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Personal Check's Not Accepted
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA -- I have written personnel checks there before and now the cashier says they are going to stop taking personnel checks. I won't be buying anything there anymore. There are a lot of other gas stations that will accept a check.
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CrystalSword on 05/10/2012:
The only one I know of that would take a check, and even they have stopped here is the AM/PM gas stations. Since they stopped charging for you to use a debit card, this is better for me. I hate writing checks!
trmn8r on 05/10/2012:
This may be a sign of the times. Checks have always been a source of fraud. I remember my brother received one in 1975, and had the local police go to the place of employment of the writer and threaten him. He returned the cash.

I can't blame establishments for not accepting personal checks, especially with the proliferation of debit cards. With a debit card, the buyer has a checking account and the amount is transferred right away - the best and easiest way to transfer money from a checking account to a payee in my opinion.
copper_works_ on 05/10/2012:
There are a lot of American jobs tied up in paper checks.

Paper mills.


Post Office who delivers the checks.

Having the post office deliver the checks in regular mail is all the better.

Think about the trickle down effect.
trmn8r on 05/10/2012:
The trickle down effect only works until a new technology comes along. It has - debit cards.

We are well aware that the post office is scrambling around trying to downsize. I rue the day I would have to pay $0.50 or whatever it is now to send a paper check to EACH of the electric company, the telephone company, the credit card company, etc each month. The people involved in check processing and handling would be well advised to keep their resumes up to date.
FoDaddy19 on 05/10/2012:
This isn't really surprising. The whole writing out checks thing is mercifully almost extinct now. With the advent of the debit card there's really no reason to write out checks for most purchases anymore. For me I would be more likely to frequent a business that did not allow personal checks. As one of my pet peeves is being stuck behind someone at the checkout who fumbles through their checkbook and takes 5 minutes to write out a check by hand when the same task could've been accomplished in 15 seconds by swiping a debit card and entering a PIN.

Bee on 05/10/2012:
There are still places that accept cheques? Most places in Canada (at least Ontario) went debit 10 or more years ago. I don't remember the last time anyone wrote a cheque and when I worked in a grocery store 12 years ago we would not accept them. Interac (debit) cash or credit.
spiderman2 on 05/10/2012:
I haven't heard of a gas station taking checks in this century! Sounds like someone is behind the times.
CrystalSword on 05/10/2012:
AM/PM did take checks or debit cards but wouldn't take credit cards till recently, they charged 45 cents for using a debit card, now its the same as cash, and they take credit cards now...I used checks there to avoid the 45 cent charge!
raven2010 on 05/10/2012:
The only check I write is to my landlord because he is VERRRRRRRY old school.

I cannot imagine a gas station taking checks---this review surprised me!!
clutzycook on 05/10/2012:
I've only known of one gas station to take checks in the last 15 years, and it's probably been 14 years since I've written one there (it was back in my hometown). I'd bet they've stopped taking them too.

I rarely write checks for anything these days. In fact, the thought just occurred to me the other day that it's entirely likely that my children will not have to know how to write a check when they get older.
bcd on 05/10/2012:
The way to pay is plastic at the pump.
Nohandle on 05/11/2012:
I'm one of those who still writes checks. Perhaps a half dozen a month max. Most of my purchases are made with cash for groceries, gasoline etc. About a month ago as I walked into a smaller store I was told at the door they could only take cash or checks since everything was down and had been from the day before. They couldn't take credit cards, debit cards or anything else that was electronic.

I guess the store the OP was dealing with had experienced a great number of bad checks and determined it was worth the transaction fee charged them vs the cost of a returned check.
Churro on 05/11/2012:
I haven't wrote a personal check in over a year. I don't think I'm a lone in that. The free market is pretty clearly stating checks are obsolete and a good many customers don't want the hassle of dealing in checks. Since there's not a big customer base of check writers most retail businesses will eventually quit accepting them. It tis what it tis.
Nohandle on 05/11/2012:
Keep yourself some cash handy Churro just in case. Some things might be deemed obsolete but most places will still accept cash, at least for today.
trmn8r on 05/11/2012:
This is Murphy's new law (:
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