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Overdraft System Is Criminal
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- This all started when I deposited my workers comp check into an ATM on Labor day weekend. I was aware it would take an extra day to get into their hands because of the holiday. But what happened next is criminal in my opinion.

I already had funds in the account and had used my debit card thinking I was drawing on these funds. I wrote my rent check out of the deposit funds the day after I made the deposit. I was estimating that the check would clear and my landlord would make his deposit all in about the same time. Why would I assume this? Well the workers comp check was written from a National City Account and when I made previous deposits to tellers, the money was available right then.

When I checked my account on the Wed after Labor day I was shocked to see numerous overdraft fees totaling over $350.00. The deposit I made was still pending even though it was drawn on the same bank. I called numerous people including the branch and 800 #s. I was actually told once "Hey, we are in this to make money."

My biggest complaint with this is the fact they cashed the rent check knowing this would cause a shortfall when the pending debit charges came through. If they were ethical and cared about their customers, and I would understand if they did this, they should have bounced the rent check which would have saved me a couple hundred dollars in fees. But according to another branch employee, the fees they rack up go to whichever branch you opened your account at. It goes toward their total profit for the year. There was not enough money in the account to cover the rent check.

I guess I am guilty of writing a bad check. That's fine. But they allowed it. This "we are doing this service for our customers" is a load of crap. They are doing this for themselves. I was also told by the branch I opened the account at, "we have policies we have to go by." There is no human factor inputted into the equation anymore? It was clear I was not out writing bad checks and using my debit card knowing I didn't have the money.

This is why I hope all the banks fail and these people who gave me the run-around are out of jobs. We actually gave tax payer money to banks like this! It blows my mind. My advice is stay away from National City. They are full of crooks.

The other problem I had was when I withdrew 100.00 from their ATM and only received 80.00. Take a wild guess if I got my money or not? As a practice I count my withdraw in front of the small camera as soon as I grab the money. It was clearly short. I went inside to complain, fill out a form, two weeks later was told the machine was in balance. Nice to see they can review the security tape if something happens outside one of their machines. They had no answer when I told them I counted the money in front of the camera. For once, they were dead silent which tells me they are nothing more than dirty thieves.

National City Ripoff
By -

Why am I always overdrawn the amount of the overdraft fees the bank charges... meaning if they didn't charge me I would not have been overdrawn!!! My husband and I are really close to the vest about spending money from our checking account. I have been very sick this past year and we no longer have savings but we do have a checking account with National City.

Unfortunately, it won't be for long. I can't tolerate their abuse of overdraft fees. I just had them refund 2 overdraft fees 2 days ago since according to MY records I would not have been overdrawn if they had not added those fees.. there were NO overdrawn checks, no amounts in my book or on their on line record that should have made my account overdrawn.

Still when they refunded the 2 fees, a total of $68 we were apparently (according to THEIR records) we were. 50 (50 cents mind you) overdrawn. So the girl on the phone said if my husband could get to the bank and deposit this. 50 I could safely start my check register with a zero balance. Instead my husband deposited $100 giving us a positive balance of 99.50. This was the balance after the OD fees were refunded.

The next morning, on line I check the balance a voila (!) suddenly my balance is $150 odd dollars!!?!? Huh?? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? I waited 24 hours and the balance was the same... actually it pretty much balanced with my book.. so if I suddenly went from $99.50 to over $150 where did the money come from? The next day (yesterday) the balance showed an overdraft amount of $36.03 so my husband zoomed to the bank and deposited $75 at approx 9:30 am since the bank told us if the money was in by 2p there would be no charge.

Now again this morning I checked my account which granted should only have a $2 balance but nonetheless a positive balance and they have taken ANOTHER over draft fee leaving me $32 in the negative.. their overdraft fees are $34.00 dollars.. see where I am coming from???

Does anyone know where I can report a bank for deceptive practices?? I have had it with them and will be opening a new account somewhere else.. Can anyone recommend a good financial institute in the Chicago area? This bank always has an excuse, saying they can charge OD fees on PENDING charges??? I have never heard of that since sometimes those charges don't even come through! Often I have an OD fee charged on one day for a check or charge that isn't on the register till the NEXT day.. how could that be legal? Anyway, my recommendation - DO NOT BANK WITH NATIONAL CITY!

I Just Don't Understand Their Way of Doing Business
By -

I just got off the phone with NCB regarding my Parent's credit card. The representative went through all the basics of who am I, what relation am I to the card holders... yak, yak, yak. Being in the business myself, I understand 3rd party disclosure and all, so I have no problem answering their questions. She wanted to know if my Mom was there to give them permission to speak with me. I told her, "My Mom passed away and I have been handling all of her and my Dad's finances since December, making all the payments etc." She asked me to put my Dad on the phone, well he was laying down and I didn't want to wake him to come to the phone.

So, she said she was limited to what information she can give to me, but can answer general questions. OK... again, I understand that, no problem. I told her the reason I'm calling is for a copy of the credit card agreement/terms in which my Mom agreed to when the account was opened. (She had this account for over 20 years and was never late on any of her payments.) I explained that I needed to know if there are any penalties if the account is paid down, leaving NO balance (Some banks charge if you don't carry a certain balance) or, if the account would be closed if it is inactive for a certain amount of time.

Her answer was, "I don't think so", "Not usually" and "Not always" - well, those answers were not good enough... I want to know for sure. So, she said she can send me a copy of the agreement. I said, "that would be good... that's what I wanted." Then, she said again, that I had to have my Dad come to the phone to request it because they can't send it to me. I told her, it can be sent directly TO my DAD at the address they have on the account (we live at the same place)... and she said she can't do that.

I asked, why not, it's not as if I'm asking her to send to another name at another address... but she refused and said she can't send it without HIM requesting it! I told her she didn't have any problem accepting the payments from ME since December, including the $1000.00 payment I just sent out last month and hung up on her.

Now, again... I can understand if I asked her to send it to someone OTHER than my Dad at an address OTHER than my Dad's address... but come on NCB... Like it or not it's ME you have to deal with if you want this paid... I asked you to send the agreement that my DAD signed for TO my Dad at my DAD'S address! This is the only credit card they have, and I've been paying the balance down for them... I hate credit cards... I HATE THEM!

National City Broke Me Financially
By -

MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I am glad to hear National City is now suffering their losses. I was once a customer with the Loan and Investments Department. The Loan Dept was okay, but the Investment side was so bad my investment broker for National City was buying $500.00 suits and losing money every day for his investment customers. This person called me and said he forgot to call and tell me Enron was going under. He called me the week later to tell me my $99,000.00 investment was not worth $19.30 cents.

Wow what a guy, I told him what I thought about his performance and he wanted to sue me for complaining. I had to call his boss in Indianapolis and explain to her what was going on. At this time my wife was dying from Alzheimer's and I needed the money to take care of her. Well I'm sure you have figured it out by now -- yes, I am broke person and National City really did not care.

So, yes I am very happy to hear the bad news, but not happy as to what happen to me. I hope the employees who worked for the investment side are also broke and crying the blues with me. So you all have a nice day and hope you all can learn to do without as I did. I am 73 years old and all my savings went under thought National City!!! Bye for now, and so long forever!

Don't Get Ripped Off by National City... Highway Robbery...
By -

I think that I've just finally come to the point that I'm going to start paying for cash for EVERYTHING. If a bank can set up their computer TAKE YOUR MONEY when it's there and available and then BOUNCE your checks for the money that was would have been there if they didn't take it. WOW, THIS IS A CRIME.

How can they impose NSF charges on MONEY THAT WAS THERE. They're posting NSF charges on money that's there, then because they've taken it, they post your checks as bounced to justify the NSF charges that posted BEFORE the check. Had they not posted the charges, MY CHECKS WOULD HAVE CLEARED!!! There is a class action lawsuit for Bank of America and they need to file another, or widen the scope to include ANY BANK that COMMITS THIS CRIME.. God knows, if I took money from the bank they would pursue me in court!!!

Missing $80.00
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On 5/29/09 I checked my bank account. A variety of transactions had been posted along with one pending, in the amount of $60.00. The following day I checked. No new transactions had come through and the same one was pending but suddenly my account was -$188.00. How is this possible? The same transactions had been there the previous day, all with positive balances left.

I've spoken with two different branch managers at National City's near me. Neither is willing to help me, explain where this money has gone, or refund me the overdraft charges (3 in total, each at $36.00 a piece). Both of them act as if this is my fault because I am not being diligent enough of with my money. The fact is, this is the second time this has happened. I went along with their reasoning, thinking maybe I did drop the ball somewhere the first time.

The last few months I have been ridiculously diligent... checking my account as many as 4 times a day. In less than 10 hours my account went from positive to negative without any new transactions being posted. I am also accruing an additional $8.00 per day until I deposit money after being told by one manager that he would put a freeze on my account until I could reach a resolution. This is unacceptable behavior. I have already opened a new account at a competing bank and will be closing this account. How any corporation can operate this way and get away with it is beyond me.

Never Bank With National City
By -

ALL STATES -- National City is by far the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I opened a checking account when I was 12 and have had relationships with previous banks, but nothing as horrible as this... Their customer service is rude, unavailable, inattentive, careless, makes mistakes, and lacks communication.

They charge ridiculous, astronomical fees for nothing and are more concerned about making money than keeping their clients happy. Don't bother reading the fine print on any of their contracts - they make up their own rules as they go along anyway. My entire family quit banking here because they are horrible... No wonder they had to be bailed out. Never use this bank!!!

National City Bank = Overdraft Fee ($34 for 0.3 Cent)
By -

MICHIGAN -- Be careful when you bank with NATIONAL CITY. It looks like National City wants to save its sinking ship by stealing its unfortunate customers. Look for overdraft fees ($34 each instance) in your next statement. I had 5 of them in a single day. Hard to believe? They think they can fool the customers. Unfortunately no body is going to save you. Do not even think of getting it reversed.

I had two wire transfers on one day. Knowing this I personally visited the branch and deposited a check worth much more than that amount. Smartly they put a hold on my check until next day in order to make me to pay over draft 3 times, one for 3 cents. They debited the largest amount first so that next all transactions on the same day comes with their special ($102). More over it looks like many employees are not happy with the bank either. May be due to not secured jobs or pay reductions. Time to think about other banks.

Free at Their Discretion????
By -

Last month I deposited a check via ATM. No hold, funds available on-line, didn't check at the ATM or go in to speak with a teller, but there was no problem. This month, same thing only the funds were not available for a day. No big deal. I can wait a week or two if need be. I'm not strapped for $. Just let me know... but, on-line the funds became available, I sent the money out, free on-line checking. It became a problem the next day when someone or something decided to put a hold on said check.

I spent all day with 3 different factions of the company. No-one would do anything to help me. Not their fault. Well, OK. Not their fault, but because of some glitch in their computer my account showed a hold on 1400 some $ and an available balance of 800 odd. Did they cash a check I had mailed out for 25.00? No. It bounced. They could have honored it if they wanted to. It's at their discretion. I guess they just looked at that $34 profit. I had to pay 34 on this end, 31 on the other end and explain to a child why their birthday check was no good. What I have to say to National City is, enjoy your $34 because it's about the last you'll be getting from me.

The appraiser is coming Monday as I am refinancing my mortgage through another company and as soon as my federal return gets here, if not sooner, I'll be paying off my 0%credit card and am in the process of changing all my direct deposits and bill payments. I will keep the account open for one check and one check only. My renter banks through you. I'll deposit his check and take the money right back out. You have lost about $7000 in interest a year over $34 dollars. You have a program going to pay $50 to people for opening up an account with direct deposit. Do the math.

National City Bank Horrible Service
By -

This is absolutely the worst bank. I try to maintain excellent credit and they continue to make errors which destroys my credit. This happened on two occasions and now I no longer use this bank and never will again. The first case I had a credit card with them and had it linked directly to my checking account so that payments would be made automatically. I always made sure that there was more than enough money in my checking account.

One day my credit card was rejected and then I found out that the credit card was cancelled and on top of that my credit report indicated that National City Bank had me in collections. To make a long story short, they made some sort of error and cancelled the card by mistake and disabled the direct payment. HOW LAME IS THAT??

It took a lot of time and stress to deal with them and get them to fix that. I did not get a new credit card with them since they were so incompetent, but I still had a checking account. More problems came about. I changed addresses and I made sure to file the change of address in person. They messed that up too. They sent my mail to everywhere but my address. Somehow they had addresses in South Carolina and Michigan on file when the address that I gave them was in Florida. How do they make these dumb mistakes??

They eventually over drafted my account with some unauthorized fraudulent transactions then closed my account. They never mailed anything to me and I did not find out until months later when another bank did a background check and informed me. I reported the fraud to them and they said that they would file a claim and replace the money.

That never happened, instead they put the matter into collections and ruined my credit. When I called their loss prevention department to clear up the issue, their customer service rep was very rude to me and made it clear that she was not willing to help in any way then she hung up on me. That was the worst and most frustrating part... she actually refused to help and hung up on me. This is not acceptable at all. Please do not use National City bank. I really don't want people to have to go through what I am currently going through.

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