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Very Satisfied With Experience
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Like many people, I carry insurance for the obvious reasons and never have a real reason to utilize it. I've had Nationwide as my home owners carrier for a few years now and chose them initially because of an outstanding rate. To make a long story short, we had a pipe in the wall leading to a shower on the upper floor develop a crack in an elbow. The damage was significant, about 30k. I hired a Public adjuster and Nationwide's rep work very close and very expeditiously with him.

The company sent us a check within a week for the entire amount we felt was fair and needed to repair all damages to original condition. This also included replacement of some items with no hassle from them. I also want to stress my recommendation to anyone of bringing in a Public Adjuster in high end claims cases. I'm not saying Nationwide wouldn't have handled it the same without him, but in cases like this with so much on the line, I was glad I did not try and handle this myself without expert representation.

Since They Are Pulling Out of Florida
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FLORIDA -- Since they are just up and leaving, I feel everyone, especially those in Florida, should boycott all their golfing events in which they are a sponsor. Either my parents or I have been making insurance payments since 1952. Since 1969, there was two houses. We have never even claimed a hurricane damage claim, and only one claim when a house water pipe broke (of course we were not home). So now they say, "the heck with ya and leave." So we should all do the same to their golf events. And find another insurance for your cars.

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