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Home Warranty - A/C problem not fixed without proper explanation
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This company was a complete joke ~ NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY! I am a Realtor in the state of Texas and have handed out this brochure to my clients on a regular basis ~ NEVER AGAIN! I had previously owned a home and used American Home Shield ~ I never had a problem with their service. When I bought my next home I decided to go with National Home Protection because they were running a special ~ because of my good experience with another home warranty company before, I just figured it would be the same. I had been in my new home for only 3 months when the heat and a/c both stopped working at the same time. First of all, NHP boasts of same day service and on their home page they state "If your covered item is beyond repair, NHP will replace your unit with the same or like model". I called in on Friday morning to report the problem, on Monday a tech came out and replaced the nice, very expensive programmable thermostat I had with very cheap, older non-programmable thermostat ~ I called NHP and they said that the thermostat installed was acceptable, as long as it works. This fixed the HEAT, not the A/C ~ the tech that came out said that NHP had only authorized up to $100 to fix the heat and a/c and anything over that was not covered unless I submitted a new work order (READ: ANOTHER SERVICE CALL FEE) ~ I called NHP and after speaking with 3 different individuals and being on hold for over an hour total, I was told that no other work order needed to be created and that the tech would be sent out again the next day. He did show up, but after checking the a/c I was told that NHP would not cover the problem. The compressor was bad ("grounded out")and there was a short in the circuit. The representaive at NHP told me that the coils needed to be cleaned and that is why the labor and parts would not be covered. He said I had to have annual maintenance on the a/c in order to have anything covered ~ My question was:"How the %$#@ can I have annual maintenance done on the a/c when I've only been in the house for 3 MONTHS?" I spoke to several different people (once again) before being told that a supervisor would call me back within the hour (which never happened) ~ After 3 hours of waiting on the call, I decided to call back myself. I finally got to speak with a supervisor that was very rude and condescending. When I told him I just wanted to cancel the entire warranty policy, he informed me that there was a $250.00 cancellation fee, plus approx. 3 months of service prorated at approx. $32 / month for a total refund to me of $29.00 ~ I paid over $370.00 for the warranty 3 months ago! Even though logic would say not to cancel, I refuse to do business with a company that treats their customers with such attitude and disrespect, so I opted to cancel, with $29.00 back in my pocket and a goal to let everyone know ~ clients, family, friends, and anyone else I can reach through sites such as this ~ DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! If you opt to use a home warranty, American Home Shield was very good when I used them before. Possibly, in my opinion, even better is just putting into savings the thirty-something dollars a month a home warranty charges you, and taking care of your own home issues that arise, because, quite possibly, that's what you're going to have to do anyway.
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Sandro on 04/26/2008:
National Home Protection (NHP) – Stay Away

As many reviewers on this - and several other – sites, I have had a terrible experience with National Home Protection (NHP) company. The repairs that were required never seemed to be covered by their service. Their responsiveness was one of the worst I have encountered in any customer service-oriented industry. They also lied to me with the “straight face.” To give you an example: when I signed up for their service, I purchased coverage for 2 of my houses, and each policy was supposed to get me a $50 Home Depot gift card. I was very careful in completing the rebate forms and mailing them on time. I never saw my rebates – and, after reading several reviews, this appears to be a classical con by this company. Every time I called them, they told me to send an e-mail. When I sent them an e-mail, nobody responded. However, they did e-mail me and also called me to sell another year’s service. When I asked that the rebate situation be clarified first, I was first told that they would take the rebate amount off my next payment, as long as I paid for another year. When I insisted on rebate checks first, the person on the line told me, in a quite rude manner, that I did not fill the forms correctly and therefore I am ineligible for the rebate. I find this hard to believe, since (1) he has not checked anything/my rebate submissison while on the phone with me, and (2) as I mentioned above, I took extra care completing those forms and I mailed them well within the specified period. I paid over $800 for the policies on two of my houses; not only I did not get any service in return, but I was lied to and spoken in a rude manner. Needless to say, I am not extending my policy with them. What is puzzling, however, is that after all these negative reviews, why is anyone else signing up with them? How is this company still in business?
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National Home Protection = FRAUDULENT BUSINESS
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If you are looking at home warranty programs DO NOT, STAY AWAY from NATIONAL HOME PROTECTION. They are absolutely a scam/fraud. I unfortunately switched recently from AHS (American Home Shield) to the FRAUD = NATIONAL HOME PROTECTION. They had a better price and "claimed" that they would give me the same service as American Home Shield. Not even remotely true. They took over $1000.00 from me for THREE properties and REFUSE any CLAIM that you try to process. And if that isn't enough to deter you from signing up for this scam... they are absolute children, the employees don't have past a grade school education and they are trash. Everyone is extremely RUDE, RUDE, RUDE... they are proud that they scammed you out of money and flaunt it. This is NOT a company, this is a bunch of kids taking peoples money, PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR IT LIKE I DID!!!
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Pomona Guy on 06/20/2007:
How many claims did you submit for? Aren't you supposed to call them and they have someone come out? That isn't the same as submitting a claim. If you have three properties are you a landlord? Do they know that?

Come, tell us more.
suingnhp on 06/21/2007:
For all those that are interested in fighting back against National Home Protection, please email me at for more information.
mmrie6905 on 01/22/2008:
Completely agree! The customer service reps are totally rude! I was hung up on, yelled at and completely ignored. I have not received the $50 Home Depot card they advertise with purcahse of the warranty and it has been 9 months! They also refused to fix anything! I contacted the BBB to see if they could get me a refund on my contract.
whiterock13 on 02/06/2008:
National Home Warranty Inc. is a total rip off scam, not even licensed in Texas, yet they sell their services here, frauds.
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National Home Protection - FRAUD
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National Home Protection sent out a contractor to check out my A/C unit. The contractor determined the compressor was bad. National Home Protection said the problem was preexisting. The contractor that National Home Protection sent out called them to inform them that the problem WAS NOT preexisting. National Home Protection then said there was not enough maintenance on the unit and that is what caused it to fail.

Their contractor then stated that was not the case and that no amount of maintenance would make any difference, none of the coils were dirty and everything else they saw was visually fine. Basically National Home Protection is going around in circles and giving excuses to not pay out this claim. DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THEM.
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poppapia on 05/07/2007:
First, almost all home warranty companies play this game, and it's usually very difficult to determine if a condition is preexisting. Do one of two things: ask for a refund of your premium, or threaten them with small claims action.
cmarkin on 05/16/2007:
I called National Home Protection Co. in January because I had a leak from the upstairs tub to the downstairs bathroom.I was told that they couldn't get anyone for 2 weeks or if I could call a plumber and faxed the bill, they would pay them.I did get a plumber to come out and they did a fix on the upstairs faucets. That night I took a bath and found that there was still a bad leak down stairs.I call them back the next day and call the protection Co. and said they had not solved the problem. The company said no problem and send the bill.
In Feb. I call to report a pipe break downstairs and was told to call a plumber again.I did, had to pay out of pocket the 3rd time and faxed of bill.It is now the middle of May and after several call to the company and given voice mail 8 times to find out why I haven't received payment. I contacted New York Insurance Dept.and filed a claim with them..I haven't heard from either as yet and still get sent to voice mail with no return calls...This company is a fraud and should be run out of business.I tried to get info through google on the CEO or anyone in charge to call but to no avail. If anyone has info on this company please email me at
Joye on 06/06/2007:
I have also been ripped off by this company. They sold me roof protection coverage as an add on but when I filed a claim they informed me they didn't have a contractor in my area for that. Then I told them to refund my money and they are trying to stiff me for the $250 cancellation policy even though they sold me a fraudulent contract. However, that really hasn't come into play yet as I haven't received any money back yet and I requested the refund 3/29/07. They are ALL rude and had the nerve to tell me that I was the rude one nd if I wasn't single already it would just be a matter of time before my husband got sick of me and left!!!!

I'm at the end of my rope with these people. I too have been unsuccessful trying to track down a corporate number or CEO's name. To make it worse, it will cost close to $500 just to hire an attorney (more than I paid for the warranty). So, we're stuck here with a leaky roof, no warranty (according to them it was canceled on 3/29) AND no refund. Stay away from these blatantly rude crooks!!!
suingnhp on 06/19/2007:
David Seruya is the owner of NHP. We are taking them to small claims court today for failure to cover our failed boiler. I would recommend going through American Arbitration Association for any disputes. They are reachable at .
For more information, I'm reachable at
suingnhp on 06/25/2007:
btw, David's email address is
lupusman on 08/15/2007:
We faced similar problems with a local Chevy dealer in Nashville TN. Many Many letters were sent to the Tn Attorney Generals office that got action. I wonder if sending numerous letters the NY state Attorney generals office would bring any results? From what I can see, this company is a scam and is operating under fraudulent policies.
MAEWE on 08/29/2008:

I too was ripped off by National Home Protection (NHP). I had three (3) breakdowns and not only did NHP NOT provide the Home Warranty coverage they promised, but I NEVER RECEIVED the $50 Home Depot Gift Card rebate, which was an incentive for purchasing the Home Warranty. I was told that my rebate form was postmarked on April 4, 2008 after the time frame for mailing in the request. However, my rebate form was mailed on February 19, 2008, well within the time frame. My husband is a Postal Service employee and he had the postage stamp on the envelope for my rebate submission, HAND CANCELED. This company is a BIG SCAM.


NHP does not respond to any E-mails or phone calls. NHP is despicable! The sooner you file a complaint, the sooner this company can be stopped!
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Rejected a claim with unacceptable explanation
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My home is covered by a home warranty plan from this company. Recently I had to file a claim for a water heater that had started leaking on the top. Even though they talk about 24/7 claim service, it took them 3 days to respond to the claim by which time the water heater had stopped working. When they responded, they had a whole load of questions for me. The treatment was very if I did a crime by filing a claim with them. It took them another day to assign a plumber to look at it. After they told me a plumber has been assigned, it took them another half day and 3 more phone calls (with an average wait time of 15 minutes each) to send the fax to the plumber.

The plumber came in on the next day and took one look at the water heater and said, "You need a new water heater. I will get authorization from NHP and get it done". An hour later, he called me and said that NHP is dragging on the authorization. He himself seemed pretty frustrated with how NHP was treating him. He said, "We don't do business with NHP very often because of their practices". Anyway, NHP tactfully called me at work after I had gone home and left a voicemail saying, "Since our diagnosis indicated that you hadn't been flushing the water heater regularly, we cannot authorize this claim. Have a good day".

I had been flushing it regularly after I bought the house 3 years ago. Nevertheless, the water heater was 28 years old and as the plumber himself agreed, there is nothing you can do to prevent it from dying its natural death. NHP didn't even care to ask me anything or talk to me before just rejecting the claim.

When I called back, the associate was very rude and didn't have anything more to add. Then, I wanted to cancel the policy, but he pointed me to a clause on the contract that the policy cannot be cancelled. At that point, I realized that there is no point in talking to them anymore. I was without hot water for 3 days by now. So, I just walked into Lowe's and got my water heater replaced the same day.

I really want people to be aware of the bad practices of this company because right from purchase (now, that's another story), experiences have been very disappointing. But, it really hurts when you have a home warranty that is not worth the paper that it is written on. Right from my first contact regarding the claim, it was clear that they are trying hard to not honor the claim.

I hope my review helps anyone who is considering this company for home warranty. Stay away from them.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 12/22/2006:
Is there an appeal process outlined in their agreement? In my part of the country, 28 years is unheard of for a water heater - 12 to 15 years is the norm. Since they won't let you out of the agreement, I'd just keep bugging them about your water heater.
rah332 on 12/23/2006:
I disconnected a wall heater that had a crack in the chamber which we consider 2 b a hazard. the owner called their warranty company which sent out a plumber. he stated there was no crack and reconnected the heater. they have people that work for them who don't know their own business. the crack was there bright as day- he didn't know what he was looking for and put the owner in jepordy by reconnecting the heater. the warranty company was not going to give the policy holder a new htr cuz their plumber didn't find any problem. they have people working for them that just don't know what they are doing. this way the warranty company won't have to pay out.. but they have open hands when it comes to collecting the premiums...
ETH on 01/08/2007:
= Update =

The dispute is ON. I have received a conditional credit for the policy fee from my credit card company. They are investigating this company as a possible fraud.

I have also received a response from the state attorney general's office for my dispute. They have opened a case and have requested additional information such as warranty contract etc. They are investigating NHP as a possible fraud too.

Still waiting for response from NY attorney general's office.

I will keep posting updates. Won't rest until these guys are exposed.

ETH on 01/16/2007:
== Update ==

During the purchase of the policy, NHP had offered a $50 gift certificate from Home Depot. After buying the policy, I never received it. Customer service kept saying "it is on its way". So, I had filed a complaint on BBB. Well, NHP's response was quick. Here is their response to BBB:-

"Please note, Mr. XXXX failed to complete the mail-in rebate form. This form has been mailed and emailed numerous times. If you have any further questions, please contact me."


Anyway, BBB has finally made their records on NHP public. They have been given an "Unsatisfactory" rank. 25 unresolved complaints! Shows what they are. Best of luck, NHP. I know you are reading this.

DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PURCHASING THEIR WARRANTY. If you were a victim of NHP, please file complaint to the Attorney General. That's the only way to take care of the crooks behind this scam.
rjbouchard on 02/07/2007:
I was scammed by this company too. When my home heating system broke they didn't arrange for a contractor to even contact me; after 5 days I got permission to pursue my own repair person, but they then refused to pay for the work with a made-up excuse. Fully 13 weeks later, yes that's 13 weeks after my heat failed, they out of the blue finally set me up with a contractor. I filed a BBB complaint and I'm currently writing up my complain to the NY Atty General. This is 100% scam operation.

btw to answer one of the early comments, the contract provides for binding arbitration in the event of a conflict, but NHP refused to participate in arbitration as stated in the contract when I tried that route.
cllamont on 02/27/2007:
I have had a problem with these crooks as well. I purchased a home warranty from National Home Protection (NHP) on January 30, 1997 for $373.91. The one year warranty went into effect on February 16, 2007 – despite the erroneous paperwork that was sent to me that reflects start date of February 28, 2007. This shows the low level of professionalism right off the bat.

On February 24 approximately midnight, I called NHP to file an emergency claim for my heat pump. I had no heat on the night of the worst snow storm of the year in sub freezing temperatures. I asked that the claim be flagged as an emergency and I was told that it would be treated as such. I was also told that I was entitled to a call back regarding the emergency claim. I explained to all of the people I would eventually speak to that I had elderly people and children in my home and it was too cold for them to go without heat for several days. No one seemed concerned and, subsequently nothing was done.

I proceeded to call on 5 other occasions on February 25 (at 1AM, 8AM, 11AM, 1:10PM, and 5:10PM) and on February 26 (at 7:20AM) – each time someone different told me that an emergency message was sent to NHP. I still never got any response or action.

Finally, on February 26 at approximately 9 AM (the time that the NHP claim office will actually expect phone calls from paying customers despite claiming that the claims department will take calls 24 hours, 7 day per week), I was able to get a rude and indifferent claims representative on the phone who would only identify himself as Mike. I demanded some service on the claim. He informed me that while my requests had been received over the prior 2 days, nothing was done until that morning. I told him that was totally unacceptable and not what was promised. I was told a contractor had been contacted and would be calling me to arrange an appointment. I demanded emergency treatment on this matter. I was flatly refused this service. NHP has my money and did not provide the service. Since absolutely nothing was done on my behalf and this company left my family in jeopardy in the dead of a harsh winter, I cancelled the warranty and informed NHP in writing through its website that I would be disputing the charge for a full refund. I have also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agency. I am considering legal action on this matter depending on the outcome of this dispute.

JBradburyNHP on 04/06/2007:
My name is Jonathan Bradbury and I am an employee of NHP and here to assist with any problems.

We are a service business and have no interest but to serve the customer. 2 Informational Facts: 1. We have been in business for a long time and have over 150,000 customers. 2. 96% of our customers renew their contract each year.

Below I am giving both sides of the story. Remember these are not excuses just explanations.

ETH - Our contractor did a sediment test in your case, and found sediment build up. Sediment Build Up is the number 1 killer of water heaters, and the NHP contract clearly states that sediment build is not covered.

RAH332 - Your warranty is not through NHP.

RJBOUCHARD - Called in to NHP and stated that he forgot he had a warranty and had the repair done on his own, he requested reimbursement which was denied. NHP does not reimburse for work done without prior permission.

CLLAMONT - We have no customer in our databse that purchased 1/30 with a contract that went into effect on 2/16. If you are actually a customer and would like your issues resolved please e-mail me.
My email address
ETH on 04/08/2007:
Aha! It must have started hurting them, so they have sent a real sounding guy instead of all those decoys!!

Hey Bradbury, does it now look like you will have to close the shutters and file for bankruptcy before you made that fast buck that you were expecting to make? By the way, how long have you been in business to see what percentage of your customers renew the contract? How long is the 'long time in business'? And, how do you explain the real trash rating that BBB has given you? That must really be hurting you.

The technician you sent to my house spent less than a minute looking at the water heater. He didn't do any test on the water heater. He told me he should have no problems in getting it approved by you. Later he called me to let me know of his helplessness because you apparently had decided already that you are not going to pay for it.

And by the way, I heard back from the attorney general of MO about your response. If you have 150,000 customers, why do you bother about these few who have complaints? Shouldn't that be normal? I actually talked personally with AG about this. I am not wanting to win a legal case against you. I got rid of the old water heater, so I have nothing to prove anything against you. My only intention is to let everyone in any audience that I can get, know about you. AG has promised to do whatever is possible in their legal limitations.

If you want to continue a conversation here, let's do it. In any case, you owe me a communique because you ignored my e-mails earlier.
ETH on 04/08/2007:
And, by the way, as per BBB's records, NHP has been in business for less than a year. Can Mr.Bradbury elaborate on the 96% customers who renew their contracts? By my best estimates, this company wasn't in business before Aug/Sep 2006.
txcontractor on 04/18/2007:
National home protection is a joke all the way around.As an air conditioning contractor here in Texas we se a lot of people being ripped off by this company.In fact, we have not been paid for a couple of jobs we did for them LAST year!I actually had to send a tech. out today to pull some parts from some poor costomers house that they refused to pay on.I hate to do it, but maybe that will get there attention.
I will post more on here later tonight.
All I can say is take a good look at some of the other warranty company's and don't even waste you time and money with NHP. By the way if any home owners want to ask us any questions about NHP we will be get to as many as possible.I can even give you prices that they pay to have your units fixed.(I have a price sheet) Oh, by the way,A plumber is not licensed to fix a gas leak in a has heater here in Texas and many other states.They should not be opening the unit at all.
There resposibility ends at the shut off valve.
suingnhp on 05/13/2007:
I will be suing NHP for breach of contract. If anyone is interested, send me an email at with your name and phone number and I'll contact you with how you may help. Many people have been getting burned by NHP and now it's time to fire back.
cmarkin on 05/16/2007:

I called National Home Protection Co. in January because I had a leak from the upstairs tub to the downstairs bathroom.I was told that they couldn't get anyone for 2 weeks or if I could call a plumber and faxed the bill, they would pay them.I did get a plumber to come out and they did a fix on the upstairs faucets. That night I took a bath and found that there was still a bad leak downstairs.I call them back the next day and call the NHP and said they had not solved the problem. The NHP said no problem and send the bill.
In Feb. I call to report a pipe break downstairs and was told to call a plumber again.I did, had to pay out of pocket the 3rd time and faxed of bill.It is now the middle of May and after several call to the NHP and given voice mail 8 times to find out why I haven't received payment. I contacted New York Insurance Dept.and filed a claim with them..I haven't heard from either as yet and still get sent to voice mail with no return calls...This NHP is a fraud and should be run out of business.I tried to get info through google on the CEO or anyone in charge to call but to no avail. If anyone has info on this company please email me at
Zena on 06/18/2007:
Had my first bad experience with them today. My AC is out and I am in Texas. They said after sending me a plumbing company name and supposedly trying for 3 hours to find someone to fix it that the earliest they could have someone out was 7 days and it could take up to 14 days and that I had the option to find a contractor myself If the bill was under $100, I should just send them the bill and they would pay it minus the $45. If over $100, I would need to call and get an authorization number. I talked to the head of the complaint department and said this response was not acceptable. That they should find someone or at least give me a list of who they called. Michael Moore was his name and he was awful. I asked him if he had a conscience and he said no. I asked him for his boss's name and he said he didn't have a boss. When I called back to the sales department I first talked to Steve (who I believe had sold me the policy originally) and he said just a minute, like he cared and was going to get me someone else to talk to. Then Stephanie Andrews came on the line and said Steve was unavailable and would not give me the name of the president saying it was a security issue. Then I found this site and now I know what I am in for. We will see what happens tomorrow when the contractor comes. Wonder why it only took me 5 minutes to find someone to come tomorrow and in 3 hours they could find no one. I know they are scamming me, just can't prove it. Just wanted to add my voice.

suingnhp on 06/19/2007:
David Seruya is the owner of NHP. We are taking them to small claims court today for failure to cover our failed boiler. I would recommend going through American Arbitration Association for any disputes. They are reachable at .
For more information, I'm reachable at
jayP on 07/11/2007:
I am a recent victim to NHP.

On May 30, 2007 I bought a 3 year home warranty service contract from National Home Protection (NHP). On July 2nd 2007, I contacted NHP about problem with my air conditioning unit ( which is about one year old). On July 5th I contacted NHP again about the problem. NHP directed me to a service contractor I contacted this contractor, who declined to do the service and expressed surprise at NHP directing me to him.
I called NHP who then asked me contact another contractor. They also refused stating that that they have told NHP they can not do the service outside their area. At this I had no service even though NHP had collected fee for all three years. So I contacted NHP and told them to cancel my contract since none of their service contractors have agreed to provide the service. On July 6th, I sent an email as a confirmation to cancel my contract. I requested that they refund the funds after deducting a prorated amount for the month even though no service has been provided. I followed-up his email with a fax. NHP has so far not provided me with confirmation of cancellation nor have they indicated when they are going to refund the money I paid.

In the last three days, I have spoken to three service representatives who falsely kept telling me that email cancellation from NHP is on the way
ETH on 07/11/2007:
When I bought the policy, there was no information available on this fraud company. But now, there are tons of information available (BBB or this site) that should have told you to run away from this company. Serves you (jayP) right for ignoring all the warnings. You are the kind of customers that still keep this company alive.
jayP on 07/13/2007:
ETH is right. I forgot to check BBB until it was too late.
brent_cindy on 07/19/2007:
Call National Home Protection's phone#. Select option 1 (the option to purchase a contract). Somone answers the phone within 2 rings. Call the option that you want to file a claim. You'll be on hold for 20+ minutes waiting on someone to answer. I had a claim. Had to call my own repair man because they didn't have anyone to send like they advertise. I was told when the repair man gets to the house, give them a call to get an authorization number. I called when he got there. He fixed my appliance gave me the bill. I paid it. And I was still on hold with NHP. Then was told that they couldn't authorize payment because they needed to talk to the repair man. Is a repair man going to wait for them to answer? NO. Does NHP know this? YES I would love to find out who owns this piece of crap company.....and kick his teeth in. And do the same with those IDIOT 'customer service' people.
abojay on 07/27/2007:
Please go to and read my complaint. This company(NHP) is stealing money from me, they overcharged me and won't return the money...I also never got the Home Depot Card..
designgrl on 09/19/2007:
I also had a bad experience with NHP. I would never ever use this company again. I am surprised they are still in business. I signed up for a policy and the three sales representatives promised me that there was no fee for cancellation. I did end up receiving a $50 fee when I cancelled after three days. I cancelled the policy after reading all of the bad reviews online. When I called to complain that I shouldn't have received a fee no one would talk to me and kept forwarding me to different department. In the end I was forwarded to "David's" voicemail. David is supposed to be some sort of supervisor. I think this might just be a voicemail that no one checks. I left three messages for "David" whom never called me back. Today I called NHP again to see if they were still telling customers that there was no fee for cancellation and the sales representative thinking I was interested in purchasing a policy told me there was no fee. I told him what had happened to me and he of course sent me to another department. That department then denied that sales would say something like that. I am surprised this company is still in business. I am also surprised that Home Warranty Magazine ranked NHP as #1 four years in a row. It this magazine actually a legitimate publication?
jayP on 09/30/2007:
I strongly recommend that you complain to NY Attorney General Office. They will follow-up with this company.
Anonymous on 09/30/2007:
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STR on 10/02/2007:
Extremely terrible experience with NHP. They signed me up for a one year plan and specifically told me I could cancel at any time without any penalty. After 2 weeks, I got no HD gift card as promised. No contract nothing. I called them to cancel. They put you on hold for ever. When they respond to phone calls or emails they are rude and obnoxious and make it seem as if it is our fault. Then they tell that there is a $50 administrative fee for cancellation. I do not want to pay any fee when they never even sent me the contract or HD card. They are a complete scam and fraud. I will be complaining to NY Attorney General. Put them out of business. Luckily I paid for one year by credit card and they will refund me the charges. In fact NHP was trying to sign me up for a 5-year plan. Scumbags. Liars and thieves.
ETH on 10/15/2007:
These crooks have sent me the renewal notice. They must be really unashamed to offer to renew this crap warranty after what they put me through.

And, if that is isn't funny enough, there is a special promotion - If I renew it by 10/28, two service calls are free - a $90 value. Ha! It must be just like the Home Depot gift card they promised when I first bought the warranty.

I am surprised they are still in business. Just a look at their BBB report should make customers run in the opposite direction.
GMutz on 10/15/2007:
I also got initially scammed by these pieces of Sh... Signed up for a three year policy because it was cheeper that way. For months I never made one claim. When we started having a problem with our AC I called to have a technician come out. They sent someone out who said it would be $500 to fix and that I would have to get authorization from NHP. When I called NHP they wanted services records. Well, I had just bought the house so obviously, I didn't have any service records. When told this, NHP still denied the claim (they had to put me on hold for ten minutes to come up with a reason to deny the claim). Obviously that got me a little angry and I started to tell them off. When I fisnished yelling a little, their representative said and I quote "you feel smarter now?" The kicker is that there was nothing wrong with the AC. It was all from a part that had come loose. Their technician that they sent out was just a complete dumb ass. Probably the worst run company in the country and the should be shut down
jktshff1 on 10/15/2007:
what ya got to say about all that?
I'm going to sit back and watch the fun!!!
ETH on 10/16/2007:
For anyone who is too lazy to search these crooks on BBB, here is the link (Cut and paste):

turbomike on 10/29/2007:
Unfortunately I too purchased a policy with NHP before researching them (my mistake). I called back to cancel less than an hour after I purchased the policy for a refund. I was told the refund would take about 10 days to process. I checked back with them and found that the refund was never processed and the person who I spoke with was conveniently not available. I was told once again the refund was now going to be processed but it still has not been. I always get the run around when I call. They always seem to be transferring me to different people and departments. I never can seem to get a supervisor on the phone. I decided to take it a step further and disputed the charge with Discover (which is how I paid). Discover just sent me a letter denying the claim because of a letter faxed to them by NHP. The letter was from Rick Sanders of NHP and it stated that I did not call NHP to cancel (WHAT A LIE!). The letter also states that there is a $50.00 administration fee for canceling and a $200.00 early termination fee.

NHP might as well tell people that they can never cancel or get a refund!
I have already submitted a claim to the BBB and plan to again dispute it with Discover. I do have an e-mail from NHP proving that we called and canceled our policy. The e-mail also stated that within 30 days our refund will be processed.
I don't know about the rest of you but I work hard for my money and don't plan on sitting back while NHP screws us. Can a class action lawsuit be brought against these thieves? Is there anyone willing or able to help me? If so, please e-mail me at:
nursekelly on 10/30/2007:
I am a NHP customer, and I am having the same trouble that everyone has mentioned. My water heater needed replaced and they denied it since I did not have a maintenance record, I just bought my house in Jan2007. Another claim, against my electrical fuse box, bottom line, I was denied because this was a pre-existing condition. I have called their office at least 40 times leaving messages and waiting on hold x 30 min and over. The only way to contact someone is to make a claim. I thought I was crazy, since they would not help me, so I called the company and acted like a new client, they treated me great and told me they have never denied a claim. I then went off on the person and told them I was a pre-existing customer, and they should get a new job, because the company will go down. I still do not have electric in several rooms and I do not have air on my 2nd floor, I refuse to let them win. If I have to wait years I will. I have contacted BBB, they were no help, I have written to Insurance Commissioner and they told me it would take several weeks to get an examiner. My next attempt was Atty general, I am filling out those papers right now,and I have consulted an Attorney. I believe that we were scammed and if we give up, thousands of new customers will be ripped off. I have not stopped payment on the 36.79 draft from my account, since I will get these fixed by NHP. This could be a class action suit, or a great lawsuit for pain and suffering. I have spent days and nights trying to figure out a way to let the world know what is going on. There are so many companies out there and political people to protect us against these people and it is just a nightmare trying to get the word out and make somewhere care, that really can help us all. My email is feel free to email me
Slimjim on 11/02/2007:
I liked to get involved with a class action lawsuit. I'd like to be party to a class of every American suing class action attorneys for bogging the courts with frivolous litigations that only line their pockets.
Anonymous on 11/02/2007:
Me to Slim, I really want a worthless $10 coupon for something I don't need while these ambulance chasing bottom feeding lawyers rape the victims with legal fee's.
turbomike on 11/02/2007:
Just a heads up for everyone. I just came across this company:

PO BOX 341
NY NY 10013

According to their website they have been in business since 1990. However the BBB states:

"This business recently came to our attention. We are attempting to gather information on the business. Please check back in four to six weeks.

Report as of: 11/2/2007"

Could this be another National Home Protection or the same people operating under a different name?
I found this in their Terms and Conditions section:

13.2. Cancellation by You. You may cancel this Agreement within three (3) days from the Order Date of this Agreement, as set forth on the schedule page accompanying this Agreement. In the event you cancel within the three (3) day period, the You shall be entitled to a full refund of the paid contract fee less a Fifty ($50.00) Dollar administrative fee. After the third day, this Agreement shall be non-cancellable by You, unless otherwise agreed by Nationwide.

Very similar to National Home Protection's policy. They also both operate out of New York, New York.
ETH on 11/05/2007:
I am sure they are the same crooks. The city doesn't matter. Anyone can get a P.O Box, a fake address and a toll-free number anywhere. They used to be Mutual Warranty before they declared bankruptcy and re-opened as NHP. It is amazing that they can operate for 2-3 years before being noticed and when they begin to get noticed, they just start all over with a new name.

Unless someone goes after the real guys who are behind this, they will keep doing this. Where is the law enforcement here?
cwalk on 01/10/2008:
I too have been scamed by National Home Protection. They cancelled my contract even though I have paid for services and they are telling me that my covered claim is not covered. I have sent many emails and have confirmations that that were read yet they won't respone. I will let you decide what type of company they are. Here is a copy of the email I sent to them that never was responded to:

I am trying to get additional information and file a complaint about my claim that was recently denied. I have left voicemails and sent emails with no response. Please assist and respond to this issue.

Thanks and below is some of the emails that I have sent

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 11:19 AM
Subject: Fw: Claim #****** Complaint

I am really trying to reach you about my claim. Please respond immediately.

Mr. Jarvis,
I am sending this to you since you read my first email complaint. I would really appreciate it if you or an appropriate supervisor would respond instead of not dealing with my issue.

Thanks and my contact info is at the end of the complaint.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 5:04 PM
Subject: Fw: Claim #***** Complaint

Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 4:11 PM
Subject: Claim #****** Complaint

To Whom It May Concern:

I am experiencing multiple problems with the services of your company. I filed a claim on Saturday, December 15 for a water leak in the kitchen. The original claim was forwarded to Skeen Plumbing. Skeen Plumbing contacted me and stated that they would not service the claim through your company because "you don't pay on time nor do you pay enough for their service". I contacted the claims department on Wednesday, December 19,2007 at which time Reese Plumbing was contacted for the service call.

On Friday, December 21, 2007 Reese Plumbing serviced the claim and sent in a work order referencing a leak in the "Drain" Line. Although you were closed on Friday, no one responded back to Reese Plumbing, to date and on each occurrence that either I or the contractor called, we where told that the claim was in the authorization department.

On Wednesday, January 2, 2008, I sent an email to to get a status on the claim which had a work order sent in on December 21. In that email, I asked to be contacted "first thing" Thursday morning with a status of the claim. This call was never made or received. My email was read by Walter Jarvis on Thursday, January 3, 2008, at 4:25 pm and I still did not receive a call from your company about resolution of my claim. Instead I had to call and be told on both Thursday and Monday that your company would call me back and have an answer "today" but those calls never happened.

On Tuesday, January 8, 2008, I spoke with "Peter" in the Authorizations Department who stated that my claim had to be authorized by a supervisor. I asked to speak to a supervisor so I was placed on hold. Once peter returned he explained that my claim was denied because of "rust in the fresh water line". My leak is on the drain line and not the fresh water line. I spoke of my problems with how my claim has been handled and requested all of my money that has been invested in this company since your company is obviously trying to not pay for a covered claim. Peter gave me an ultimatum of two choices: 1. Cancel contract and be charged a $200 fee if I am requesting a refund or 2. Just cancel and have no more dealings. I asked to speak to his supervisor and I stated that "he meant nothing to me". He instructed that he was the only person I had to talk to but I insisted that even supervisors had supervisors and I wanted to be transferred to that person. He stated that since he means nothing to me that my contract was "Cancelled" and he transferred me to Michael Moore's voicemail.

I have left several messages on Michael Moore's voicemail and well as Rick Sander's voicemail who was told to me by two representatives from your company as Michael Moore's supervisor.

I called back to speak with another representative in the Authorizations Department to get clarity on why the claim was denied after reading the Terms and Conditions which are posted on your website. In addition, I contacted the contractor from Reese Plumbing to see if your company called to confirm that it was "rust" in the fresh water line that caused the leak. After speaking with the Shaun with Reese Plumbing, he validated that he was not contacted by National Home Protection, to-date, and that my leak was in the drain line and not the fresh water line. The representative that I spoke to in the Authorization's Department verified that the claim was denied because there was rust in the fresh water line. I explained that I spoke with the plumbing contractor which stated something altogether different. Your representative explained that I have galvanized pipes and that rust is the only way it could cause the leak. I asked did he verify that with the contractor and he stated yes and that it was recorded. I asked to hear the recording and he let me listen to someone who did not reference my claim who answered a general question about galvanized pipes. Who ever was being recorded, first, stated that "Age" causes galvanized pipes to leak. Once he was probed by the National Home Protection Representative about rust, the person agreed that rust could be a cause. When I mentioned the integrity of the recorded call as to if they were speaking about my pipes and was that Reese Plumbing, your representative said "yes" and that it was Reese Plumbing. I stated that I hope that this conversation was being recorded because I am hearing something different from the Plumbing Contractor. When I asked to speak with another supervisor because I could not reach Michael Moore, the authorizations representative that answered that phone aggressively stated "Your claim has been denied and You have been cancelled". By this time, I was upset with the way I have been treated during this process and because I had not cancelled my warranty yet, especially since I have paid my monthly premium and this is a claim that took place while my warranty is active.

Timing is of the essence with dealing with claims. You took 18 days to make a decision and it was partly because who ever was assigned to the claim was out of the office, the amount of work order was more than the approval department could authorize or whatever other reason your people could come up with (just a few of the many excuses that was given to me by your representatives).

Your company and it's staff really need to understand what keeps you in business- The Customer! I have been told by one of your contractors that you are not a reputable company, talked to badly, not serviced properly and timely, and possibly mis-diagnosed. Please get someone that care about the future of this company to contact me immediately to resolve my complaint. Otherwise I will be forced to continue my complaint through a legal means.

My contact information is:
***-***-**** work
***-***-**** mobile
***-***-***** personal office
******* email

Additionally, I have copied the plumbing section of the terms and conditions from your website. Please review along with the work order to validate that my claim is covered. I have placed all content that refer to me in bold.

For your reference, my claim is for a leak in the drain line, not inadequate of excessive water pressure due to a flow restriction in a fresh water line. There is no reference to galvanized pipes.

COVERED: Leaks and breaks of water, drain, gas, waste or vent lines, except if caused by freezing or roots. Toilet tanks, bowls and related mechanisms (builder's standard is used when replacement is necessary), toilet wax ring seals, valves for shower, tub, and diverter, angle stops, risers and gate valves. Permanently installed sump pumps (ground water only). Built-in bathtub Whirlpool motor and pump assemblies.

NOT COVERED: Collapse of or damage to water, drain, gas, waste or vent lines caused by freezing or roots - Faucets and fixtures - Bathtubs and showers - Shower enclosures and base pans - Sinks - Toilet lids and seats - Caulking or grouting - Septic tanks - Water softeners - Pressure regulators - Inadequate or excessive water pressure - Flow restrictions in fresh water lines caused by rust, corrosion, or chemical deposits - Sewage ejector pumps - Holding or storage tanks - Saunas or steam rooms - Hose bibs - Whirlpool jets. NOTE: NHP will provide access to plumbing systems through unobstructed walls, ceilings or floors, only, and will return the access opening to rough finish condition. With respect to concrete covered, embedded, encased, or otherwise inaccessible plumbing systems, NHP will pay no more than $500 per contract term for access, diagnosis and repair or replacement. NHP's authorized service contractor will close the access opening and return it to rough finish condition, subject to the $500 limit indicated. NHP shall not be responsible for payment of the cost to remove and replace any built-in appliances, cabinets, floor coverings or other obstructions impeding access to walls, ceilings, or floors.

pcnj on 01/18/2008:
NHP is a cheat company.

I am also a victim of NHP.

1. Still waiting for my gift card. Followed 3 times with them.
2. No one is available during weekend or holidays for authorization. The default authorization for very less. The first claim experience with them is horrible. Since 2 weeks I called daily and leaving voice messages to them. No one called me up.
3. Decided to cancel the 3 yrs contract. Cannot cancelled the contract it seems.

Filed the case with "Better Business Bureau" and "NY Attorney General Office". Waiting for their help.

Is there a good home warranty company?
pcnj on 01/18/2008:
Hello ETH,
Did you get reply from "NY Attorney General Office" for your case?

sleepdr on 02/23/2008:
I also had a very bad experience with National Home Protection. In fact the contractor used by them was considering dropping them because they declined to authorize any repairs. Our forced air furnace failed. National Home Protection
sleepdr on 02/23/2008:
I also had a very bad experience with National Home Protection. In fact the contractor used by them was considering dropping them because they declined to authorize any repairs. Our forced air furnace failed. National Home Protection refused to allow the contractor permission to fix the furnace although he had the part in his truck. I called the company and the supervisor I spoke with informed me that he would not pay to have it fixed. Cancellation charges were the equivalent of the rest of my contract so that was not feasible either. The company seems to be totally corrupt.
dragon316 on 04/05/2008:
I am on the same boat.I never got the $50 gift card. they never mention about the time frame instructions anywhere. it has to be between 60 - 90 days after you signd up. they got my request form but they said they never got it. now I know this is their cheap and ridiculous excute.

your claims will never ever been approved. you will be told that "it is not covered". when you try to get more info or more explanation from them. they will say " you have to talk to the manager". you can keep calling and left as many messages as you want but the manager will never called you back. if you called and want to stay on hold waiting to talk to the manager, you will be told the he is in the meeting or on another line.
the fact is there is no real manager.
they just came up for A Name which that person never existed. when you called and ask for that name, they all know it right away that they should refused your call.

you will finally end up pay for your service call and everything.

there is no good home warranty company. no company would pay you more than what they make from you.
SteveF 1946 on 05/07/2008:
You better be willing to hold for 15 to 25 mins to get to someone after your claim is filed. It took over 3 weeks after dishwasher inspected and not worth repairing to get an offer of $148 to buy a new one. I did finally get them to $188.32, but that is just a start. They did not have one in stock???
Won't give info about where to get one other than they buy in bulk and didn't have one. How many models are there? They buy bulk of all of them? This company is one big con job looking to suck in anyone willing to talk with them. STAY CLEAR OF NATIONAL HOME WARRANTY. I think I will go back to American Home Shield.
lawman123 on 05/10/2008:
The thing I wonder about this is: why don't any of you open the yellow pages and call an attorney? I mean, seriously.

Filing a complaint with the attorney general of your state is virtually useless [might have worked in the 1950's, maybe], the AG's are too busy to handle every complaint and even when they do they are generally too tame and under-staffed to actually get a good recovery for consumers.

Instead, man [or woman] up. Get out your contract. Read it. Follow the procedures for appealing the claim denial. Then, if they reject your appeal, either sue them in small claims [you can do this online in most states!], visit an attorney, or take them to arbitration assuming there's an arbitration clause in the contract. That's how the system works.

ecrted on 05/14/2008:
I have been trying to get reimbursed since Sept 07. The most luck I have had so far it to contact the State of New York's Attorney General's office. Go on line and fill out the form. I received a response in 8 weeks. NHP stated in writing to the Attorney General's office that they had already sent me a check. I wrote the Attorney General's office back and told them I had never received the check. They will investgate further.
Blacknite on 05/15/2008:
I have had the same disturbing experience with National Home Protection. Mine was with a pool pump instead of a water heater, but my experirince was almost identical to yours. I have filed complaints with the BBB, the Attorney General's office, and I am going to begin working to get a news story out through Channel 2 Works for You. My experience with this company is so frustrating and positively ridiculous, I hope that consumers will run from them. I told the sales rep that I was buying the warranty specifically to cover the pool equipment and he never told me about maintenance records. I spoke to a claims person who said he was a manager, I have yet to confirm that, and told him that I thought it was prudent that the sales rep point out such a requirement when the rep knew the house was just being purchased and the warranty was specific for the pool equipment. The NHP rep said he did not disagree with me, but the claim was denied. I am not done pursuing this company and will probably file a lawsuit if I get knowhere with my current complaints.
JaxJim on 07/10/2008:
NHP is taking advantage of me as well. We bought a warranty in 2007 and then my AC (original 20+ year old equipment) went out the last week of May this year. We had to have it replaced and followed all the NHP requirements for filing a claim. We were told by NHP that it was going to take them weeks to process the claim and that we were probably better paying for the new AC (from their approved vendor) ourselves and then seeking reimbursement. So we did.

They asked for our maintenance records and we provided the June 2007 maintenance record. They disapproved the claim saying that we needed to show annual maintenance and we had nothing from 2008. we explained that maintenance was to be performed in Jun 2008, but the AC died first. Their reply was that maintenance had to be performed in April.

Nowhere in the contract does it state a specific month that maintenance be performed. It only states that "periodic maintenance" be performed. Since when does "periodic" mean "every April?"

I'm exploring my options with local BBB, NY's BBB, state attorney general and legal representation.
MAEWE on 08/20/2008:
AUGUST 21, 2008

I too was ripped off by National Home Protection (NHP). Not only did NHP NOT provide the Home Warranty coverage they promised, but I NEVER RECEIVED the $50 Home Depot Gift Card rebate, which was an incentive for purchasing the Home Warranty. I was told that my rebate form was postmarked on April 4, 2008 after the time frame for mailing in the request. However, my rebate form was mailed on February 19, 2008, well within the time frame. My husband is a Postal Service employee and he had the postage stamp on the envelope for my rebate submission, HAND CANCELED. This company is a BIG SCAM.

You can also file complaints with the following:

U. S. Postal Inspection Service

Jonathan Mintz, Commissioner, Dept of Consumer Affairs (NY)

New York State Consumer Protection Board

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, State of New York

Better Business Bureau, New York City

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) (includes the FBI)

Federal Communications Commission




Public Editor, The New York Times at

Public Editor, Wall Street Journal at

New York Post at

News 12 at

THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. Look at all the complaints on,,, and

PLEASE HELP TO PUT AN END TO ALL THE RIPOFFS BY NATIONAL HOME PROTECTION. NHP does not respond to any E-mails or phone calls. NHP is despicable! The sooner you file a complaint, the sooner this company can be stopped!
dwajr on 08/29/2008:

MAEWE on 12/01/2008:
GOOD NEWS!! Today I was notified that I had a message from someone on (regarding National Home Protection). I went to the Website for and there was a message for me from Detective Lieutenant Steve Peters of the Ocean Township Police Department in New Jersey. Lt. Peters provided me with his contact information as follows:

"Please contact me at the Ocean Twp. Police Dept in New Jersey (732) 531-1800 Ext. 231 or E-mail Thanks."

I telephoned Lt. Peters immediately and he asked me questions about my experience with NHP and he made note of my Email address. Lt. Peters said that his Department has been investigating United Home Warranty, which was owned by David Seruya, who now owns NHP. The Ocean Township Police Department is also trying to work with the NY State Office of the Attorney General regarding a pattern of deception with Seruya's companies.

If you have not heard from Lt. Peters, I urge you to please contact Lt. Peters and inform him of your experiences with NHP.


Log onto the following Go to "Resource Center" and Click On "Consumer Frauds" then Click On "Filing a Consumer Complaint." Click on the down arrow next to "Choose a Regional Office." Scroll down and Click On "New York City," then Click On "GO." Type ALL pertinent information and COMPLETE THE FORM IN FULL, THEN PRINT IT. Mail to the address at the bottom of the form. BE SURE TO INCLUDE COPIES (No Originals) of ALL IMPORTANT PAPERS CONCERNING YOUR TRANSACTION.


Thank you so much.
DebtorBasher on 12/01/2008:
That's great news...!!!
You might want to consider posting this as an Informative Review...more people will have access to it.
Thanks for the update!
McFadin on 12/03/2008:
I am a lawyer in New York and I have been contacted by a prospective client in Dallas regarding a problem with National Home Protection. I am wondering if anyone has had GOOD results with this company or if it looks like this company is just a scam. Interested in all comments concerning this company.
Atul on 12/09/2008:
Within the last few years, many consumers have been logging complaints against NHP for failure to comply with their own contractual obligations. This usually happens when a more expensive items fails and needs replacements, such as a furnace, boiler, water heater or air conditioner unit. Based on reports posted by consumers on , , , the reasons for denying the claims are fabricated and have even been disputed by their own contractors without any success. They also have an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau. On April 01, 2008 The Star-Ledger published an article on fraudulent activity this company has been doing and they are now being investigated (please do read this article before you continue on). This company was practicing under United Home Warranty in past and all the sudden they disconnected its phone, emails, website and vanished. Shortly after that owner of United Home Warranty David Seruya opened up a shop as National Home Protection and it seems like they are continuing on with scams.

Atul on 12/09/2008: (please do read this article before you continue on). ISN'T THIS JUST GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KaJo on 01/23/2009:
Well I'm another victim to add to the list. I have to say after reading all of the other comments I feel pretty stupid that I never did any research on NHP before I signed up. In my defense I had just cx another company that was of no help and picked the first one that "sounded" good. Anyway here's my story... I too never received my HD gift card, I was guaranteed 2 in fact because, get this, I signed up for 5 years to get locked in at the discounted service fee and yearly rate. I signed on 9/2/07. Twice in '08 I had to have a tech come out for the HVAC unit, no problems, other than the techs both said if they had a say they would recommend a new unit. But you guessed it, NHP wouldn't authorize it. Since then I have, on 4 different occasions, requested service for my dryer. One company said they wouldn't drive that far to fix a dryer, two others said they wouldn't work with the company and the fourth time, well I haven't heard back from NHP to get anything done about it. About three months ago I had to have a plumber come out through NHP, we heard water running. The plumber got paid to tell me that I had a pipe broken but NHP wouldn't give authorization to do anything about it. I tried and tried to speak with someone about the problem, but of course all I could do was email the disputes department. I was assured that they would send an email too and mark it urgent, also that I would receive a response within 24 hours. I sent two emails, and wouldn't you know I still haven't heard from anyone. I've since spent about $3,000.00 to have the entire house replumbed. That's not all, the motor for my HVAC unit went out last month. I found this out because I paid yet another NHP contractor to tell me that and, WOW, also tell me that they wouldn't cover it. So I've paid $405.00 plus what I had to pay the first contractor, that did nothing. I have been trying to speak with a supervisor about cancelling my "WARRANTY" but of course I can't get ahold of anyone. I'm pretty young and obviously naive, but shoud I even keep trying to get ahold of someone or just avoid the stress?
JhoYap on 03/10/2009:
I totally agree. They will also give you this website to file a dispute which does not exist. They ripped me off 2 times, 2 different situations and never got any authorization. They have all kinds of excuses. it's not worth it to wate your time and energy plue I don't desrve to be hanged up while still talking. The people in that company are rude and uneducated. I can attest to all the negative reviews that I have read. I would love to see this company pay for all the money they ripped off from people.
JhoYap on 03/10/2009:
Check this out, apparently NHP has a cease and desist order in Arizona
JhoYap on 03/10/2009:
Sorry, here's the link
MAEWE on 05/16/2009:

On APRIL 27, 2009, NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL ANDREW M. CUOMO FILED SUIT AGAINST NATIONAL HOME PROTECTION, INC. and three principals, Leo Serrur, David Seruya and Victor Hakim in NEW YORK SUPREME COURT in Manhattan.

To Ensure Restitution for Defrauded Consumers, Court Freezes Company and Principal Assets.


It looks like JUSTICE is forthcoming, but this could take years!! It's a start!

Soaring Consumer on 05/16/2009:
Maewe I suggest you write an informative review about this.
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How they ruin people lives & pockets
Posted by on
I got this warranty plan in December 2008. I was supposed to receive a $200 gift card also from Home Deport. I call them about get my gift card in Jan 2009 said will be sending if was very polite. I forgot about the card. My freeze part of my refrigerator went out. Tried to call said line was not in service anymore. This was in July 09 when this happen. I called my credit card company to try to get my payment back. I filed the claim they said it was over 6 months and could not locate the company! I am disabled on fix income. I am a firm believer what go around come around. They will get their 2 fold. I also had to pay out of pocket for my attic fan when the motor went out & garbage disposal. Which was covered under this warranty. Thanks for making me more in a hole than I already am.
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Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I am active duty military and I deployed for 3 years. I thought this company could assist me here stateside while I went off to fight in a war and they didn't do anything but take me for a ride. I own a home in SC and required assistance for my appliances 6 times. The responded to my request 2 times and only had a repairman show up 1 time. He only looked at the washer and told my tenant to buy a new one and walked out. They have repeatedly failed to return my calls or emails. Sad state of affairs. But as I am now stateside and I have a chance to read about all the other unsuspecting home owners who were cheated as well, I just feel sick to my stomach.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/24/2009:
Thank you for your service.

Does the army provide you with some sort of stateside advocate who could go to bat for you with them?
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Former Service Contractor
Posted by on
NEWYORK, NEW YORK -- Sorry to hear that there are many of you that have also been taken by this ridiculous, joke of a company. Our company located in AZ. canceled our vendor contract with National Home Protection in May 08 for non payment of services provided to several of their customers dated back to March of 08. Since then, I have called, left messages, emailed, faxed and sent letters to them and have had no luck with a response. For about 3 weeks now all of the fax numbers that we had on file are out of service and the contact number is either busy or you get a recording. And today (Monday June 22, 2009) the message is: the number you have dialed is not in service, message C-6002.
I am putting a complaint into the New York Attorney General in hopes that they can get to the bottom of what is going on with this company. And perhaps get the company to reimburse everyone. With enough complaints, maybe they will have them investigated. Good luck to all of you in recovering what is rightfully yours.
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Worst Company Ever
Posted by on
DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! They will take your money and they will not ever provide any type of service. They will not respond to e-mails when you try to file a claim on line. They will not allow you to speak to a supervisor and they will not return your calls.

I tried to file a claim regarding my water heater. It took them three days to assign a plumber. This was only after numerous phone calls to them. They finally assigned a plumber and we called him directly. He told us that he no longer does work for them because they do not pay their claims.

I have never dealt with a worse company and that says something.
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Major Complaint/ Customer Service
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- I am new customer with national homebuyer protection service. I have left three emails regarding my account. As of today I have not receive a return call. The reps refuse to let me speak to a supervisor they hang up in your face. This has happen 4 times today 5/8/09.
They promised a $50.00 Gift card. I have not received it nor will they talk to me about it. I will be contacting consumer fraud. I will not be treated badly by these people. They are rude and nasty. The worst part about this matter I have not call for any service yet. If I am treated this way now, how will they treated me when I need there service I am getting rid of these nasty people right now.
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This Company Is A Scam
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- This company is conducting business in the State of Texas ILLEGALLY. I was unaware that the Attorney General of Texas has ordered this company to stop doing business in Texas.

I purchased this warranty service two years ago, last November I placed a claim for my dishwasher. The company sent out a repair person who said the unit needed to be replaced. I was offered a new dishwasher or $127.00 in compensation. When I said I wanted a new dishwasher I was told the unit was on back order for 16 weeks, I said OK I would wait. 16 weeks later they still had not delivered the dishwasher..

My Air-conditioning unit went out and they pulled the same stunt. They required documentation that I had been servicing the units properly.. I sent them two years of documentation, only to have them ask for me to send it to three different numbers.

I then agreed to a settlement on the dishwasher and naturally got nothing.. These folks are thieves and I would never use them for anything.

[no solicitations please]
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Soaring Consumer on 05/05/2009:
At this point you should definitely contact the Texas Office of the Attorney General about this.
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