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Westchester County Airport National Car Rental Nightmare
By -

NEW YORK -- I went through Hotwire to rent a car at Westchester County Airport. Hotwire gave me National Car Rental. I have never used National. On arriving at the airport I did the paperwork at the rental counter, one person operation; he was very nice, gave me the keys and I headed out to the car lot. My wife and I put our bags in the trunk and I notice scratches on the driver side bumper. The rental agreement does not have a walk around checklist sheet and there was not an attendant around (very small operation).

When we return the car the employee who did my rental agreement was in the rental car lot talking to some friends. He came over and got the keys from me and he notice the scratches on the bumper. He asked me if we had an accident. I said no, the scratches were there went we picked-up the car. This is when the NIGHTMARE begins; he said he had to do a car history search to see if the scratches were noted. He had another employee do the car history search. The employee made a remark to the other employee that the car history was out of date and he continues to search the records.

I stated again that I did not have an accident and that the scratches were there when I picked-up the car. The employee doing the search said I should had come back into the airport and reported the scratches to them. I told him that it was their job to check the car or have someone in the rental lot to do a walk-around. He completed his car history search and could not find a report on the scratches and because I did not come into the airport and report it, then I was at fault. He completed an accident report and I said I was not going to sign the report because I did not have the accident.

He told me if I did not sign the accident report then the company would hold me responsible and he was forwarding the report to the claims department. I sign the report under protest. I call the customer service immediately and filed a statement as I waited for my flight. The lady taking the statement said more the once, that this was a common problem at these small operation and she would document my statement. We will see what happens.

Stolen Cam Corder
By -

SEATAC, WASHINGTON -- Upon return to SeaTac, I dropped off the car in your return area. After passing through the terminal inspection area I noticed that I had left my camcorder in the trunk of the vehicle. I returned immediately to find that the attendant could not locate the car. After twenty minutes of persistent coaxing, I was able to help him find the vehicle which was already in the queue to be rented out again. Interestingly enough, the car was not serviced in any fashion. It was dirty on the outside and still had garbage inside of the vehicle as well as in the trunk. But alas, no camcorder.

I continued to ask for assistance and was turned over to the manager, **. With **, we tried to determine which attendant provided the service to the vehicle in order to ask if the camera had been found and placed in the lost and found box. Again interestingly enough, there was no record of anyone servicing the vehicle. The car had mysteriously moved itself from the return queue to the "TC" Ready for rental queue all by itself.

The camcorder is gone, I realize that and the tracks were covered very well but I want you to understand that on the camcorder were two days of video recordings of competitive soccer play that were going to be used for a group of 16 year girls as college tryout videos. These girls and their families had spent a lot of hard earned money to travel from Sacramento to Tacoma to participate in this unique opportunity. And now, thanks to the honesty and integrity of your workforce, its all gone. I wish there was some way to just recover the memory card that had the soccer games on it.

Cameras can be replaced but the expense of sending an entire soccer team and now the disappointment that these young ladies and their families must endure cannot. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the camera was taken from the trunk of the car in your facility. I also wonder why there are no surveillance cameras in place in that specific location of the garage and how the car ended up in that location without being serviced. Can you honestly say that you believe in your heart that one of your employees is not responsible for the theft?

National Sucks!
By -

I made a reservation with National to compare to others and let me say I am not impressed. To start with, I was dropped off at a group of cars that had no sign to show what cars were what (luxury/premium/full size etc.) and most were all dinged up and dirty. After flagging down a lot attendant, he was nice and dug out a better car for me in the rear behind all others, hooray for him, didn't get his name though. The car was hastily washed and was still dirty, the interior smelled of cigarettes. I washed the car on the way home and had the car wash freshen the air.

The girl at the exit booth seemed confused and asked if I even had a reservation. Then she said the card on my profile had expired, I gave her the card on my profile to show it had not but that was not the same card or number, I think she may have had another persons profile on the computer. During the trip someone on the road told me my right rear stop light was not working, being LED lights there was not much I could do, so I drove 9 days with only one stop light.

Are these vehicles inspected before each rental? Apparently not. All this I can live with so far. I return the car today and the greeter asked if I had a return authorization. What? What is that? I said no, and he said a receipt will arrive in my email. I get home and the O'Hare manager sent an email stating "you have dropped a car at our location, can you give me your name and dates of rental". What is this all about? I have never dealt with this kind of disorganization at Hertz.

I sent all of my info to the O'Hare manager and am waiting to hear back. I just checked my National profile and noticed a rental in my profile that I never rented. Somehow, they mixed my reservation with someone else's and charged his credit card for my rental and his. Plus, the receipt sent to me has the wrong vehicle on it. I am still trying to have someone at the joke of a business to return my call and try to talk to a person with higher than a first grade reading level. I am really scared to use National or Alamo again because of this confusion.

Rip Off Fees Charged For Drop Off
By -

SAN JOSé DEL CABO. B.C.S. MéXICO C.P. 23400 -- On the 10th January 2010 we rented a car from National Car Rental in Tijuana Mexico for return to Tijuana on the 27th January. The first problems started on our drive down to Todos Santos when the windshield broke. After several telephone calls, which were not returned, we had agreement to take the rental to the La Paz central depot for exchange. On arriving they wanted to change the screen only and make us wait several hours for the work to be done.

Eventually after much arguing and telephone calls to Tijuana, they gave us an exchange car on the understanding that we take it back to La Paz and pick up the original rental. We were staying 60 miles away from La Paz, but had no option but to agree. 4 days later we returned to La Paz and changed the cars over at our expense. We left Todos on the 24th to return to Tijuana with the car, however over night, a storm took out 4 bridges and parts of the road back, the roads were impassable for 5 days.

We were then in Loreto some 4 hours North of La Paz, we telephoned National explaining that the rental could not be returned by the due date, because of the road conditions, and asked them what they would like us to do. They said to take the car back to La Paz for which we could pay US$741.00 as a one way drop off. After 2 days of arguing we agreed on US$350.00 after first agreeing US$250 which they reneged on. As we had deadlines to meet, with regards our return we had no option but to pay these rip off charges. We thought about just abandoning the car in Loreto and let them sort it out, but being responsible people, returned the car.

We are a British family and regularly book rentals from the National Group in Europe. But National Car Rentals Mexico have to be bottom of the league. Their customer services are non existent, and they do not return telephone calls. This rental for 16 days cost us US$1590.00. Beware of Nation Car Rentals Mexico.

Bad Service, Unprofessional Personnel, Error Prone Staff
By -

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- I have used National many times in the past to travel long distances across the U.S., each time taking advantage of the unlimited mileage feature and have had great experiences. Enter Charleston, WV. I am not without some blame here as I made a hurried online reservation, and saw a price estimate that was similar to what I have received in the past and went to the airport expecting that price along with unlimited miles.

The National agent "Donny" printed out the rental agreement for me to initial/sign, however the estimate was $300, no unlimited miles. I told "Donny" that I was expecting a price of around $70 with unlimited miles. He said "hmmm, well I am just printing the reservation. Let me take a look." He then printed a new agreement that indicated a price estimate of $70. He said, "here is what you are looking for unlimited miles and $70 dollars." "Perfect, thanks." I did not review the document closely as I was in a hurry, and neither did "Donny."

Upon arrival at my destination, the total cost was up near the $300 range again. I was told to contact the WV office, which I did. They indicated that it was my error and that I had made the wrong reservation. I indicated that I had relied upon "Donny's" indication that I was getting exactly what I was expecting, a $70 price tag and unlimited miles.

The manager went as far as taking off the miles so that the price was $160 but would not go any lower, despite her agent, "Donny's" indications upon which I had relied. She became agitated with me and complained to me about having to work for an hour on this issue. In all, be weary of National Car Rental personnel, make sure that if you use them that you inspect every document carefully and do not rely upon any indications from their agents. Furthermore, DO NOT RENT FROM THE CHARLESTON AIRPORT LOCATION!

Disgusted With National Car Rental
By -

I traveled to England from Canada in December of 2006 for my daughter's wedding. I rented a car at London Heathrow with no problems... My problems only began when I returned the car. During my trip, I was involved in a minor accident when someone reversed into me at a traffic light to avoid another vehicle. The driver admitted liability and provided me with all necessary information about his insurance company.

This information was given to the agent when I returned the car and I received a copy of documentation acknowledging this fact. I was advised that I would lose my damage deposit of 550 GBP but that I would be reimbursed as soon as National heard from the third party's insurance company.

To be quite honest, this is bollocks because for nine months I heard nothing. In the past few months I have written to National on two occasions but they are so arrogant that they choose to ignore me. My question to them was "Can you tell me the status of the insurance claim against the third party and when I can expect the return of my damage deposit."

Now when someone ignores you after you have written twice and have obviously hit a nerve, it suggests to me that the other party has something to hide. Do car rental companies get compensation from both my lost damage deposit of 550 GBP AND compensation from a third party insurance company?

I am sick and tired of being shafted in the back by mega-corporations who see a quick way of making extra revenue at my expense. If someone at National would have had the intestinal fortitude to have replied to my two letters I would not be writing this message now.

They are either downright stupid or totally arrogant in operating this damage deposit system. My summary is that I would NEVER rent from NATIONAL again and no matter who I rented from, I would adopt a different approach towards my damage liability. CAVEAT EMPTOR. They suck big time.

Bogus Damage on Rental Car
By -

LONDON, UK -- I am a US resident living in the UK for a year. I rented a vehicle from National Car Rental at King's Cross in London October 8 for a period of 9 days for a trip to Scotland. After picking up the vehicle my wife and I drove directly to Scotland and arrived at our hotel as it was getting dark. I then noticed that one of the headlights didn't work. It is illegal to drive a vehicle with non-functioning headlights in the UK, so I phoned National Car rental customer service. They were closed at 6:30 pm on a Saturday, and weren't to reopen their help line until Monday morning.

By Monday morning we were at our rental cottage in the wilds of Scotland where we couldn't get cell service. So, I didn't phone back, and didn't do any night driving (wasn't really a problem). I returned the car to London October 15 and upon check-in told them about the headlight. I got a slip from them stating no new damage to the vehicle and they said no worries about the light and halfheartedly apologized for the problem.

The next week I get a letter saying they have charged my credit card for £117 for a 'missing headlight'. I called customer service for an explanation, faxed them the no damage statement I got, and they said they will investigate and get back to me in 7 days. I told my credit card company I am going to dispute the charge if it doesn't get resolved. 10 days go by with no response so I call again... They will investigate and call me back the next day I am assured. 14 days the same response.

On the 15th day I call again and they tell me they have had no response from the manager of the branch, and finally agree to refund my card. Overall a complete runaround and poor customer service from National Car Rental in the UK.

Charged for Refueling Even When Car Returned With Full Tank
By -

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- I have been renting from National Car Rental for 2 years with no problems or complaints until now. I've never really paid attention to my final receipts because I always thought the totals would be the same as the final receipt I receive when the car is returned. After going over charges on my credit card statements I noticed that on my last 2 rentals I was charged an additional 13.98, which the company explained to me were for adding 2 additional gallons of gas at 6.99 a gallon.

Outraged, I first contacted the company by email, which in turn told me I needed to contact the Shreveport, Louisiana Airport location. Even after speaking to the Manager I got nowhere fast, according to the explanation I was given: just because the pump clicks and no additional gas is allowed into the tank does not mean the car is full even if the hand reads FULL. What??? So, apparently even if you try to force additional gas into the tank and it spills out all over the ground according to the Manager it does not indicate the tank is full again if inside the hand is clearly on or above F...

This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. The Manager refused to reimburse me or even accept my gas receipts from the station located less than 1 block away from the drop-off location. Basically, it was my word against the serviceman who inspects the car after it's returned and measures total gallons with a gas gauge. Needless to say I am upset especially since I've been a customer for 2 years and also an Emerald Club member, to think, the hundreds of dollars I've invested into this company and they refuse to reimburse me for $27!!!

Fraudulently Charge After The Fact
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, TEXAS -- FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! I upgraded to a Mercedes, enjoyed the car, returned the car. I paid for the vehicle with my credit card, got a receipt and everything was fine. 2 DAYS LATER: I check my account this morning and National has charged me an additional $500 FOR NO REASON! I received NO CALL, NO ALERT, nobody mentioned any problems when I returned the car and I have a receipt that shows we paid the balance and left without a problem.

Now I call and there is not one person who can tell me what this mysterious charge is for!!!!!!! "MAYBE IT IS WRECKED?" is what the person tells me on the phone. MAYBE IT IS WRECKED!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Yes, I am sure I would be allowed to leave the car with it being wrecked. I am not being helped, all I hear is "we will have to find a supervisor, no one is available." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I am calling my bank and reporting fraud as soon as I get finished with this review.

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! These people charge you and refuse to help. There not one piece of information related to an additional $500 charge that anybody can find. As of now, I am waiting for a call back.

Did Not Have the Car I Reserved
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Not only did they not have the van I reserved, they refused to find one. You can't tell me that in the whole combined car rental place in the world's busiest airport, there wasn't one minivan to rent. "Sir, if I could build you one I would." said the manager. "It's not my fault." Well, who's fault is it? I don't want you to build one, just find one. She was totally non responsive, which is shameful for a company that says "total commitment to customer service." **, you should be ashamed. No service, no resolution. Nothing. Calling the toll free number didn't help either. I rent cars a lot, I'll not be returning to National.

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