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Denied Repairs
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SANDY, OREGON -- For Christmas 2006 I received a new (to me)2003 F-150 4X4 along with a Service Insurance Policy for used autos. In Jan. of 2007 my truck started having difficulty sometimes, starting and running. I visited many web sites looking to see if this was a common occurrence to this Ford product. Happily, I found a site that had this exact problem listed, so I went to see the answers given hoping to find a quick fix. What I found was that the problem was caused by a faulty Windshield gasket. Because of the insurance I had,I took it straightaway to the dealership from which it was purchased. I was informed that a new windshield and new "brain" had to be installed. I asked them to do so and related that I had a policy that stated it covered the "brain".They informed me that they were familiar with this policy and would commence repairs immediately. After the repairs they informed me that the "brain" was not covered and that the bill would be an approximate $996.00.

The following is the exact wording in their pamphlet:"... All factory installed computers;computer control proms...". Why it was refused I have never known.
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