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No Refund Given
Posted by Franikad on 07/13/2010
PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- 888-500-2110

I have had Nationwaide from 5/19/2009. I never had the need to use them. I just finished making a three month payment on May 19 and then about two weeks later received a letter stating that Arizona is not being covered any longer. In the beginning I was able to get someone on the phone promising me an immediate refund. Now it is impossible to get someone but about every fifth e-mail I get the same answer which is that as soon as they get moneY they will refund my money. I guess it is a blessing that I never had the need to use them since it is obvious that I would not have received THE SERVICE I paid for.

Damage Resulting
I feel I paid for this whole contract with no intent on their part to honor it.
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Find a different home warranty program
Posted by Ms. Hope on 07/08/2010
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I purchased a 3 year home warranty in August 2008 and am now having to file a claim. They will not answer their phone and all numbers have directed me to make an inquiry by email. After making the inquiry via email they responded with a simple statement that my warranty has expired. Now I paid $339.99 for 3 months to cover a 3 year period and replied with the receipt of my payment. They now will not respond to my emails nor have they called me back. Horrible business!!! I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and am waiting to hear from anyone in regards to this matter. My advice to you is to NOT use this company regardless of how good the perks seem or look!!!
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Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-07-08:
Because you live in NY you may wish to read the following URL. Nationwide Home Warranty is being sued by the state of NY.

Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-08:
Does Nationwide claim to conform to BBB standards?
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Don't buy warranty service for Nation Wide Home Warranty
Posted by Aram on 07/01/2010
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I purchased an annual warranty services from Nation Wide Home Warranty last September 2009. About 3 months later one of my appliances broke. I called this warranty company several times to report the claim. I never got an answer from them. No-one answers the phone in that company. I found myself in long waits for more than 1 hour several times and had to hang up. I went to Nation Wide Home Warranty website and email the Claim department several times and never got a reply. I contacted the Best Business Bureau and they are still giving me the run around on this matter.
About 2 months ago Nation Wide Home Warranty contacted me via email and stated that they are not covering warranty services in my area anymore and they will be refunding me the premium I paid. Again this happen 2 months ago and I am still waiting for that refund. I have being contacting Nation Wide Home Warranty and the Best Business Bureau and both are still giving me the run around. I had to pay a technician to come and repair my appliances and still fighting to get the refund for the premium I paid to Nation Wide Home Warranty. "If you do not want to loose your money, do not make business with Nationwide Home Warranty", also "The Best Business Bureau does not function.".
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Nationwide Home Warranty Fraud
Posted by Pastormcd on 06/22/2010
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I enrolled in Nationwide"s warranty program in May 2009. In August 2009 I filed a claim. It took one week to contact them and another week for someone to come out. The repairman did his job extremely well. One month later I received an angry letter and bill from the repair company for non payment. It took a threat of going to the attorney general for them to pay. In June 2010, I filed a claim on the internet, as is their policy. After 6 days of no response I called them. I was told they no longer serviced my area. Unreal, they have been taking the monthly payment from checking account but now say they no longer service my account. I inquired concerning this and was told they did this in May 2010 and had sent emails to all their customers in the effected area. I never received an email, neither did my daughter. I save all my deleted emails on my computer. My daughter, whom I recommended her to purchase Nationwide had her only claim denied for pre existing. They company now wishes to refund one month. I believe they have not covered us for a long time.
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Crooks, Thieves and Liars!
Posted by Pissed in Missouri on 03/24/2010
This is the most disreputable company that I have had the misfortune to deal with, they do not meet there obligations, are rude and disrespectful.

Please contact your Attorney General and the New York Attorney General if you have been RIPPED OFF by this company!
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This Nationwide Is Definitely NOT on Your Side
Posted by Mello-D on 02/08/2010
STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!! I have a home warranty, bought by the seller of the house we bought. Obviously they bought us the cheapest and least trustworthy company they could find (that's my opinion).

Back to the facts, I had two issues in my home--one with electrical, and one with the fridge/freezer. The electrician told me right away that Nationwide will not pay, so anything he does I will have to pay for.

The appliance repairman found that my freezer fan was not blowing cold air, so he bought the part, made the claim, and it was denied. When I finally got a hold of the company after 3 days (which, by the way, it took me 7 days to initially get my claim in the system), they said the claim was denied because the contractors report suggested that the issue was pre-existing. In speaking with the contractor, he said his report said no such thing.

By the way, both contractors told me that they have NEVER been paid by Nationwide Home Warranty. The electrician wasn't even going to come. Nationwide does not pay claims. How can they, if they hand out <$400 warranties on all home systems without ever having anyone come by to see what condition the systems are in? This is a cheap company that you MUST steer clear from.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-08:
not sure about home warranty, but my friend uses nationwide auto ins. Just had to file a claim and loved it
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Don't waste your time - Cancel immediately
Posted by Wil in Hawaii on 02/06/2010
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I signed up for Nationwide Home Warranty, 40 days later I needed them to repair a water stoppage issue in my condo. They responded immediately to my claim, sent a plumber over the same morning. The plumber told them the price for repair, flat fee. Plumber did not solve problem for lack of payment. I refiled claim with Nationwide, no reply over 3 week period after numerous claims and telephone attempts. Finally, I got answer on phone to be told that claim was denied due to pre-existing condition. They told me they contacted plumber and he advised them of such a condition. I contacted plumber. He informed me that he had not spoken with Nationwide since he gave them flat rate price for repair. They completely lied; I cancelled plan and informed credit card company to dispute charge.
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Worst Company Ever
Posted by Flyme630 on 01/21/2010
My story is not unlike most of the rest of the stories that are posted here, so I won't waste more of your time by having you read them. Bottom line... Bought the policy, tried to use it, was denied for reasons that were so ludicrous and was not allowed to get a refund on the policy, even though I was "guaranteed" I would be able to get a refund prorated at the time of cancellation. WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY LIFE... IN MY "WHOLE" LIFE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
James in Oklahoma
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Posted by moneybags on 2010-01-21:
File a complaint with your attorney generals office.
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Worst Service Ever Before
Posted by Akb_1998 on 10/09/2009
PO BOX 341, NEW YORK -- Over Telephone I authorized to charge my credit card in the amount of $350 for Home warranty on 5-26-2009. The contract should start on 6-1-2009. Before that date, I called and requested to cancel the contract. The Customer service cancelled the contract and wanted to issue the credit. Took more than 2 months, then I disputed through my credit card. After failing, I again contacted with Natiowide and they confirmed credit was issued on 9-13-2009. Now, at 10-8-2009, they are telling they are still reviewing. Everytime I called, they confirmed within 2 weeks, within 1 week, within 4 days, within 4 hours, with 48 hours credit will be issued. Never got credit. It's 5 months. I already have home warranty under American Home shield. I have following dates and contacted persons

6-26-2009: Jason billing was issuing credit

8-24-2009: Billing department, Jason wanted to issue credit

9-2-2009: Franklin confirmed a credit on 9-9-2009

9-11-2009: Franklin issuing credit by next 4 hours

9-12-2009; Franklin issuing credit next Wednesday

9-17-2009: Billing confirmed credit was issued on 9-13-2009

10-2-2009: Billing wanted 3-5days

10-8-1009: Billing wants 48 hours for review

Overall, I haven't signed any contract. I cancelled on time. They took more than 5 months and I believe, this company is doing injustice to many.
The Better Businees Bureau reporting it has grade of F (A-F) and complain counted around 400.
BBB processed a total of 408 complaint(s) about this business in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total 408 complaint(s) closed in the last 36 months, 301 were closed in the last 12 months.

These complaints concerned:

5 regarding Advertising Issues
5 regarding Advertising Issues

12 regarding Billing or Collection Issues
12 regarding Billing or Collection Issues

73 regarding Contract Disputes
73 regarding Contract Disputes

40 regarding Customer Services Issues
40 regarding Customer Services Issues

2 regarding Delivery Issues
2 regarding Delivery Issues

124 regarding Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
124 regarding Guarantee Or Warranty Issues

3 regarding Product Issues
3 regarding Product Issues

44 regarding Refund Or Exchange Issues
44 regarding Refund Or Exchange Issues

51 regarding Repair Issues
51 regarding Repair Issues

5 regarding Selling Practices
5 regarding Selling Practices

49 regarding Service Issues
49 regarding Service Issues

These complaints were closed as:

184 Administratively Closed
156 Administratively Judged Resolved
3 BBB determined that despite the company’s reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.
1 BBB determined the company made good faith and reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.
1 BBB determined the company provided proper verification that indicated there was no obligation to resolve the issues of the complaint.
1 Disputed
22 The parties could not provide sufficient information to support their positions nor were they agreeable to make reasonable efforts toward resolving the issues of the dispute.

47 No Response
17 Company failed to respond to the BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.
30 No Response

151 Resolved
23 Assumed Resolved
2 Company offered a partial (less than 100%) settlement which the consumer accepted.
5 Company offered a partial (less than 100%) settlement which the consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.
9 Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to the BBB.
22 Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.
2 Complaint was settled through BBB mediation.
88 Resolved

19 Unpursuable
2 Company cannot be located.
11 Company is out of business.
6 Unpursuable

7 Unresolved
6 Company failed to resolve the complaint issues through the BBB voluntary and self-regulatory process.
1 Unresolved


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Posted by Jackojam on 09/24/2009
Based on all the negative reviews from almost all the home warranty providers, the logical thing to do is to put the money you were investing in home warranties in a savings account.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-24:
Do you have a specific complaint?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
So, what's your complaint?
This looks to be more of an "informative" post.
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