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Tricky Membership - Goes up Triple
Posted by on
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- A year ago, I spent $20 to have full access to this site as I thought their highly touted resources might help me find the people I've lost touch with over the years. After numerous searches, I found the site worthless, as I found not one bit of information I could not find on numerous other free sites such as and frankly, good use of Google.

Months later, the $20 wasted on their site was long forgotten until today, when I noticed a $60 charge on my PayPal account. I investigated it -, formerly, set me up with an ongoing subscription - but the price had ballooned to $60 and I didn't even want it at $20. I immediately logged into my account at and cancelled the account. I then logged into PayPal and unsubscribed there and called their toll-free number to get a refund - as stated I could do on their website.

A representative named Robert answered the phone after a considerable wait on hold. I told him that I was charged for a renewal I did not want. He said the renewal was not refundable. I explained the transaction was done without my knowledge and that it was triple what I had paid before and I wanted a refund immediately.

Robert replied, "what I can do for you is change this to a 3-month membership and give you a $24 refund."

I responded, "I don't want $24 - I want the whole $60 back. Now."

He went on to tell me how he was saving me money and how he was trying to help me. I explained that the site was worthless and that I can find people for free on Facebook and didn't want anything to do with their site. After I was quite insistent, he asked to put me on hold while he spoke with his supervisor. He then returned on the phone and said he could change my membership to a 1-month membership and refund me $55. I asked why I had to give $5 of my hard earned money to and he said it was all he could do. He said he had done it - but I looked in my PayPal account and there was no refund there. I asked him how I was supposed to know I was going to be refunded and the reply was that it might take several weeks to process. Funny - it took only several seconds for them to take my money. Then, the supposedly non-refundable sum was offered to me minus $5 - but now I might have to wait and see if I was misled again - as I have nothing in writing.

I called PayPal and asked for their assistance. I explained what had happened and they placed me on hold. The agent tried getting in touch with them, but after about 15 minutes, he was exasperated and said he had been given the run-around.

He recommended that I file a dispute with them via the transaction, which I have done, but there will be another lengthy time before this comes to any resolution, and only because I am forcing their hand. The agent also recommended this site so that I might warn others about the kind of business this company operates.

To say I'm a dissatisfied customer is an understatement. I was dissatisfied a month into my membership a year ago - now that I've been forced to renew, I'm beyond dissatisfied - I'm enraged.
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Anonymous on 11/18/2009:
Getting a credit back takes time... it's not instantenous. Could take up to 14 business days before you see the money in there.
DynamicDave on 04/11/2010:
I feel for this guy. But I can even go a step further about this lowlife company called MyLife. I have no reunion account. I have Next thing I know, I'm getting an email from MyLife saying I have to respond to my new account? What new account? I go to the site and I foind an account opened with my name, MY PICTURE, MY DOB, and the city that I live in? I also realized that they left no way to deleat it and are talking about $$. If they dare go to my PayPal account I will suit them for every sent they have. They are nothing more than huslers and thieves. Good luck to the gentleman who wrote the article. See a lawyer. I am going to.
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My Life. com is sleazy
Posted on
I joined for 3 months to check it out. I did not like it, I disabled th auto-renewal, plus telephoned company to say I am unhappy and to inform them the credit card I used to start my account has expired. I do not with to give them new # because I do not want to renew. I was told I still have an active account there. I went and looked, and sure enough they renewed me for 1 year.

What they did was wrong, and if any lawyers read this and want to make some money, I will file suit against My Life. com.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/07/2010:
"if any lawyers read this and want to make some money"

Good luck, Fivewolves.
Anonymous on 08/07/2010:
Its always a slippery slope giving companies like this accses to your bank account. The site looks like a scam to me
shayen on 08/07/2010:
When you joined, what were the terms of the auto-renewal? Did you wait past a deadline date to try to cancel the auto-renewal? If the credit card expired, how were they able to charge it? I would check the terms of the account and if the charge was made in error, you can simply ask the company to refund your money and/or dispute the charge with the credit card company. As far as hiring an attorney, I can tell you from my experiences (bothing working for law firms and engaging the services of attorneys) that really all an attorney will do is charge you about $60.00+ and write a letter. Now, if you have very deep pockets and want to hire an attorney to drag this company into court to 'teach them a lesson", that's always a possibility, though it seems a waste of time and money, to me.
Sparticus on 08/07/2010:
I checked the site out a few weeks ago after seeing a commercial on Tv. Said you could do a free search to see who is looking for you. Turns out as you attempt to do this "free" search they attempt to collect tons of personal info on you. I'm guessing they are trying to build a profile on you to add to their database. In my opinion they are selling a service before they have the data to create the service. Essentially they are roping folks in to create profes and then hoping you search for friends. At that point they start collecting data on folks searching for you.

A scam in my opinion.
Alain on 08/07/2010:
I've seen other complaints about this company. By all means, do not give them any access to your new number. Also, file a complaint with your state's attorney generals office.
Weedwhacked on 08/07/2010:
A lawyer would probably first check the site and see the terms and conditions where you agreed to the auto-renewal.
old fart on 08/07/2010:
I had a similar experience with their "free" search and it is nearly impossible to communicate with them... It took TWO days to get them to cancel my "free" account! The whole thing is a con job!
Anonymous on 08/07/2010:
I went on the site bout two weeks ago, to check out what its about and like spart said they ask you for all this personal info to put in their database. Not wise giving them that info which they will prob end up selling to spammers.
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