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HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- I spent $162 and some cents on a two month supply of Natural Medicine Associates total body cleanse product for both myself and my husband. They offer a 60 day, no questions asked refund of the "purchase" price.
Within the first month of taking the product I developed an allergy to it and started having trouble breathing. For one week I couldn't hold any food down. Ultimately, I ended up having an anxiety attack, with the fire dept. at my house and all.
I quit taking it, and two days later felt good as new. So naturally I boxed everything up and mailed it back. After almost 2 months they just credited my account last week, $44! When I called they told me they only received 2 items from the kit. B.S.!
I had to hunt down the tracking number from the post office. After that long things like that aren't easy to find. Then I called the place back with the number and gave specific detail as to what I mailed back.
Three days passed and I still hadn't heard from them. I called again, told them again, what I sent. Someone confirmed that's what their records showed too. So what? Does that mean they were trying to lie the first time so they wouldn't have to give all my money back? The person said I'd have the money, "the rest of the refund," credited to me two days ago. Never happened. I called again today. They credited me $70! That's still almost $50 short of the full purcase price. Not to mention it cost almost $10 to mail back AND it made me sick.
I asked politely. I know the kit I mailed back was missing an empty bag of tea and an empty bottle of parasite cleanse, but.....
When a customer asks a company to honor a guarantee, it should be honored in full. They were made aware that the product made me very ill and still chose not to compensate me in full. One would think, a company wouldn't want to piss off a customer because then they just might go and do this. Pretty bad business. I just wish $162 was worth taking a place to court over, but that's stupid.
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HaroldSays on 12/22/2006:
You might want to file a complaint with The Consumer Safety Commission, Call (800) 638-2772 as this product appears to be unsafe. Their fax number is (301) 504-0051. Also contact the Florida Attorney General Office- Broward County Consumer Affairs Division, 115 South Andrews Ave, A460, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Phone (954) 357-5332 and Fax 954-765-5309. That is, if this is the company located in Florida. If you have company information you can provide me I can get you more information that might help you get a refund as well. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you. Harold Cameron, Chief of Helping People,
Anonymous on 12/23/2006:
"I just wish $162 was worth taking a place to court over, but that's stupid." That is what they are counting on that you will not go to court. If you add the fire dep. bill and days lost to sickness then it ads up to a lot more. But that is your choice. I hope you will at least take Harold’s advice and Thank you for passing this information on to us.
Anonymous on 12/23/2006:
Just to add to HaroldSays' reply: In the future do not purchase these type of 'body cleansing' products. They are, in fact, NOT healthy (can be very bad for you as you found out), and NOT something your body needs.
Linda Dietz on 03/02/2008:
I would like to speak to the customer who purchased our Internal Klenz. Our goal as a company is to serve our customers and make necessary exceptions to our very liberal return policy.I am sorry she had a negative experience and would love a chance to speak to her.
Linda Dietz
Natural Medicine Associates
Pattim on 03/04/2009:
I loved this product and I am ordering it again. It was fast and effective. I do believe we all need this type of product. If the use of this product makes you sick, it is a sign of your bodies' reaction to detoxification.
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