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Cancelled me UNFAIRLY
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OREGON -- I have been with the company 20 years...since I started driving. We missed a monthly payment through our own oversight -- totally our fault. We didn't get a copy of the cancellation notice (had been having mail problems). Our agent called and said the policy had been cancelled as we missed our deadline for payment. She immediately called them to ask for reinstatement -- we were prepared to make immediate payment + late fee. She got us reinstated and I made the payment of $137.22. Now I find out that they wanted $200-something (they never sent me a notice of this and according to our agent the amount on the notice was $137.22) and they have cancelled us and will not reinstate. We've probably made 3 late payments in our $20 year history, and never to the point of cancellation. I am going to cancel my homeowner's policy with them as well.

I find this ridiculous, as we tried to do the right thing and have been with them for such a long time without incident. What ever happened to loyalty?
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Anonymous on 11/19/2007:
1. You most likely only paid up the past due balance plus fees.

2. How far behind were you?

3. How long ago was your insurance canceled?
scn_hemma on 11/20/2007:
I paid what they TOLD ME to pay, that's why I'm upset. We were less than one month behind. Payment was due October 15 and we paid on November 2. They just canceled me on the 15th of November, saying that I failed to meet the terms of reinstatement.

Obviously we screwed up and I freely and fully admit that. The reason I'm mad is that I've been with them so long and they were so unforgiving over one error. Seriously -- one error in 20 years.

Now I've been forced to go with another company with of course higher rates because the "lapse" had to be reported. I'm canceling my homeowner's with MOE as well, as I want nothing to do with a company so quick to dump off a loyal customer for one mistake.
Gecks9999 on 10/04/2011:
They just did the same thing to us. We were with them for 10+ years and missed one payment (an over site on our part) and NEVER received a cancellation notice. They returned the check we did sent them (after realizing our mistake) then told us we were canceled. It was going to be $600 to reinstate the insurance with them. I guess the good thing is we found lower rates elsewhere and will be moving our homeowners from them soon. I cannot tell you how disappointing in a company that out right screws it's long time customers.

The great thing is I know a LOT of people through my car club and various car shows. This company is going to have a rude awaking on what happens when they screw over people.
workhorse on 11/17/2011:
You can send in a request to cancel your policy on or before the lapse date and the company has to reinstate the policy to process your cancellation request. You can avoid getting additional fees with a new company if you do this and start a new policy effective the lapse date or whatever date you are asking to cancel the policy. Regardless of any cancellation notice you receive you always have the option of amending it to be cancelled your request as long as its effective the same cancel date or prior to it. If you cancel the policy more than sixty days prior to the cancel date on the notice you received you will need to provide supporting documentation that you have coverage.
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