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Beware Of - Your Private Information Is Not Safe!
Posted by on
ISRAEL -- Beware of these people, I have found them to be dishonest and incompetent. MyHeritage is based in Israel.

Several months ago, one of my relatives invited me to join this site as he had established a family tree there. Since that time MyHeritage has repeatedly reduced free site storage and capabilities, presumably to persuade us to become paid subscribers.

If that weren't enough, they assured us that our private information was safe - it isn't. Even with the family site configured to only allow member access and to prevent members inviting further members, it was very easy to circumvent this due to the poor design of MyHeritage's website and software. MyHeritage's support has been unresponsive and a hindrance rather than a help. For example, in addition to deleting a bogus member account they also deleted a valid member account, causing a significant loss of uploaded data.

MyHeritage have repeatedly misled us about the creation and deletion of family sites, often sending simultaneously emails that contradict each other!

Please be aware that it is very easy to compromise MyHeritage's privacy settings - consider any information that you upload to be public.

Please also be aware that, before you spend the time and effort creating a family tree, uploading pictures, etc., this time and effort could easily be wasted due to MyHeritage "mistakenly" deleting your account!

Please be aware of MyHeritage's ethical standards. Bait and switch is bad enough, but lying to customers is worse.

My advice is to be absolutely sure that you want to entrust your family's personal information to these people before you put the time and effort into setting up a family web site, even a free one!
Company Response 03/28/2009:
We appreciate feedback from customers but do not believe the consumer review posted here is balanced. The customer claimed that a relative invited him/her to an established family site, and then capabilities were reduced to persuade them to become paid subscribers. First, a family site subscription on MyHeritage, unlike other sites, is not for a single user: a single subscription covers the entire family, so even if just one family member upgrades a family site, hundreds of other relatives can enjoy the site for free without subscribing too. This was not mentioned in this inflammatory consumer review. Second, the claim that the company has "repeatedly" reduced storage and capabilities is false. Never has any product capability or functionality available for free on MyHeritage, been made non-free. At one time in the history of the company, around December 2008, we've had to reduce the total family tree individual quota available for free from 1000 to 500 names in order to avoid too many users taking advantage of the company's services without paying. This still allowed customers to maintain trees of any size on their computers using the free family tree software that we provided and no data was deleted.

Private data posted on family sites, is safe and secure, as testified by more than 7 million satisfied customers who have posted their family trees on MyHeritage, and have not reported any problems. If a privacy breach is suspected, e.g. one relative posts the details of another relative without permission, the company deletes any data as requested by its owners within 1 to 2 business days. Currently, invited family members can invite other family members to the site, because the site is a collaborative family platform. We are working on a method that will allow a site manager to prevent this, and we admit that the current configuration to prevent it is not working yet. With respect to any paying customer, MyHeritage has a complete refund policy, so that any paying customer who reports a complaint or dissatisfaction receives their money back regardless of how old the purchase is and how much of it was already used.
The claims in this review were clearly written by an unhappy user. We respect that occasionally there are dissatisfied customers and do our best to keep all of our customers happy. We delete data upon request and due to human error, have mistakenly deleted the wrong data only 2-3 times in the 5-year history of the company (once, so it seems, it happened for this complaining user).
We help our customers respectfully, and regret that we were unable to keep this particular customer happy.
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User Replies:
kevinmcl on 03/28/2009:
My's response to my original review is understandably defensive and contains claims that are not supported by any evidence (e.g. "We delete data upon request and due to human error, have mistakenly deleted the wrong data only 2-3 times in the 5-year history of the company")

Another example is "We help our customers respectfully, and regret that we were unable to keep this particular customer happy."'s support didn't even try to fix their mistakes and most certainly did not correspond with me respectfully. I have the emails to prove it.

Believe whichever of us you choose. Use at your own risk!
abacab on 02/08/2010:
The initial poster is correct. My heritage is some sort of malware. I have found it impossible to get off, and I don't know what information they are stealing from me (passwords, etc) These people are corrupt as well as Net Detective and their related sites.
PepperElf on 02/08/2010:
Personally I'm not going to say yes or not that it's malware.

I'm going to go to google and check

hmm. could be.
Ytropious on 02/08/2010:
I figure if it "could be" that's enough for me to not want to check it out. If a site needs to be that invasive then I won't go to it, simple as that.
PepperElf on 02/08/2010:
well I admit I only looked at google and not the actual links

mostly cos... well I'm on a mac.
yes we can get malware but ... eh, my browser is pretty good at detecting it before I get to a site.

and none of the programs I have installed have malware.

though I did once find a website that tried installing an EXE to my computer. it made me laugh cos the file downloaded but... hell I'm on a mac. my lil beasty doesn't run exe files. >:-)
MRM on 02/08/2010:
Woopeedoo! I, on the otherhand, am making sweet love to Windows 7 till the break of dawn.
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
Are you kidding, MRM... Windows 7 has already had my babies.... er, or maybe I've had its babies... or something like that.
MRM on 02/08/2010:
I'm not kidding, me and Windows 7 are tight together like bread and butter; white on rice; glue on a stick...well, you get the point.
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
It was a rhetorical question, MRM. I know you aren't kidding. :-)
PepperElf on 02/08/2010:
iew. please don't make me barf.

windows 7 still has "zero day" attacks
stephife on 09/26/2010:
I had my own EXTREMELY distasteful experience with this (what I consider to be) sleazy company. I stumbled upon them when attempting to put together a family tree and was drawn into the spider web. I quickly decided against continuing with them and came to discover they'd hijacked my web browser and implanted themselves on my computer in a very sneaky way that was difficult to dislodge. I use firefox and this is how I got rid of them for good:

1) Right click Mozilla in shortcut bar along bottom of laptop
2) Right click Mozilla icon again in menu that comes up
3) Click on properties at bottom
4) Under shortcut tab select “open file locator”
5) Open “search plugins” folder
6) Right click on those nasty search engines you want to banish from your computer, in this case myheritage
7) Select “delete”

The over the top arrogant nerve of them is beyond despicable behavior. Thanks for providing more company origin information which doesn't surprise me. Beware of slimeball operations like this.
Stevie Baillie on 06/07/2011:
Your answer is all good and well
But can you please tell me how to remove your company's "My Heritage" browser that has hijacked my own google search engine?
And also how to stop your "My Heritage" website appearing all over my web browsing expoerience?

I am fully aware that you should never start a sentence with the word "And" but frustration with software such as "My Heritage" drives folks to losing their minds!

Please let us know how to get this rubbish off my computer.
That is the only way I will ever have any respect or time for a program such as this.

ECS on 06/16/2012:
I was nit happy with how it hijacked my browser but I knew that before I downloaded. Now I want to take down the web site as I have certain family members I wish to avoid. I did not know who was--do not know who is--a "memebr" but this particular family member makes comments.

NOWHERE does it tell me how to even SEE the "members"--let alone take down the site. This seems wrong. And I tried the instruction above-- did not work.
Claudia on 11/28/2012:
Yes, the company misleads a lot. They also implanted themselves on my browser for ever. I hate them.
I have the paid subscription and I am unable to print correctly because the program changes the information, for example, previous husbands change names as the company wants them to be called. I write Johnson , they write Smith, etc.

I have never been able to print a chart correctly becaus the names are confused and overlap.
The help center neve responds, never helps.
Previously, I was able to do real good research, but now, everything is so limited and when I find something y I need I have to pay them extra to get it.
Also I used to be able to print in book form and now I will have to pay extra 35 dollars to do it.
It is getting worst and worst, and for two years they have been sending me the same matches, even though I do not want them any more. Please DO NOT JOIN MY HERITAGE. You will suffer as I do. It is a mess, and for basic genealogy research. Is nt even a program in which you can organize the family data because has so many errors, it is unbelievable.
CSMujahid on 02/01/2013:
I have had it with this company! I stopped doing business with them years ago and thought I had deleted my tree. They continue to send me email msgs and today email an Aunt congrats on her Anniversary to her dead exhusband!! I have never seen such bad business practice from someone in the genealogy field! I will fix this if it is the LAST THING I do!!
Neo2627 on 05/27/2013:
This is a 'SCAM' company! I have tried several times to delete my account, I put in for the 7 day trial, they gave me a code number to enter, after receiving my bank info., the code would not work, and I was sent to another location on their site to re-enter my bank info
pattisalt9 on 05/29/2013:
I too warn people about this site. It took over another genealogy website that was free that I had been using for a few years with great results, however as soon as they took it over they started charging to use it, put all the trees on their website without even asking for anyone's permission. I emailed them many times to say I didn't want my tree on their site but had no response, kept getting their irritating messages about related trees, to keep a long story short I am still receiving their "related" messages in my junk file. They are a total pain in the ....
Whack on 06/05/2013:
My experience confirms MyHeritage to be a SCAM site - they took my money, supposedly for an annual subscription, but I got absolutely nothing in return. No response from their so-called 'support'. Beware of MyHeritage - SCAMMERS.
Stanley Bain on 06/12/2013:
I just received a notice that they are deducting $119 from my account claiming I am a member. I have not heard of this company.
Anthony Steel on 06/18/2013:
Today I discovered that there is personal information about myself and my wife published on the website.

I am not a member of, have no wish to join and have no associations with anyone on there and have never consented to any of my personal information being published within

Today I sent an email to requesting to have any personal data they have regarding immediate family and myself deleted.

They say
Anthony Steel on 06/18/2013:
Received this email from

This is an automatic response Hi, Thank you for writing to MyHeritage. E-mail support is a premium feature and is available without limits to our subscribers (Premium, PremiumPlus and Data). If you already have a premium account on MyHeritage but not under the email address, please go to our help center, log in to MyHeritage using your premium account and then send us your question from there. If you would like to receive direct access to our support team, consider purchasing a data subscription or data credits. You will gain many additional benefits including unlimited searches in MyHeritage SuperSearch™ and access to Record Matches. Learn more here. You are also welcome to use our knowledge base to find an answer to your question. This is the best way to find answers to the most frequently asked questions at MyHeritage. Sincerely, MyHeritage

My reply:

Are you seriously stating that as a profit making company I have no wish to be associated with and using personal data of my family and I without consent, that I would be required to pay a fee in order to view what you have about me on your website and have deleted?

If this is the case, than this is an outrage.

Why should I be part of a subscription fee company, in which I have no desires to be associated with?

I fully intend to take this matter further, no matter how long it takes.
olga on 06/27/2013:
My tree is for sale to family link, and make me pay to see it.
I make my tree and is wrong,
plowry on 07/12/2013:
Avoid this company. They somehow hi-jacked my computer after a crash, when I was trying to restore my valid subscriptions. They do NOT as the above rebuttal claims, allow you to cancel. When I discovered last week that they charged me for a premium-plus subscription in March, I immediately tried to cancel, but the only thing they actually SAY they are cancelling is the automatic subscription renewal at the end of one year. After reading the above comments, it looks like they have become a permanent fixture on my computer whether I want this worthless scam or not. AVOID THEIR PROGRAM. also commits the exact same deceptive practices. I'm lodging complaints on both of them with the Ohio Attorney General's office and the BBB, hoping that eventually these crooks go out of business.
Satchelkid on 07/17/2013:
I am currently having problems with MH. I used it on and off for free then last year decided to pay for one year's subs. I don't know why - they offer nothing you can't get better elsewhere. Anyway, this year they debited my account £64.80 for one more year. I received no advance warning as I do with other such sites, and anyway my card had expired so how they did it is beyond me. I have emailed these idiots several times through various channels and the only reply I have had is them asking me which email address I have registered on their site. I am going to pester and pester them until I get a refund or at least a reply. As they're based in Israel does anyone know any legal action we/I can take? I'm quite willing to join the battle against these muppets (with apologies to the Muppets - they bring joy to the world)
robert gomez on 08/02/2013:
I asked for their free trial which I was told I could cancel my subscription any time whithing that period when I called to cancel to cancel I was told I wasn't even enrolled . when I just got my credit card statement today there was a charge from My Heritage for 76.18 dollars I tried to call them and was given the runaround . I fially called my credit card company and told them to cancel any more charges from them. I guess I am just stupid .to not find out more about them.I just hope that this does not happen to any more people. Robert Gomez
Caroline Mosunmola Williams on 08/16/2013:
All the years I have been with My Heritage, I have put in all the information on my Family Tree.there was no input from you. When I could not afford to pay any longer all my input was blocked . I have got nothing for my labour and all the money I paid MY HERITAGE.. I this fair ?
DJ on 09/14/2013:
Not too interested in any MAC v Win statements... almost as insane as Obama v Bush... really very lame.

However, I am upset about rather frequently being advised to upgrade MyHeritage... if an upgrade was desired, that could be found rather quickly. I intend to uninstall and stick with for the moment.
Kaye on 09/18/2013:
I find the program very user friendly but honestly only pay my premium sub for the tree and the odd family match. Mind you some are very obscure. The more popular website is where I do all my research but I don't like how their tree displays as much but adding census, matches etc is a lot easier. The Team at MyHeritage do not answer the emails, you get a confimation email with a ticket number and PS have you checked our online help. I would not be emailing if the anwer was in online help. The only time I received a quick response, and it was by phone, was when I threatened to cancel my membership. I'll stick with them for this twelve months but will take a serious look at whether to continue on or not then.
ERS on 09/25/2013:
Got one of those discs in a magazine and decided to see what it offered. Said tree too large for free service and I declined subscription. Unfortunately I did accept an offer for World Vital records which they renewed without asking. Finally got it cancelled. Just got notified my credit card was charged for a renewal of plus service at My Heritage but I never signed up for it. Very poor business practice. Very shady. Not the way to encourage subscribers.
DKK on 11/06/2013:
I found good reviews about myheritage and their Family Tree feature so I decided to try it as I wanted to print a family tree poster for my GrandMa's B-day. After spending hours inputting my family info online and having generated a .pdf family tree, I was ready to order. Yes, I was ready to PAY good money to have a poster printed and delivred to me. However I realized they do not offer shipment to my country, Canada, only European countries! Duh!! it was never mentionned anywhere on their website! In addition, the .pdf file was wrong in many places (same people appearing several times). Tried to get customer support and got this stupid automatic response instead:

Thank you for writing to MyHeritage.

E-mail support is a premium feature and is available without limits to our subscribers (Premium, PremiumPlus and Data).

If you already have a premium account on MyHeritage but not under the email address, please go to our help center, log in to MyHeritage using your premium account and then send us your question from there.

If you would like to receive direct access to our support team, consider upgrading your family site XXX Web Site to Premium or PremiumPlus.
Hello?!? I'm to going to pay for premium access if I'm not sure whether you are able to fix my problems or not. Morons!
BRR on 11/13/2013:
Sleaziest rude and most unprofessional arrogant company I have ever dealt with. Software crashes, loses data, has memory leaks, is very difficult to protect your data from being made public, has terms and conditions which effectively allows it to delete your account if you are critical of the company or its products. In short, it s a disgraceful and I believe, corrupt, organisation.
John on 12/22/2013:
I was warned at 0351 on 21 Dec that they were about to automatically renew my account that I hadn't used in 10 months and do not want. At 0352 on 21 Dec they charged my credit card.Now I have to tell my credit card company to reject payment and notify Better Business Bureau. Poor business practice. Avoid these guys.
marathonjon on 02/11/2014:
Avoid MyHeritage. They have ethical issues. They've been buying up quite a few other websites, and one of the websites they bought was Geni. Geni used to offer lifetime memberships, but MyHeritage didn't want to keep them, so they unilaterally cancelled all of the lifetime memberships! They replaced them with 5-year memberships, which of course for most people is not a lifetime membership. While this may have been legal according to the terms of service, it was highly unethical. They should have grandfathered all the lifetime members and simply stopped selling them. As a result of this move, I will never buy anything from MyHeritage or their subsidiary companies again. A company that reneges on their agreements simply cannot be trusted.
Pat on 03/01/2014:
MyHeritage and OneGreatFamily taught me a very expensive lesson: NEVER sign up for a free trial of anything! Not only do they make it impossible to cancel, they apparently share your credit card number with their fellow crooks! That is the only explanation I can find for being the unwilling recipient of a MyHeritage premium subscription which they are now hounding me to renew. My outrage knew no bounds when I discovered cancellation meant only that the subscription would not be automatically renewed at the end of each year. Telephone calls and emails have had no effect, and now I'm worried that no matter how many times I've complained to them, they will charge my credit card once again for their worthless, ineffective program. (All they provided were repeated corrupted versions of my own work, and wanted additional payment for me to correct them!) Well, that means going back again to the state's Attorney General and BBB, not that either helped me the first time!
Gordon on 07/23/2014:
This is the worst site ever. No customer service at all. They took $100 from my bank account without authorization. In my mind they are thieves.
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