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National Floors Direct Carpet

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1.0 out of 5, based on 12 ratings and
48 reviews & complaints.
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National Floors Direct
40 Robbie Road
Avon, MA 02322
888-400-3566 (ph)
(508) 580-8553 (fax)
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Carpet Installation
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- If I could have given them a negative number rating I would have!! Giving them one star is being VERY GENEROUS!! DO NOT EVER use this company!! When I was first starting shopping prices, Pierre came out and was so "friendly" totally gave me some ridiculous price and when I told him I wasn't ready yet, he became a total jerk!! Basically said I wasted his time. YET he then calls me back ten minutes later saying he would lower the price by 1000 dollars!!! BUT I still had to sign RIGHT then. At that point I had no intentions of ever doing business with them.

Well unfortunately about a month later, I got stuck time wise and needed them installed within days, I figured that maybe he was a fluke and I would give them another shot. Well then Mike comes out and he was a bit better, it was the same type of sale, "You do it now or forget it." He was just a little less "in your face" about it. Well of course they were still high, but he wouldn't budge on the price. So I tried to get him to lower it and he wouldn't. I give him credit for sticking to it. What I don't give him credit for is when I called and texted him telling him I would do the deal, NOT bothering to return my call/texts, even after a day and a half!!

Carpet sales must be a very lucrative business if he can REFUSE money being thrown at him!!! So after not hearing from him and then seeing a commercial on TV saying that they would do 3 rooms for three hundred less than what they quoted me, I called the office. Unfortunately I encountered the BIGGEST ** named Natalia. She is supposedly the customer service representative manager. Well if that is the best they can do for management, then no wonder this company is so pathetic!! Well Natalia said they could do that deal, the 888. I said ok. Someone would come by with the contract and I said, "Ok but I told Mike I would even drive to meet him."

She then said, "Hold on" and she came back the biggest ** EVER and told me I have to do the more expensive one and that was because they had already came out to my house twice (mind you it was over a few months span AND if Pierre wasn't such an jerk I wouldn't have had to have that Mike come out again. Plus I was not ready yet when Pierre came out!!! But regardless the witch Natalia told me that I had to pay more because they had already been out twice. OMG. Can you imagine that, a business who works ONLY through in home appt having to go to a client's house more than once???!

Anyhow she then said it's the higher price. I questioned her and she said she would not do business with me!! Seriously, I was not LOUD, I did not yell. I did NOTHING but "question" her!! (I also asked to speak to her manager and she said she is the manager, that was a complete joke.) But she then would not allow me to speak to anyone else. When I called back SHE was the only one answering the phones and when I called she said, "We are not working with you" and kept hanging up on me!! I can not believe that a company would or could EVER conduct business that way!! I'm have never dealt with such ignorant people, with Natalia leading the pack!!

SO DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY for SO SO many reasons, but also because they don't seem to need the business. Now if the manager is a real manager (the GM) he would read all of these comments and try to make them better, but judging by what a joke of a company they are, I highly doubt he does!!! Bottom line under NO circumstances should you do business with these sleazeballs, I had better experiences buying used cars!!!

Sales/Installation Scheduling - Deception/Threatening
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- In March, I requested a free in-home estimate via the NFD website. When the representative called to arrange the visit, I informed her that I was at the planning phase and sought pricing for budget and planning purposes only. I was assured this was a common request and proceeded with scheduling the house visit.

Upon arrival of the rep, we reviewed carpet samples and obtained a price estimate. We informed the representative that we thought the price looked good, but we were still in the planning phase and not prepared to proceed with an immediate order. The representative informed us that the estimate was only good for the day and that we would need to arrange for another in-home estimate unless we contracted today. Again, we informed the representative we were not prepared to buy immediately and discussed our plans to buy/install in June. He assured us that contracting today for an install in June would not be a problem.

With this assurance, we signed the contract and paid a deposit. The representative told us he had to record an “estimated install date” within 30 days (he recorded this as 5/1/17), but that we could reschedule it for June. We agreed and when the “initial” install date drew close, we called in and rescheduled for mid-June.

On 6/11, seeking to make final install arrangements around a last-minute business trip, we called NFD and asked for a revised install on 6/26. We were transferred to a Tom ** and were immediately told that the install must be completed by 6/17 or we would incur a 25% restocking fee. I reiterated I was only seeking a change due to an unexpected travel schedule and Mr. ** only replied with the same restocking threat. I asked to speak with Mr. ** supervisor and was told that he was not available and would not take my call. Reluctantly, I rescheduled my business travel and took delivery of the carpet on 6/17.

I'm not sure who Mr. ** is or his position at NFD, but he is not benefiting the company with this bullying behavior. I will never use this company again and will let all my friends and family know to stay away from National Floors Direct.

Carpet Installation
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- To my fellow consumers, please be advised that I was treated so poorly by National Floors Direct. Like one of the other consumers mentioned the sales representative seemed nice to get your business, once they take your money customer service is no longer a priority. This company left my carpet installation UNCOMPLETED.

They said that there is a height difference and I must go to Home Depot on my own to get a reducer. When I called the installation department she then mentioned the same line and that if I need them to do anything they will charge me an additional $350. She also said "take it or leave it". I have never experienced such professionalism in my life. Please run from these people. THE WORST!!!

Ripped Carpet 6 Weeks After Installation
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Just had Berber carpeting installed in 3 rooms at my elderly mother's home recently. Noticed that the carpet started to tear in between her bedroom and dining room. My brother sent National floors a picture of the damage to their claims dept. They claimed that my mother must have ripped the rug. They will fix it but we have to pay for the damage. Now I find this hard to believe after my mother spent almost 2 months in the hospital recovering from a broken shoulder, pneumonia, and gall bladder surgery. The claims dept stated that she must have done it from her walker.

That's next to impossible as her walker has to be kept on the 1st floor and she is unable to carry a 30 lb walker up 13 stairs. They surmised all this from looking at a picture of ripped carpet. In addition, if she did use her walker on the carpet we were told that Berber is the most durable carpet to have installed. So I would think twice about this company as they don't stand by their products and their customer service is insulting and ignorant. I would recommend spending a little bit more and going to a smaller business that stand their products. By the way I hope my mother doesn't fall by the time I find a decent company to fix the carpet.

New Carpet Installation
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Rating: 1/51

WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- My mother who is 91 just had carpet installed in her basement. This carpet was very light in color. They installed carpet in 2 bedrooms and a living room. 2 of the rooms had ripples in the carpet. I had called the salesman ** to let him know about the problem with the installation. He said that he would have someone call me and set up a time to correct the problem. After 4 days I had not received that call so I called National Floors direct and talked to a customer service representative. I was told to take a picture of the ripples and send them into the complaints depart. and then they would review and decide if it is necessary to send someone to the house.

Now I have never heard such a thing, anytime I had a problem with an install, they would come back out and at least look at the problem. Oh by the way, when I talked to the customer service representative, she said that the salesman could not set up a person to repair the installed carpet, so I got lip service from the salesman. Looks like National Floors Direct ripped off a 91 year old woman. Please do not buy from them. No wonder they were so forceful in telling us to have a bank check with the balance ready before the installers even enter the house. Do yourself a favor, stay away from National Floors Direct. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

Horrible Service
By -

We scheduled to have a carpet installed on November 7. When they arrived they brought the complete wrong carpet. We immediately had the guys who install the carpet call to try to resolve the issue. The install crew left here to go back to the warehouse to get the correct carpet while we discussed the issue with the customer service representative. They did not have our carpet in stock and wanted us to wait until Tuesday to have it installed. We removed all furniture and kept it in a big storage box outside the house.

After going back and forth for a few hours and having our sale representative back and forth to our house to try to resolve the issue, they concluded they could not get any carpet installed that day because the installation crew had already left. We ended up working out because of the MAJOR inconvenience a discount and the carpets would be installed Monday. Monday came and they carpet had not arrived in stock yet so it was scheduled for Tuesday, this was also discussed with our sale representative as well who said he would contact us first thing Tuesday morning to confirm a time.

Tuesday mid morning came by and we had not heard so we called. During that conversation we learned they never scheduled us for Tuesday and didn't actually have an install date at all setup. After a consistent run around from them we finally got it set up and installed Wednesday. Because of the major inconvenience unfortunately my fiance and I could not stay the entire time they were installing because we had already taken 3 days to wait for them where they had the wrong carpet or did not show up as we had anticipated. My parents came and waited while they were installed and locked up after.

When we came home we inspected the carpets and noticed there were random staples on the ground so we picked them up not thinking that was a big deal. Once we started looking into the bedrooms we noticed the closets had the staples sticking out of the hardwood floor that we had. In the work order we specifically asked for the closets not to get done, they must have realized that after they already started installing them and took out whatever they had stapled to the ground, however all the Staples are still there. Immediately that night we called and asked for someone to come out and remove them as we have children that live in this house.

A few days later no one had come out yet and with all of the moving of the furniture into the house it honestly wasn't the first thing on my mind because from our standpoint we had already called them about the issue. My fiance had called back regarding the nails when it went time to start putting stuff in the closets and we realized we really couldn't.

We received the paperwork from the finance company and it had the complete wrong price. I immediately called back and spoke with a very nice woman. I first brought up the staples in the floor and she said she would have someone out here the beginning of this week and we would receive a callback with the time they would be able to. I thought that was very nice of her and really appreciated her help.

I next brought up the billing issue with the price being over by about $700. She tried to get someone that would be able to handle that issue on the phone but said they were all busy and didn't want to leave me on hold so she took the two phone numbers where we could be reached and said we would receive a callback within the hour. After about 4-5 hours and no phone call back we tried back again. At this point we spoke with a few different employees there and were not getting anywhere with it as the last person we spoke with had said there were no notes in the system regarding the discount.

Luckily we had written the person who approve the discount's name down and had the direct number to our sale associate. While I was on the phone providing all the information with whom approved the discount and proper amount the floors were to cost, my fiance called our sales associate. He mentioned the issues we were having with the pricing as well as the nails in the floors. After some time the price was situated. Because of the conversation earlier being the nails and that someone was going to call us with the exact time we didn't bring up the issue again.

We called mid morning today because it is now the day before Thanksgiving and are expecting to have the entire family over where there are numerous little kids going to be in the house. The first woman I spoke with was very nice yet again. She said she didn't see any notes in the system about any of our calls and unfortunately they could not get anyone out here today because it is the day before the holiday. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor because the issues just keeps getting pushed off and it's a very serious matter, especially if someone was to get hurt on the Staples that are sticking out.

We never once made a big deal about our hardwood floors being ruined by having hundreds of holes from the Staples in the floor. The supervisor basically said they couldn't do anything today and that it's our responsibility if something happens to anyone on them although it's National Floors Direct's negligence that is causing all of these issues. Our children have gone about 2 weeks with no toys because we can not bring them up and put them in their closet so they are still packed away.

This has been a consistent run around and more of a hassle and headache than we ever imagined this to be. We made him aware that if something happened to our children or any of the children in the family it would not be our fault because we were not the ones that put the Staples in the ground and left them and his response was "well, we can always take away your discount at anytime." The carpets are not worth the trouble we are getting and to be spoken to how we have been is very unprofessional. We do not recommend this company to anyone unless they are ready for the hassle that comes with it.

Extremely Satisfied Customer! Don't Let Bad Reviews Scare You!
By -

My husband and I were undecided between National Floors Direct and Empire. After doing our research online, we found that both companies had mainly bad reviews. We had both companies come give us a quote on carpeting our newly finished basement. Empire came out first and their initial quote was $4300. After I told them that was way out of our price range, I went back and forth with the salesman and he eventually brought the price down to $2500.

National Floors came out second and showed us carpet samples that were of the same quality of the one we chose from Empire. Neither my husband nor I were too keen on any of the colors they had to offer, so the salesman went back to his truck and brought out samples of a better quality carpet. We did find a few colors that we liked and after much thought, we decided on one. National Floors automatically beat Empire's price by 15%, bringing the quote down to $2100.

The next day I called Empire and told them I was cancelling the order with them because National Floors was giving us a better carpet for a better price. Empire came back and said they would do it for $1800. My husband and I are expecting a baby in a month so we wanted to pay as little as possible and we accepted. I called National Floors back and cancelled my order with them. I did call on a Sat, and their office was closed so I left the message with the answering service.

I got a call back on Monday from National Floors, and they asked why I was cancelling. I gave them my reasoning and they offered to go down to $1500. I told them we were tired of the back and forth game so we were going to stick with Empire. The guy then said the because we had scheduled installation for Tuesday and they didn't get the message until Monday morning, they had already cut and prepped the carpet for our house, so he would give it to us for $1100. Of course we couldn't pass that up, especially since it was a better quality carpet than the original one that Empire quoted us at $4300.

I got the call Tuesday morning saying that National Floors would be there after 4pm. My only complaint is that they didn't give me a time frame so at 6pm when they weren't at our house, all I could think about was the many reviews I read about National Floors failing to show up for their appts. I made a call to National Floors and the man who answered was very helpful. He was able to contact the crew and had them call me. They said they would be at our house in about 45min.

An hour later, they arrived. They got right to work, but unfortunately they were unable to nail into our concrete (they don't have air guns, they just use a hammer and nails), so they had to use liquid nail to put down the tack strips. We were told by the salesman that this might happen, so we weren't too surprised. The two guys said it had to dry for 24hrs and they would be back the next evening, around 6pm. Again, all I could think about was the bad reviews I had read.

The next evening came, and at 6:30 the doorbell rang. It was the two young men from National Floors. They got to work right away, laying down the pad and then the carpet. We also have two poles down stairs and we asked if they could leave extra carpet so we could wrap them up later. The guy said he would wrap them and use the liquid nail for us as a favor. Both men were very courteous, clean and hard working. They kept going until the job was finished at nearly 11pm. It was a big job, a LG family/playroom, bedroom two closets and a stairwell.

When they finished, they vacuumed up the carpet and picked up all of their things. They didn't do any damage to our walls at all (another complaint we read). We are so happy with the job they did and are so happy we didn't let all of those bad reviews scare us away. I will definitely tell anyone I know, who needs a carpet installed, to call National Floors Direct! Great job guys! Thanks!

Invest Your Money and Never See It Again
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- Their policy states that if cancellation to the order is made within 3 business days then the customer should then receive the refunded amount within 10 days. I submitted my cancellation via certified mail within the three days of my order and know that it was received by them on 4/7, therefore per their policy I should have received my refund check for cancelled services on 4/21.

I waited until 4/24 and called their 800# when I still had not received it. The woman I spoke with said it had actually just been issued on 4/24 and should receive it via first class mail in 2 to 3 days. Therefore they had reneged on their 10 day policy, but I remained patient. On 5/1 when I still had not received the check, I called again. They said to give it one more day and then to call back on Sat. 5/2 and they would put it into their accounting.

I called again on 5/2 and a woman stated that she herself hand writes the envelopes the checks go out in and was sure the check went out on 4/24. She would send a note to her accounting department and would call me after my mail normally arrives at 2PM on Monday 5/4 to ensure I still had not received it. No one called on 5/4, so I called again on 5/5 and told the woman I spoke with this time the same information. She stated that she would check back with her accounting team and would call me back by the end of the day. No one called again. Today 5/7, one month after my cancellation was received by them I called again.

After explaining all of the above to the woman that answered the phone, she put me on hold and then came back stating that the accounting team had been on vacation and they had just gotten back and were running checks again today 5/7. I asked why I had not been given this information previously as I had been told my check had been issued 4/24, and she said she did not know, so I said "I wanted my check FedExed to me so that I was ensured delivery."

She said she would have to check, she came back on the phone and changed her response to say that my check had been cut on 4/24 and that she would have to go to accounting at the other end of the building to track it and have them cancel it. I told her that was the same thing I had been told on 5/5 and no one called me back so I would hold.

After being put back into their hold queue randomly answered by a few people and 40 min. later, she came back on the line and told me that Accounting was out of the office at a meeting and she could not authorize my check to be sent FedEx. So I told her to put me on with whom could authorize, and I spoke to her manager. He said they would absolutely not FedEx the check to me and could provide no guarantee as to when or how I would receive my refund. All he could guarantee was that I wouldn't be receiving it FedEx. He seemed to only be clear on that point.

When I offered to pick up the check, he stated accounting was now in an off-site location and he did not have their address (so much for three people telling me they were on the other side of the building). So now I am out $1000 with no hopes of receiving it back. I should be getting the interest on this loan I provided them. If they ask for your money that day, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM! If you change your mind you'll never see it again, even if you do adhere to all rules in their policy.

Terrible to Say the Least
By -

BROOKLYN, CONNECTICUT -- Description of Problem: When I talked with the salesman ** it was verbally agreed upon to do no seams with the install. We both actually walked into the hallway and discussed it. It was stated NO SEAMS. In my 16 foot hallway the installers were going to do a seam at a busy junction of the hallway that the three bedrooms enter into. This is not acceptable. I called the company and talked with Installation manager and it was stated to me that that's the way it is.

The installers stated that there should not be a seam in this area and also ** stated the same to me and added "this is ** UP," as I spoke to him. I then called and talked to the Customer service manager, ** in Wallingford and explained the situation to him. He will do nothing, ** stated that it was not on the contract so basically tough luck. During these phone calls the installers stated they had to leave. I explained to ** the mechanics of the traffic area and I was told "tough luck" it is not stated on the contract. I was then told to buy additional carpet to fit this need. Now that's the job of the salesman to state these things.

Then as the installation was going on in the bathroom there was considerable damage done to my wallpaper, doors and door frames based on the installers dragging the carpet across the wood. The installers also damaged the baseboard molding by cutting the carpet up against it. While removing a closet door the installer hit his hammer claw against the molding and took a piece out of it. While the installer was done with his stapler, the oil from the gun stained the bathroom wallpaper.

The bathroom carpet is not cut in correctly, installer stretched the heck out of it to force a miscut to the floor molding. ** in Wallingford and ** in the Mass area would not do anything for me and would not tell me their bosses name to be able register this issue with them to get it resolved. I was going to have other rooms done by them but my confidence in this company is non existent at this time.

I am in the process of getting in touch with ** to resolve this. But have not got in contact just yet. I also am writing to the Consumer Protection Agency and have an interview with Fox News for a Buyer Beware shoot. I am also getting in touch with Richard Blumenthal, the Atty. General to inform him of this practice of Bait and Switch. They sold me one thing then come out and piece it together using (my guess) a leftover from some other job and capitalizing on the profit.

My house is damaged and the install (excuse me please) is not professional. They are not coming through with what was sold to me from their salesperson, come in and do a hack job and damage my house in the process. I do not have any wallpaper to match the bathroom based on their damage, so to repair it the entire bathroom will have to be stripped and redone.

The moldings will have to be replaced and stained to match, the door and frames will have to be re finished and re stained to match. If this is not resolved in a timely manner then I will go to other sources to let this situation be known and let others know about this unfortunate incident. I anticipate hearing from the company to quickly to resolve this.

Settlement Sought: I simply want the carpet in the hallway done without seams as agreed upon with the salesman ** and at the cost/price that I was given. I need the damage caused by the installers fixed to make me whole again as I was before. Woodwork, door woodwork, frames and wallpaper. I do not want the excuses from the company of this and that, with justifications after the fact of their error of selling something that they can not deliver IE written or verbal contract. And baiting me for reasons that are not substantial.

Simply install the hall carpet without seams and fix the damage done by the installer along with fixing or replacing the bathroom carpet based on it not matching to the baseboard in two areas. Now they come out, inspect the damage, I gave them 5 estimates and the damage is $1015.91. They actually have the coconuts to tell me I have to pay them for the carpet that is not finished in the hallway and then wait for a check for the damages. These people are nuts.

Worst Home Improvement Company I Have Ever Dealt With
By -

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- Had a sales representative over the house on 1-5-09 to price out a carpet installation in my family room. Salesman was very nice and decided on a discontinued carpet at a great price. Saved more by agreeing to remove old carpet and moving all furniture. Paid a 10% deposit up front by check and decided to use their finance option.

Salesman informed me that because of the time of night of our purchase he could not run the credit application until the morning and would contact me in the morning if there were any problems. I said fine and that regardless of credit outcome I still would purchase the carpet in cash if necessary. The contract was signed and an install date of 1-19-09 was written. Here is where the fairy tale ends.

I did not hear from the company again until 1-17-09. On this day I received two calls from the install dept. reminding me my carpet was to be installed on 1-19-09 with a window of 9 A.M. to 12 p.m. With all in line the night before the install I removed all the old carpet and stacked all the furniture and computer in another room. This was all done last minute because my wife runs a business from the family room and my two yr. old daughter is confined to this area as a playroom as my wife works.

The day of the installation came and by 12 noon no one had showed. I call. I am told by a representative that the installation crew was running late due to overnight snow and would be there any minute. No problem. One thirty in the afternoon still no one. I call again I speak to a representative by the name of **. I explain to her the situation, she says she will speak to the install sup. and find out what's going on. She returns to the phone and tells me the sup. spoke to the install crew and they are in route to my house. No problem.

TWO HOURS LATER STILL NO ONE (THREE THIRTY NOW). I call again this time demanding to speak to whoever is in charge. This time I get ** on the phone. ** says he will get to the bottom of this. ** returns to the phone to tell me that my carpet did not leave the warehouse today at all for the install. He informs me there was a problem with the financing and they were unsure of the method of payment going to be used.

I informed ** of the fact that I was told by the salesman that if there were any problems with the financing he would call me the day after the sale, and that in addition to that if there was a problem I would pay cash. I also further explained that I was lied to all day by his reps. stating that the installation crew was on their way. I then ask ** "what are you going to do for me now?" ** says he will call me back to see what he can do.

One hour later still no call from **! I call back AGAIN! This time I get **'s boss **. ** informs me he will give me a coupon towards my next purchase. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! A COUPON TOWARDS MY NEXT PURCHASE! I tell ** I want the coupon applied to this purchase and the rug installed the next day at nine a.m. ** tells me "no".

I inform ** that I have lost more money this day without my wife's computer and phone for her business than the price of this carpet, and that I was to lose even more money by having to take yet another day out of work to have the carpet installed the next day, not to mention a two year old with nowhere to go because the rug was ripped out with tack strip exposed everywhere and glue all over the floor from the old rug. ** refuses to discount this purchase in any way. I cancel the order and demand my deposit money back. ** tells me he will mail me back the deposit (still waiting we will see what happens next).

I have lost a lot of money by trying to use this company and fully intend to warn all others of this horrible experience of outright lies and extremely bad customer service. I fully intend to contact the BBB and a family attorney regarding the fact they breached a signed contract. Stay tuned, I will have further developments...

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