 1400 hundred dollar piece of junk done with troybuilt Honda an lowes
cts construction on 09/13/2013:
I spent almost 10,000 on a landa pressure washer with Honda motor on it first day battery was dead took it back in and they put new battery in it used it for 3 hrs came back 4 days later to start it back up and battery was dead again took it in to get looked at they had it for 2 weeks got it back used it for 2 hrs bent push rod valve sticking all with 5 hrs I had to pay for push rod and labor they called it bad gas as well . I have had the pressure washer for 2 years no warranty cover on anything batyery still goes dead if you don't start and run 2 times a week and keeps bending push rods syay away from Honda have replaced motor on wood spliter 3 water pumps all in less than 2 years what does the warranty cover ????? Nothing!!!!!!! Don't buy Honda
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