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A Warning From the Inside at National Translink
By -

OAK BROOK, ILLINOIS -- A WARNING FROM THE INSIDE AT NATIONAL TRANSLINK. National Translink is all about $$$ not the merchants that they could call all day. National Translink has a permanent ad in a local paper for sales assistants. At least two people start and two people are let go every day. They tell there would be salespeople that the potential to make a six figure salary is achievable. Each morning the VP addresses the so called sales people and talks about how easy it is to make money at National Translink and how they have all the tools that he did not have when he started out in sales.

He then goes on to lecture and plagiarizes well-known sales motivational speakers such as Zig Ziglar, and does not have one original thought of his own. All seems upbeat and positive but at whose expense? You guessed it the merchants. They could call merchants and guarantee $250.00 or sometimes more if they can't beat what a merchant is currently paying. The VP states that National Translink has never and will never pay this out and this is because they will never be beat. If a merchant shows a better rate the salesman will come up with poor excuses as to why it's really not a better rate. The current state of credit card processing is legal fraud.

National Translink is on the 19th floor of a large building in Oak Brook IL and they actually use the building on junk they sent to a potential merchant, as if being in a big building makes them better. Oh yes in the same building you will also find the US Department of Homeland Security and the sales force is even told to use that in their pitch. Check out their website either or that really shows how limp of a company they really are.

The sales people make $8.00 an hour and if they say the right thing to a merchant and get the sale that is where the real money is. They lease their machines for over 100% interest even if your credit is great. If a salesperson sells an elite 710 that National Translink pays $175.00 for, if they sell a $59.00 dollar a month lease their commission is $500.00 dollars, some try and sell it for $69 a month then their commission is $700.00. So let's recap. A salesman calls a merchant tells them they're going to save X amount of dollars then makes a $500.00 - $700.00 commission. You do the math.

The Most Loyal Credit Card Company in the Business
By -

OAKBROOK TERRACE, ILLINOIS -- My company has been with National Translink for almost 8 years now and I was extremely shocked to read some to the negative feedback by these apparent "fly by" customers just looking for the lowest rate possible. Like all things, you get what you pay for in life. You spend $30,000 on a Lexus instead of a CHEVY, you will expect more from the LEXUS dealership such as car washes, free consulting, oil changes, etc. You also expect your Lexus to run longer than a CHEVY and retain its value.

National Translink is really the Lexus of the credit card industry. They provide the Free paper, free consulting, free machine repair and 24-hour live customer service that you would expect from a premium company. Accepting credit cards is an essential part of our business. We could lose thousands of dollars an hour if our machines are broken. Anytime we have ever had a problem the last 8 years, National Translink has swiftly aided us in getting back "online". Usually the same day that the problem occurred they will send someone out to make sure that we are up and running as soon as possible. They do this as a FREE service, no charge!

Now, I was tempted to go on Ebay and buy a used terminal like many other businesses and then call up my bank and get their lowest rate possible but whose going to be there when I have a problem? The banker? The truth is, you will spend hundreds of dollars having someone come to your business to repair your machinery, hundreds of dollars on paper costs, and who knows how much in lost revenues trying to do it on your own. Case and point, you get what you pay for.

If you are trying to save pennies on machinery or a rate, you will suffer at some point and probably end up losing more money than you have saved. I'm about service and loyalty, and National Translink is a company that has stuck with us and I plan to stick with them.

National Translink
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- This is the only place I know of to talk about the absolutely unethical and atrocious service of this company based in Chicago. These ass clowns are in the business of merchant credit card processing. They sell in a low rate and then load up their contracts with clauses that allow them to start escalating the second they commence business.

That's not remarkable in and of itself but when you call to complain about it, they raise their voices and point to the finest of fine print. Then threaten you with walk away penalties if you leave (see clause 12.345 subsection a subpoint c). Credit card processors are all snake oil salesman, but these guys are the worst. They flat out stink and I cannot find a single good thing to say about them.

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