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Don't believe the price match or coupon discount hype
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I called and talked with a sales person to see if they would honor an on-line coupon I found or if they would beat the price I found from another online retailer, and to both they said "no". They said they only beat prices published by another retailer. So, I went back to the other company's website,, and cut and pasted the URL and applicable details into the online form and emailed them the request with proof. A day later they emailed me back and stated they would not match the other merchant's price because that dealer wasn't an authorized dealer. The funny thing is that December of 2010 I did buy a set of Gretch drums from, with a price match to another dealer (which they argued with me until I said I'd just buy elsewhere- then they reluctantly sold me the drums for my son). Following the drum purchase I placed a review of the drums on their site because the drums were not the quality advertised and I got WAY overcharged. But, pulled my post from their site.

I'm guessing they track whomever they've extended a price match to, and based on that refuse all future discounts. Crappy service, crappy gear. That's what I've gotten from them, but they won't see my money again.
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ChBaker on 04/05/2011:

My name is Chris Baker and I am a Supervisor for Musician's Friend. I would like to get more information regarding your complaint, as our Lowest Price Guarantee is legitimate and as long as price requests are legitimate then they should always be approved. Please shoot me an email with the price match you requested and I can confirm if this should have been accepted.

Chris Baker
Night Supervisor
Customer Service
and Technical Support
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refusal to exchange faulty string set
Posted by on
MEDFORD, OREGON -- I purchased several sets of guitar strings from this company 11 months ago. I opened one of the sealed boxes recently to find two of one string and none of another string in the set. I contacted Musicians Friend who initially said they would send me a new set, then said that because over 45 days had past they would not help me at all! I sent two more emails attempting to point out how silly this was, as it was a minor thing for them to send out 1 string, but would require me a special trip and cost quite a bit more to buy a separate string.
They continued to say that they understood but were sticking with their position. This shows a lack of regard for their customers and I would not recommend doing business with this company located in Medford, Oregon.
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TXRoadTrip on 08/19/2004:
Complain to these guys
FTC Federal Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357
Federal Communications Commission
Slimjim on 08/19/2004:
Tex, the poster's just trying to make a point that they sent an irregular set and company didn't handle the error by replacing it as expected. I don't think he/she needs or wants to go to the FTC over a string worth about $1.50.
LegalCollector on 08/19/2004:
That's true. And-to the poster...why not just buy single strings? They sell them in just about every music store I've seen. Musicians Friend is a wonderful establishment, I've spent a lot of money with them, and always have a pleasant experience.
LegalCollector on 08/19/2004:
Single get whichever string was missing...I don't mean always buy each string separately, lol.
ibecrazy2004 on 08/20/2004:
11 months ago I purchased a pair of underwear and now they have a hole in them. Should Wal-Mart replace them for me.
TXRoadTrip on 08/21/2004:
Well there was another post on saying they "suck".
So if they have poor customer service report them, so they won't "suck" anymore.
If the others from the other sites complained properly the person above might not have the problems they did or maybe not shopped there.
A few other complaints about them on other web sites.
I don't think I will shop there.'s_Friend~MRD-300590~PG-6~S-1
Brain on 04/04/2006:
I had a problem with Musicians Friend a couple years back. They had a free shipping deal for any item over $299.00 & I went through 3 pages of info to fill out to order the item. After they had all my credit card, phone number & billing address info ..etc.. I find out they came up with some B.S. reason why I still have to pay for shipping. I didn't buy the item and I complained but to no avail!
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