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Overdraft Fee My Eye, This Is Stealing!
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OHIO -- I have had a bank account since I was four. I never have encountered such problems with overdrafts in my life. They use the system where they deduct the largest amount first. I have gotten a $34 overdraft charge on a .25 cent fee for using my debit card. There have been instances where a overdraft fee of $34 was the highest amount and was deducted first when I had a balance of $54.

Times are hard for most people, but I am disabled and have a lot of medical bills. I cannot afford this. I have tried every thing. I watch my account like a hawk, I call for a balance twice and allow 5 days since my last transaction and I still get dinged. People this country is no longer for the people, we are puppets. I feel like an indentured servant, and not Free. What has become of us?

588% Interest
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I sometimes do poor math, and find myself short in my bank account. I was two cents overdrawn on October 11. National City Bank decided that they wanted to charge me 34 dollars for my mistake. Now, don't we all make mistakes? Is it really fair that National City does this? No. Are they allowed to? Of course! Does it suck? You betcha!

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