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National Floors Direct Flooring

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1.0 out of 5, based on 8 ratings and
22 reviews & complaints.
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National Floors Direct
40 Robbie Road
Avon, MA 02322
888-400-3566 (ph)
(508) 580-8553 (fax)
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Horrible Sales and Service
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, CONNECTICUT -- Beware of National Floors Direct! High pressure sales, with inappropriate comments: wasn't impressed with the floor I had until he knew they installed it. You want to cancel, you have to write a letter and get it to them in 3 days, which my friend couldn't do so now a 15% restocking fee. So they show up and wouldn't do it because stove and refrigerator won't disconnected which she wasn't told had to be done, but it was in the fine print she signed. Rep said "thanks for your money". Do yourself a favor, use a local guy, not this rip off company. Please like and share to give them a message!

Do Not Use National Floors Direct
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- DO NOT USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT!!! I placed two orders with National Floors Direct, and on one of them I used the next day installation service. I took a day off from work, and received a phone call in the morning cancelling the installation because the carpet was unavailable. I then called the company at about 9:15 AM and ** told me she was pulling up the installation order and would call me right back. After an hour of not hearing anything, I called back around 10:00 AM. I then spoke with ** and selected a different carpet and was told he would call me back with an installation time.

After another hour of waiting with no call back, I called the company back again at about 11:00 AM and spoke to ** who said they would be here between 3-6. At 4:00 I received a message on my cell phone confirming my installation date for the next day. I called ** again and she assured me that was a mistake, and that the crew would be here between 3-6 as they had stated. I waited in my home until 6:00 PM when I finally called the company - which was closed for the evening.

I got in touch with my sales representative ** at about 6:15 which was the only phone number I had and he said he would call back as soon as he got in touch with someone at the company. I didn't hear back so called ** again at 6:45. He explained he was still waiting for a call back but was working on. ** was able to get someone at the company to finally call at 8:00 PM on Friday night, at which point since I hadn't heard anything from anyone at the company, I had left my home and went out to dinner assuming they would not show up.

** was extremely unapologetic, said he would come now (In which case they wouldn't have arrived at my home until at least 8:30 and would have been there until about 10:30 at night), and I declined. I was told that they needed to know by 9:00 AM if I wanted the Saturday installation, so I said yes, and I would call the company in the morning if I wanted to cancel. On Saturday morning no one showed up again. I called the company and spoke to customer service who put ** on the phone again. ** was extremely rude, at some point yelling, talking over me as I tried to speak, and told me essentially that all of the miscommunication was my fault.

He said the company had tried to call me (they hadn't) that I shouldn't have waited at my house all day because they gave me a 3-6 window (at 11:00 AM after I had been calling for 2 hours) that they were just running late and I should have waited (they didn't call until 8:00 and only because of my sales representative when they were supposed to show between 3-6), and blatantly lied on the phone saying that I had said I did not want the Saturday installation (which I requested), and that he had called me the day before (which my phone records prove he hadn't).

** said he is the highest person at the company aside from the CEO, and so there was no one else I could speak to because the CEO does not take customer calls. In all of my life I have NEVER experienced customer service as poorly as National Floors Direct, and I have never experienced a customer facing employee treat the customer so badly. ** was outwardly rude, didn't care about the customer, and very slow to respond to any complaints. The company was RUDE, never SHOWED, and wasted my time. USE EMPIRE!!!

Horrible Installation And Even Worse Customer Service
By -

We were getting wood floors upstairs to match the downstairs. Our representative ** showed us wood that would match exactly as the wood downstairs. When the installers arrived, the wood they had was darker than what we were shown. When we asked about it, we were told by the installers that that is what we picked and that it is impossible to exactly match colors. We let it go... our FIRST big mistake.

They said they they would be done installing within 5-6 hours. They came in at about 9 am, and were at my home till about 2 am. YES 2 AM!!! All we had to do was the upstairs foyer (from the top of the stairs to where the rooms just start - a VERY SMALL AREA) And at 2 am... they were still not done!! They said they would come back the next day. When we looked at the work properly that they had done the next morning... we were SHOCKED!!! There were cracks and splinters ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!! Apparently they were hitting the nails in too hard (which the installers themselves admitted to us by the way).

We were very very displeased and let the installers know. We even called the company. We were told that the company could not authorize for more material (as though it was OUR fault that the installation was not done right the first time!!). So the installers said that they had someone else's products in their truck and that they would use that to "repair" our floor... so now we were talking about repairing BRAND NEW FLOORS using SOMEBODY ELSE'S WOOD!!! We even accepted THAT... our SECOND BIG mistake.

After this everything went downhill. They came back the next week and took out individual pieces of wood and put in somebody else's wood (which happened to look a lot like ours). After they were done "fixing" the floors (which by the way took all day again), we found MORE problems!! Now the pieces that they had fixed was actually coming back out!! In areas where there should have been wood, we had wood fillers.... and nails were popping out from some areas as well!!

We called them back again and complained AGAIN. So a woman I spoke with said they would send out an inspector to inspect. When we asked about the installers, if they could come back and fix it, we were told that they no longer worked with the company (NOTE - 1). So they send out an inspector **, who said I should hear from the company within a week.

Two weeks passed, and I did not hear from anyone. So we called back and after explaining what happened (for the millionth time) were told by ** that someone will call us back in 20 minutes about the issue. No one called. I called back and was put on hold for the longest time, after which I was given an appt. for 09/05/08 (exactly 2 months after the floors were first installed) and was also told that the inspector no longer worked for them (NOTE - 2). We were frustrated by this time. But figured as long as someone was coming back out, it should be OK... our THIRD BIG mistake.

The woman I spoke with said someone would call me in the morning and give me a time frame. I did not receive any call. So I called them around 12 pm, wondering what was going on. I was told by ** that someone would come in at 5 pm the same day. No one showed up or called... no surprises there!! I even called the company at around 5:30 pm to make sure someone was really coming, and the automated system said that the offices close at 6 pm. The very next line said the offices are closed now!! So I called back the next day, spoke with a person named **, who said someone would come by on Sat (09/06/08).

This guy was an installer for them and I guess maybe an inspector too. When the inspector arrived, he said the company respected his opinions and he said in HIS WORDS, "I am so sorry your floor turned out this way. This quality used is not really good. The installers did a bad job, and I feel very bad about it. But the problem is, it was someone else who did this job, not me or my people. So it is very hard for me to fix it. The entire floor will need to be replaced. I am so sorry you guys are going through this". This was HIS EXACT WORDS TO US. He said he will talk to a ** who will call us on Monday and let us know what is going on.

No one called on Monday. So I called back Tuesday, and was told by ** again, that someone will call me after 11 am on wed (09/10/08). So I told him no one from your company EVER calls back. So I am telling you that if no one calls me, I will call back around 12 pm. He said OK. So I called ** back today (09/10/08) around noon. Asked for ** (the guy who originally told me someone would be there sat).... and guess what??? I WAS TOLD HE NO LONGER WORKS THERE!!! (NOTE - 3). Now either all these people really quit, or they just don't want to come back on line and talk to me!! So I speak with a ** and he asked me, "What's going on?"

So I ask him to tell ME what is going on, as I have not heard from anyone yet, since the second inspector/installer came in on Sat. So he tells me that the inspector who came in told him that there was no problem with the floor!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE WOULD LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH LIKE THAT!! I knew one of them was lying. So I told ** that that was NOT what the inspector told us. And I want to talk with the inspector right now, with ** on line, so I could find out who was lying. And to that I was told that the inspector would come in tomorrow morning.... and so I said he needs to call me when the inspector is in.

So we have agreed to him giving me a call at 7:30 am tomorrow morning (09/11/08). Lets hope he does not quit either and really does call me. Meanwhile, I am disputing the payment with the credit card company that is financing this deal. The company was very sympathetic and helpful and gave me the necessary steps to follow. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am filing a complaint with the Attorney General Tomorrow. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS UNRELIABLE COMPANY. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. IN FACT, NOTHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY SEEMS RIGHT... SCAMMERS, THAT'S WHO THEY ARE.

Installing Floors
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- My recent experience with Nation Floors Direct was very poor. I was promised laminate floor in three rooms. I got two floors with laminate and one with tile. The representative they sent out to survey the rooms I wanted done confirmed that the company could do the job. When the workers came out they stated that my kitchen could be done, but the laundry room and bathroom could not. The laundry room and bathroom would have to be tiled. A delay which I did not anticipate.

When the second crew came to put the tile in, they stated they could not do the job, because the floors had to be leveled. Another expenses that I did not anticipate. Another delay. I got the floors leveled and they came back with guess what? They could not put the tiles in, I should go back to the laminate floors. Another delay, when they were supposed to arrive it was another delay, they could not make it. I did not get a call, I had to call them to see where the installers where. They stated to me that the crew never called in. I had to wait again.

Now that the floors are finally completed. I had to call them again. Part of the floor has come loose. It has not even been two weeks. I called to have someone come out and I got "Someone will call you. I am still waiting. I think the company should reconsider how they handle paying customers. They get their money in full up front prior to completing the work and you have to be on their schedule not yours. I also believe that when they send out their representative they should know if they can do the job the way you ask and not have to be told later that it can not be done.

They also charge for removing sub floors, In my case there were no sub floors and I was charged for it. When speaking to a representative of the company they said that they would look into it. Again no response. If you want my opinion if you want your floors done right go to another company.

National Floors Direct Terrible Experience
By -

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had National Floors Direct come out to the house and give me an estimate for carpeting 4 bedrooms and for doing hardwood floors in my living room and family room. The appointment was supposed to be for between 6 and 8 PM. The guy called at about 7:45 saying he was running late and would be there in half an hour. Well, I have 2 young kids that I put to bed at 8:30, so I found this very inconvenient. I should have cancelled the appointment with them, but I let them proceed anyway.

At 9:15, the guy finally showed up. My kids already in bed because I couldn't wait any longer for the guy. I did let him in, and his name was **. Anyhow, he was wreaking of cigarette smoke and booze. I'm a smoker, and the smell doesn't usually bother me, but this was baaaad.. not to mention the smell of stale booze on his breath. I explained to him that I was extremely disappointed in whatever scheduling "problems" came up, and not to mention he shouldn't wreak of tobacco and booze when you come to someone's home. There's just SO MANY things wrong with that.

As I told him to leave, he got upset, like I did something wrong and started swearing, kicked my cat who was outside at the time and stomped out to his car. What a JERK!!! I'm so glad I didn't proceed with National Floors Direct. I had scheduled an appointment for Empire Today to come out a couple of days before this. They came out the next day. The guy (his name is **) was on time, polite, informative, very knowledgeable, and spent a ton of time with us picking out just the right carpet and wood, and the pricing was very reasonable. Plus, he didn't smell like stale smoke and booze. He scheduled the installation right then and there; and arranged the financing for me.

When the installers arrived 2 days later, they were on time, very polite, and did a terrific job. A couple of days later, Empire Today's central office called to see how everything went, and to ask if I had any issues, complaints, or questions. Everything went terrific and I am glad I chose Empire. I see a lot of complaints on here about National Floors Direct, and I'm glad I ultimately made the right choice.

Avoid At All Costs
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- They're at it again! Had the stair carpet put in this morning as the 2nd part of the job started last week (see my other review). ANOTHER AWFUL INSTALL! I inspected it, pointed out the issues, installer ** refused to fix them, said it was done properly, even though parts were fine and other parts were not. He quickly left, saying he had to ** who is always contradictory of herself and will lie to you. Don't believe their "1 year warranty of install", because you could send them a pic of a complete disaster and they'll blame you or the product in all cases! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES.

Dan Rosenberg (owner, according to records i found online) was investigated and shut down in new jersey for his previous flooring business back in 2004-2006. This is public knowledge easily found on the net. 347 complaints against them on the BBB in the last 3 years, 78 closed in the last 12 months. You do the Math.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

We recently had a floor installed for a dance studio. The salesman stated they have installed floors in many studios and that they had just installed one in Rhode Island. After our first tap class, the floor had scratch marks and digs on it. We contacted National Floor asking what we could do to prevent this for happening further. We never got a call back. We called again, customer service told us to go to Lowes and buy a sealant. Lowes never heard of such a thing.

We made another, and another, and another, and another call to National Floor. They are always in meetings when you call and never return a call. They finally asked for photos of the floor, which were sent to them that same day. Today, 5 days after sending photos, and numerous more phone calls, we were told there's nothing they can do and to file a claim against Armstrong.

Company policies and customer service terrible

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hired company to install hardwood floors in 3 bedrooms and hallway. This was almost a $6000 job I paid 50% up front. When installers arrived I was told they required remainder of payment prior to starting the job. I have never heard of a company in the service business requiring final payment prior to the job being completed. I never heard of paying in full for a contracting job before a job is completed. I called the office and spoke to ** who claims she was a supervisor of customer service.

I explained my concerns and it seemed like I was an interruption to her day. I asked to speak to a manager and was never able to. Not the person I would want representing my company. Installers were very polite and apologetic to my concerns. Based on their response it appears they get this a lot. As you can see by several of the reviews that have one star, the company has significant issues in how they deal with their customers.

Not a good company to deal with
By -

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Got a quote for laminate flooring. Sales rep said it gets installed over broken linoleum squares. Installer came and said they needed to be pulled up. He called the company, they would not pay for it. I had to pay the installer to do it. The company would not reimburse me. They charged me to move the stove. The installer did not move the stove. Got $30 back after calling the company.

The 0% financing comes with a price that gets added into the price they quote. Don't do it unless you have to. You don't get any itemized invoice. No way to check what has been taxed or how much things cost. The sub-contractors who installed the floor were very good. The company is not. Ask a lot of questions about what things cost or you will not know what your are being charged for.

Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

CUMBERLAND, RHODE ISLAND -- How can National Floors Direct actually be in business? Installation was done incorrectly and incomplete as well as outright lies regarding installation scheduling that cost loss of salary for the 2 days of work that we gave up to be present when installers finally showed up. Set up yet another day to have them come back and complete/fix the installation costing 2 of us another day out of work - and then get the phone call, the installer won't be coming (after they were confirmed 2 hours before). Call to complain and the "supervisor" declares it is all our fault for not supervising their installer correctly and hangs up!

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