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Insurance Fraud
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FORT PIERCE, GEORGIA -- I purchased 3 wireless phones.At the time I also purchased insurance through NCOA, I was told by the wireless agent that I should get this insurance because if my phone got lost or damaged I could get a replacement without spending a ton of money.I agreed and took out the insurance on all 3 phones. My son lost his in the bad weather right before hurricane Wilma hit us.He was trying to change a flat tire in a storm and his cell phone fell out of his pocket. I filed a claim through NCOA and was rejected. They told me my son was negligent in the use of his phone and would not cover it. Now this is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever heard,why have insurance if you are not going to cover the claim. I to am contacting the attorney generals office.
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angpoppe on 02/22/2006:
Did they reconsider and replace your phone? What was the final result? I am having the same exact problem now. They said I was careless. I contacted a lawyer who said they should be replacing my phone. Thanks!
DickW on 08/09/2007:
I have the same problem - ridiculous - they don't really cover lost -
linlorra on 03/17/2008:
Here is the real contact info for NCOA:
National Cellular Owners Association
21000 Boca Rio Road
Suite A-12
Boca Raton, FL 33433
United States
Phone: (561) 470-1273
Toll-Free Phone: (866) 654-5590
Fax: (561) 470-1399
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False advertising!! Fraud !! Horrible Customer Service!!!
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I submitted a claim to my insurance provider, NCOA, after my phone was stolen along with a police report. It took them 72 hours before they could repond with an email that my claim was denied. The reason they gave is that my phone was not reasonably secured...what??!!

The phone number that they advertise on their site goes to a voicemail alerting the caller to contact them via their website or email. Signatures on their email only have fax numbers. It is obvious that this company does not want others to call them. Finally, a customer service rep at Wirefly, where I purchased the phone, gave me their real number.

To those who need it, it is 866-654-5590. Don't get confused as the number they advertise is so similar (800-654-5590) the 866 makes a difference.

The account manager who reviewed my file is **name removed**. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in Florida, where the company is located.
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Anonymous on 06/14/2006:
From NCOA website - "What is not covered by Device Protection Service?
The following are not covered by Device Protection Service:
Theft from any premises or vehicle when not reasonably secured (ex vehicle windows and doors must be closed and locked.) " What were the circumstances of your theft?
CrazyRedHead on 06/15/2006:
I have been saying this all along, no one reads there warranty info or there contract/terms and agreememnt. This is prime reason why.
agnesv on 08/22/2008:
How very true!!! I just recently lost my phone. Got this insurance and was told it to be hassle free and my peace of mind! It came to be a nightmare. I lost my cell phone in a casino and got a security report. Asked them if it was enough and they told me I would need a police report. After submitting and exchanging emails with 2 reps, my name was deleted as a member and was told they will refund the fees that I paid!!!! This is just like having lost your house on a fire and later on the insurance tells you here's your money back for your premium and we will not cover your property!!!!! These people are only up to collecting their fees and run away when they have a claim!!!! Whoever want to sue, I will join. These people need to be taught a lesson. Know it is a small amount compared to the aggravation but if we don't stop these people they will keep on victimizing more consumers like us who got conned in buying their device protection plan that is worth NOTHING!!!!!
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This Company is FRAUD
Posted by on
NCOA sells insurance covering loss or theft of cellular phones; or so they make people believe, because when you submit a claim they deny it based on their "exceptions", which are:

What is excluded from coverage? The loss, real or perceived of data, time, financial opportunity, or any other consequence arising from the loss of the use of the wireless device, normal wear and tear, inventory shortage, dishonest or malicious acts, cosmetic damage (ex. marring, scratching), negligent loss, water damage, loss or unexplained disappearance or voluntary surrender to a third party, loss in a body of water, theft from an unattended premises or vehicle not reasonable secured, in transit either through postal or courier services, or incidences occurring outside the US or Canada are not covered by the service.

According to this you won't get your phone back if you lose it or is stolen, because it falls into the "exceptions".

Buy Insurance form the Phone Company, is not the best, but at least you get your phone back.
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wary-consumer on 03/16/2006:
So what is covered??? Why would you sign up for such a service?? Did you read the contract?? You're just giving your money to away for nothing!
Loyal on 08/31/2006:
When you purchase a cellular phone over the internet or by phone (through an internet offer) Yyou will be charged the $49 fee for this insurance wether you check the box or not. Then you will not be able to contact the company because all of their contact information is invalid and any emails sent to them are immediately rejected by their server.
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Its a scam.
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- My phone was stolen. I filed a police report. I faxed them the police report. They have a message board for my account where I have posted probably two pages of messages. I called them many times leaving messages with my number since that’s the only place to get to through their phone number. They have no customer support. They do not respond to emails. I have emailed them probably 8 letters.
There is no way to get a hold of anyone in this organization.
This is the biggest scam I have been involved in. I mean I can create a website too, create a number where no one answers and an automated message board that says to every claim, your claim has been rejected, and a letter has been emailed to you with farther instructions.
Of course no one ever send me the supposed email with farther instructions.
I have filed a report to the Better Business Bureau and I will file a lawsuit. If I have to I will try to contact more people with the same situation so that company can either go down or repay all the claims that they have rejected for no reason.
I would like to know what negligent loss means. And also I want to see one case and talk to one person that they have played to for a non-negligent loss. I would like to hear from them what the definition of a non-negligent loss is. I my case the phone was not even lost it was stolen. I wonder what is going to take for a stolen property to be replaced. They should be required to put examples of when your phone is replaced and when it is not. I mean do they want me to give them the name and address of whoever stole my phone.
I don’t think this organization replaces any lost or stolen phones.
They just use it as sales techniques. Because if they tell the customers what are the only cases where anything do at all for them, I bet they will run out of business.
I guess the company that I bought my phone through will suffer to because they pretty much sell the insurance. They are the only people I ever talked to about that insurance. I think its time for them to change their insurance company. And I see I am not the only one that complains about NCOA. And that will affect them because I will never buy a phone through them and will tell everyone I know not to buy a phone through them because It would have been better and less hassle free I guess to pay a little extra and go through the big companies like T-Mobile and Singular or whatever your phone company is and to know at least someone is going to answer the phone to give an explanation.
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CrazyRedHead on 07/21/2006:
Negligent loss is that you didn't take appropriate actions to safeguard your property when it was lost. For example, if it was stole out of you car when the windows were down and/or the door wasn't locked, or your house was unlocked when someone broke in, or you left you purse in the front of the grocery buggy and you walked off. I don't know what your story is but you have to read there terms and conditions and they will tell you what is and isn't covered.
Anonymous on 07/21/2006:
I agree with Red and I think negligent loss in simple terms means they say you are responsible and therefore it is your fault. It's a scam most companies use now a day. Thanks for the post, I will never use them
CrazyRedHead on 07/21/2006:
Neither will I. You have a choice of whether or not you want them,you just have to check the box. You can just start up the service then request insurance with the company you are with.
KANGS2000 on 11/20/2008:
You are right. I also had bad experience with NCOA. They are cheaters.
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Insurance fraud
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- I had purchased my cell phone through cellular choice and they offered insurance so I of course said sure. $100 for 2 phones.
first I would like say that cellular choice doesn't treat their customers right they are rude and charge me $250.00 for just having my number change and didn't want to honor my rebates, thank goodness for Cingular because they were great and since it was their fault my number changed they cover my loses. but anyway I had recently had my cell phone stolen from chuckie cheese, a family place, and I made a claim to NCOA, they don't have operators answer their phone first sign of fraud, they instead want you to leave a message but they don't call you back, then I tried through email but to no avail they give you the run around and when I went to check the status of my claim my member number no longer existed. I had another member number and tried to that and they simply said to check my email I wrote to them back and still have no heard back from them. NCOA is a fraud and people need to sue this company because apparently it has happen to too many people.
it was 4-29-06 when it was stolen and have been without a phone since. Its 5-12-06 and they don't care obviously, I have a baby and god forbid theirs an emergency and I'm in need of my cell phone my road side asst is through the phone. I have no choice but to order a new phone through Cingular and I'm never going through another company.
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Insurance Fraud
Posted by on
Do not purchase insurance through this company. I lost my phone and they told me they would not replace based on negligent of my phone falling out my lap.

Fraudulent company.
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Cell Phone Insurance Rip Off
Posted by on
I purchased cell phone insurance through Lets Talk when I bought the phone - $39.99. When it was lost - they denied the claim stating -


What is a lost phone? Of course it was mislaid, or negligent - that is what constitutes lost! If it was "secured" it wouldn't be LOST!

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tnchuck100 on 08/09/2007:
They pretty much only cover electronic failure. Some consideration might be given to theft if your claim has a police report attached.

Per their website:
What is not covered by Device Protection Service?
The following are not covered by Device Protection Service:
*Your SIM card and any additional optional accessories that you buy
*The loss real or perceived of data, time, financial opportunity, or any other consequence arising from the loss of the use of the wireless device
*Normal wear and tear of the device
*Dishonest acts by member
*Non-functional damage, I.e.; marring, scratching, chipping, unless caused by theft or attempt thereat
*Liquid damage or due to loss in a body of water
*Pervasive corrosion
*Negligent loss, Unexplained disappearance or loss due to voluntary surrender to a third party
*Theft from any premises or vehicle when not reasonably secured (ex vehicle windows and doors must be closed and locked.)
*NCOA may request a police report for all lost or stolen phones

Did you try a police report?
Anonymous on 08/09/2007:
It's well known by most that an NCOA policy isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Thanks DickW for sharing with the membership. Maybe this will help somebody else avoid the mistake of doing business with these pukes. It's not my way but I went ahead and voted this review 'Very Helpful'.
rnick821 on 08/09/2007:
You should have said you dropped it into a porta-poty.

Seems as though it is a pretty worthless insurance policy. I've owned 5 different cell phones for 2 years each (I get a new one when my contract expires), and none of them have ever had ANY kind of electronic problem, and I beat the hell out of them on a regular basis. Cell phones are very well made.

Next time, don't get the insurance. Just say no.
CrazyRedHead on 08/10/2007:
I've worked with a cellular insurance provider (Lockline) for almost 6 years and phyisical/liquid damage, and lost or stolen phones were always covered. Sometimes you had to provide a police report and sometimes you didn't. I know that certain types of theft were not covered, but the majority was. I'm not sure if NCOA and Lockline is the same company, but if so, they have really changed in the year that I have been there. Although everything is covered in there terms and condition, not everyone reads them, then wonders why they can't get anywhere.
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National Cellular Owners Assn
Posted by on
I purchased a cell phone insurance plan from Let's Talk early this year. In April I lost the phone and tried to make a claim. Just like Jimmy I had the same run around. I called and left messages. I faxed the police report and still no response. It's as if this company doesn't exist. I'm sending a complaint to my attorney general's office also.
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screwed2x on 10/27/2005:
I purchased a phone through Lets Talk. Com and paid them for the gold insurance plan through NCOa. The phone was stolen and reported to them via fax with the police report. I have not heard from them, cannot get them on two different telephone numbers and Lets talk tells me it is not their insurance thought they were the ones that represented the product and billed me for it. The web site for NCOA (insurance plan) just takes you to other web sites, no way to track a claim and cannot get anywhere through lets Since they were the ones who receive the money, I recommend write your credit card company, cc lets, refuse to pay the bill until you get some satisfaction of your claim
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