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What Collection agency say's
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CALIFORNIA -- I have a wife and a new baby. I have an American express card that I have had for 7 years; my wife is not on it. I owe them 10,000 and I have not been able to pay the monthly minimum.

I have been getting calls from 4 different collection agencies on this account. The only one I know of is a company called NCI. I contacted them today and they said it would cost me 7,500.00 to clear the debt. I told them that I could give them 5,000.00 dollars at the moment.

The lady said the least that they would accept was the 7,500.00. I told them that I would just file bankruptcy; she said that they would go after my wife. How can they go after her when she is not a signatory on my card? She is not listed on my account, nor uses it in any way, I have been married for 2 years.

I have also been contacted by 3 other collection agencies for the same debt! I have not responded to them. I am told that normally when a bill is “sold” to a collection agency I have to deal with them, what’s up with the other 3?

Is my wife responsible for a card she cannot use?
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