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Positive Feedback on National Auto Care Warranty
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WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- The extended warranty on my vehicle expired recently, and I wanted to post my experience with it. I bought the Pinnacle Plan from National Auto Care in Ohio ( off the internet, and actually through a Ford dealer in Illinois or somewhere; I'm located in Texas ) just before the factory warranty expired, and the extended warranty was for 50,000 additional miles. I had read a lot of good and bad things about extended warranties and this company, but didn't want to go without a warranty as I was worried about potential repair costs. The vehicle is a Mini Cooper, and BMW parts are typically not cheap.

So, I went along for about 3 years and did not make any claims, and then as the end of the warranty period was coming up I took the car in to the dealer to get the A/C and the other things that had broken fixed; I couldn't ever find the time to go into the dealer but as the warranty was about to expire I had to get on it. The items totaled up to about $2500 or more I think. Anyway, it took less than a day for the dealer to get the warranty company approval and everything was done, that is, there was no squabbling about what was covered and what wasn't. The dealer got confused about the rental car costs, and I had to file separately to get that payment later, but the company sent me a check to cover that pretty quickly as well.

Overall then, I thought it was a good deal - the warranty more than paid for itself, the warranty company was easy to deal with and overall it worked out well, so I would recommend it.
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Alain on 07/22/2010:
I'm not much of a fan of these warranties, myself, so I found your review interesting. I was glad to see you had a positive experience. Nice review and thank you.
ackfz1 on 07/23/2010:
No problem, just wanted to share my experience in dealing with this company as a reference point for others.
My experience with these warranties overall has been positive financially, but was not quite what I expected. I have bought three of them but I wasn't really convinced at the time I bought this one. The first one I bought was on a '98 Pontiac Gran Prix. I tend to keep cars for a while so I thought I should buy the warranty as things would start breaking after a few years. I kept the car for 115,000 miles, and never made a claim - the only thing that ever failed was the alternator, and I replaced that with an AutoZone one as I had a $100 deductible anyway. So, I lost money on the warranty, but the reliability was a pleasant surprise.
The second one was on a new '02 Honda Odyssey van. The sales/finance guy kept trying to sell it to me, while I was explaining that the whole reason I bought a Honda was that it shouldn't ever need a warranty. Finally he cut the price to half the original price, with the HondaCare factory warranty and it was too good to pass up - $695 for 7 yrs/100,000 mi. Best investment I made in a long time - maybe we got the one bad unit out of many, but that warranty has paid for itself many times over ( as well as for the Pontiac and Mini warranties! ). Since it was the HondaCare warranty the dealer never hassled us about anything either. In fairness, the Honda van is now up to 132,000 miles and hasn't had any major failures since 90 or 95,000 miles. I hope this helps, just thought I'd give you the whole picture.
MD on 12/01/2012:
National Auto Care Warranty sucks! They want to use the cheapest parts available (not good for the customer or the reputation of the shop repairing the vehicle). Stay away from NAC!
National Auto Care Warranty sucks! on 05/15/2013:
National Auto Care Warranty sucks! They want to use the cheapest parts available (not good for the customer or the reputation of the shop repairing the vehicle). Stay away from NAC!
donna nichols on 06/29/2013:
I bought a 2003 crysler converible was in itchad almost 18,000 on it.after 5 yrs it was 2009 I signed contract with NAC.for 60 months.I've had it in shop twice an both times.greatcfast efficient.roll with the flow.its now n the cryler place.I lost he contraxt rather misplaced it an they dontchavecit in there oc go figure an I happened to just find a filing folder with national vehicle.I googled itcan sho nough its National Auto afterchours I've called an left mess.they will need the vin # but from my padt exp.I dontvplan on nothing but the best service an quick as this is 3 times.that should say something abt NAC...I'm expires dec 2014.
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Worst Mechanic in Town!
Posted by on
I brought my car in to be repaired at 8:30 A.M. on a Saturday so I would not have to take a day off work. I was told at 4:30 P.M. that afternoon that I could not have my car back until Monday. I had to take the entire day off of work on Monday and did not get my car back until 2:30 P.M. The employees either ignored me or just gave me the run-around. It's ridiculous how awful the customer service is there.

The day after I got my car back, I noticed a huge bolt and washer stuck in my front tire. It had been sprayed white, so I know one of their workers had noticed it, but did not bother to say anything about it to me. Also, when I brought my car to the tire shop, the technician there was completely angry and shocked that National Auto had not told me about the bolt or the wear on the inside of my tires where wires were coming out. This is not something you could have noticed by looking at them from the outside, but the National Auto "mechanics" would have noticed it when the removed the tires to do the work on my car. Also, I am 100% positive that the bolt was not in my tire when I originally brought my car into National Auto.

This place does not care one bit about their customers. They are the rudest, most incompetent mechanic shop around. They shouldn't even be in business.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 09/01/2011:
Even if you car was being serviced on Monday, isn't it possible to find some other form of transportation?
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National Auto Care's Careless Attitude
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I purchased a 7 year 100.000 Extended service warranty for new my 2001 f-150 supercab on oct 01, 2001. On nov 4, 2004, one month and four days after the factory warranty expired; my truck developed a miss in the engine. I had the truck checked by family ford marietta, Ohio and they in turn file a claim against National Auto Care for one coil on plug plus labor totaling $190.41. National auto care paid $157.91 Of the claim sighting diagnostics not covered. Then in feb 2005 family ford turn in a claim for an idler arm, National Auto Care denied that claim, however in the coverage booklet, National Auto Care clearly states their minium required maintianence is a condition of the service contract. The maintenance paragraph clearly states, - "lubricate from suspension and steering linkage" implying the idler arm which is part of the steering linkage is covered only when lubricated according to the manufacture’s requirements. Then on feb 10, 2006 my truck developed a miss in the engine. I had the truck checked by family ford marietta, Ohio and they in turn file a claim against National Auto Care for one coil on plug plus labor. National auto care denied the claim sighting the part was not covered. I thought the part was covered since the same part on a different cylinder had failed before and was covered by National Auto Care. If National Auto Care had denied the first claim in 2004, I would have canceled the extented service since it didn’t provide me with meaning full warranty. National auto care requires me to protect the vehicle in the event the part is not covered under the service agreement to prevent further damages. In addition, if the I the vehicle repaired before approval by National Auto Care, National Auto Care will not pay for the reapirs. My truck has been parked since feb 10, 2007 awaiting resolution of this matter.
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