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Customer Service Severely Lacking - TWO Instances!!
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This is the 2nd time I've dealt with My Blankee Inc. and I should have taken the hint the first time. The first time I attempted to deal with this company didn't actually turn out to be a first purchase at all since their customer service department only returned my call 24 hours after I called them. Their website was poorly organized, lacked in description of items and therefore required me to call customer service to have some simple questions answered. When I called, my name and number were taken and I was told someone would "get right back" to me.

By the time they called me back 24 hours later, I'd decided to purchase from another company who had a more informative and better presented website. Clearly they weren't interested in the sale of VERY expensive adult sized blanket. So here I find myself 6 months later and I decide to put an order through their website for a security blanket for my daughter. No questions this time, easy enough right? NO. While my Paypal transaction went through via their website, upon returning to their site, I got a message saying my order was NOT completed. Awesome, considering I have a transaction number from Paypal and my money has been taken...

No order number, no email confirmation. This happened at night so I sent an email immediately explaining the situation and I also let them know about the poor customer service I received the last time. 12pm the following day, still no contact from customer service. 3pm, no contact so I emailed AGAIN. 5pm, I finally get the picture - either no one checks emails or I'm being ignored so I called and ask to speak to customer service. The lady who answered the phone was rude and asked what I needed. She never presented herself as "customer service" and certainly didn't ask how she could help me...

Either way I told her my story and told her I was very frustrated. She told me she'd look into it and left me on hold for 5 minutes. When she came back, told me the order went through, confirmed the order with me and gave me an order number (I had to ASK for it). NOT ONCE did she apologize for any inconvenience, frustration or for not tending to the 2 emails I told her I'd sent. A+! I have worked customer service for an online retailer and I could not imagine conducting myself the way this company has.

If I didn't think it would have caused me even more frustration I'd have had the girl on the phone cancel the order all together, they'll never see my business again. Terrible customer service, I don't care how nice their blankets are and what celebrities use them - that doesn't make up for the lack of quality in service.

My Blankee Needs Help With Cust Service!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Aug 29th 2013 I placed an order for a Luxe snail baby security blanket from As I placed the order I got a message that the order did not go through. A bit frustrated I decided to look around again for another blankee I'd seen that was cute! So I found it and placed the order again since the first one said it didn't go through and didn't receive confirmation email. That went through! I received conf email and conf number great! Next day I check my account and there's 3 transactions pending from My Blankee for different amounts. It was the weekend so I waited till Monday to call.

A man answered the call "My Blankee" I proceeded to state my predicament and he rudely cut me off. Saying "we're closed today" was Labor Day... So OK I get it. But why answer the phone. I call next day Tuesday the 3rd of September. 8:06 am same man answered... I said "hi remember I called yesterday regarding the wrong orders on my account?" He cut me off and said "no! You made a wrong order not us! We didn't make a mistake you did! Besides we're closed, call back at 10!" I asked "your site says 8-5 pm." He said "call back at 10! Olga will answer your call!" And HUNG UP! I've never had such rude service! Ever!!

So I called at exactly 10. Spoke to Olga, she took care of the wrongful orders and when I complained of the terrible service she said "I'm so sorry that's the owner... we get that a lot!" So very sad that this company has great product but such a disrespectful owner! He should not be allowed to answer any customer call ever!

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