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Myfico sucks
By -

FIrst I would like to say in the past I used this system and I praised it.

First I spoke to a lady who said she would cancel the recurring charges. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor because I still did not sign up to this service and they should check out their system. (So that it doesn't happen to anyone else)

Mr.... Rodriguez employee 115039

After being told that I did not sign up for score watch, he stated that it was my fault and I did sign up for a plan that would charge me 14.95 for three months. All I signed up for was “A Fico standard credit report with score”. After going back and forth he went ahead and reinstated the plan after I asked to speak to his supervisor.

Valerie Employee 1152
Got on the line and was not able to even show proof on an email that she states goes out prior to charging a
customer. She cancelled my plan finishing on October 13 andhaving me pay 45.00 for a credit report and a score.

All I want is for you guys to charge me 19.95 for my credit score and my credit report which I already received.

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