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Bad Customer Service

SOLON, OHIO -- I must dispute the validity of the amount I owe to your company, which you are collecting on behalf of Verizon Wireless. I really do not believe I owe $1,963.00. Please send me verification of the amount owed to my home address. Also please tell the representative ** that is handling my account to please stop harassing me. He has called me many times in the same day, and refers to me as a lowlife, which I feel is insulting. We argue on the phone since he is very rude and won't listen to me and loves to interrupt what I am saying. I then tell him not to call back and I hang up and he calls right back.

He also told me that he ran my credit report and it showed I have bad debt and need to borrow the money from family or friends and get my credit history taken care of. I did not give your company authorization to run the credit report on me, and he never asked anyway. I have told him many times not to call me until I get verification of the amount owed. I have explained to him that I am trying to talk with Verizon and trying to figure out how I had three phones in my name that ran up all these bills, ($1,963.00 in four months, seems a little outrageous).

He even brought up information about debts my mother and grandmother owe, and said that scumbags must run in our family. I asked him to stop calling me, and he keeps calling. He even sends the automated calls to my house 3 or more times per day, I want that to stop. I do not want to talk to him anymore, since he is very belligerent and rude, and tells me his credit is perfect and I need to be like him. I do not want to be like him that would be a downgrade in my personality. I am willing to pay what I owe, but I need verification from you where the figure came from.

I have been making payments to Verizon on a monthly basis, for the $312 I thought I owed, but I was laid off and am a single parent, that goes to college to try to make a better life for myself and daughters, but I still send Verizon monthly payments. I have offered to make payments of $200-$300 per month after I find out the amount owed is valid which I highly doubt, but the rep said that is not possible and he will just take me to court and take possession of mine and my daughters home, which is not paid off anyway. I cannot afford to pay $600 per month and still provide living necessities for my daughter.

I have three daughters, one lives with me and I pay $300 per month in state child support for the others, that makes it impossible to pay $600 per month. Again, please send the information requested with all verification and dates of the amount owed since I do dispute the amount owed and tell the agent ** handling my account to stop calling me, and try to be a little friendlier when dealing with customers, he has no sense of manners. I admit I have not had the best credit, but I am working on a better way of living, and I am paying debtors on time and in good faith.

** from your company also told me I should file bankruptcy, but I tried to explain that I want to build good credit, and cannot do that by bankruptcy. He will not listen to any offers I make to verify amount owed and then pay monthly. Like I said I offered to pay the $312 I knew I owed, but he said that is not enough, see you in court then he hung up on me and called back to start badgering me again. People need to survive in this rough economy and I am not a deadbeat. I am just having hard times, and will pay the amount I owe when it is verified and payment arrangements are made which I can afford to pay and still support my family.

I do not believe I owe $1,963.00 For four months of cell phone use and would like for you to provide supporting documentation. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

National Enterprise Systems - Mafia - No difference.
By -

MEDFORD, OREGON -- It is simply amazing what debt collection companies are getting away with these days. Specifically, National Enterprise Systems (aka N.E.S. by its employees). My wife has a delinquent account currently in their unscrupulous hands. NES has already broken nearly every rule in the FTC book within a few days of getting the account. The hitman... er, agent... has made illegitimate threats, phoned her place of employment repeatedly, even after being told by the EMPLOYER not to do so. Excessive rudeness, way more phone calls than any collector I have ever heard of, and we have yet to even SEE a mailing from NES. All against the LAW.

But hey, who is going to punish them? Us?? If we had money to do that, we wouldn't be delinquent in the first place. The feds don't have time, energy or even seem to care. This company has caused my wife (and I) so much stress that she is unable to excel at her work. She happens to be the hardest working Realtor I have ever known, but the difficult market has put us behind the eight ball. I make $50k year, but it is not even enough to cover the mortgage and living expenses anymore. My wife is so good at her job, and you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

Our credit has been shot (was always over 720 before this), and no more money to borrow is available to us. We have been systematically paying off debts as we can, based on amount owed and current status. So... Along comes NES. My wife is already stressed to the breaking point, and now I have to console her teary-eyed on the phone because these "people" have pushed lies upon lies of illegitimate threats upon her, attempting to embarrass her at work (job well done), and generally acting worse than a mafia extortionist.

As close as my wife was to feeling worthless due to these "tactics", how many good, hard working poeple have actually committed suicide due to NES policies? I would bet my life that it is pretty high. Financial stress is not to be taken lightly and I am appalled at the extents these extortionists are allowed to go. I am writing letters and filing official complaints to the FTC and Oregon AG. My wife is actually looking to do quite well in 2008 with her real estate, and we WILL have the capability to sue this organization.

BEWARE National Enterprise Systems, we have a bill in Oregon State legislature (SP120) giving the Attorney General jurisdiction to prosecute you. This is most likely going to happen, and it is NOT an idle threat such as your lies. We will gain evidence of wrongful death of your clients due to your policies. Yes, Virginia, there ARE morals in this world...

Collection Agency
By -

The debt was from 2 years ago and this was the first time I was contacted about the $500 I know I owed. I have moved but still have the same phone # that I have had for over 5 years. Tactics: They called at 8 am (earliest by law). Told me that, "We have made several attempts to collect the payment due, with no response. This is the last time we are going to contact you about this outstanding debt." (I never received mail or a phone call before this one.
Threatened me. "If we do not receive a payment today you will receive a order to appear in court."

When I told them that I need to speak with my Lawyer before I make a decision, the phone was passed over to someone else. (as if this new person has more knowledge and the gang up on him mentality) Come to find out after my many questions about the company and alternate payment methods they LIED! Then I was informed they would "recommend" that the company that I owe take that action.

I dragged my feet in making a decision to pay so they hung up on me, then called me back. (another attempt to get me scared into paying). The only method of payment is to give them your checking account #. In the end I paid the bill but cannot help feeling payment arrangements could have been made. I did not appreciate their methods.

By -

Okay, I got myself in this situation and it's all my fault yeah. But the thing is I don't know what to do. I'm your typical college student that accumulated credit card debt and just blew off payments. now the collection agency NES is calling me for money. Okay. From what I read on some complaints here (don't know if they're true or false), NES uses a lot of scare tactics like claiming to sue, which they did to me. But also, whenever I call them they say they'll forward me to someone else and put me on hold, then they hang up. It happened about 8 times already. Sometimes its clearly the same person trying to change his/her voice.

Back on topic, this is the second collection agency. The first collection agency was canceled by Citibank in January this year, so I'm assuming they appointed NES as the new collectors. So they just got the case this month and they are already claiming to sue me. Is that possible? They're asking for $1,915, which I told the guy I can have by the end of February for sure, but they said no and that legal documents were already sent out to me to go to court.

I was expecting to pay the full amount on Jan 29, but I used the money to settle my other card in full today since they cut me a deal. so a check is still going to be charged to my account January 29th for $1,915 and every time I call NES to cancel it they just hang up. Can anyone help me? Advice for a 20 year old?

Small Claims Court
By -

OHIO -- I recently was contacted by N.E.S. I came on this website, took it for granted that this was a collection agency & not to call them... 3 weeks later, I was sued & ended up in court paying 3x what I originally owed... Don't believe everything you read... I thought I could just blow this off, and now they are garnishing my pay checks & I was court ordered to sign over my title to my paid off 98 Corrola... This is the real deal...

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