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Homeowners Beware
Posted by Madasallgetout on 08/27/2009
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Nationwide Home Warranty is a huge consumer scam. After selling home insurance on the largest home components, they will throw up every imaginable roadblock. These include requiring maintenance records, 8 day review period and signed agreements that were not necessary when the warranty was sold and funds debited. The personnel of the Claims Department are demeaning, ignorant and not the least bit caring that your insurance premiums are what pay their salary. Beware of eternal hold periods when you call. Their online customer login does not work. Their contractors are small fly by night operations who will add on fees before completing the work due to the fact that the company is slow to pay them back if ever. This company is a tremendous generator of consumer angst and deceipt.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-27:
I had Nationwide car insurance and had to file a fraud case against them because they signed my name to waive the personal injury portion of my policy. I had the original with no signature...they paid dearly. I would never do business with them again.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-08-27:
Oh my Goodness, Ms! How in the world did they think that they could get away with something like that???
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-27:
I'm not sure what they were thinking...the agent was a real dirt bag...I think he got his insurance license revoked. My lawyer had a field day with them. They being Nationwide thought the paperwork was on the up and up but after being shown the original documents they were not happy campers.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-27:
so what was your issue? denied payment for services?
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-27:
I had a car accident which was the fault of the other driver. I contacted my insurance company, from the hospital I might add, to alert them of the accident. Once I got home I pulled out my policy and saw that I had a Personal Injury clause where I could claim 25,000 in the event the other driver didn't have adequate insurance to pay my medical bills, car repairs, etc...well it turned out they didn't. So I filed against my policy and it was denied because they said I had waived that coverage. So I filed a lawsuit against them and won.
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Ripped-off by Nationwide Home Warranty
Posted by K&RG on 04/14/2009
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I don't know whether to feel pleased I'm not alone or hacked-off at falling for the same SCAM being run by Nationwide Home Warranty of NY.

The company are wholly unethical and I have connected every regulatory agency I can in the hope they are heavily sanctioned. Like others, when I've made claims they stall demanding "MAINTENANCE" records. I only just moved into my relatively new house so didn't have any records ... so they said contact the previous owner for records going back THREE YEARS. Are they for real? Of course it's all part of the SCAM and they'll string you along until time for renewal, then agree to part meet your claim IF and ONLY IF you renew with them. THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!

Like others ... I don't know how their claim desk "managers" sleep at nights.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-15:
It's the way that they get out of paying claims. But unfortunately they are correct in demanding those records. It's in the warranty terms. However, they don't specify what the records are to contain. The OP states the home is relatively new. How many years? Also what's the item in question? Some items require no maintenance.
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Horrible Service
Posted by Kren on 04/14/2009
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I called on Sunday to place a claim and was told I should hear back by Monday Morning. Monday I called several times to find out why no one has called and the few times I was not disconnected, they weer very rude and nasty saying you have to wait. I have called everyone few hours since then and it is now Tuesday afternoon and I still have no heat.

Apparently when you ask for a supervisor, they are all supervisors or managers. HORRIBLE COMPANY google the reviews, its a common theme.
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Nationwide Home Warranty Is A Scam
Posted by SCAMMED BY NATIONWIDE on 03/16/2009
NEW YORK -- BEWARE!! NATIONWIDE IS JUST A SCAM AND RIP-OFF!! I am so ANGRY!! Finally needed to file a claim with them on my refrigerator and Nationwide says that they will not repair/replace my refrigerator unless I send them "MAINTENANCE" reports. I told them nobody pays for a professional to come out and take the temperature on a working refrigerator. They said that they do not cover anything without proof of "maintenance". on that item. So, if you haven't paid for professionals to come "maintain" all your working appliances they aren't covered. It is not really a company but a bunch of con artists. Not only are they refusing to repair my refrigerator they told me that I am under a one year contract (you have to cancel within the first 3 days). I will have my bank stop payment immediately. I will be contacting the Attorney General of Alabama as well as the BBB. I told the manager that I didn't know how she slept at night working for a company like this. I find it odd that other complaints state that they spoke to the same exact "manager". If this is a nationwide (across America) company what are the odds of people from different states reaching the same person? I would say that it is run by a handful of employees and all they do is field off the complaints as they do not cover anybody. They are sheer profit as they refuse to pay any claims that do not have proof of maintenance. How many people pay for a professional to come and test their appliances, toilets, hot tub, ac units that are working fine?? They take your money and you trust that you are covered. You make a claim and they REFUSE TO COVER IT unless you have maintenance reports on the appliance or toilet or whatever.

So it would cost about $1400 or more a year to pay to maintain ALL your appliances. If they are not maintained, they are NOT COVERED so this is a USELESS policy and actually a SCAM!! If there has been repair work done this will not suffice-it has to be maintenance" wherein a professional comes out and checks a perfectly fine, working functional appliance, toilet, AC unit etc just to say it's fine. This ought to be illegal as it is nothing but robbery!!
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Do Not Patronize Nationwide Home Warranty - They Do Not Approve Claims
Posted by Aaron in Roanoke, TX on 03/12/2009

My fiance and I recently bought a house in Roanoke, TX, and even though the house was in very good condition, the fact remained that it was a foreclosure, and our real estate agent recommended that we ask the seller to pay for a home warranty, which they did. Two and a half months later our HVAC system had a major problem and we were thankful that our agent recommended the home warranty. To make a long story short, we were able to get a technician to the house with orders to repair the problem if the cost didn't exceed $100.

Unfortunately the estimated cost was over $2,100 - the compressor was damaged beyond repair. This is where we started having problems with Nationwide Home Warranty. It was at this point that they requested maintenance records and would not continue to process our claim until we provided them with sufficient documentation. Unfortunately, since we had just bought the house, we could not provide them with the previous owners maintenance records. Add the fact that this was a foreclosure and you might understand why we don't have any contact information whatsoever for the previous owners.

So here we were, in the middle of January, with a non-functioning furnace. We were lucky to have a few nice days in the 50s and 60s but when the temp dropped down to 45 degrees I decided that our claim needed to be upgraded to emergency status, which by their definition is "a threat to health or property", and our situation met both of those criteria. Even though we explained why we could not provide maintenance records, the staff at Nationwide Home Warranty refused to process our claim and take care of us. I provided them with the records for the home inspection that showed the HVAC system working properly and in good condition and I also sent them copies of the receipt for the filters I purchased three days after moving into the house. Apparently, these were still insufficient.

When the temps dropped into the 30's I demanded that Nationwide take care of the issue before it got any colder and caused the water pipes to burst which would then cause additional damage throughout the house, in addition to negative impact to the health of fiance and myself. Their recommendation - pay for the expenses yourself and seek reimbursement from Nationwide afterwards. Even though this was not a good option, I had no choice so I contacted two other HVAC contractors and they came to the same conclusion - bad compressor. Fortunately, I was able to get it fixed by one of them for $1,920, as opposed to paying the higher $2,100.

Over the course of the past six weeks I have made over twenty phone calls to Nationwide, spent approximately 4 hours on the phone with them, and I'm no closer to getting reimbursed. I would say that about half the total time spent on the phone I was on hold, ironically, listening to their advertisements saying things like "We are the Gold Standard in home warranties...proudly servicing customers since 1951", "...when the washer is full of laundry or food in the the refrigerator, we're sure to get it working again, REAL FAST", and "When your heat goes out in December, we'll get it working again - IN A HURRY". Even though my blood pressure was rising a notch or two every time I heard one of these sales advertisements, I was able to keep a cool head because I understand that honey catches more flies than vinegar. My cool head has not however, proven useful.

I believe that Nationwide Home Warranty is using their request for "maintenance records" to deny legitimate claims based solely upon the amount of the claim. Remember, they were willing to take care of the issue if it did not exceed $100.

Regarding the maintenance records... The bottom line is that Nationwide had their opportunity to request maintenance records before my coverage began and they accepted the warranty policy. On top of that, Nationwide should definitely NOT be marketing their home warranty to home buyers. Since they also make a habit of selling home warranties to home sellers (they claim that it increases the sale price), they should be forced to obtain any relevant maintenance records from the sellers BEFORE accepting the policies. The whole marketing campaign revolves around the peace of mind that a home buyer feels by buying a home warranty on the premise that he or she does not know the intimate details of the condition of each appliance/system that would be covered by the warranty. Further, a home buyer can not be expected to provide paperwork that was never even in his or her possession.

Nationwide should also be paying the additional costs of the emergency heating system that I had to use when the temperatures got too cold before our system could be fixed, which added up to almost $500.

Anyone that deals with this company should get in contact with the Better Business Bureau of New and file a complaint as soon as possible (https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/getstarted.aspx).

You should also get in touch with the New York Attorney General and file a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection (http://www.oag.state.ny.us/bureaus/consumer_frauds/pdfs/complaint_forms/nyc_complaint.pdf).

You should also contact the various government agencies that regulate the insurance industry. I am in the process of that right now.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-03-12:
Get all of your documentation together. Make note of all phone calls. Who you spoke with and when. File suit against them in small claims court. Odds are better than even they will reimburse you shortly after they are served with court papers.

You have got to fight. They count on you won't.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-12:
There have been many complaints about Nationwide not honoring claims because of a lack of maintenance records. It is clearly stated in the warranty that they "may" request such records. But this case is different. The warranty says nothing about obtaining records from a previous owner. And in this case since the house was sold out of a foreclosure it could be next to impossible to obtain any records. One could examine the property tax record but then actually finding the previous owner would be, let's say needle in a haystack. The OP needs to file in court to recover the costs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-12:
Excellent post! The OP has a good start on this and outlined a great procedure for many others who may be having similar problems.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-12:
Do what Chuck said. Fight fight fight.
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Will Not Honor The Home Warranty Contract
Posted by CYnthia L B on 02/23/2009
PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS -- In December of 2007 I purchased a home warranty from Nationwide Home Warranty (NHW). I did not file any claims. In November of 2008 I contacted NHW about extending the warranty another year because I had received an offer from another company. I decided to renew my warranty with NHW (N-108944) and paid in full for the year ($322.94). On December 28, 2008 I returned home after being gone a week and discovered the heating system was not working. On the morning of December 29, 2008 I call NHW at 1-888-500-2110 and reported the heating system was out. I was informed that NHW would contact a service technician. Mustang Plumbing Inc. called a few hours later and they would send a technician out that afternoon. About 2 pm a service technician (G. W.) arrived and inspected the unit. He determined that the unit needed to be replaced. He said that a good unit will last 20 years and this one in 28 years old. He called NHW and informed them of this and gave them an estimate for replacement, NHW says it was $825. He was informed that it was being put "under review" so he left. A few hours later I called NHW again to see what was being done because it was cold and I was without heat.

I was informed that NHW needed the maintenance records and because I didn't have any (the filter is a permanent filter that I clean every other week) I would have to replace the system myself and submit the invoice for reimbursement. I called Mustang Plumbing back and asked them to come replace the system. The following day (12/30/08) they came back and I had them replace the entire system because the A/C was just as old as the heating system. The invoice was $3500 which I paid. On 12/31/08 I faxed the invoice to NHW. On 1/15/09 I called to check on the status of my claim and was advised by Casey Wiggins that NHW was only going to pay $100. NHW is supposed to pay up to up to $1500 per unit according to the contract. The contract does not say I must have maintenance records. I do my own maintenance and the technician said that the unit appeared well maintained and had lasted a lot longer than expected and he wrote a statement for me.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and now NHW are saying my claim is denied (so much for the $100). They told the BBB that if I have shown that the unit was maintained that they would have worked with me. I did give them a statement from the technician they sent out that the problems were not due to lack of maintenance but due to the age of the unit.

The contract does not say that maintenance records must be kept and it does not have an age limit on covered items.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Sorry to inform you but their warranty does indeed mention such records.

Section 9.1.2 '...Nationwide reserves the right to request maintenance records. For example: heating and a/c systems require periodic cleaning and/or replacement of filters and cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils.'
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-23:
I'd sue them in small claims for contract fraud.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
I concur with Soaring Consumer.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-23:
It wouldn't hurt to try.
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Horrible Experience with Nationwide Home Warranty
Posted by Jules4th on 02/21/2009
They decided to go ahead and just charge our credit card to renew our contract, although the contract stated otherwise (only if we paid month to month could they renew). When my husband called to inquire as to why this happened, the customer service representative was very rude and stated that in the contract they were allowed to do that. To his husband had to talk over her and read the contract to her and told her where he was reading from. At that point, she finally looked something up and stopped arguing with him. Then she told him he had to call back because no one from billing was there.

My husband called several other times and spoke with the billing department and was told over and over that it would be refunded within 7-14 days, and then the last couple times within 48 hours. It has been over a month since the first promise to refund our money. We have actually had to contact our credit card company and tell them of the fraudulent charges, and are trying to have this resolved by going through them. We will never trust them again!

I have read many other complaints of this same type of thing.
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Bad Home Warranty
Posted by Adeedo on 01/02/2009
EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- Nationwide Home Warranty Insurance
P.O. Box 341 Zip 10013
New York, New York
United States
Phone: 888-500-2110

If anyone, beside myself, has had problems getting Nationwide Home Warranty to pay/settle claims on things covered under your contract, it's worth while in contacting the following to register complaints against them. The more complaints they get, the better. They are the least professional group I have ever dealt with and are dishonest in their practices.

New York State Department of Insurance: 212-480-6400
address to send complaint: CSB
New York State Insurance Dept.
25 Beaver St.
New York, NY 10004

In your complaint, list your name, Policy #, copies of any and all documentation and if you have names of people you talked to, time of call, etc... include in complaint.

New York State Attorney General: (Consumer Fraud Dept)
You need to request a written complaint form to be sent to you.

File a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office in the State you purchased the policy. You can obtain this information on the internet.

Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York
Web address: http://www.newyork.bbb.org
There will be a link to fill out a complaint about a business.

This all takes time, but the more dissatisfied customers report their fraudulent practices, the better.
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Stay Away From Nationwide Home Warranty
Posted by Karen_mp on 11/26/2008
Dealing with Nationwide is a nightmare. All the representatives who answer the phone are very rude. They sometimes put you on hold for 30 minutes or more or hung up on you. They don't have any service. They focus on collecting your money and deny your claim. I waited for two weeks for a plumbing service after countless phone calls. They never call back. I need to call both Nationwide and the repair company by myself. After another two weeks waiting for the authorization of the repair, Nationwide said I need to provide the maintenance records then they’ll consider if I can get the authorization. My claim item is clothes dryer. The maintenance records need to be done by professional company not by myself doing the routine clean up every time after using. I asked the person who I talked to if she does the maintenance on her dryer. She just coldly said if I don, t have the records then I need to pay from my pocket and this is on our contract. I check my contract thoroughly, there isn't any clause mentions about maintenance records. After almost a whole month arguing with them I decided spend my own money to fix the problem.

This is not end yet. I have two contracts with Nationwide. Both will end on Dec 27, 2008. They charged me for renew on Nov 2, 2008 without any notice. I called on 11/6, 11/12, and 11/18, told them I don't want to renew and I never authorized any automatic renew either. They said I'll see the refund on my credit card in a couple of days every time I called. No refund at all. On 11/25, I called again, they said my credit card company doesn't allow refund if the charge is within 30 days. I called my credit card company, they never heard of such things. So I have to dispute the two transactions with my credit card company.

I've reported to BBB, Complain.com and FTC (Federal Trade Commission)on 11/6. Only received confirm emails. No further process or update from any of above.

Nationwide is totally a fraud company. They shouldn't keep running. Is there any way we victims can do to get our money back or at least protect other people from suffering from them?
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Posted by Jpoll23 on 08/31/2008
This company is a total scam. Stay far away!!!!!! They are very rude, have terrible customer service, and have denied every claim I made with no explanation. Every time I called, I would get put on hold forever or hung up on. Please contact the NY state attorney is you are a victim. It very easy to do.

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