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What Collection agency say's
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CALIFORNIA -- I have a wife and a new baby. I have an American express card that I have had for 7 years; my wife is not on it. I owe them 10,000 and I have not been able to pay the monthly minimum.

I have been getting calls from 4 different collection agencies on this account. The only one I know of is a company called NCI. I contacted them today and they said it would cost me 7,500.00 to clear the debt. I told them that I could give them 5,000.00 dollars at the moment.

The lady said the least that they would accept was the 7,500.00. I told them that I would just file bankruptcy; she said that they would go after my wife. How can they go after her when she is not a signatory on my card? She is not listed on my account, nor uses it in any way, I have been married for 2 years.

I have also been contacted by 3 other collection agencies for the same debt! I have not responded to them. I am told that normally when a bill is “sold” to a collection agency I have to deal with them, what’s up with the other 3?

Is my wife responsible for a card she cannot use?
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stuffedfishie on 12/06/2004:
yes and no: California is a community property state, so a spouse is equally responsible for accounts and debts, basically considered a business partner, so they can collect from her as well, but if you file bankruptcy it will be applying to her as well.
jippedcust on 10/18/2006:
I feel for you. And yes, they can do that. My husband owes them about 4,000.00 and the collection agency is going after me. I told them I had no knowledge of that account and had nothing to do with it. They call me everyday at work, very rudely demanding to speak with me. I feel humiliated. Countless times, I have asked them not to call me at work but they do. They told me they know my SS# and why don't I "just get my checkbook and pay" them. I feel helpless about an account I didn't even know existed. My husband denies using my name or giving them any information about me. I didn't know how they got hold of my work phone no. I feel I'm being harassed bu didn't know how to handle this situation.

Randy on 10/05/2012:
Google stop Nationwide Credit. I hope this helps....
Abigail on 03/18/2013:
HI, I have worked with a collection company myself so I know a little. Some banks do not sell their account to the collection co. they just hand over the account to the collection agency for collection purposes, which means what ever is collected the agency earns a commission on it and the rest goes to the bank. Now the account will be with one agency for some time if in that given time they were unable to collect it will go to the bank again and the bank will then give it to another co. this time with a higher payment amount that is how you are getting calls from three different co. Also they cannot insist your wifr to pay however they can still talk to you wife about the account and ask her for payments depending upon the State law.
frank on 06/27/2013:
This is what I found out about NCI it is a bogus company.I almost found out the hard way.Do research may get lucky like I did and use the name they tell you and investigate.I could tell you it was disturbing and to find out also they have my personnel info like SSN.There are scammers out there big time.Also they will tell you a case number and will take it to court and I say lets do this and find out it is a scamm and will use another number or name of a company to try again.The funny thing also is this account was paid by me when the loan was given.One good advise I would say is tell them to send you paper work about the loan you have to pay them and this is a good tell tale that will help you out.I called the origanal company of that perticular loan and they sold the loan to a company and they will not tell you witch company and this is where you do your own investigation of what type of scam your getting into.I hope this helps you out and good luck.
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