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Posted by Stroller Shopper on 06/19/2008
RHODE ISLAND -- A very nice saleswoman came to my house and gave me an estimate for wall to wall carpet. I put down a $100 check deposit. Along with all the paperwork, she gave me a cancellations notice which stated I had 3 days to cancel. On the morning of day 3, I got a better deal with my neighborhood carpet dealer. I immediately went home and called 888-400-FLOOR and talked to Michelle at their call center to cancel and she stated I was still within the 3 day grace period. Simply sign and mail in the cancellation form the saleswoman gave me. I IMMEDIATELY went to the post office and mailed the form.

Then, I noticed that my check was immediately cashed so I called a few days later to follow up and find out why my check was cashed since I canceled. I was bounced around from person to person since the "people at cancellation department aren't here yet." Finally I get a call from "Cora" who states they haven't received the cancellation form in the mail (impossible because I'm only 40 miles away from corporate headquarters). She tells me as soon as form is received I will get $100 refund in 7-10 days. Well, 1 month went by and I call them to find out what is going on. Again, I get "Cora" who tells me my cancellation went through on their system but my file is lost and no one can give me my money without the forms. I offer to fax her all my copies but she states "those are not the files I need."

I threaten to call Attorney General's office and I demand to talk to CEO of company and she tell me there isn't one, and that she is in charge of everything and no one else can help me. I contact the Attorney Genera;s office and send the CEO copies of the complaint figuring they will realize I mean business. They did nothing. I call again and get "Cora" who yells, is irrational, is apparently a dim wit who they have somehow put in some kind of position of authority and is mad because I contacted the AG and who now says I never canceled and states I will not get my $100 back because I voided my own contract by not returning the form in 3 days.

This company has committed corporate robbery and I am doing verything I can to recover my money. I have filed complaints with the Massachusetts Bettrer Business Bureau, Massachusetts Attorney General's office and if this is not rectified I plan to hold a demonstration at the next Boston Red Sox game since they are "The Official Flooring Company of the Boston Red Sox." See if that gets their attention.

They are thiives with a corporate name.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-19:
when will people stop demanding to speak to the ceo and higher up supervisors.

geesh ...........
Posted by Ponie on 2008-06-19:
To give themselves a feeling of importance.
Posted by MyDogsMom on 2008-06-19:
It's probably wiser to get several estimates before forking over any cash. Once you have estimates, check the Better Business website, google the company and check out this very site. Mull it over a few days...the floor ain't going anywhere and THEN give a deposit.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-20:
If your check was cashed, it was probably done so prior to your cancellation since your bank account showed it as being presented for payment.
Unless you sent the form express mail, it usually takes several days to get delivered and several more days to get processed once a company receives it (especially if it is a corporate headquarter). You should have sent it return receipt required at the very least.
I am guessing that a $100 refund isn't going to be high on the Attorney Generals list of hot issues unless there are several hundred similar complaints.
Posted by jillian79 on 2008-07-02:
this company is a circus they have very bad bussiness ethics they even sign up to her to give them selves good reviews you cannot get any ceo because their are none ,this company is fulled with a bunch of white collard thives...
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Very Bad Experience
Posted by Nji9297 on 08/10/2012
IPSWICH -- I had a new carpet installed in my new home. First of all it was supposed to be installed before the movers came as promised. National Floors Direct then changed the installation date and I had to move in before the carpets were installed. This did not allow for me to be there as I had already scheduled the day off for the day they were supposed to come. When the carpets were finally installed they agreed they would move the funiture around in the rooms. The carpenters were given permission to signoff on the installation which they did but when I got home I noticed a two inch tear in my rug. I quickly reported this to National Floors Direct and they are telling me it is my problem and there is nothing they can do for me because My carpenters signed off. This is terrible. The carpet was torn at installation, the installers covered it up for the carpenters and now I am having to live with a brand new torn rug. Never do business with this company. The carpet is cheap, installers are corrupt, bad customer service and don't meet scheduling which causes all sorts of problems. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
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Do Not Use National Floors Direct
Posted by CKtoo on 02/28/2009
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We purchase what the salesman said was "top carpet" in the industry. What we got was crappy carpet that was completely warn within 5 months of the installation (actually it was after just 3 months but the holidays were too crazy to fight with a carpet company) After countless calls for well over 2 months now and having to have their "independent" carpet inspector come out to inspect the crappy looking carpet - have have demanded that they come out and remove the carpet and I want a refund! I was told that they can't do that... why?? Well we just don't come out and remove carpeting because you don't like it.... am I missing something here??? They can have their carpet back - I want my money back - I most certainly did NOT get what I paid for! I never received a copy of the "inspection" report which ultimately stated that there was no mfg issues. The report stated that there was some debris around my beater brush of my Dyson vacuum cleaner - and that some additional professional cleaning could assist with some of the matting... THIS IS CRAZY now I don't clean my house that's why the carpet is crappy. I have a 2 yr old - anyone that has children know that you are constantly cleaning and vacuuming

Please do not use this company... I really wish I had seen some of the complaint postings BEFORE the creepy "used car salesman" came... Basically I just have to rip out and find a reputable dealer...
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-28:
Take pictures and sue them for bait-and-switch.

Carpet should last a lot longer than 3 months.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-28:
Matting? That sounds really bad.. Sorry NFD is treating you like a good number of their other customers..poorly!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-28:
Take lots of pictures then drive right down 139 to the Stoughton District Court and open up a small claims case.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-28:
Take lots of pictures then drive right down 139 to the Stoughton District Court and open up a small claims case. It will help your case if you send them a demand letter via registered mail. Give them a drop-dead date to comply, then file your case the next day. In Massachusetts, you can file a 93A action, which means if you can priove unfair or deceptive business practices, you automatically collect triple damages.
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Poor Quality Carpeting and Installation
Posted by Shoman on 01/28/2013
AUBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- The workmanship was terrible. Within a day after they left, I could see the lines where they tried to match up the pieces of carpeting. Of course, because they will only acknowledge a problem while the workers are still in the house, I was out of luck.

Then, merely months later, I was vacuuming one day and BOOM, a piece of carpet got sucked up and within SECONDS, a long, thick string became unraveled, leaving an unsightly flaw. When I called, I got the standard, "we are sorry, but...."

I won't even get into the fact that they scratched my furniture and left a huge stain on my brand new rug (just those basic statements speak volumes).

I can not recommend this company to anyone. They are despicable.
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Customer Service, Installation manager
Posted by Newportdu on 05/09/2012
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We had called National Floors to come to give a price to install carpeting in the living room. The salesman was very nice, we picked out the carpet from the samples. We then talked about the layout for the carpet and he suggested the long seam should be in the low traffic area against the far wall, having had many carpets installed, I was aware of the seams "fraying" and agreed. Now comes the install day. The two installers were very nice and knew what they were talking about and pointed out that instead of no seam in the high traffic area, there were 3 patch seams, totally different from what had been promised. I was sure it was a mistake and called the company and got the secretary who spoke to the "install manager" and was told they will not change it and he will not talk to me. I insisted on talking to him and he finally came to the phone. He told me he will not change the seam locations and if I insisted he will charge a restock fee and a higher price for the carpet. I raised my voice in disapproval "but with no bad language". His answer was to "go f**k myself, and he hung up.
I am now headed to small claims court because they won't even give my money back. KEEP AWAY FROM THEM. I am also filing a complaint with the "BBB" although I understand I will only be one of many.
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Painful Customer Service/Don't Do IT !!!!
Posted by Mcaaki on 05/03/2012
MASSACHUSETTS -- Want all money upfront. Don't do it. Customer Service confrontational and argumentative. She hung up on me. I looked @ the carpeting they sent out to install while it was still in the truck. Horrible quality. Showed up late with only one person to install 3 rooms and stairs. Misrepresentation of product. Took my deposit money and refused to give it back. Now I must deal with Attorney General's Office. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right?" What happened to service in this country? The whole process has been nothing but upsetting. Don't do it!!
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Terrible Company
Posted by Mmacg on 09/30/2010
My husband and I hired NFD to install carpeting in our house. The day of the install was the day before my babyshower and I explained to our salesman MULTIPLE times that if anything went wrong and I did not have my carpeting finished in time he would wish he never took this sales call. In addition he accused us of making up the bran of carpet we had a comparable quote on, he didn't believe that the price we had from Home Depot could be on the same brand, so he told us we made it up... we were on the phone with Home Depot in his presence. I was incredibly irritated. However we just wanted the carpet done ASAP so we went with NFD, BAD CHOICE. The day of the install my husband instantly noticed there wasn't much carpeting delivered. The installers did their job fairly well, but as soon as they got to the last area to be carpeted it was apparent that there was not enough carpet. My husband asked how much carpet they received from the warehouse, and to his surprise it was 720sq yards when we were quoted, AND PAID FOR over 800sq. yards. My husband called NFD and explained to them that they needed to get the rest of the carpet to our house ASAP, they told him that it couldn't be delivered until Monday. SO we settled for having a huge seam in the middle of the hallway, where it should have been one piece, and carpet that didn't extend all the way to the wall, it stops just under the base board. In addition in the days after the install we noticed that there are "lumps" under the carpet in many areas, as if they carpeted over rocks. We continued to let all of this slide because neither one of us wanted to deal with NFD, however today when I was walking on the carpet over to a hearth (where the carpet ends) I was punctured in my foot, three times, by a tack strip that is sticking up through the carpet. I then had to clean blood off of my relatively new carpet. I am infuriated. There is no reason for that tack strip to be protruding through the carpet. NFD will be receiving a VERY irate phone call. There service is absolutely ridiculous. Home Depot is cheaper and much more reliable.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-09-30:
"The day of the install was the day before my babyshower and I explained to our salesman MULTIPLE times that if anything went wrong and I did not have my carpeting finished in time he would wish he never took this sales call."

Start a transaction like this and you're sure to be asking for trouble! Be Nice!
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-09-30:
"The day of the install was the day before my babyshower and I explained to our salesman MULTIPLE times that if anything went wrong and I did not have my carpeting finished in time he would wish he never took this sales call."

Start a transaction like this and you're sure to be asking for trouble! Be Nice! It's not their fault you waited until the last moment.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-10-01:
exactly, weed.

why would you start a sale with threatening the company?
Posted by Skye on 2010-10-01:
OP, I can understand your wanting it done properly and in time, but waiting until the day before your baby shower was kind of pushing it close.

Now you seem to have been annoyed at them from the start. Maybe it's hormonal, maybe its just because you were irritated about everything. But you are entitled to good service and installation. Although, it isn't very nice or professional of you, to make threats to the salesperson. I guess he/she needed the commission because I certainly would of not wanted to deal with someone who was threatening me before anything was even started.
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Think twice and then think again before buying a rug from National Floors
Posted by 1701 on 12/20/2009
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is now the 2nd time I've purchased carpeting/flooring from National Floors Direct. The first time, I had no problems. We decided to call them again when we needed carpeting replaced in 2 bedrooms, large hallway, 2 stair cases and our family room. A very large job! A simple situation that occurred right after installation could have been quickly resolved however I discovered that once the purchase is made and the carpet installed, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. You are on your own! The Customer Service Manager is of NO help and actually yelled at me - the customer! On 2 occasions I asked to speak with the owner/manager. The sales representative did not want to give me his name. Finally someone that answered the phone on one of my many calls, gave me his name. It seems that no one in the organization can contact this guy directly (very odd) and they insisted they would ask him to call me. What a surprise! He never called me. back. A simple issue that could have been resolved has now escalated. I would NEVER buy from this company again and I am telling all of my friends NOT to buy from this company. They'll take your money but don't want to talk to you after the sale.
Think twice before calling them!
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-12-20:
I've been in wholesale carpeting for twenty yrs. Since you give absolutely no information on your 'issue' your posting comes off as simply a rant and has little value without any details. Many things go wrong with flooring. Most are consumer issues. A little info would be nice.
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Horrible Service
Posted by Jma1 on 11/25/2009
We scheduled to have a carpet installed on November 7. When they arrived they brought the complete wrong carpet. We immediately had the guys who install the carpet call to try to resolve the issue. They install crew left here to go back to the warehouse to get the correct carpet while we discussed the issue with the customer service representative. They did not have our carpet in stock and wanted us to wait until Tuesday to have it installed. We removed all furniture and kept it in a big storage box outside the house. After going back and forth for a few hours and having our sale representative back and forth to our house to try to resolve the issue they concluded they could not get any carpet installed that day because the installation crew had already left. We ended up working out because of the MAJOR inconvenience a discount and the carpets would be installed Monday. Monday came and they carpet had not arrived in stock yet so it was scheduled for Tuesday, this was also discussed with our sale representative as well who said he would contact us first thing Tuesday morning to confirm a time. Tuesday mid morning came by and we had not heard so we called. During that conversation we learned they never scheduled us for Tuesday and didn't actually have an install date at all setup. After a consistent run around from them we finally got it setup and installed Wednesday. Because of the major inconvenience unfortunately my fiance and I could not stay the entire time they were installing because we had already taken 3 days to wait for them where they had the wrong carpet or did not show up as we had anticipated. My parents came and waited while they were installed and locked up after. When we came home we inspected the carpets and noticed there were random Staples on the ground so we picked them up not thinking that was a big deal. Once we started looking into the bedrooms we noticed the closets had the Staples sticking out of the hard wood floor that we had. In the work order we specifically asked for the closets not to get done, they must have realized that after they already started installing them and took out whatever they had stapled to the ground however all the Staples are still there. Immediately that night we called and asked for someone to come out and remove them as we have children that live in this house. A few days later no one had come out yet and with all of the moving of the furniture into the house it honestly wasn't the first thing on my mind because from our standpoint we had already called them about the issue. My fiance had called back regarding the nails when it went time to start putting stuff in the closets and we realized we really couldn't. We received the paperwork from the finance company and it had the complete wrong price. I immediately called back and spoke with a very nice woman. I first brought up the Staples in the floor and she said she would have someone out here the beginning of this week and we would receive a callback with the time they would be able to. I thought that was very nice of her and really appreciated her help. I next brought up the billing issue with the price being over by about $700. She tried to get someone that would be able to handle that issue on the phone but said they were all busy and didn't want to leave me on hold so she took the two phone numbers where we could be reached and said we would receive a callback within the hour. After about 4-5 hours and no phone call back we tried back again. At this point we spoke with a few different employees there and were not getting anywhere with it as the last person we spoke with had said there were no notes in the system regarding the discount. Luckily we had written the person who approve the discount's name down and had the direct number to our sale associate. While I was on the phone providing all the information with who approved the discount and proper amount the floors were to cost, my fiance called our sales associate. He mentioned the issues we were having with the pricing as well as the nails in the floors. After some time the price was situated. Because of the conversation earlier being the nails and that someone was going to call us with the exact time we didn't bring up the issue again. We called mid morning today because it is now the day before Thanksgiving and are expecting to have the entire family over where there are numerous little kids going to be in the house. The first woman I spoke with was very nice yet again. She said she didn't see any notes in the system about any of our calls and unfortunately they could not get anyone out here today because it is the day before the holiday. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor because the issues just keeps getting pushed off and it's a very serious matter, especially if someone was to get hurt on the Staples that are sticking out. We never once made a big deal about our hard wood floors being ruined by having hundreds of holes from the Staples in the floor. The supervisor basically said they couldn't do anything today and that it's our responsibility if something happens to anyone on them although its National Floors Direct's negligence that is causing all of these issues. Our children have gone about 2 weeks with no toys because we can not bring them up and put them in their closet so they are still packed away. This has been a consistent run around and more of a hassle and headache than we ever imagined this to be. We made him aware that if something happened to our children or any of the children in the family it would not be our fault because we were not the ones that put the Staples in the ground and left them and his response was well we can always take away your discount at anytime. The carpets are not worth the trouble we are getting and to be spoken to how we have been is very unprofessional. We do not recommend this company to anyone unless they are ready for the hassle that comes with it.
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Do not use NFD under any circumstances
Posted by Roadstergal on 08/24/2009
I had $3750 worth of carepeting installed in my home in March of 2008. I won't even get into the no shows and lies that I was told as to why they had to cancel or did not show up. I finally got the install, but they came at 4:00 for quite a big job. These two foreigners that told me that they just learned how to install carpet. They did not leave my home until 1:00 in the morning.

Fast forward to August of 2009. I start noticing humps in my carpet in three different rooms. My great room or living room is the worse and it has humps or wrinkles in six places.

After investigating on line, I discovered that this is caused by poor installation. No, you don't say! The carpeting should have been stretched with a machine. What has happened is the carpet has stretched. I can't get them to come over and repair it. It took me three weeks of phone calls to even get a firm appointment. That was for last Friday. They never showed and I called and complained and I was told they would be here on Monday. Monday morning, I called to confirm the appointment and I was told to expect them between three and six. I would have preferred an earlier appointment, but I was anxious to get them here so I did not complain. It is now six thirty and no show and no phone call. As I was typing this a commercial came on TV for them stating that their carpet is guaranteed for life and they will come right over to remedy and problems you may incur. What a joke.

Please do not use these people. The labor is poor to say the least and they lie to you. Don't make the same mistake that many of us did. I will never use these people again and I will do what ever I can to let others know the truth about them.
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