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Set The Records Straight
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My name is Ryan and I have been a debt collector for over 11 years now. I am writing this to clear the air and set the records straight. 1st of all we as debt collectors are already the villain before we even have a chance to speak a consumer actually its ashame that people have to find us as their scapegoat. Yes is their circumstances where you have a collector go out of the lines well I would be lying if I said no that never happens but what people aren't aware of when that happens the collector is immediately spoken too if not by his supervisor than his fellow collector that sits around them. Collectors are trained to hard and sharp but they also are human beings with lives and family and friends. At NCB we are so different than any other agency and I've worked at different agencies. Here we are professional and very family oriented and we do try as much as possible to be helpful. If you knew me personally I am far from a kiss ass but at the time I have to be honest the people that write reviews saying that we I mean NCB are the nasty evil people that always break laws and harass the consumers are very wrong. Is there isolated incidents probably but one bad apple can't spoil the bunch. When I get a consumer on the phone I immediately put that persons fear and negativity to rest by letting them know right away that for one I grew up being as poor as you get and also that I even now owe my creditors money who doesn't.

I make them feel like a friend calling to give them good financial advice. I never ever demand anything and I never make them feel like they are any less than a human. I explain the situation and tell them what needs to be done to get them right back on track. As a matter of fact most of the people I speak with thank me after the conversation. Bottom line is this our jobs. This is how we support our families. And we don't make yo feel less of a human so stop doing it to us.
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Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
Most all of the complaints concern calls for debt never owed, threats that are illegal, refusal to stop calling even with a cease & desist letter, calls outside the federally mandated hours, calling neighbors, calling the place of work and just too may more to list. The collection agencies are not the scapegoat but the techniques typically used are deplorable.
pitawif on 01/28/2009:
Its really rare circumstances that the collectors go out of the lines 2 collect money...I'm a bill collector and I owe money....look I'm sorry if what we have to say hurts people feelings but cmon we are talking about a debt there is onlt so much we can do.....the people already have a chip on their shoulder...but I owe money I'm behind on my bills so is about 75 percent of just do your best and that's all you can do
Zeek 13 on 11/22/2009:
ncb collections as a whole are a bunch of misfits that as I have said before have very little tact and couldn't care less who they offend. Very shortly these NCB collectors will be on the receiving end of collection calls themselves if they are not already. Laws will dramatically change next year and by the way I would bet that 60$ of NCB collectors are past due on thir bills and have FICO scores to reflect this
wrestler70monarch on 12/23/2009:
Mann bracken has filed Chapter 11...NCO collections may buy what is left of them and they will be gone soon. This companies are ruthless and deserve to be put out of business. Many lawsuits are giving them what they deserve
jktshff1 on 12/23/2009:
Sounds like you should be in sales.....much better commissions and not the hassle.
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TREVOSE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had to write a letter today...this is a collections company ( Employed by HSBC Bank India/via Nevada ) that abuses people. Get em on the phone and teach em a lesson about harassment to :

NCB Management Services, Incorporated
One Allied Drive
Trevose, PA 19053

Your business practice of abusive phone calls to innocent individuals is not tolerated in our country . I am an individual who has been HARASSED consistently for months because of a case file you have to collect money from a [snip]
I am not this individual and wish that the contact number for him be removed from your
file as he has provided you with worng information.

Your representatives like Mr. [snip] Ext 1411 have foul mouths and no business behavior etiquette.

( If he or anyone from your office ever contacts me again I will be filing a Consumer Legislation complaint to the Better Business Bureau for him against your firm. )

Peter James
Terrell Texas,

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Anonymous on 09/02/2006:
You point is well taken and you have a right to be frustrated. I am not sure they will be so scared of the Better Business Bureau however, you might want to substitute your state attorney general or legal council instead. BBB is OK but in my experience (maybe it is only in my state) they are mostly a paper tiger.
JUICE ANN on 03/02/2007:
pitawif on 11/23/2008:
I'm sorry you had one bad collection rep but trust me we aren't all like that. And to be honest with you 99percent of the time we have a wrong number or wrong person the houses we call don't let us know so we think we do have the right info. A little piece of friendly advice to everyone if a debt collector is calling the wrong number just be nice and tell them and the calls will stop
DebtorBasher on 11/23/2008:
First of have to remove the person's name from your review. If a collection agency was trying to contact you, and someone put your full name with the city and state on a website, I'm sure you wouldn't be happy. So, suggestion #1 remove the personal info. If you sent that letter to the agency with the person's info, fine but the posting it on the Internet is just wrong. That person may not even owe a bill.

Second, if you go to my blog and click on the will find a Cease and desist letter. Fill it out and send it to them certified with return receipt. Tell them they have the wrong contact info and they are not to contact you by mail or phone. Once they receive it, (from the date they signed the return receipt)they can no longer contact you and if they do, they will be in violation of the FDCPA and at that time, you can file a lawsuit against them for harassment.

Again...I highly suggest you remove the debtor's name from your review before he finds out you are posting this on the Internet.
Non-Payers = Bad Economy on 10/28/2009:
When a debt collector calls you guys, Everyone one of you start out with,
"Well Have You Heard About The Economy" We don't have to hear about it, we work with it everyday. Let ME start out with, The economy is so bad because of all you people that have MERCEDES TASTE, WITH A PINTO PAYCHECK.. If everyone paid back everything that they SIGN a contract for then
we wouldn't need BAIL OUTS FOR BANKS, our JOBS wouldn't go under, Why do you people insist on tryin to take down a company such as a collection agency that is put in place to help the economy... And YES, I am a debt collector.. I do my JOB, I do help people get out of debt. I hear every story out here, the only thing that greedy americans know are, getting something for NOTHING, always trying to live way above your means. Now that
all of you non-payers want to complain about the economy being so bad, just look into the mirror and say I done this to the USA, and EXPLAIN TO YOUR KIDS WHY THEIR FUTURE ISN'T SO BRIGHT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

Non-Payers = Bad Economy!!!!!!!

Pay Your Bills & Stop Making Excuses!!!!!

All you debtors try to run and hide behind debt settlement companies..
Let me explain this to you....
Google THIS >>>>> The Truth About Debt Settlement Companies <<<<<
There is so many settlement companies out here that say they can take all of your UNSECURED DEBTS and give you ONE SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENT!!!
They only do unsecured because if its secured then you will know its not being paid like they say. They send a letter telling your creditors to stop calling you its called
**Limited Power Of Attorny**
When your creditors get's this, it tells them that they will NOT be paid for at least 2 or 3 years depending on how much money you are paying the settlement company, and how much the settlement company is charging you for fees..
So when they get this they take actions, meaning all you guys that signed contracts for your loans it clearly states,

Company shall have the right to pursue one or more of the following:
(I) demand and receive immediate payment from Merchant for such amounts,
(ii) terminate this Agreement,
(iii) retain any credits received relative to Sales Data, and
Company shall have the right to receive and setoff against all amounts paid by Card issuing banks in respect of Sales Data submitted by Merchant, in satisfaction of Merchant's obligations hereunder.

In other words if your contract says you can to sued, and your state allows
it, and the amount is $1000.00 or more, then guess what, You will probably end up infront of a judge explaining why you ignored all the phone calls when someone was trying to help you...

The debt settlement companies do the same thing you can do, No MORE No LESS
But they charge you fees.. So you end up paying $1500 to $3500 when you can save that money.. I understand that some collectors are ruff, but if you treat them right and be honest, trust me they WILL work with you.... "I DO"

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