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Napster - Why Can't I Talk To An Operator?
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Napster has the most difficult, if not impossible automated voice system I have ever encountered. I've been trying to call because my free MP3 player's shipment keeps getting delayed, but I can't talk to a person to save my own life. The automated voice, which is grating, reads directly from the website and refers me to, which refers me BACK to the 1-800 number. And don't even try pressing zero to talk to an operator, he just starts his message over and eventually hangs up.

If you dare to navigate the menu, you are treated to a list of FAQs and other generic topics taken word-for-word from the website, and then hung up on when he is done talking. Fantastic. What to do if I am calling because my problem exists outside of the "hear your payment history" option? Who writes his script? How out of touch are they?

It took me eight tries of random button-pushing to get through to someone, who promptly told me that, although I was under the "technical support" menu, he could help with anything from billing to shipping to Shop Napster. What, then, is the point of the automated voice system? The fact that the automated voice menu features a "cancel your subscription" option alone proves that people are reconsidering Napster altogether. What a useless pain!

Napster Trial Offer
By -

Napster offers free trial periods that you can "cancel" at any time. What they don't tell you is that you cannot cancel online, you must call them. Also there is at least a 30-minute wait to get out of "jail mail". I have listened to more crappy music waiting to cancel them than I downloaded. I have to call my credit card company now to prevent them from charging my account.

Music Industry Can't Stop Music Sharing

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I think the music industry is wasting its time on Napster. As we have already seen, as soon as one goes down, another pops up. Also, what about all the sites that have existed for years before Napster? The music industry won't touch them because they can't. There is too many to even try.

MP3's are copiable, just like Microsoft's software, just like anything that is digital. You can put any type of security embedded in it you want, but there will always be someone who figures out how to pop the MP3 out and pass it around.

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