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Posted by Unprotected on 10/22/2009
I want some assistance they say you can't post names but can some one please give some advice on what to do they took my whole year premium and have never been able to reach anybody. I have payed for several much needed repairs out of my pocket it's been a struggle.

Please help someone knows what to do. Unfair to take people's money.

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Posted by andbran on 2009-10-22:
i dont know if this will help but contact bbb. they may be able to help.
Posted by unprotected on 2009-10-27:
I did and they could'nt help me gave me more people to contact like consumer affairs ,etc. However did contact a lawyer to try and assist me,Thanks again.
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I Got Ripped Off
Posted by Linda Dean on 10/20/2009
I purchased this home warranty in March 2009, and luckily only paid one month premium. I attempted to email and phone them, but they must have closed their doors. Now I am left without a warranty I thought I had. At least I was not out an entire year premium. And my home did not need any major repairs.
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Posted by 1stSgt Dunbar on 07/24/2009
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I am active duty military and I deployed for 3 years. I thought this company could assist me here stateside while I went off to fight in a war and they didn't do anything but take me for a ride. I own a home in SC and required assistance for my appliances 6 times. The responded to my request 2 times and only had a repairman show up 1 time. He only looked at the washer and told my tenant to buy a new one and walked out. They have repeatedly failed to return my calls or emails. Sad state of affairs. But as I am now stateside and I have a chance to read about all the other unsuspecting home owners who were cheated as well, I just feel sick to my stomach.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-24:
Thank you for your service.

Does the army provide you with some sort of stateside advocate who could go to bat for you with them?
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Former Service Contractor
Posted by First lady di on 06/22/2009
NEWYORK, NEW YORK -- Sorry to hear that their are many of you that have also been taken by this ridiculous, joke of a company. Our company located in AZ. canceled our vendor contract with National Home Protection in May 08 for non payment of services provided to several of their customers dated back to March of 08. Since then, I have called, left messages, emailed, faxed and sent letters to them and have had no luck with a response. For about 3 weeks now all of the fax numbers that we had on file are out of service and the contact number is either busy or you get a recording. And today (Monday June 22, 2009) the message is: the number you have dialed is not in service, message C-6002.
I am putting a complaint into the New York Attorney General in hopes that they can get to the bottom of what is going on with this company. And perhaps get the company to reimburse everyone. With enough complaints, maybe they will have them investigated. Good luck to all of you in recovering what is rightfully yours.

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Thieves. How Can We Stop Them?
Posted by IMiMi on 06/10/2009
I tried for 3 days to get them to answer their phone and emailed them. I have cancelled them as of today. Does anyone know how we can stop them and get our money back?

My credit card company will only go back 2 months.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-10:
What is the problem?
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Worst Company Ever
Posted by Texas Brand on 06/08/2009
DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! They will take your money and they will not ever provide any type of service. They will not respond to e-mails when you try to file a claim on line. They will not allow you to speak to a supervisor and they will not return your calls.

I tried to file a claim regarding my water heater. It took them three days to assign a plumber. This was only after numerous phone calls to them. They finally assigned a plumber and we called him directly. He told us that he no longer does work for them because they do not pay their claims.

I have never dealt with a worse company and that says something.
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I Have Been Calling National Home Protection For The Past Month (May, 2009)
Posted by Yestin on 06/04/2009
I have been trying to contact National Home Protection for the past 3 weeks they provided phone number to company to come and check oven and refrigerator they are no longer contracted with them the reason is they National Home Protection have not paid them (company mentioned).

I have six months left on my policy, which I will not renew. Can any one help?
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-04:
They should have more than one company they deal with. What does your contract state regarding cancelling the contract if NHP doesn't provide the stated services. (they will be in breach of contract) You may be able to cancel the policy and have a pro-rated portion of your money returned to you. If not, then you can always file a small claims case. Good Luck!
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Service Sucks
Posted by Tblood on 05/27/2009
This company will not answer their phone when it rings or their line is busy. Plus, they have not responded to two emails. This is my first attempt at using their service after paying over $1,300 for a three year warranty agreement. Their service is non-esistent. I hope I can cancel and get my money back. This company appears to be quite good at ripping people off.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-27:
sue em.
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I've Been Scammed
Posted by Pete 118 on 05/21/2009
I switched from my previous home protection because they increased their price. This company promised the the world including a $50 gift card from Home Depot. I was on hold yesterday for 40 minutes and finally gave up. I e-mailed them my problem and still no reply. Lessons learned, if it sounds to good it probably isn't. It's back to my old company for me.
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Contractors Refuse To Work With Them
Posted by FRIGUPSET on 05/08/2009
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- I was given 3 different contractors. The first said they have a past due balance from last year so they won't come out. The second won't work on a Kenmore. The third say National Home Protection does not pay their bill so they refuse to work for them. After that there were no more contractors to call a week now no frig...

I called to complain was forwarded to an answering machine we should make a class action suit against this rip off company.
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