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Buyer Beware
By -

SANFORD, FLORIDA -- On 10- 27-2009 I purchased an 2006 Chevy 3500 4x4 From Nations Truck & SUV Center in Sanford Florida. A very clean truck with low miles. I looked and looked for a truck like this on one, unfortunately they had one. Today I wish they didn't because I have discovered that the truck was in a major wreck and rebuilt. Just looking at it one would never be able to tell unless you knew what to look for. What I'm going to tell you is firsthand from a very reputable body shop.

The entire right side of the bed was replaced, and not done properly, over half the weld points were never welded, the bed at the tail light end moves a lot when the tailgate is open, it's moving so much it has cracked the seam sealant that was installed over the seam and this sealant is made to stay flexible, the cab end of the bed was never welded either and has some movement, the list gets longer. The entire front clip including the core support has been removed to replace the core support, when it was all put back together nothing lines up.

The headlamps are not even pointing on the road. The right upper control arm was replaced. Under the hood there is all kinds of plastic pieces broken, bolts missing, and who knows what else. The body shop stated they couldn't tell the entire extent of all the damages unless it was all taken apart. The right side of the truck was repainted, the only thing that was credited to whoever did the paint work, was really good, so good it fooled me.

Conclusion, I contacted them and told them all that was discovered about the truck, they immediately said there is now way the truck was pieced together. So now I'm on the phone arguing asking them, "so now you're telling me it's all just a bad dream or that I'm just making all of this up?" Will someone please wake me up because this is a really bad nightmare.

After three days, five phone calls, I was told by a law firm to make them an offer to take the truck back refunding the total amount back to me less a set price of .35 per mile for what miles that have been put on the truck to date. Their counter offer was to bring the truck back and trade it in one something else. Well for one they don't have what I want and even if they did why should I have to pay sales tax or anything at all. They sold me a pile of junk. All I wanted was a full refund, less mileage, and handshake saying "we are sorry that this was overlooked since we had purchased it from an auction," or anything along those lines. No, just denial all the way to the end.

Their other offer was to buy the truck back for 3k less than what I just paid for it. This is all so wrong it makes me sick. Since this letter was posted I had found out from a very reliable source that they knew the truck was rebuilt and they do this all the time. The sad part of all of this I'm out my layers fees, my time plus I had to re-register my old truck and carry insurance on two trucks while in limbo with these crooks until I decided to give in and take the only way out and have them buy it back on 11-18-09 for $28,300.00 bringing my loss to well over $3,500.00.

This should be considered fraud, no one should have to go through what I have and lose that much money. They may not have broken any laws in their shady ways of hiding behind legal terms but broke many morals and part of my spirit and I will do all I can to make the public aware of these type of thiefs.

Deceptive Truck Dealer Procurement Seller of Previously Damaged Vehicles
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Rating: 1/51

SANFORD -- Nations Truck sold me a truck that was defective in many ways, including hiding the fact it was in a previous accident. On approx, May 2013 I purchased a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel from Nations Truck paying approximately $31,000 cash after tax and title. My Nations Truck Nightmare began. Throughout the sale the sales representative continually commented on their 100 point inspections and their 6 month 6000 mile half labor half parts warranty. What Nations Truck lied about is they never indicated if a customer negotiates a price with them then it voids the warranty. No warranty at any other dealer is ever voided when one negotiates price.

Nations Truck deceptively has the customer sign an AS IS form and never indicates the warranty is voided as a result of it. Within two weeks of buying the truck the muffler pipe completely broke in half at its midpoint weld. Being 500 miles from the dealer I had to get it fixed elsewhere ($166). I had the truck inspected and the service mechanic indicated that both air bags would never deploy since they were disconnected. The 7-way trailer connection was cut in half. The repair shop proceeded to show me where the truck had been in an accident.

Nations Truck repeatedly bragged during the sale how other dealers sell trucks in previous accidents; that they did not. They even showed a clear Carfax which proves they had not inspected the truck themselves. A dent underneath the radiator proved it had been in an accident and airbags had deployed. At two months and 4000 miles use, the trucks transmission burnt up. Based on oblong holes discovered in the fly wheel it was proof that whomever Nations Truck had do the transmission work, they did not torque or lock tight the torque converter bolts.

The bolts loosened, fractured, damaged the fly wheel and the process destroyed the transmission, torque converter, and flywheel. This cost me $5700 and 5 days at the AL/TN state border. By the time I crossed Kansas the truck had overheated and required radiator hose repair. By the time I had got to my vacation destination I also had to replace the water pump and do fuel injection repairs ($440) followed by replacement of all the truck's upper and lower ball joints both sides of the truck ($900).

Clearly Nations Truck is doing deceptive business: from point of purchasing bad trucks, misrepresenting the truck's condition, misrepresenting their inspections, misrepresenting their warranty since it voids when the vehicle price is negotiated, and not informing the customer of the same. I have called Nations Truck at least 5-6 times, I have shown up in person, and not once has NT returned my calls. Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware", Nations Truck is a very dishonest truck dealership. If they had only warranted their work then they would have had a repeat customer.

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