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Total Scam And Liars…
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ARIZONA -- If you check the website Myfreevacation it tells you that you will have your dream vacations, but what they do not elaborate is that it might waist your time and money also.

This is how the story begins. One day sitting in my house, I get a phone call and a guy was asking for BRIAN totally not my name, then when I re-asked him to tell me what number he is dialing and he did repeat my number, so I tried to clarify that he has the wrong person. But here he tells me in a fast way that may be their records were probably outdated and he said they are not selling anything, but they are opening up a new travel service and wanted to offer me their services for free, and if I did like their services then the word of mouth is their advertisement. I was like mmm not a bad idea, then I asked him why they don't advertise like other companies on TV and other medias, and he said I am already doing it with you now, on a personal level. So I was OK, what next? Do you need personal information? Because I am not willing to give it to you, so the answer was no, just want to know if my salary range is above a certain number and my age is above 25, so I said in both yes, and I was like that qualified.

Here I said, all this sounds like a time share!! And he said, this is not, it is totally a travel service.

So after I said OK, I always wanted to attend things like this and see what is behind this free advertisement that they claim. And yup, the guy said they will give me a free DVD and a free CAM and then he added $100 gas coupon which I never asked or expected.

So I go to my meeting, they sit with me and they elaborate the way they are working, and it is totally a time share but for vacations on cruses or hotels or condos the idea was cool, but I was not ready to buy, and the reason was, if this is real then it could be offered again to me. So I said if they give me the gifts and I ask for another meeting with them I would totally buy. But the sales person there said, it is either you buy now and make a deal or you would not come back. Here I said, OK, I think I will take my gifts and leave.

Guess what, they gave me a rain check and made me sign a piece of paper saying that the marketing company will ship me my gifts, it has been more than 2 months, and still nothing, maybe they will send it with Santa.

It was a nice way to waist my time and I went through with it, but if I felt that it is not a scam I would have gone with what they were offering.

So as a conclusion, if you want to waist your time, then not be given what you were promised to have, then go for it.

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VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA -- I was solicited by this company as a free 7 nite cruise. the only requirement was to listen to a 90 min sales pitch and was assured there would be no high pressure to buy anything. As it turned out it was a time share vacation travel agency where you pay exhorbedent membership fees per year, at the end of the sales presentation two different closers tried to get me to buy their service and each one gave me a much lower price. I did not like the whole idea at all so I didn't buy it. At the end I was given a voucher for my so called free cruise, which ended up to cost $198, non refundable, just to get the booking started. Then I was informed that there would be additional charges, booking fees, taxes, port charges and other fees that no one could tell me what the total would be. So if you pay the $198, non refundable fee to get the booking started and you decide to cancel because of any reason you could still be liable for cancellation fees. Additionally, you must make your reservation 90 days in advance. You can only travel between September and February, otherwise you will have to pay additional fees. This only goes to prove that there is no free lunch!! I feel like I got totally scammed

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