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Free at Their Discretion????
By -

Last month I deposited a check via ATM. No hold, funds available on-line, didn't check at the ATM or go in to speak with a teller, but there was no problem. This month, same thing only the funds were not available for a day. No big deal. I can wait a week or two if need be. I'm not strapped for $. Just let me know... but, on-line the funds became available, I sent the money out, free on-line checking. It became a problem the next day when someone or something decided to put a hold on said check.

I spent all day with 3 different factions of the company. No-one would do anything to help me. Not their fault. Well, OK. Not their fault, but because of some glitch in their computer my account showed a hold on 1400 some $ and an available balance of 800 odd. Did they cash a check I had mailed out for 25.00? No. It bounced. They could have honored it if they wanted to. It's at their discretion. I guess they just looked at that $34 profit. I had to pay 34 on this end, 31 on the other end and explain to a child why their birthday check was no good. What I have to say to National City is, enjoy your $34 because it's about the last you'll be getting from me.

The appraiser is coming Monday as I am refinancing my mortgage through another company and as soon as my federal return gets here, if not sooner, I'll be paying off my 0%credit card and am in the process of changing all my direct deposits and bill payments. I will keep the account open for one check and one check only. My renter banks through you. I'll deposit his check and take the money right back out. You have lost about $7000 in interest a year over $34 dollars. You have a program going to pay $50 to people for opening up an account with direct deposit. Do the math.

588% Interest
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I sometimes do poor math, and find myself short in my bank account. I was two cents overdrawn on October 11. National City Bank decided that they wanted to charge me 34 dollars for my mistake. Now, don't we all make mistakes? Is it really fair that National City does this? No. Are they allowed to? Of course! Does it suck? You betcha!

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