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Elk Grove Village
Schaumburg, IL 60196-0001
847-809-2966 (ph)
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No Option For Delete
By -

Can not delete/remove/ cancel.

Company Response 2/6/2011:


You can deactivate your account from your profile settings page. There is a link near the top right of the page.

To delete any reviews, you can login and either visit your profile settings page (and scroll down) or just visit your review and use the edit/remove links.

Hope this helps!


Why Can't I Control My Own Block List?
By -

OK, so I accidentally put someone's name on my block list. When I went to try to remove it, I was informed that I would have to email admin in order to accomplish this. So I did... four times! It still hasn't been done! Why do I have to rely on admin to correct my own mistake. I have blocked people on other sites but I have always been able to remove people on my own.

Resolution Update 08/25/2010:

After being informed by admin that they had a different email address from the one that was posted initially, they took care of the problem in 10 minutes. Thanks.

By -

Typical bait and switch. I wanted to send a messages to people who posted complaints on a particular company but was told by my3cents that I had to become a member. After becoming a member I get "This feature is not available on your account" every time I try to communicate with other users.

Too Good To Be True
By -

92801 -- I have received many offers by mail from Juniper CC The last offer I received was for a fixed APR of 7.99%. I finally convince my self that this was my opportunity to be free of my others CC with higher interest. Then I did a Google search to find out how good is this company. To my surprise Juniper's CC ranked quiet well on APR compared to other CC Institutions. But concerning customer satisfaction Juniper has pissed off so many customers. It really amaze me that no legal action has taken place. Good thing I read the reviews in this Web site.

Whose Side Are You On?
By -

I am new to this website of complaints. But after reading many customers complaints about different companies, I have notice this whatever company the customer is talking about you are running ads for them to help them sell there service our products. You even put link to that company from the letters of complaint that the people write.

I know that you need to make money but do you really have to use ads from the company that the people are complaining about. It seem like there complaint does not have any effect, and the company is getting positive advertising at the same time. Please enlighten me.

This site is wonderful and informative
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I just discovered this site today and let me tell you this is great. I know so many people this site could have helped had they known about this. I advise anybody who is aware of this site to tell your friends and family about it because this is the best way to compliment the people (businesses) that go out of their way for you and to stick it to the businesses that really get under your skin by the poor quality of service they provide. You always hear that the best referral is by word of mouth and that's no lie, so PEOPLE USE THIS SITE!!! We can help each other not get ripped off and taken advantage of, we don't have to take it sitting down anymore....

Company Response 1/29/2011:

Thanks for the kind words!

-My3cents Team

My3cents...Good job
By -

I just recently found My3cents and I am so glad I did. I love it! Most of the reviews are well done and informative. Some members can get a little harsh with their comments and some a little off color, but, even so, It doesn't take long to know who those folks are and I just ignore them.

I enjoy the interaction with trusted members and I have learned a lot on this site.

Thank you, my3cents.

A Few Complaint Guidelines
By -

Simply a few suggestions...

1) It doesn't matter how long you've shopped at K-Mart/Wal-Mart/Sears, etc. Any store worth a dang will be as concerned about the fellow who just walked in for the first time as they would be about the people who have been 'loyal customers' for 50 years.

2) And the same goes for how much money you supposedly spend per day, week, month or year, at this store. No one really cares, and it gets an instant roll-of-the-eyes when it's mentioned.

3) If your complaint has nothing specific to do with the fact that you're handicapped, a war veteran, a victim of disaster, or just in financial straits, don't bring it up. It's a sympathy bid, and it's pathetic.

4) Make an effort to know a store's return policy before you buy something. It's impractical to expect the cashier to recite the whole spiel to every customer when it's probably either right there on the check-out counter or on the wall or on your receipt or all of the above. Finding out store policy is YOUR responsibility. Finally, don't be mad at the store about policies that you find ridiculous; be mad at the customers before you who made it necessary for such policies to exist.

5) Please don't immediately assume that because you are black, Asian, Indian, etc. (or even, gasp, WHITE) that the people who acted rude to you did so for racial reasons. Some people are just equal-opportunity jerks.

6) If you get an e-mail or hear a rumor calling for a boycott on a certain company or product for whatever reason, do a little investigation first to find out if it's even true. There are many hoaxes circulating the e-mail universe. Chances are you're pouring out the Pepsi or tossing the Q-Tips in the trash under false pretenses. There's a good site ( dedicated to urban legends and internet hoaxes.

7) Here are a few points I cannot stress enough: Capitalize, Punctuate, Form Complete Sentences, and, if you have a lot to say, there's this thing called a Paragraph. Make a few. Clarity is a good thing and tends to make people take your grievance a lot more seriously.

How do people get stars

There are some users here that have stars next to their names. How do you get a star.

They should know better
By -

Scammed me into joining their newsletter when trying to write my first review. what are you thinking?!

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