Mutual of Enumclaw

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Mutual of Enumclaw
1460 Wells St
Enumclaw, WA 98022
800-366-5551 (ph)
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Cancelled me UNFAIRLY
By -

OREGON -- I have been with the company 20 years...since I started driving. We missed a monthly payment through our own oversight -- totally our fault. We didn't get a copy of the cancellation notice (had been having mail problems). Our agent called and said the policy had been cancelled as we missed our deadline for payment. She immediately called them to ask for reinstatement -- we were prepared to make immediate payment + late fee. She got us reinstated and I made the payment of $137.22. Now I find out that they wanted $200-something (they never sent me a notice of this and according to our agent the amount on the notice was $137.22) and they have cancelled us and will not reinstate. We've probably made 3 late payments in our $20 year history, and never to the point of cancellation. I am going to cancel my homeowner's policy with them as well.

I find this ridiculous, as we tried to do the right thing and have been with them for such a long time without incident. What ever happened to loyalty?

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