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Avoid At All Costs
Posted by Davidjpt on 03/09/2013
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- They're at it again! Had the stair carpet put in this morning as the 2nd part of the job started last week (see my other review). ANOTHER AWFUL INSTALL! I inspected it, pointed out the issues, installer "Sam" refused to fix them, said it was done properly, even though parts were fine and other parts were not. He quickly left, saying he had to get to the next job! Called company (no idea how many times Ive spoken to them over the last week), spoke with Livia who is always contradictory of herself and will lie to you. Don't believe their "1 year warranty of install", because you could send them a pic of a complete disaster and they'll blame you or the product in all cases! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES. DAN ROSENBERG (OWNER, ACCORDING TO RECORDS I FOUND ONLINE) WAS INVESTIGATED AND SHUT DOWN IN NEW JERSEY FOR HIS PREVIOUS FLOORING BUSINESS BACK IN 2004-2006. THIS IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE AND EASILY FOUND ON THE NET.


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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Corr_apple on 09/22/2012
We recently had a floor installed for a dance studio. The salesman stated they have installed floors in many studios and that they had just installed one in Rhode Island. After our first tap class, the floor had scratch marks and digs on it. We contacted National Floor asking what we could do to prevent this for happening further. We never got a call back. We called again, customer service told us to go to Lowes and buy a sealant. Lowes never heard of such a thing.

We made another, and another, and another, and another call to National Floor. They are always in meetings when you call and never return a call. They finally asked for photos of the floor, which were sent to them that same day. Today, 5 days after sending photos, and numerous more phone calls, we were told there's nothing they can do and to file a claim against Armstong.
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Posted by Britmatt75 on 04/15/2012
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm writing this review because I am an ex employee who worked for this company. I am owed over 1000.00 in commissions for the last 3 years and haven't been paid. I am not a disgruntled employee as it was my choice to leave. Legally however I am entitled to the commissions that I earned. So I would take this lack of caring about doing the right thing by their employees into account when thinking about which flooring companies to use when the time comes for YOU to choose one. I personally would NEVER choose National Floors Direct however.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2012-04-15:
why don't you simply sue in small claims court and be done with them?
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Terrible work terrible customer service
Posted by Gayletimothy31 on 12/08/2011
Poorly installed flooring, dishonest service, no customer service.

Floor began to lift & buckle and they claimed it was from water damage even after inspectors determined it was fram flooring being installed too tight against the walls. I would never recommend this company! They should not be in business

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Not a good company to deal with
Posted by Vvvmom on 11/13/2007
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Got a quote for laminate flooring. Sales rep said it gets installed over broken linoleum squares. Installer came and said they needed to by pulled up. He called the company they would not pay for it. I had to pay the installer to do it. The company would not reimburse me.

They charged me to move the stove. The installer did not move the stove. Got $30 back after calling the company. The %0 per financing comes with a price that gets added into the price they quote. Don't do it unless you have to. You don't get any itemized invoice. No way to check what has been taxed or how much things cost.
The sub-contractors who installed the floor were very good. The company is not.

Ask a lot of questions about what things cost or you will not know what your are being charged for.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-13:
Very good info, thanks for the heads up. Vvvmom welcome to M3C's! Keep up the good posts.
Posted by Jayclick on 2008-01-05:
Excellent post!
If we can find enough people disgruntled or cheated by NFD we could organize a class action lawsuit and bring them to their knees!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-05:
Jayclick, remember in a class action suit the attorneys make ALL the money. We get a coupon for $10.00 off on something from National Floors Direct that we can't use or want. Best way to hurt shaddy companies like National Floors Direct is to warn as money people as possible about them.
Posted by johnnyboy1 on 2008-06-01:
I think if you can get a enough of customers that have been cheated and lied to you can go to the media outlets. Their trouble shooters like Susan Hogan from channel 12 could probably do something
Posted by phosie on 2008-08-29:
jayclick,,,sounds good to me,,im an installer and worked for a few months for NFD,,ive seen what they do and how they treat customers and the installers,,they dont only cheat the customers, they cheat us also,,,they owe all the inastallers thousands and thousands of dollars,,and they say" we will give you what we owe you if you show up everyday",,,what a scam, the company sucks,,i would ;ove to put them out of business
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Posted by Davidjpt on 03/07/2013
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Based upon more than plenty of bad reviews all over the internet about this company, I probably do not need to go into detail. But here is the breakdown: salesman lied about many things, company made a huge mess, damaged my home and did not clean up as contractually obligated, nor did they move anything back.

They refuse to return phone calls or resolve dispute. Flooring is uneven, bouncy and damaged, and the company will not honor their so-called 1 year install warranty. Reached out to Armstrong Floors who agree it was a bad install. Best advice if you for some reason do business with these people: do not hand over the check until job is done to your satisfaction per the contract.

I would never have my worst enemy do business with these people.
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No customer service
Posted by Hotone on 06/21/2011
AVON,, MASSACHUSETTS -- Do ever use National Floor Direct for your flooring needs. Had carpet installed and the installer refused to do something requested and now I have 2 different carpet colors meeting each other. No satisfaction from NFD. Then when the installer put hardwood flooring down he drilled a whole in the floor, why I don't know, stuck TV cable line in whole and nailed it down, can't get cable out of there and now we have a black cable line running across the floor and can not hide it or get rid of it unless I want a whole in my new hardwood flooring. Customer service was of no help. Basically I was told too bad.
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National Floors Direct Terrible Experience
Posted by Jeremy3 on 09/16/2010
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had National Floors Direct come out to the house and give me an estimate for carpeting 4 bedrooms and for doing hardwood floors in my living room and family room.

The appointment was supposed to be for between 6 and 8 PM. The guy called at about 7:45 saying he was running late and would be there in half an hour. Well, I have 2 young kids that I put to bed at 8:30, so I found this very inconvenient. I should have cancelled the appointment with them, but I let them proceed anyways.

At 9:15, the guy finally showed up. My kids already in bed because I couldn't wait any longer for the guy. I did let him in, and his name was Mark, or Tony, or something. Anyhow, he was wreaking of cigarette smoke and booze. I'm a smoker, and the smell doesn't usually bother me, but this was baaaad.. not to mention the smell of stale booze on his breath.

I explained to him that I was extremely disappointed in whatever scheduling "problems" came up, and not to mention he shouldn't wreak of tobacco and booze when you come to someone's home. There's just SO MANY things wrong with that.

As I told him to leave, he got upset, like I did something wrong, and started swearing, kicked my cat, who was outside at the time and stomped out to his car. What a JERK!!!
I'm so glad I didn't proceed with National Floors Direct. I had scheduled an appointment for Empire Today to come out a couple of days before this. They came out the next day. The guy ( his name is Dana ) was on time, polite, informative, very knowledgeable, and spent a ton of time with us picking out just the right carpet and wood, and the pricing was very reasonable. Plus, he didn't smell like stale smoke and booze. He scheduled the installation right then and there; and arranged the financing for me.

When the installers arrived 2 days later, they were on time, very polite, and did a terrific job. A couple of days later, Empire Today's central office called to see how everything went, and to ask if I had any issues, complaints, or questions.

Everything went terrific and I am glad I chose Empire. I see a lot of complaints on here about National Floors Direct, and I'm glad I ultimately made the right choice.

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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Zbnikov on 06/30/2010
ELKRIDGE, MARYLAND -- We signed a contract for wood flooring on 1/11/2010. The contract states "BUYERS RIGHT TO CANCEL: You the buyer(s) may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction." We cancelled verbally to the Sales Representative on 1/12/2010. We were told to write a letter and submit it to the Elkridge, MD office and we did. We have not received our refund of the $820 deposit. National Floors Direct claims that we did not cancel and will only issue a store credit. We have made numerous attempts to obtain our refund. National Floors Direct staff do not return calls and refuse to issue the refund.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-30:
Well written review and I'd side with you. Lesson well learned, though, make sure that you have a way to document everything.
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Questionable ethics
Posted by Sousa1 on 04/09/2010
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Add my name to the rest of Thrilled NFD customers. I stupidly did not read reviews before committing to use NFD. I chose to use them because I needed a speedy job due to committing to other contractors, cabinet, counter, and appliance vendors. Their next day promise was useless. I hired another contractor to ready the site for National's delivery which did not tae place after 3 calls to tell me there crew ws on the way. ,The final call was to tell me they were not going to arrive because the material was not in yet. I made a $1000.00 deposit and feel so strongly about their general way of business that I am willing to give it up.
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