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Wow, I can't not stress enough how much I would NEVER EVER EVER use this company!!! I bought a program to recover my husbands pictures off his memory card and IT DID NOT WORK!!! He had over 1,000 pictures on it and the program only found 100 and when I "recovered" them the whole picture didn't even show up most of the pictures were more than half grey. So I tried to get my money back... the company (if you can even call if that) has no phone number, and when you go to the support chat everyone that works for the company is named Brandon... Hmmm.... and when you talk to them they are VERY rude! I started the chat and asked a few questions and waited over 5 minutes so I said hello and he replied back to me "hello??? what's up with you? can't you just wait why I see what you are talking about?" and I was VERY VERY mad at this point. I was about to copy the whole conversation so I could post it every where on the internet and he closed the chat window so I did not have the time to copy it.

I can not tell you how very upset I am with this kid's product and service, you DO NOT talk to your customers like that!
Company Response 09/04/2010:

My name is Alan, I am the site manager for

This report looks totally inaccurate. Our support technicians will ALWAYS try to solve the problem in such cases, even by offering free copies of other software if this will assist.

If you clearly describe your problem and post civilized messages, our team will definitely help you solving your issues. We do not provide support to individuals that are rude and cannot communicate in a respectful manner though. I presume this was the case here.

Dear Customer, I would suggest trying to contact us by creating a ticket on and we will be happy to assist.

Alan, Site Manager
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Anonymous on 01/18/2009:
Your money is lost. MyHelpHub is just seller of garbage quality software. Under no circumstances send your card to them as chances are you will never see it again. There are many free utilities available that do a decent job of recovering erased/deleted files. Don't expect to recover every image regardless of what utility is used.
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Beware! Photo-Saver not as described!
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Photo-Saver is a downloadable software owned my that purports to successfully retrieve digital photographs that are "lost" on a memory card due to some kind of corruption. The company does not indicate that it is based in England. It does, however, state a lengthy guarantee. I bought the program through PayPal (who didn't stand behind me!), downloaded the program, and used it on my SD memory card. Some of my photos were retrieved, but I noticed that the quality was not very good. BUT many more of the photos were NOT retrieved, and this bothered me even more. I complained and asked for a refund. They refused unless I send them my (expensive!) memory card so they can try to retrieve the photos themselves.

I offered to send them the results of two separate scans, but they refused to give me their email address to do so. I complained to PayPal, they did nothing. This company DOES NOT honor its guarantee, and is not willing to stand behind their product as promised. Weeks later, I purchased another American-based, downloadable software that worked like a charm .. so I am even more convinced that Photo-Saver is an inadequate program. BEWARE! Don't believe what they advertise online!!!
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MRM on 04/10/2007:
You should have tried the program as a trial version to see if you like the program. If you like the program then you pay for the program which will give you full functionality.
jimmyb1980 on 10/31/2007:
I agree with the last fcomment.

I checked the site and it seems like they followed their policy fine.

Many of your photos were recovered. They asked you to return the card to see if they could do any better, and possibly to avoid fraud. You didn't do that.

It states that clearly on their homepage.

If you don't follow their policy, why complain??
Photog13 on 09/10/2008:
I had the same problem, but there are 1423 photos on my SD card and their program hangs on photo #22 and won't go any further. They don't OFFER a trial version!!!! If they did, there would be no problem!!!!. There is NO way I would ever send my SD card to England when their software is obviously fraudulent. There is NO way to ever hope to get the card back!! So go ahead and buy their crap, MRM and Jimmyb1980 and see what you get for it. I know the software is cheap and you get what you pay for, but a FRAUD is a FRAUD, and these people are definitely FRAUDS.
MRM on 09/10/2008:
I don't need their stinky software.
ryukin on 01/06/2009:
Just want you to know that you are not alone. They ripped me off also. Same thing except their program did not recover any of my photos. And I like you am not going to send my card to these people. Should have read your review before I purchased. It is a shame we can't shut these people down.
Finder on 12/29/2011:
So what company were you able to find that did work well for you?
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