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Home Warranty - A/C Problem Not Fixed Without Proper Explanation
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This company was a complete joke, NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY! I am a Realtor in the state of Texas and have handed out this brochure to my clients on a regular basis, NEVER AGAIN! I had previously owned a home and used American Home Shield, I never had a problem with their service. When I bought my next home I decided to go with National Home Protection because they were running a special - because of my good experience with another home warranty company before, I just figured it would be the same.

I had been in my new home for only 3 months when the heat and a/c both stopped working at the same time. First of all, NHP boasts of same day service and on their homepage they state "If your covered item is beyond repair, NHP will replace your unit with the same or like model". I called in on Friday morning to report the problem. On Monday a tech came out and replaced the nice, very expensive programmable thermostat I had with very cheap, older non-programmable thermostat. I called NHP and they said that the thermostat installed was acceptable, as long as it works. This fixed the HEAT, not the A/C.

The tech that came out said that NHP had only authorized up to $100 to fix the heat and a/c and anything over that was not covered unless I submitted a new work order (READ: ANOTHER SERVICE CALL FEE). I called NHP and after speaking with 3 different individuals and being on hold for over an hour total, I was told that no other work order needed to be created and that the tech would be sent out again the next day. He did show up, but after checking the a/c I was told that NHP would not cover the problem. The compressor was bad ("grounded out") and there was a short in the circuit.

The representative at NHP told me that the coils needed to be cleaned and that is why the labor and parts would not be covered. He said I had to have annual maintenance on the a/c in order to have anything covered. My question was: "How the ** can I have annual maintenance done on the a/c when I've only been in the house for 3 MONTHS?" I spoke to several different people (once again) before being told that a supervisor would call me back within the hour (which never happened).

After 3 hours of waiting on the call, I decided to call back myself. I finally got to speak with a supervisor that was very rude and condescending. When I told him I just wanted to cancel the entire warranty policy, he informed me that there was a $250.00 cancellation fee, plus approx. 3 months of service prorated at approx. $32/month for a total refund to me of $29.00. I paid over $370.00 for the warranty 3 months ago!

Even though logic would say not to cancel, I refuse to do business with a company that treats their customers with such attitude and disrespect, so I opted to cancel, with $29.00 back in my pocket and a goal to let everyone know - clients, family, friends, and anyone else I can reach through sites such as this - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

If you opt to use a home warranty, American Home Shield was very good when I used them before. Possibly, in my opinion, even better is just putting into savings the thirty-something dollars a month a home warranty charges you, and taking care of your own home issues that arise, because, quite possibly, that's what you're going to have to do anyway.

Fraudulent Contract
By -

I was divorced the end of 2006 and a 'friend' had told me about home warranty services since I was planning on buying another home. I looked them up on the computer and NHP had a place to leave your name and phone number. A day later I received a call from NHP offering me a contract. I explained to them 'I was not divorced yet' and I 'had not bought a home yet'. Even with that information they proceeded to sell me a contract. They offered a 5 year contract at a reduced rate and said if I took it they would send me a $500.00 Home Depot card. I agreed.

They did not say anything about the terms of the contract, only that they would pay for any repairs or replacements to anything in my home. I did not know anything about the 'must be in working order' on the date of the contract. If I had, I would not have bought the contract. I did buy the contract. I looked over the contract when I received it and noticed the 'must be in working order' and should have contacted them at that time. Being naive, I didn't. I also never received the $500.00 Home Depot card.

After I bought the house, had repairs and inspection done I moved in. Soon after I had to call for service and they denied my claim. I have tried to get my money back and have told them I considered the contract null and void since they had not given me the complete information on the contract. They stopped taking my calls and emails.

I sent letters of complaint to the BBB, D.A.'s office, and Attorney General's office. I even sent a certified letter to customer service. I finally filed a small claims suit to try to get my money back. They have never tried to contact me except to try to get me to extend my contract after a year. I am out a considerable amount of money (for me) and have learned a very valuable lesson. I don't want them to do this to any other people if I can help it.

Bunch of Scammers, Fraud, Cheat, Unethical and Unreliable Individuals.
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This is regarding National Home Protection'€™s Home Warranty. Their salesman sold 5 years transferable service agreement for $1500.00. (Purchase date January 15th 2009, with promise of 11 free service calls and Lowe's Gift card. Never really received gift card as of today. When we made first service call and they charge $60.00 service call charge which was supposed to be free.) They give their service contractors number and ask me to contact them. None of those guys were able to fix my problem (I went to Home Depot got help from those guys and fix my problem).They never fixed that problem.

When I called customer service they gave promise of same day service but sounds like their call center is out of US some place and has no idea what they are selling. They just go through list of contractor in their website and give those number that's all they do. They don't have any escalation route. We were not happy with service; therefore, I called and cancel service within trial period (30 days) at the time when I purchase contract salesman said I could cancel service anytime if I am not happy with service and they can prorate credit and refund my money.

BEWARE: AFTER 30 DAYS TRIAL PERIOD THEY WILL NEVER CANCEL CONTRACT EVEN THOUGH SERVICE IS MONTH TO MONTH. YOU WOULD LOSE YOUR MONEY. They never refunded my money after cancellation of service. And never sent their contract agreement as they promise.

At that point I begin to realize that this company was fraud. I called them frequently (5 times every single day) to make sure that I don't pass my trial period which was 30 days. Every time I call customer service, their agent ** said "€œthey have submitted request for cancellation and their account manager will review request for cancellation and get back to you". When I ask to speak with their manager they said "we can'€™t transfer to manager. We don'€™t have ability to transfer to manager therefore our account manager will contact you."

When I ask for email contact they said they don'€™t have customer service email. I then fax cancellation request at Fax: (888) 306-9916 within trial period. And also disputed my charge with Discover card. Discover card were able to issue temporary credit at first but then later they reverse change after few month. As of today nobody from NHP has contacted me.

I called today at their customer service number at Phone: (800) 608-6045 but I am getting recording. They never return answer to my voicemail. It seems like never ending battle. I am feeling like I was robed by this company. Now I have file complaint with BBB, they are working on this issue. Hopefully, they will help me with this. Guys please save your money and never do business with this (NHP) "Shame of America".

National Home Protection Refuses to Cancel My Contract
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This company refuses to cancel my contract; they lied to me about the cancellation policy. I found this company online while shopping for different home warranties. I had to put my contact infos in order to get a quote and sure enough the following day I was called by these crooks. I asked them about the cancellation policy and they told me that I can cancel anytime with full refund of my money. I requested a hard copy of this policy to be sent via the mail and this never happened. Because the terms of the contract would have been more advantageous if I would lock the rate for 5 years, I purchased a 5 year contract with them -1950 USD.

Few days after, because I done a research online as I was waiting for my contract to arrive and I've seen multiple complaints against this company, I decided to cancel my contract (my contract would have been in effect 30 days after I purchased it). I tried to call them and because nobody was answering, I've sent them via email and via regular mail a request for cancellation.

I also notified my cc about this, expressing my concerns that I was a victim of a fraud. My CC advised me to wait and try to contact them over the phone and if the NHP will not refund my money, the CC will do that. I finally managed to speak to a live person who gave me a cancellation number and told me that I will have the refund in 7-10 days. I called again in 7 days, as no refund was made, I was told that my cancellation request is in the processing department and that I will have my refund in 15 days.

Those days passed, no refund was made. I called again and they told me that they didn't receive any cancellation request and that there were no persons by those names working for the company. I resent everything by UPS and fax it from the UPS store. My CC refunded me the money but only temporarily.

I just got a letter from my CC in which this NHP stated that the company never received any cancellation request and also that I completed the transaction online which is a lie. They provided my CC a FORGED screen shot from the computer claiming that I checked the agree with terms and conditions, which I never did. I talked to my CC but apparently they can't do anything, although I contacted them in less than 1 week to let them know that I'm a fraud victim. Stay away of these crooks as they are out there for no good but taking your money in any way they could.

Rude Reps, Lies, Deceptive Practices
By -

LAS VEGAS -- The only thing that this company will ever cover is anything that is less than $100. When you call for a claim it will take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. You will be told that the contractor will have your info in 1/2 hour but they never do. Then when the contractor calls for authorization he/she will be on hold for at least 1/2 an hour.

NHP will not cover the usual things that other companies cover. They refused to cover my pool pump. After 2 weeks of trying to get authorization I returned a call to a rep who immediately launched into song and dance of 'it's time to renew-let's set you up for 5 years (cost $2000).' When I questioned as to my claim I was told that it was authorized. Being mistrustful of salesmen I put off renewing. Lo & behold the pump wasn't covered until I submitted maintenance records for the past 2 years. Did that… Not covered because the pump is 2Hp. That's the pump it came with. Total crock.

Additionally please note that they are not open on weekend for authorizations. Only claims & contracts. So, in an emergency on the weekend plan on the problem worsening until Monday. Every phone call is met with a sales rep trying to get you to renew. They can't answer a simple question without first going for the 5 year renewal. The reps are rude, ignorant & couldn't care less about you or their own company.

Please do not believe what they tell you prior to signing up. They will tell you anything to get you signed up with a contract - especially the 5 year deal. Oh, & you will never get the Home Depot card. They also do not send you a contract. You get an email that your payment is received & don't post their contract on line or send you one. They will just keep reading to you from theirs which pretty much states that nothing is covered.

Run from this company as fast as you can. Even AHS is better. At least they cover the usual & standard items. The worst thing they do is say that 'it's not covered' until you explain that it is indeed covered & read the contract to them pertaining to your problem. Looking for a new company now. Good luck to all of you & hope this helps.

Hopeless Company
By -

I am the last person to write reviews about any product I purchase. But about National Home Protection I feel I was so cheated that I felt nobody else should go through the same problems I am going through. I had purchased this home warranty for peace of mind, it turned out to be one of the biggest pain in the ass. I had filed a claim with them saying my toilet flush was broken. They never call back.

After talking for a month with the representatives the claim was denied saying that the flush was broken due to improper wear and tear and accumulation of rust. I was surprised since the part that was broken was plastic and rust cannot accumulate on plastic. I kept on requesting that they should send somebody else and take another look. But every effort went down the drain.

Next time I filed another claim saying that my toilet was flooding. This claim was denied stating that was a duplicate of the claim that was already denied. I don't understand in what language does a part broken and water not flushing mean the same. It's been 15 days that I have been talking to them to resolve the issues but again I am disappointed. The plumber said that he needs to bring an electric machine to remove the block that is hindering the water to flow.

Whenever you file a claim with them it takes about 4-5 days for them to assign the contractor. I kept on calling them on it and they said they are not able to find a contractor in my area. Finally after the contractor came in it took another 10 days for them to get the diagnosis. Everyday you call them they say they are working on it. It's been 3 weeks now that my toilet is not working. I guess I will have to fix the problem by having over my own plumber.

Customer service representatives do not have proper knowledge about what's going on about your claim. All they do is read notes they have on the claim. They do not add anything more to it. There is nobody responsible to talk to. The authorization department do not have a phone number to talk to not does the disputes department. Email them and it takes forever for them to get back to you. So much money down the drain. I would strongly say think twice before you sign-up with this company.

Home Warranty
By -

FLORIDA -- I have had service with this company for nearly two years. It has been nothing but problems. I have had one claim that they actually took care of, and that was about 3 months into our contract term. At the end of the first year, we wanted to cancel but due to their contract conditions were unable to (several little requirements that make it nearly impossible to cancel).

Soon after the second contract year started, we were having problems with our pool, which we pay extra monthly to have "covered" by NHP. We called them, and when we finally got ahold of someone, we were told it would take them too long to get one of their contractors to look at it, for us to use someone ourselves and go ahead and have it fixed and they would reimburse us. We did this, and several parts of our pump had to be replaced, putting the bill at a little over $600.00. We called about our reimbursement several times, were told they were contacting the poolman we used for receipts, etc.

We still have not received our reimbursement. Since then we have tried calling them nearly 10 times (over a period of a few months) both about the reimbursement and about a few new claims- on the rare occasion that someone actually answers the phone, they take all our information and note of our new claims (each time, they're 'new' claims because they don't have record of them from our past calls), and we are told someone will contact us in the next day or two about the claims. We have yet to have any of these calls actually made to us.

As badly as I want to just cancel our contract and stop paying them for doing nothing, regardless of the consequences in the contract, I can't only because I know if I do I will definitely never see a penny of the reimbursement they still owe us. This company is obviously some sort of scam business, and I'm on the verge of having an attorney call them for me. It's become really ridiculous, and I obviously would not recommend this company to anyone.

National Home Protection = Fraudulent Business
By -

If you are looking at home warranty programs DO NOT, STAY AWAY from NATIONAL HOME PROTECTION. They are absolutely a scam/fraud. I unfortunately switched recently from AHS (American Home Shield) to the FRAUD = NATIONAL HOME PROTECTION. They had a better price and "claimed" that they would give me the same service as American Home Shield. Not even remotely true. They took over $1000.00 from me for THREE properties and REFUSE any CLAIM that you try to process.

And if that isn't enough to deter you from signing up for this scam... They are absolute children, the employees don't have past a grade school education and they are trash. Everyone is extremely RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. They are proud that they scammed you out of money and flaunt it. This is NOT a company, this is a bunch of kids taking peoples money, PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR IT LIKE I DID!!!

National Home Protection, What a SCAM!!!
By -

We purchased in good faith a three-year home warranty policy with your company in the amount of $1214.73, paid in 3 installments of $404.91, deducted from Washington Mutual Bank 12/15/06 and Bank of America 1/15/07 and the final payment 2/15/2007. When our first and only claim with National Home Protection, Inc. was not handled to our satisfaction, we cancelled our policy 2/27/2007 and was told that a check in the amount of 964.73, which is the full amount minus a 250 dollar cancellation fee, would be mailed to us within 15 to 30 days.

March 27, 2007 came and went with no refund received. After contacting your company once again we were told that accounting had attempted to put the refund back onto our debit card but it did not go through. Bank of America however, claims that no such attempt was made. We were once again told that a check would be issued and we would receive it within 15 to 30 days.

April 29, 2007 came and went with no refund received. After numerous conversations with your company we were assured that a check was cut 4/18/2007 and a customer service agent GUARANTEED that we would have the check in our hands by May 5th at the latest. Well when May 5, 2007 came and went with of course no refund check in hand, we once again made numerous contacts with your company just to be told more lies. As of today, May 16th, 2007 we still do not have our refund check, nor have we had any of our calls returned from the numerous voice mails we have been forced to leave.

If we do not receive a check in the amount of $1214.73 by June 1, 2007, we will be forced to proceed with further actions. We have already filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Attorney General of New York. They of course will also be receiving a copy of this letter. We feel we should not have to pay the $250 dollar cancellation fee, as we have been the ones spending countless hours on the phone trying to receive our refund while National Home Protection, Inc. has actually done nothing!

National Home Protection - Fraud
By -

HAZEL GREEN, ALABAMA -- DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY. National Home Protection sent out a contractor to check out my A/C unit. The contractor determined the compressor was bad. National Home Protection said the problem was preexisting. The contractor that National Home Protection sent out called them to inform them that the problem WAS NOT preexisting. National Home Protection then said there was not enough maintenance on the unit and that is what caused it to fail.

Their contractor then stated that was not the case and that no amount of maintenance would make any difference, none of the coils were dirty and everything else they saw was visually fine. Basically National Home Protection is going around in circles and giving excuses to not pay out this claim. DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THEM.

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