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They charge you previous bumps...awful international customer service
Posted by Jimenadca on 08/12/2012
Damage paper before and after the rent
Damage paper before and after the rent
TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, MEXICO -- Charging previous bumps

I travelled to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico. When I first rented the car, they filled a paper with marks where previous bumps and scratches were before I took it off. When I returned from my trip, they wanted me to pay a new scratch that according to them was not in the paper. We show them it was marked in the paper they filled in the beginning. They brought up the manager and first he told us it was not there...when he could not deny the obvious he told us it was there, but now we made it bigger (so..I managed to hit the car again exactly in the previous scratch!). We were loosing our vacation time, so we had to pay the scratch and leave.

Awful international customer service

I first placed my complaint to Mexico's customer service office. I had not received an answer for a month so I tried international customer service. I sent all the papers that proved the scratch was there previously. They answered again almost a month and a half later (and because I asked them again if they had news) when they told me I would receive answers in 8 days. Their answer was everything looked all right...and guess what? They sent me again the original paper where you can see clearly the scratch was marked before I took the car. They just don't even read what they are sending.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-12:
Hmm. This looks suspicious. I was in Mexico once, and between the drug lord activity and reports of travelers being ripped off, I'm not sure I want to return.
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National Rental Car Nightmare!!!!
Posted by Nvoegtle on 05/09/2012
DENVER, COLORADO -- National Rental Car,

I have just about had it with your company. I rent from you ever single and for the past 4 weeks I have had issue after issue with you. Over the past couple of weeks I have called almost every department and received very little support or constructive feedback back on various issue so I am now forced to put up negative reviews on your company all over the web.

Issue #1 you rented me a car about 4 weeks ago that was not fueled up and I didn't realize it until I was 90 minutes away from the airport. I talked with you rental agent when I returned the car and was basically told I nothing could be done. Level 5 out 10 in frustration

Issue #2 I returned a car to the Denver airport and when I rented it I did not take a close enough look at every single part of it to verify no damage was present. I partly, blame myself as I am now forced to spend over 10 minutes now looking over every little aspect of your cars as you want to charge me $500 for the tiniest little dent which I did not do but you hold me responsible for. Level 9 out 10 in frustration. I have talked to several of your insurance adjusters and they are determined to stick me with the charge.

Issue #3 I rented a car from Austin, TX and when through 3 tolls which I paid in cash. WELL you charged me $16.60 for tolls. REALLY it was $1.50 a toll how do you get $16.60??? I like how you can just charge whatever you want on my credit card!!! I never went through a toll and this just had me beyond mad. I called the Austin airport and he basically gave me the number for the toll roads and hung up the phone. Really nice!

I spend over $1000 dollars a month with National Rental Car and this is how I get treated. I will be making a switch soon and I will make sure not to give one more penny to any of your companies including Enterprise and Alamo.
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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2012-05-10:
We’ve taken note of your complaint. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like the opportunity to look into these concerns for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]nationalcar.com with the exact address of the rental location involved, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 120510-001453 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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National Car Rental
Posted by Alec on 2012-05-10:
I am going through the exact situation with a rental from National Car Rental in Indianapolis. They are determined to charge me for damage to the bumper that did not occur during my rental. I confirmed this with the agent when I turned the car back. As an Executive Club member I would have expected better customer service. My business partner and I select one vendor and remain loyal precisely for this reason. It appears to not have any bearing whatsoever on the experience in this matter. The frustration level with the representatives I have spoken to cannot be described.
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Worst Customer Service
Posted by Invrdc on 04/24/2012
ANYWHERE -- I am an Emerald Card member and rented National many times. Most of my travel was at regular times and I had no issue. In fact enjoyed the free upgrade you receive when you select a type of car. However, most rental companies offer all these services. What makes a company distinguishing in this industry is customer service and able to take care of customer any time or at least be courteous.

I booked a car at Vancouver airport for 1:30am pickup. Website never said anything about not able to pick up that time or when the location is going to be closed. It wasn't mentioned in the reservation receipt either. Flight got delayed and the location was closed. We took a cab to the hotel and I called customer support next day.

The call center service was so poor. I asked her if they can drop off the car at the hotel, as if I go again I would encounter $70 two way to the airport and hotel and that's more than 50% of my rental fee. The woman was so rude and telling me ridiculously that I should have called if I am going to be delayed and there is nothing they can do. I told her if any other location and I am delayed I would have called but its airport location and delays are expected how am I supposed to call from the flight when there was half hour delay? They even asked for your flight no. for that purpose to see if they can keep the reservation in case the flight gets delayed.

She lacked any courteousness and ignoring my concern kept asking me if I want to keep the reservation anymore or not. I told her fine but I am not happy with this service. I told her I rented with them many times but what I experienced this time is really bad in a strange city in the middle of the night and may consider discontinuing my membership. She said that is fine.

Then I was getting ready to go to the airport again to pick up and I got a cancellation email. She purposely cancelled my reservation. I thought it could be a mistake, went on to the site and rebooked. Few minutes later she cancelled it again.

I just went to the airport to the counter they said they have no record of who took that call. I ended up going with another car rental service. Will never rent National again.
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Posted by alamocares on 2012-04-27:
Posted by NationalCarRental on 2012-04-27:
We’ve taken note of your complaint. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like the opportunity to look into these concerns for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]nationalcar.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 120427-001359 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

National Car Rental
Posted by Pastor on 2012-10-05:
National Customer service is horrible!
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Reported Car Stolen That I Rented
Posted by Kinsale37 on 03/05/2012
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- The national car rental company rented me a car on weekly basis. I called to confirm term and length of rental as required. They contacted and told my family, ex wife, company I would be arrested for car theft in my absence from home, created havoc then harassed me on the road even as I entered the airport at Miami to return there rental on time!

They then continued to threaten and harass over the phone mail and letters for another week saying the car was still stolen and missing while the car was sitting in their compound at Miami airport. They have refused to provide a copy of there bill which they padded and stole from the credit card company.

When they are contacted now they will not provide person with knowledge of the file nor provide billing copies over 2 months later.
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Posted by MaggieMcT on 2012-03-06:
You don't say why you didn't get a copy of the bill when you turned the car in, but have you filed a dispute of the charge with your credit card company? That should produce some documentation.
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2012-03-08:
Thank you for your post. I would like to discuss this further. Please email me at care[at]nationalcar.com with complete details, exact renting location, and rental agreement number. Please use reference # 120308-001482 in the subject line of the email. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you.
National Car Rental
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BEWARE!! don't rent a car from National if you have any relatives/Friends coming from another country to visit
Posted by Snow_symphonie on 01/28/2012
INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- went to return a car with people I know who were from another country on 12/29/11 at approximately 9:00 P.M. They were confused by some of the charges on the receipt. Went to National customer service and was "helped" by Jason. I explained the situation telling him that they didn't realize they signed up for a lot of extras because of the language barrier. He told me "If you don't speak English, then don't rent a car". I felt that statement was very rude and discriminatory. Why should someone not be able to rent a car in America just because they can't speak fluent English. After some arguing back and forth he told me "don't be smart with me". After a while the manager came. I told the manager what happened and all I wanted was an apology from Jason for the statement he had made. The manager said he understand the situation and he will have a talk with Jason. The manager then helped us out with a refuned. He went to the back for a while and left us with Jason. My boyfriend who was with me at the time asked Jason if he really was not going to apologize and explained all we wanted was for him to admit he shouldn't have said what he said. At that time I told my boyfriend "just let it go, he's not going to apologize". Right after I said that Jason imitated me and said "YEAH JUST LET IT GO" in a high pitched voiced. JASON WAS BEYOND RUDE! I called corporate that night but it wouldn't go through so I called again the next morning and filed a complaint. The lady on the line said I would hear back from them in about 10 days. Its been over a month and no one bother to follow up on the complaint. I guess it was just not important to the company how badly their customers were treated. So I write this review to vent a little and to warn anyone who might have relatives coming from another country to go to another car rental company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-28:
This employee definitely needs a lesson in customer service. The very least the corporate office should have done was called you back to apologize.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-01-28:
Happy to hear they got a refund on the items in question. As a rule all the extras is where they make their big money and seldom give money back.
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Poor Service
Posted by Dougschad87 on 10/09/2011
I filed a complaint on Nationals Web Site about the poor service of Kevin (aka supervisor) at the National Car Rental location in Palm Springs only to receive an "auto response". My auto response to National is I will NEVER rent a car from National again. As an FYI, I have rented on average 26 times in the past 12 months from National and Hertz is more than happy to take on my patronage.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-11:
Best response: walk with your wallet to the competition.
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Left standing at the airport
Posted by Gwdobbie51 on 09/29/2011
On a Friday night I landed at Victoria Airport in B. C.I had previously checked the Victoria National Car Rental website via the airport website to see if they accepted cash payments. The website was quite specific that they did as long as certain documents were given to the person in charge at the time of the rental. I also called their customer service just to verify the information was correct and all was good. No problem Sir, is what I was told. As I walked up to their booth at 11:00 pm on Friday night with all my vacation plans in hand the gentleman at the counter said"NO" AND THAT WAS THE END OF THE CONVERSATION. My wife and I stood there in disbelief. Time for plan B, which at the time I did not think I needed. The best was when I sent an e-mail to National wanting an explanation. This is what they said, Thank you for helping us correct any customer service problems, we appreciate you taking the time to write. Are these people for real. My entire vacation plans were totally disrupted not to mention spending hours on a bus and missing out on meeting up with friends. I am so glad I could help them with their customer service. NEVER WILL THEY SEE A DIME OF MY MONEY.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-29:
It's not surprising that a terminal like this is not set up for cash transactions. In addition to taking credit card numbers to protect the rental itself. Unfortunately, anyone can say they were told anything at a previous time. It's always a good idea to have a credit card on hand for these situations.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-09-29:
Here is what I found on the National Car Rental website.

"For rentals in Canada, only customers on a pre-paid tour or renting on corporate accounts that have negotiated the option to use cash are allowed to use cash to qualify for a rental."

Here are a couple links.


Posted by NationalCarRental on 2011-09-29:
To: gwdobbie51

We would be happy to assist you and further talk to you about this incident. Please email care@nationalcar.com with your full name, the reservation number, and any other details.

When emailing please list reference #110929-003881 in the subject line.

-Amanda with National Car Rental
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Would never recommend National Car
Posted by Gatof on 06/08/2011
LOS ANGELES / INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- In May we rented a car for 3 weeks at National. Now we were charged / debited with an amount of approx. USD 1200 (!!!) for "extensions". We rented the car for 3 weeks, gave it back after this period, so we do not know what they are charging us for.

I called them and after approx. 20 minutes (I need to mention that I live in Germany and therefore called them from Germany - I do not want to think about the costs...) I talked to a person who seemed to be in charge. She promised to write an email to managers and copy me in - I have never received such an email!
So I filled out the complaint form on their homepage and received an automatic email that they will get in touch with me within 2 day - do I have to mention that this never happened...?

So I wrote an email to the address which is mentioned here on the homepage sometimes (care at nationalcars.com) - again, no reaction. So I filled out the form on their German homepage (I asked for a contact in the US) - I have not received neither an automatic email!

I am really frustrated that no one seems to be responsible for complaints!
Of course we contacted our bank and are trying to retrieve the money - maybe then National wakes up ...
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Posted by NationalCarRental on 2011-06-08:
We have received your emails and your case is being investigated by our Customer Care team. Usually cases such as these take about 5-10 business to receive response. Thank you for your continued patience.
Posted by Alain on 2011-06-09:
Good to see National Car Rental at least resaponding to this complaint. Give us an update if you can, Gatof.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-06-09:
Sort of like the politician that's "sorry" now that he's been caught. One email does not a happy customer make. I hope we get to see how this plays out. Thanks for the post.
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Don't Ever Rent From National Car Rental
Posted by Arush on 05/22/2011
PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- I am amazed at how this company is in business. I would rather cancel my reservation all together, however I can't because I have already. They have horrible customer service skills.

They are the biggest cheaters I've ever come across. They lie on your face. My worst experience ever.

I had no other option this time round so had to take the car from them but never again in my lifetime.

I'd totally discourage anyone to go with National.
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Posted by bob93 on 2011-05-22:
What are the details?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-22:
Great review!! Very helpful! You might to consider Budget Rentacar in the future. Good luck!
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2011-05-22:

Thank you for your post. I would like to look into this issue for you further. Please email me at care[at]nationalcar.com with full details, any rental agreement numbers and 110522-000321 in the subject line. I apologize for any frustration you have had and look foward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
National Car Rental
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National Car Rent Lost and Found or Den of Thieves?
Posted by FrequentFlyer95616 on 04/16/2011
In February, I left my overcoat in a National Car Rental vehicle at the Albuquerque airport (ABQ). This became apparent as soon as I went through security. Within 20 minutes I was on the phone with Agent X at the National lost and found at ABQ. She asked me to wait a few minutes while she check and returned to the phone and said, “nothing was found in the car sir.” She said to call back tomorrow and ask for Agent Y or Agent Z, which I did. Agent Z repeated the same response. I asked her what happened to the overcoat and she just repeated the same sentence. We all have a good idea what happened to that coat as well as the thousands of other articles left behind in National vehicles — employees are taking them and the supervisors at the local lost and found offices know exactly who they are and are covering for them. Is this a way of compensating low-paid employees or are they covering for organized criminal activity? You be the judge. If I had left my cell phone in the pocket, I could have tracked the coat and called the Albuquerque sheriffs department. Maybe someone should do this some time to help put an end to this unprofessional and possibly illegal activity.
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Posted by getoverit on 2011-04-16:
You could be right. By the same token, you might not be.

Based on what you've stated, it's hard to come up with another scenario for what happenned to your overcoat. But you haven't provided much evidence.

Beyond that, you've provided no evidence regarding the thousands of other articles National employees are allegedly stealing.

But you could be right.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-16:
This is why it is a great idea to take an extra minute to check a rental car, motel room, etc before you leave it for the last time. Otherwise, you may end up finding something missing and wondering where it was left.

Very helpful.
Posted by NationalCarRental on 2011-04-20:
We are listening and I would like to investigate what happened at ABQ further. Please email care[at]nationalcar.com with your contact information, rental agreement number, description of the overcoat, and any further details of the incident. Please use "Incident 110420-002898" as the subject of the email. (Rich)
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