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Rental Car Damage Not Visible in Plain Sight
Posted by Kannankk on 11/12/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Two weeks ago, I returned the rental car (2013 Chevy Malibu) after a 4 day rental at National Car Rental at LAX. After a minute of wait, a representative walked towards me from the far side of the (vacant) lot came towards the car, walked around it and told me that there was a damage to the car. I asked her where the damage was. She said something like "front...". I couldn't get the second half of what she said. I walked to the front of the driver side and couldn't see any damage. She ducked down and showed me the damage to the bottom of (rather under) the side skirt below the driver side. Standing about 2 feet away from the car and looking down, I couldn't see it. I had to duck down to see it. My trip was a normal Monday thru Thursday normal rental which I do several times a year (I rent from national for at least 100 days a year for the last 3 years).

There was nothing unusual about this trip nor I hit any object on the road. I do walk around the car to look for any damages. But, this damage wouldn't be visible if you stand in-between cars parked in the emerald club aisle and walk around it. Yet, the representative claimed that it was my responsibility and started writing a pink ticket.

I subsequently called the Damage Recovery Unit (DRU) and spoke to a representative about this incident. I explained her how walking around the car wouldn't help finding this damage as it was in the bottom and one has to duck down or walk several feet away and look at the bottom to see the damage.

The DRU representative told me:

1. The damage was not reported during any previous rental (if the damage is not visible in plain sight, how anybody can find and report it?)

2. The branch manager at LAX location determined that it was my responsibility.(On what basis? Walk-around the car without ducking down will not reveal the damage. There is also no video/picture record of "before and after" condition of the car)

3. There is no way to override the manager's decision. She also told me that there is no further means to escalate or contest this. (Unbelievable!)

First they (themselves) determine that it is my responsibility without any proof that the car was damaged during my rental and then there is no way for me to contest this!

I'll update this post as things progress in this case.


Update: 11/22/2013 - Early this week, received a letter from National Car DRU an estimate of the damages. Also today, I've written to the email address provided by the National Car Rep.


Update: 11/22/2013 - After posting my first update for the day today, I noticed something in the picture of the damage in the claim report sent by DRU. (I'm unable to attach it to this review for some reason). There are 2 pictures showing the damage and they clearly show the reflection of the person (on the car door) taking the picture, ducking down to take the picture of the damage. This makes it evident that the damage wouldn't be visible if we walk-around standing next to it. I've sent an another email to the national car care email ID mentioned above with that picture


Update: 12/3/2013 - I got a call last week from the National Car rep. She was very professional and went through my case details with me. Based on the information I provided and that the damage was less (total of about $430), she would close the claim and not pursue me for any damages. I subsequently also received a letter from National DRU confirming this. I'm glad there is somebody to whom I could escalate and resolve the issue. Thanks National!

One lesson learnt is to take picture/video of the condition of the car before leaving the lot. Not just walking around but to duck down and check the fender etc! Also, to do it when returning the rental I've started doing it in more detail! I know the looks I get for doing it. But, I know what I've been through! So, I don't care!

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Posted by Pete on 2013-11-14:
I am convinced that the rental companies make a lot of money off this 'damage' time and time again. I bet the next person who rented this vehicle will get hit with the same damage! There is no way for the customer to verify after the fact that the damage was ever fixed. The rental company just keeps catching people returning cars and if the customer didn't see the damage when taking the car they are charged for the damage that is never repaired.

Budget tried to do this to me after a 1 day rental, there was a dent in the fender I did not see and it was rusted it was so old but they tried to charge me for it 2 months after I returned the car. I raised H and they waived the fee.
Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-11-14:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like the opportunity to look into this concern for you. Please contact us at Care@Nationalcar.com with complete details, including your contact information, rental agreement number and any further information regarding this incident.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 131114-001928 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Media Coordinator
Posted by Debbie on 2013-11-18:
Thank you for this post. I learned from it. I hope the rep who responded isn't just trying to make the company look good. Please do update!
Posted by Duane on 2013-11-18:
It's called a scam, Money, Money, Money.
Posted by Midge on 2013-11-18:
My family just went through this with Alamo who are owned by the same people as Alamo, National, and Enterprise. We were basically told by executives for the company that when you rent a car, you are responsible for any damage to the car when you return it, unless it was brought to the attendant's attention before you took possession of the car
Posted by Dave Spradley on 2013-11-23:
Thank you for posting this review. I normally rent a car about 4-5 times a year. You can bet future rentals will not be with National.
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Charged for refueling even when car returned with full tank
Posted by Adukes on 04/25/2008
SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- I have been renting from National Car Rental for 2 years with no problems or complaints until now. I've never really paid attention to my final receipts because I always thought the totals would be the same as the final receipt I receive when the car is returned. After going over charges on my credit card statements I noticed that on my last 2 rentals I was charged a additiontal 13.98, which the company explained to me were for adding 2 additional gallons of gas at 6.99 a gallon. Outraged, I first contacted the company by email, which in turn told me I needed to contact the Shreveport, Louisiana Airport location. Even after speaking to the Manager I got nowhere fast, according to the explaination I was given: just because the pump clicks and no additional gas is allowed into the tank does not mean the car is full even if the hand reads FULL. What??? So, apparently even if you try to force additional gas into the tank and it spills out all over the ground according to the Manager it does not indicate the tank is full again if inside the hand is clearly on or above F...This is the most obsurd thing I have ever heard, the Manager refused to reimburse me or even accept my gas receipts from the station located less than 1 block away from the drop-off location....Basically, it was my word against the serviceman who inspects the car after its returned and measures total gallons with a gas gauge. Needless to say I am upset especially since I've been a customer for 2 years and also an Emerald Club member, to think, the hundreds of dollars I've invested into this company and they refuse to reimburse me for $27 !!!!!
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Posted by bargod on 2008-04-25:
This seems like a common scheme/scam with car rental companies.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-04-25:
If you topped that car off a block away, that car is full of gas and with exactly the amount they will send it out to the next renter. That's a clearly bogus charge and I would contact the LA. Attorney General's office and file a complaint about that location. This is the kind of stuff AG's tend to investigate.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-25:
The state's AG has far more pressing matters than to investigate a single complaint about 13 odd dollars. You'll hurt them far worse by not renting from them again and encouraging co-workers and people you meet to do the same. IF you can find a number of folks who've experienced the same scam, you may get the attention of law enforcement. File your complaint with the local PD, perhaps if they get enough gripes they may investigate. The last time I rented a car, I filled up a few miles away, made sure the gauge read "full" or better then took my brochure inside wrote down the mileage, checked FULL on the gas and got a credit card receipt. Another thing you MUST do when renting a car is give it a good look all over for dents and dings or scratches BEFORE you drive away - report any immediately to protect yourself. Have you tried disputing the charge on your card?
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-04-25:
Law enforcement as in the police?? This is a consumer protection issue under the heading of Unfair Business Practices. This is not something the police get involved in at all, but as I ACCURATELY posted, is the job of an AG or Division of Consumer Services. The dollar amount is completely irrelevant, however, the number of complaints maybe. Just as you totally contradicted yourself pirate, the point is to have a single complaint on file to possibly be part of a pattern of similar complaints received.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-25:
"not something that police get involved in at all" LOL! But the AG would? OMG are you ever right?
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-04-25:
Yes pirate, I'm correct right now. This is a business transaction and a civil matter. The police do not handle these things (duh). It is the jurisdiction of government arms that handle consumer protection. Bizzzzness 101. You're trying to tell the poster to call the police because he believes he was overcharged by the rental company. LMAO!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-25:
That's not half as funny as you telling him to call the AG over 13 dollar he says she says thing, LMFAO! What bizzness school did you drop out of?
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2008-04-25:
Slim is right here, the police respond to situations where an EXISTING LAW has been broken. There is no law which currently prevents rental companies from tacking on this silly charge. The police have no juridiction here. The states attorney general however, does investigate fraudulent/deceptive business practices which companies engage in. The amount of the rip-off is irrelevant.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-25:
Not so DC, they aren't likely to address a single 13 dollar case without proof or evidence.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-04-25:
Slim and DigitalCommando are correct.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-25:
I agree Slim and DC are correct. As many people as possible need to file with the AG to create a paper trail.
Posted by squid in taiwan on 2008-06-03:
I had a similar experience last time I was in Seattle. Took the car back to National with a full tank and they charged me for a FULL tank ($65). I didn't notice the charge until I was in the international terminal but National did credit my credit card after I contacted them by email. This could be a good scam for rental companies -overcharge and hope most customers don't notice or care.
Posted by trikky on 2008-06-07:
I too was ripped off in fuel charges by National Car Rental. The rental agent recommended pre-paying for the return fill-up to avoid their $6/gallon charge. I was told that at the regular rate it would cost $96 to fill the tank on the minivan we rented. Having never filled a minivan with gas before, I assumed it must have a 30 gallon tank. When we had to fill up halfway through our trip I was surprised to find the cost was only $57! On top of that, we returned the van with the tank at about half full, and of course we were not credited for it. So they ripped us off for about $60!!! (not including all the other hidden charges we were presented with) They're getting away with this every day, and it should not be legal.
Posted by Archie2 on 2008-07-24:
Rental company refueling charges are outrageous to begin with. They tell you to fill it before you return and there will be no charge. Rental companies (especially airport operations) know that this is not always as easy as it sounds. The rental companies are exploiting their customers who are typically in a hurry, worrying about their flights, and that gas stations around most airports are not easily accessible. Etc. etc. When you return a car to the aiport you usually pull that car in line to be serviced - which is right in front of the gas pumps and wash bays. So where is the extra cost of $3 to $4 or more per gallon coming from? If the car rental companies charged full-service pump prices they would make far more on gas, have almost no complaints, and make many more happy customers.
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Fraudulently Charge After The Fact
Posted by Genius3222 on 04/14/2014
LOS ANGELES, TEXAS -- (this is also posted to yelp and consumer affairs)


I upgraded to a Mercedes, enjoyed the car, returned the car. I paid for the vehicle with my credit card, got a receipt and everything was fine.

2 DAYS LATER: I check my account this morning and National has charged me an additional $500 FOR NO REASON!

I received NO CALL, NO ALERT, nobody mentioned any problems when I returned the car and I have a receipt that shows we paid the balance and left without a problem.

Now I call and there is not one person who can tell me what this mysterious charge is for!!!!!!! "MAYBE IT IS WRECKED?" is what the person tells me on the phone.

MAYBE IT IS WRECKED!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Yes, I am sure I would be allowed to leave the car with it being wrecked.

I am not being helped, all I hear is "we will have to find a supervisor, no one is available."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I am calling my bank and reporting fraud as soon as I get finished with this review.

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people charge you and refuse to help. There not one piece of information related to an additional $500 charge that anybody can find.

As of now, I am waiting for a call back.
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Posted by Obfuscation on 2014-04-15:
It sounds like you used your debit card to rent the card. When you do this, they place a hold for the estimated amount of the transaction. In this case, $500. These type holds disappear automatically after a short period of time, or when they are matched to an actual transaction amount. Your rental was likely not exactly $500, so it wouldn't be an actual match, but the automatic deletion will take care of it.

This is a fact of life when you use your debit card in this type of transaction. There is no fraud involved. It's a good reason to use a credit card in this case, not a debit card.

By the way, it is your bank who determines how soon the hold will drop. Some banks drop after 24 hours, others hold for as long as 5 days. Your bank should be able to better explain it to you.
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Did Not Have the Car I Reserved
Posted by Ben4705 on 12/26/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Not only did they not have the van I reserved, they refused to find one. You can't tell me that in the whole combined car rental place in the worlds busiest airport, there wasn't one minivan to rent.

" Sir, if I could build you one I would." Said the manager. " it's not my fault". Well, who's fault is it? I don't want you to build one. Just find one. She was totally non responsive. Which is shameful for a company that says "total commitment to customer service." Pamela Nicholson, you should be ashamed.

No service, no resolution. Nothing. Calling the toll free number didn't help either.

I rent cars a lot. I'll not be returning to National.

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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-12-31:
Ben4705, I would like to discuss this further with you. Please email us at Care@Nationalcar.com with your contact information, the exact branch location, and any other details. Please attach reference #131231-001969 to your email. -Christina
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Exedy White Plastic Bag - Silk Tie & Scarf/ Window Shades
Posted by Evigil on 11/14/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Band of Thieves at National Car Rental-Las Vegas, NV- I rented the above van for 6 days, when I turned the van in, I left the above Exedy Bag in the Van, back section, lower right hand corner. My RA 624545660. I contacted the rental agency within 1 hour, after checking in the van. A couple of days later, I was informed that their cleanup crew had found nothing, even though the Van had not been rented, after I turned it in. The agent in lost and found gave me the BAD news, nothing found- BS. The band of Thieves have my items and management is covering their butts.

Perhaps this group of thugs thrive on stealing other peoples belongings and go to sleep at night, believing the items belong to them. Justifying their crimes. I believe that TOP management at National Car Rental- Las Vegas, NV supports the Band of Thieves. Can't get Latisa, manager to return my phone call, what is she hiding. Shame on National Car Rental.

I am an Executive Member, what the hell does that buy me ? I still don't have my stolen items. Help !!!!
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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-11-14:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like the opportunity to look into this concern for you. Please contact us at Care@Nationalcar.com with complete details, including your contact information and any further information regarding this incident.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 131114-002084 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Media Coordinator
National Car Rental
Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-11-15:
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care@nationalcar.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement or reservation number and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 131115-001595 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Carol H.
Social Media
National Car Rental
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Great Customer Support & Rep Initiative
Posted by Ldbradshaw1 on 07/18/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I booked a full-size car with National via the link from AARP. The booking website asked about the primary driver, so I entered my partner's name and info. I also indicated that I --not my partner -- would be paying for the rental.

When we arrived at the rental desk, the agent at first said I would need to pay an extra $50 per day for the 'additional' driver. I pointed out that only my partner would be driving, and I had indicated so on the booking website. After a few spirited but polite exchanges, she waived that extra-driver fee.

I had zero issues with the rental. Upon return, 2 friendly National employees greeted us, and one of them walked us to the terminal.
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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-07-24:
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care@nationalcar.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement or reservation number and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 130724-001584 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Carol H.
Social Media
National Car Rental
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Damage Claim & Loss
Posted by Travelinman278 on 04/03/2013
EL PASO, TEXAS -- If you ever use an American Express Card, which automatically has $500 rental auto coverage and you rent from National Rental in El Paso, TX, then be forewarned: You will automatically be billed for damage to the rental vehicle.
I switched from my VISA card to my AMEX card to rent from National. Turned the car in, as I have done so many times over the past two years and I get an email claiming I owe National Rental Car in El Paso, TX $500.00.
Here is the clue:
A. The Lot Attendant was not on site; as was supposed to be when I called the night before so I could get an electronic print-out statement.
B. The lot is not protected: NO Gates, NO Gate Attendant, NO pop-up road spikes.
C. Anyone at any time can drive on or off the lot where the Rental Cars are kept. There are no cameras, none that I could see or recognize.
D. The lot is poorly lit.
E. The spaces are cramped and on top of each other.
F. I unloaded the Durango from the rear hatch and walked the vehicle before I left at 0515 hours and there was not a scratch or dent of any kind.
This is FRAUD, and National Car should be ashamed to have resort to actions like this because it is deceitful.
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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-04-03:
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]nationalcar.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.
When emailing, please list Reference Number 130403-002851 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.
Social Media
National Car Rental

Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-04:
I had a similar incident one time, and AMEX went to bat for me. They told the rental company in no uncertain terms that if no damage was noted by an employee at the time I turned in the car, I could in no way be held liable. Anything could happen to the car once it is out of my control. The rental company backed right down.
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Idiot Caused $2,000. Damage To My Private Car!
Posted by Ghoene87 on 03/12/2013
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I followed my wife into National Car Rental's drop-off areas as I had done over 10 times and as we were leaving the attendant shut the gate and extended the tire deflaters into our 2004 Land Rover Discovery. Doug, the attendant claimed "...didn't see me..." I was shocked at his answer because my 4-door bright silver SUV with both headlights and fog lights on is impossible to miss.

My guess, and the true answer is he pushed the gate down button by mistake and doesn't want to admit it because he is elderly. Well Doug caused over $2,000.00 damage and the Station Manager [snip]Kerkhoff wouldn't take any responsibility for his employees "mistake" and ignored my requests for National to make it right.

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Posted by leet60 on 2013-03-13:
This is appalling. If you have not done so, you may want to contact their corporate office and also file a small claims action.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-03-13:
what leet said.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-03-13:
Were you in an area you were supposed to be in? In my experience the area with the gates is for the rental vehicles only, and the drop off areas are separate. If they have the area posted as rental returns only, you may be SOL.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-03-14:
Im not surprised. Im sure someones job would have been on the line. I would have called the police and gotten a ppolice report. You could always file a suit in small claims court. I would.
Posted by NationalCarRental on 2013-03-22:

My name is Amelia from the Social Monitoring Team at National Car Rental. We are interested in addressing this. We've taken note of your complaint. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like the opportunity to look into this concern for you. Please contact us at care[at]nationalcar.com with complete details, including your contact information, the dates of your rental (or even your rental agreement number) at this location, and any further information regarding your damage concern. We'd be happy to help. When emailing, please list Reference Number 130322-000830 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Monitoring Team
National Car Rental
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Bogus refueling charge at National Car Rental
Posted by Berridge on 12/10/2012
EL PASO, TEXAS -- National charged an $40 refueling charge even though I had just filled the tank to brim minutes before. I didn't notice the charge on bill until I was in the terminal.

Thought a quick email to customer service would correct the error. But no!
National service representative absolutely refused to removed the charge. Basically National fraudulently billed for 8 gallons when they could not have fit even 1 gallon into that tank.

This is clearly a scam, and the local and central office are both in on it. I had to dispute the charge through my credit card company.
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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-12-10:
Did you keep your receipt for the gas? They may ask you to produce it.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-11:
There are different fuel options these days. Was the tank full when you rented? Which fuel option did you choose?

I'm trying to figure how you could have been charged for 8 gallons, but I'm not seeing it. What reason did the central office give for not making an adjustment?
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-11:
The receipt for gas would have been helpful. The problem, now, is after-the-fact. You've returned the vehicle and agreed to their terms and report.

Credit card companies can help in a lot of ways. At this point, however, I would bet they argue that the dispute should have been handled when returning the vehicle. That it was then that any determination of fuel usage could have been determined.

Unfortunately, I would be prepared for the bank to contact you with the same conclusion.

Best of luck and let us know if it turns out any differently.
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2012-12-12:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email Care[at]Enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location and any other details.

When emailing, please list reference # 121212-000096 in the subject line.

Gillian T.
Social Monitor Coordinator
Posted by Karen gregoire on 2013-06-11:
You cannot dispute it at the time because they mail it to you afterwards as an 'audit.' Just had the same thing from Hertz in Tampa for $88!
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The Station Manager Almost Killed Me!!!
Posted by Ruman on 11/26/2012
CALAGRY, ALABAMA -- The following email I sent to the manager. Never got a reply. I usually get taken care of from all national location. Except.... read below. And if you go to Calgary downtown national location, just be keep quiet, otherwise you could face life threat.

Hi Jacques,

My name is Rezaul Alam. I am a customer of national car rental for over 3 years. My Club number for national is: ****.

I was in one of your location on 24th November 2012. I just wanted to give you some feedback about the service I got on that day from your employee.

I booked a car online for a week on 24th November around 4.15pm. I usually book and pick up car from your airport location in Calgary. As that day your location was closer to me I choose to select your location for my rental. I called your location @round 4.35 to make sure they are still open and have a car available for me as I understand I booked it last minute. When I went there the lady told me I am getting a KIA SUV even though I booked a mid-size car. They were doing a free upgrade as they didn't had any mid size car available. I personally owned a KIA before and did not had any good experience. I thanked her and asked : “will it be possible for me to get either a ford edge instead as I see there are 2 parked in the lot.” She told me one for oil change and one need to cleaned. I asked her again that what if I don’t need a clean car. I am ok with a returned one. She asked me to wait and she said she will talk to the manager and went in to the lot. I came out and I see her talking to the manager. I asked the manager that, there were over 10 ford (edge, explorer, escape) were parked and if I can get any of them doesn't really matter as I just don’t like KIA. She told me all were sold out, and I should be happy because even I booked at last minute and she is giving me a car. She also mentioned I am getting double upgrade as she was offering me the KIA full size SUV. I requested her that you have the other cars available. Please give me any of them. She told me again all those car were sold out. I asked her again that cars are usually sold by the size. Never by make or model. And someone will be happy too by getting a full size KIA rather than a escape. She replied : “this is your only choice I am giving you, you take it or not, I DON’T CARE. If you don’t take it you can leave. I need to go”. I was kinda surprised with her behavior and I request her one more time that other cars are available I can see, is there a reason I can’t get it? She asked for the keys back for KIA and I was happy by thinking that she is going to give me a different car. I asked her so which car am I getting? The reply was nothing. I told her I need a car, I have a reservation and you have to give me a car! She said : no I don’t. Then I asked her who was the station manager? I was shocked by her answer that it was her. I then went inside with her asking for her card. She went inside the room and swearing (I could hear by standing beside the counter). She came back with your card and said I don’t have my card at this point. This is the person I report to, and I will write down my name. Name : Megan. She also replied that she manage both location in downtown !! Then I asked her one more time for the car. As I need the car. I didn’t made any other reservation. She then asked me to leave very rudely and said she will call the cops if I don’t leave? I asked her to call the cops and then she went to the main door turned of the light and swearing all the way. She also tried to lock me. The main surprise was still waiting for me that she came back to me and pushed me from the desk to the door. I was just thinking where am I ? I was trying to select the record option in my Blackberry as she was swearing and she just didn’t gave me any time. I asked her if she could give me one moment just tried to buy some time fro her. She kept pushing me and swearing and saying try to get me fired if you can and kept swearing. On my way out I asked the name for the other lady and she said I am not giving you my name. I believe you have surveillance and you can look through it.

I got out of your station and I was shacking and thinking about the customer service experience. Now Jacques, I am a manager in a customer service business too. And sometime I have to deal with some customer opportunity. But This is the first time I got such experience where the customer (myself) didn't swear or raise the voice but the employee was yelling and swearing. In some bad situation I had to ask some customer to leave, but that was when the customer were swearing to my or my staff and there were some sort of threat.

Now my question to you Jacques, what have I done wrong? As a customer asking for a different car was it my fault? Or making the reservation in 11th hour was not expected by you guys? What was the actual reason that Megan had to push me out of the location? What would be the reason that she turned off the light me being inside. Was there any valid reason that she was swearing at me? I would like to apologize if I have done something wrong, but I personally believe that either Megan was tired or stressed out for whatever reason and she was totally out of her mind. There is no way she can push me with out letting me know. If I didn't leave she could call the cop but when she pushed me and when she turned the light off I was really scared. And her searing words are non describable.

Jacques, I am not trying to get anything out of this. I could took that KIA SUV and went to the airport and they would be more then happy to change the car for me. Its not about the car. It’s the behavior I got. I am not a person who will complain. You can look through my rental history and National always did above and beyond for me and I do appreciate this. All employees in Toronto airport Calgary airport they always says : “don’t worry we will take care of you, you are one of our elite member”. But that day I just asked for something very small and she could easily take care of that. If she couldn't she just can swear or push me, neither try to scare me by turning off the light. I believe this kinda behavior should be corrected. If you need any further info or if you like to discuss anything about the situation feel free to contact me.

Did I mention 24th November (the incident day) was my birthday and I was trying to take my wife and kid for a surprise dinner?


Rezaul Alam
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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2012-11-27:
Mr. Alam,

Thank you for your post. You are a valued Executive Elite customer and I regret to hear that you did not have a great experience with renting a car. We would definitely like to look into this matter further. Please email us at Care[at]Nationalcar.com with your reservation number, exact rental location, and all the details listed above. Also, in the the subject line please type reference #121127-000950.

I look forward to your email,

Social Media Coordinator
National Car Rental
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