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Fraudulent contract
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I was divorced the end of 2006 and a 'friend' had told me about home warranty services since I was planning on buying another home. I looked them up on the computer and NHP had a place to leave your name and phone number.

A day later I received a call from NHP offering me a contract. I explained to them 'I was not divorced yet' and I 'had not bought a home yet'. Even with that information they proceeded to sell me a contract. They offered a 5 year contract at a reduced rate and said if I took it they would send me a $500.00 Home Depot card. I agreed. They did not say anything about the terms of the contract, only that they would pay for any repairs or replacements to anything in my home. I did not know anything about the 'must be in working order' on the date of the contract. If I had, I would not have bought the contract. I did buy the contract. I looked over the contract when I received it and noticed the 'must be in working order' and should have contacted them at that time. Being naive, I didn't. I also never received the $500.00 Home Depot card.

After I bought the house, had repairs and inspection done I moved in. Soon after I had to call for service and they denied my claim. I have tried to get my money back and have told them I considered the contract null and void since they had not given me the complete information on the contract. They stopped taking my calls and emails. I sent letters of complaint to the BBB, D.A.'s office, and Attorney General's office. I even sent a certified letter to customer service. I finally filed a small claims suit to try to get my money back. They have never tried to contact me except to try to get me to extend my contract after a year.
I am out a considerable amount of money (for me) and have learned a very valuable lesson. I don't want them to do this to any other people if I can help it.
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Slimjim on 02/07/2008:
You flat out admit you read the disclosure that pre-existing conditions are not covered. Even if you didn't, which still is not their fault, common sense would certainly tell you that you can't purchase a service contract to guard against repairs on something that already is broken. Inspections are done before closing, so you must have know these things were in need of repair before you bought the house, and subsequently, the warranty coverage. It sounds like you bought the contract to specifically repair things that should have been addressed with the seller first or accepted in an "as is" deal. I'm taking it your naivety defense didn't fly in your court case.
GothicSmurf on 02/07/2008:
Why would you buy a contract for a home you haven't even purchased yet? They must have had one hard sell. Bottom line is you should have said, "Not interested." And hung up.
Principissa on 02/07/2008:
When we bought our house in December there were two inspections done on the house, one for the appraisal and the other for the mortgage company to disclose all the pre-existing conditions of the home. With both inspections we were sent reports stating what needed to be repaired. What I don't get is that you read the paperwork, knew that these things were not covered, and now expect them to fix them and are angry that they won't. You also bought a contract for a home you hadn't even purchased yet. This is a horrible company to begin with, but honestly you shouldn't have purchased a contract before you purchased the house.
memoryx57 on 02/07/2008:
OK, maybe I'm reading this wrong but didn't the op state that she had repairs and inspection done before ever calling NHP for service? Of course common sense dictates that you don't buy a warranty for something you haven't even purchased yet. I guess I'm just not understanding this. How in the world can NHP sell a contract on a non existent property? Don't they have to have an address to tag the warranty to? Something just doesn't ring clear on this one!!
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Bad warranty company
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Don't by a warranty from this company (NAC).They will try to get out of paying a claim. I bought the Pinnacle policy. They took 4 days and a inspector to come look at the car. The inspector told NAC that the repairs were legit. Still they did not want to fix my car without shopping for used cheap parts. Meanwhile my car sat for a week while they made excuses...Don't buy a warranty from this company.
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X NAC WARRANTY AGENT on 05/15/2013:
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Bunch Of Scammers, Fraud, Cheat, Unethical And Unreliable Individuals.
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- This is regarding National Home Protection’s Home Warranty. Their salesman sold 5years transferable service agreement for $1500.00 (purchase date January 15th 2009. with promise of 11 free service calls and Lowe's Gift card. Never really received gift card as of today. When we made first service call and they charge $60.00 service call charge which was supposed to be free. They give their service contractors number and ask me to contact them. none of those guys were able to fix my problem ( I went to Home Depot got help from those guys and fix my problem)They never fixed that problem. when I called customer service they gave promise of same day service but sounds like their call center is out of US some place and has no idea what they are selling. they just go through list of contractor in their website and give those number that's all they do. They don't have any escalation route. we were not happy with service; therefore, I called and cancel service within trial period (30days) at the time when I purchase contract salesman said I could cancel service anytime If I am not happy with service and they can prorate credit and refund my money. BEWARE: AFTER 30DAYS TRIAL PERIOD THEY WILL NEVER CANCEL CONTRACT EVEN THOUGH SERVICE IS MONTH TO MONTH. YOU WOULD LOOSE YOUR MONEY. They never refunded my money after cancellation of service. And never sent their contract agreement as they promise.

At that point I begin to realize that this company was fraud. I called them frequently ( 5times every signal day) to make sure that I don't pass my trial period which was 30days. Every time I call customer service, their agent [snip] said “they have submitted request for cancellation and their account manager will review request for cancellation and get back to you" when I ask to speak with their manager they said we can’t transfer to manager. We don’t have ability to transfer to manager therefore our account manager will contact you. When I ask for email contact they said they don’t have customer service email. I then fax cancellation request at Fax: (888) 306-9916 within trial period. And also disputed my charge with Discover card. Discover card were able to issue tempory credit at first but then later they reverse change after few month. As of today nobody from NHP has contacted me. I called today at their customer service number at Phone: (800) 608-6045 but I am getting recording. They never return answer to my voicemail. It seems like never ending battle. I am feeling like I was robed by this company.

Now I have file comlaint with BBB they are working on this issue hopefully they will help me with this. Guys please save your money and never do business with this (NHP) "Shame of America".
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National Home Protection Refuses To Cancel My Contract
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This company refuses to cancel my contract ; they lied to me about the cancellation policy. I found this company online while shopping for different home warranties. I had to put my contact infos in order to get a quote and sure enough the following day I was called by these crooks. I asked them about the cancellation policy and they told me that I can cancel anytime with full refund of my money. I requested a hard copy of this policy to be sent via the mail and this never happened. Because the terms of the contract would have been more advantageous if I would lock the rate for 5 years, I purchased a 5 year contract with them -1950 USD. Few days after, because I done a research online as I was waiting for my contract to arrive. and I've seen multiple complaints against this company, I decided to cancel my contract ( my contract would have been in effect 30 days after I purchased it ) ; I tried to call them and because nobody was answering, I've sent them via email and via regular mail a request for cancellation. I also notified my cc about this, expressing my concerns that I was a victim of a fraud. My CC advised me to wait and try to contact them over the phone and if the NHP will not refund my money, the CC will do that. I finally managed to speak to a live person who gave me a cancellation number and told me that I will have the refund in 7-10 days ; I called again in 7 days, as no refund was made, I was told that my cancellation request is in the processing department and that I will have my refund in 15 days.

Those days passed, no refund was made, I called again and they told me that they didn't receive any cancellation request and that there were no persons by those names working for the company. I resent everything by UPS and fax it from the UPS store. My CC refunded me the money but only temporarily. I just got a letter from my CC in which this NHP stated that the company never received any cancellation request and also that I completed the transaction online which is a lie. They provided my CC a FORGED screen shot from the computer claiming that I checked the agree with terms and conditions, which I never did. I talked to my CC but apparently they can't do anything, although I contacted them in less than 1 week to let them know that I'm a fraud victim.

Stay away of these crooks as they are out there for no good but taking your money in any way they could
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Soaring Consumer on 02/27/2009:
Contact your state's attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The website of the National Insurance Crime Bureau is:
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Rude Reps, Lies, Deceptive Practices
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LAS VEGAS -- The only thing that this company will ever cover is anything that is less than $100.

When you call for a claim it will take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. You will be told that the contractor will have your info in 1/2 hour but they never do. Then when the contractor calls for authorization he/she will be on hold for at least 1/2 an hour.

NHP will not cover the usual things that other companies cover. They refused to cover my pool pump. After 2 weeks of trying to get authorization I returned a call to a rep who immediately launched into song and dance of 'it's time to renew-let's set you up for 5 years (cost $2000).' When I questioned as to my claim I was told that it was authorized. Being mistrustful of salesmen I put off renewing. Low & behold the pump wasn't covered until I submitted maintenance records for the past 2 years. Did that...Not covered because the pump is 2Hp. That's the pump it came with. Total crock.

Additionally please note that they are not open on weekend for authorizations. Only claims & contracts. So, in an emergency on the weekend plan on the problem worsening until Monday.

Every phone call is met with a sales rep trying to get you to renew. They can't answer a simple question without first going for the 5 year renewal.

The reps are rude, ignorant & couldn't care less about you or their own company.

Please do not believe what they tell you prior to signing up. They will tell you anything to get you signed up with a contract-especially the 5 year deal. Oh, & you will never get the Home Depot card. They also do not send you a contract. You get an email that your payment is received & don't post their contract on line or send you one. They will just keep reading to you from theirs which pretty much states that nothing is covered.

Run from this company as fast as you can. Even AHS is better. At least they cover the usual & standard items. The worst thing they do is say that 'it's not covered' until you explain that it is indeed covered & read the contract to them pertaining to your problem.

Looking for a new company now. Good luck to all of you & hope this helps.
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Hopeless Company
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I am the last person to write reviews about any product I purchase. But about National Home Protection I feel I was so cheated that I felt nobody else should go through the same problems I am going through.

I had purchased this home warranty for peace of mind it turned out to be one of the biggest pain in the ass. I had filed a claim with them saying my toilet flush was broken. They never call back. After talking for a month with the representatives the claim was denied saying that the flush was broken due to improper wear and tear and accumulation of rust. I was surprised since the part that was broken was plastic and rust cannot accumulate on plastic. I kept on requesting that they should send somebody else and take another look. but every effort went down the drain.

Next time I filed another claim saying that my toilet was flooding. This claim was denied stating that was a duplicate of the claim that was already denied. I don't understand in what language does a part broken and water not flushing mean the same. Its been 15 days that I have been talking to them to resolve the issues but again I am disappointed. The plumber said that he needs to bring an electric machine to remove the block that is hindering the water to flow.

Whenever you file a claim with them it takes about 4-5 days for them to assign the contractor. I kept on calling them on it and they said they are not able to find a contractor in my area. Finally after the contractor came in It took another 10 days for them to get the diagnosis. Everyday you call them they say they are working on it. Its been 3 weeks now that my toilet is not working. I guess I will have to fix the problem by having over my own plumber.

Customer service representatives do not have proper knowledge about what's going on about your claim. All they do is read notes they have on the claim. They do not add anything more to it. There is nobody responsible to talk to. The authorization department do not have a phone number to talk to not does the disputes department. Email them and it takes for ever for them to get back to you.

So much money down the drain. I would strongly say thing twice before you sign-up with this company.
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Anonymous on 07/02/2008:
You have found out the hard way that most home protection warrantys are worthless. A broken flush unit can easily be fixed with parts from a hardware store.
DigitalCommando on 07/02/2008:
I wonder if their csr reps are whatever wino's that were laying outside their front door that day and your account information on the monitor is actually a solitaire game. "OH, were you pushing the toilet flusher down? we only cover if you were pushing up and the flusher was struck by a meteorite within 30 seconds of the flush" Sorry!
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Deceptive practices of Home Warranty Co.
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- National Home Protection has a 3 year history (since inception perhaps ?), of charging an annual, up front fee for services, then NEVER following through on requests for services, let alone helping homeowners. Extensive lists of consumer complaints are online and filed with NY attorney general, although they continue to operate. They have one of the worst service practices, relative to lack, if any, of responsiveness, doing what they 'say' they will do, and rejecting virtually all claim or reimbursement requests. Do NOT do business with this company, and share their POOR Business reputation and practices with anyone who will listen. If you had the unfortunate experience of hiring them, please write the NY attorney general's office and complain.

It is important that the stress, frustration and fraud they practice and cause, is continuing to happen. Please report !
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sammysed on 07/14/2008:
Do not use National Home Protection. There is no customer service, they are a complete rip-off.
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NEW GLOUCESTER, MAINE -- I have used home warranty services from Sears for years but was told by a friend that National Home Protection was a good service with a reasonable price. WRONG!!! My first in counter my furnace went out middle of January, subzero temperature. Thurs morning called filed claim. Friday still NO response. Saturday AM call back told no contractor in area have to wait until Monday. Called my repairman got furnace running Monday. Talk to supervisor said the repair people are just busy, they 6 days to respond. Very rude. Contractor called Wednesday, he had just been contacted by service, never done work for them before SUPERVISOR LIED!!! Oh no refunds.

Second time washer went out contractor responded same day he could not respond to house for 5 days but that was because of ICE STORM an no power for 4 days. Machine will cost $1,400 to fix NHPS said they would replace the machine. OH wait they are out since they buy wholesale for $225 they will only give that amount to go buy a new one. Retail the cheapest is $350 and I have to come up with the difference. I have been treated like a fool and they will never see another dime from me.

I will tell everyone I meet how bad they are you get what you PAY FOR.
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Home Depot offer Fraud
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I never got the Home Depot gift cards they offered. They offer the gift cards to make you purchase the policy and I think they really never intended to send the card. When you realize you were tricked it is too late because you cannot cancel the policy.

After 6 months of emails, phone calls, faxes, voicemails, and mails trying to talk to somebody I finally filed a complaint on BBB. National Home Protection response was “During this purchase period, customer was offered a Home Depot gift card, as part of a mail-in rebate promotion. The mail-in rebate form was included with each policy. Customer failed to complete the rebate form in the required time frame. The rebate form states the following: Request must be postmarked no earlier than 60 days after coverage start date, and no later than 90 days after the coverage start date.”

They never send the form with the policy. They are extremely rude and put you on hold for long periods. They transfer your call without listening to you to a mailbox and they never return the calls or emails.

I am not going to renew my policy.
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Failed / NO SERVICE from NHP
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COTTONTOWN, TENNESSEE -- After 7+ yrs I decided to sell my home. To make my home more enticing to a potential buyer, I decided to add a HOME WARRANTY as part of the home sale. For some STUPID reason I chose National Home Protection, Inc. (NHP) and dealt with their Victor. He sold me the warranty / policy before Christmas 2007. Well, this past Friday, 01/25/08 I awoke to NO HEAT. At 6am I immediately sent an e-mail to NHP for service. Where I reside the temps outside were in the 20's so it was cold in the house. Long story short, they referred me to TWO of their contractors who refused to come out because I was too far away. By then, NHP had closed and the only people I was able to reach was their answering service. ALSO, I managed to get an EMERGENCY number from the answering service, but they simply wouldn't return my repeated calls for HELP! Because of the COLD and my family's comfort and safety, I hired someone on my own after waiting 29 hours for service from NHP which never materialized!! THIS Company is a SCAM!! PLS DO NOT use them and/or buy their services!!

If you are a REALTOR and reading this, pls do NOT ruin your credibility by suggesting or recommending NHP to anyone! I'm out $352.00 for the NHP contract PLUS $485.00 for service to repair my heater, which should have been paid by NHP, Inc. I have written to Victor Hakim and NHP, Inc. for reimbursement.

Joe Grossman, Cottontown, TN
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tnchuck100 on 01/27/2008:
If you can document the attempts to get them to handle the situation. And their failure to perform. You have a good small claims case. If you read your contract with them you will probably find a clause that will help you. It's not going to be easy. You must fight. They are counting on you won't.
Joseph5156 on 01/27/2008:
Thanks... I just completed other complaint forms including one for FTC govt website. I'll be researching consumer protection laws, district attorney, my credit card, etc. I'm on a MISSION!
Anonymous on 01/27/2008:
I thought you purchased the home protection warranty to add value to your home? The purchase of a home warranty protection plan is usually done during the sale of the home and not before. The policy is for the buyer of the home, not for the sellers use before he is out of the house. The policy is usually paid for out of funds from the escrow account. I could be mistaken but my impression is that home warranty plans become effective on the day that escrow closes. Who knows...I'm not an insurance expert. Just speaking from my own personal experiences.
Yao on 10/15/2008:

This company is a big joke!!! I am fighting right now with these idiots and will come back to add to complete this….just STAY AWAY from these people!!!
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