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Nationwide Cancelled Me And Now Wants Me To Pay Them
By -

OHIO -- I had automobile insurance through Nationwide Insurance. I paid monthly. On August 20, I sent my payment. It cleared the bank on August 22. It was due September 1. On September 8 I receive a cancellation notice. I call my insurance man, and was told I was canceled for non payment. After telling them I had paid, they said they would investigate. In the meantime, believing I had no insurance, I called another insurance company to get auto insurance.

Nationwide called me later, and I asked if I could be reimbursed for the premium since I had been canceled. He told me yes. I called a week later to inquire about when I would get my money. He told me to write a letter, send it to him and he would fax it to the company, which I did. I called today to ask if my check had been sent. Not only had it not been sent, they told me I owed them $37 because I canceled the policy in the middle of the cycle. I did not cancel it, they did! He told me if I didn't pay, it would be sent to the collection company. How wrong is this?

I have a perfect driving record, have not filed a claim in years, and this is how they treat me? How can they say they are on your side? I do NOT want to pay, but also I don't want my credit ruined over $37. I think if my insurance agent was half a man, he would say, "I made a mistake, and I'll make it right by you." I've been with this company for the better part of 20 years and have NEVER once been late. This is wrong on so many levels.

They Are Crooks And Do Not Handle Claims In A Professional Manner!
By -

ONEONTA, ALABAMA -- My delivery driver was rear ended by a client of Nationwide Insurance. A week after the accident I finally had to contact Nationwide. I had already gotten an estimate to repair our delivery truck for $1685.00 at a local body shop. They sent an adjuster out and he wrote us a check for a whopping $808.13. I would like to find a body shop that can replace a rear bumper, tailgate and two light assemblies for that amount of money. We had also requested a rental TRUCK when it was in the shop to continue our deliveries. They gave us a voucher for a rental CAR for 3 days when I was told it would take 5 days to repair our truck.

They want us to use crash vehicle parts to repair my truck without giving us depreciation for using said parts when I was minding my own business and their client hit me from behind. I tried to discuss the situation with their adjuster and he pretty much told me that is all they would do and hung up on me. Very unprofessional and rude!! I hate to do it but I am going to take their client to small claims court to collect my money. It is a shame when people pay good money for insurance to make sure they are covered and their company is steals from them and treats them in this manner.

Junk Yard
By -

NASHVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am highly disappointed with the method in which Nationwide has handled my claim. My truck was vandalized Jan. 2008, the dashboard was completely messed up and my stereo was stolen; also my passenger door was broken in so I'm unable to use that side. My main problem is that the adjuster wants a body shop to put in a dashboard put in from a junk yard which is not only time consuming for me but the body shop also.

As of Feb 17, nothing has been done to my truck because no one from the shop is calling to junk yards to see if they have a match or they have been unable to find one. I wanted to get an alarm system put in to prevent this from happening in the future, but I can't until this matter is taken care of. It makes no sense. Maybe it is because I didn't have a deductible, however, I pay insurance every month.

Trying to Cancel My Policy
By -

MIDVALE, UTAH -- When I signed up with Nationwide I was quoted a reasonable price. Of course the price quoted and the price I got after I signed up was very different. So after about a year of paying too much I switched to a company that was way less and I called Nationwide to cancel my account. They said that I needed to send in a written and signed cancellation letter. So with my last payment I sent my cancellation letter and what a weight off my shoulders. Until about a month and a half later I get a bill from them saying I owe so much for the last month.

So I call them and they say they must not have received the letter and to fax another one. So I did and I guess they didn't get that either. I am so mad right now and you can bet I am not paying two car insurance companies. Although I am happy to pay my new company because they treat me so well (USAA) unlike Nationwide, I just want to be free from their clutches.

Auto Ins Accident
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Nationwide auto insurance sucks. I had my car reared end on 9/18/2009 in Atlanta, GA by their client and they have been using the three D's on me. As of today I am still waiting on a court date in Atlanta. My car was total and they offered me 75% of the value and it took me 4 weeks to paid for my rental (out my pocket), no pay for lost wages 3 days, doc bill for son. My advise to anyone, get an attorney first.

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