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Too small - more like cookielets
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I usually make my own cookies, but it is like 80 degrees here and I decided to let the professionals heat up their own kitchens today. Big mistake, or should I say small one.

What's up with the size of the Chips Ahoy cookies? They seem designed for the mouths of 8 year olds. Perhaps this is your target demographic. I have bought the chunky cookies in the past, and they seemed "normal" size. Are the chunky for adults, and the regular for kids?

The thickness reminds me of a Girl Scout cookie. You don't want customers thinking of Girl Scout cookies when they eat your product, do you?
Graham Crackers Not Like They Used To Be
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NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS -- Recently (within probably the last 6 months or so) Nabisco not only changed the shape and size of its regular and cinnamon graham crackers. But they must have also changed the recipe. The crackers now have almost no taste. The box itself would probably taste better. What did they do? Did they cut costs somewhere besides the size and quantity in the box?
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