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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show
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Rating: 1/51

The "Wax on Wax off" segment was cruel to the contestant, not funny for the audience and The Jimmy Fallon Show should be removed from TV if they are going to create this type of "entertainment."

Prime Time TV Shows
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Rating: 4/51

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I think that the show Whitney and the show right after that on Wed nights at 8:00pm and 8:30pm are terrible taste for prime time TV. The language and sex topics and the type of shows should be off the air. I can't believe that this type of language and topics for 30 minutes sitcoms should be allowed and especially for the children out there listening to this type of show. I hope that you are getting complaints.

CBS- Unprofessional or Outright Fraud

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- CBS News is guilty of either unprofessional incompetence or outright fraud as a result of reporting forged documents as authentic during a "60 Minutes" segment Wednesday night. This obvious attempt to smear The President's National Guard service violates public trust, and you must act immediately to make it right. These "new" documents were easily debunked overnight by solid evidence from forensic document experts, typographers and retired military officers. Fed flags were too numerous to include here, but closer examination quickly proved the supposedly 30-year-old documents were generated in a modern-day typeface from a printer, not a typewriter.

Obviously anchor Dan Rather and staff did not check the facts, and I've got to ask why. Was it due to his readily apparent anti-Bush bias that Rather pushed to air the groundless smear? Was the intent to counter President's jump in the polls? And why, as evidence of fraud mounts, have Rather and CBS News refused to name the documents' source or the expert who supposedly authenticated them? At best, Rather and staff are guilty of gross incompetence by allowing their obsession to smear the President outweigh their professional duty for accuracy.

At worst, CBS News may be guilty of deliberately reporting what they knew to be false, and engaging in libel and slander against the President of the United States during a time of war. I demand CBS release the name(s) of its sources, admit its guilt and air a proper retraction. Drop CBS News' blatant anti-Bush bias and stop trying to sway the election with unethical and unprofessional "reporting." Further, if Rather pushed this story because of his bias, he needs to be fired. Regardless, I ask you as CEO to clean house so that CBS News offers fair and balanced reporting worthy of regaining public trust. Thank you.

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