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Posted by on 08/05/2003
MICHIGAN -- Got a call 2 weeks ago from NCO. They said they were trying to collect payment for my husbands creditcard.(Never rec'd any letter or call from creditcard company that we were being sent to collections. Our account was in good standings.) They never asked once what relationship i was to the cardholder and starting giving me a line of bull crap.They said our house, car and whatever assests were in husbands name would have a lean put on them if they didnt collect a payment by aug 1st. They never asked what i could afford and demanded this certain payment. I gave them a post dated check with the option that they told me i could call and cancel on July 31st if i didnt have the full amount that they requested. So i called and cancelled it and NCO confirmed that they cancelled the payment and would not put it through. Today, I goto walmart and i couldnt use my debit card. I called the bank when i got home and sure enough NCO put the payment through unauthorized. I called NCO and they said i was insane that they needed 72 hours notice to cancel the check. NCO told me my husband had 8 judgements toward the creditcard, and that if the payment wasnt made the total amount due would triple, plus interest fees, and that my husbands wages would be garnished to where he would only bring home $50 a week until the balance was paid.I called the creditcard company and told them NCO refused any type of payment that i could make and they said i had to go through NCO. ( so i guess the creditcard company doesnt want their money if NCO is refusing payments and handling their accounts.) anyway, NCO said they were taping my conversation when i spoke to them, but when i asked to talk to the supervisor to make a complaint all of a sudden they found no record that i was being taped. NCO provides fraudulant information to people they are trying to collect from. When I asked NCO how they were able to give me information on my husbands account without verifying who i am such as an address, phone or anything they said under the FDCPA of state laws they could talk to the cardholder or spouse of cardholder. (whose to say i was the spouse if they never asked?)NCO employees are liars, I have first and last names of people and their phone #'s with extensions of who i talked to at NCO. I documented all the lies they told me. All I wanted to do is make a payment i could afford and they told me no,lies, and the bad part is, that the 5 of the 6 people i talked to were supervisors. NCO may want to invest in what type of employees they are spending money on, seems to me like they are losing money not making it.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-06:
Aren't you reading when you type ? They got the money didn't they ? Sounds like the staff did a fine job !!! HELLOOOOOO!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-08:
I am an employee of NCO, Have been now for a whole FIVE days! that's how long it took for me to see how really cruel and money grubbin these collectors really are...There is an FDCPA for a reason but yet NCO who teach's about it during there training class does not practise what they preach infact what they say and do are two different things...NCO calls the same person everyday if not twice a day! NCO calls people at there place of employment expecting them to put there work on the side to speak with a rude collector about money they owe from accounts as old as 7 yrs! I do not think that NCO should be calling people at work that is just F****ed up! NCO is heartless and has no remorse for anyone at anytime...They want the money and will say and threatin just about anyone to get it! I def believe what the above woman stated is true I have seen and heard reps do that and it does not surprise me! ICEPICK you are one sorry a** excuse of a human to type the things you do..You must be one of those Cruel money grubbin collectors I mentioned before? You may say that now but if it were you I was calling to attempt a collect at work and home twice maybe three times a day demanding that you pay a debt you would not feel the same...NCO should not be in business and NCO def does not deserve my time which is why I have quit! I am a better person than that! and my heart goes out to all the people NCO CALLS! but I will give you one good TIP! if an NCO collector calls you all you have to do is say STOP ALL COMMUNICATION NO LETTERS OR CALLS and they are not able to call you back ever! and if they do you can easily collect 1000 yourself and get your account balanced to 0 oweing them nothing! also all NCO members must state the MINI MIRANDA before discussing any accounts with anyone on the phone! you'll know if they state it if you hear the words such as THIS IS A ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-12:
Code red ?
Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. Wow 5 whole days on the collection floor and youre an expert. DO NOT STAND IN JUDGEMENT OF SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT !!! I may come off as abrupt and harsh but I believe in the company and the work. If you cant stand the heat then get the hell out of hell !!! Im sure you have broken a few laws in your time, speeding, parking illegally, maybe underage drinking or smokingyou name it almost everyone is guilty of something whether they want to admit it or not. In closing Im going to say that just because you couldnt handle a little abruptness in your life dont take it out on NCO. Go find a job flipping burgers or bagging groceries but in the future dont waste any companys time by going through 5 days of training and then pulling up stakes and leaving. Make sure you know what you want and what youre getting yourself into from now on. . No one on the collection floor will miss you. Thats a promise. Have a nice day the NCO way. Yah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of DEBT I shall fear no debtor, cause I carry a big stick and Im the biggest, baddest mother-f*cker in the valley
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-12:
You can tell every debtor that visits this site to advise NCO to stop calling them with a Cease and Desist letter if you want to but hey that will do nothing but extend the problem. Maybe some of these people just have no idea how they are supposed to react and they will take stupid advice and ruin their credit forever thanks to an idiot like you. CODE RED if you want to help these people then tell them that they should try to work with the agency by giving them what they want, if it is required that they approach a bank and try to get the money they do so. If they need to provide proof of income or a full financial profile then do so. Its not hard its not rocket science its just collections. Cooperation is a two-way street but CODE RED would rather set up road blocks and men at work signs so you can have opportunity to run and avoid the problem. Another thing CODE RED whoever the hell you aredont take your brain for granted judging by the way you spell you have been doing just that. Hmmmmmmm makes me wonder did you quit cause you didnt like the job or did your mouth and all the profanity that you use get you fired. For anyone who is reading this take a look at his other postings then judge for yourself. Have a nice day the NCO way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-13:
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-13:
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-14:
Code Red is right! Icepick and wallbreaker are only making things worse..They are very rude which goes to show that CODE RED has proven a point about NCO COLLECTORS!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-28:
My daughter has a problem with NCO also. They keep calling our house harrasing us. Unfortunately for those who work at NC, who keep harrasing us in every way possible, they will get their just rewards. Little do those ignoramus know that they have broken the Fair Dept Collections Act in every way possible. Stupid as they are, my daughter's bill has been paid by her insurance and those morons continue to call. Despite being told that they were no longer to call our home they continue to do so three, four, five times a day. Soon they will be introduced to what a very expensive lawsuit can do for violating our rights. Go get them NYS Attorney General!
Posted by lindasae on 2004-02-18:
I agree with codered, NCO is very rude. I got a phone call the other day for my husband....needless to say I always hang up on them and leave them talking. Well this lady called back about 4 times insulting me, calling me white trash....which I told her that if she read the last name any person with common sense would know that I am not white. I have been calling the number for 2 days and get no answer. I even looked it up and there are 5 listings...which all are numbers that are disconnected.
Posted by eathaor on 2004-02-24:
I agree with IcePick and others regarding NCO's rudeness, and employees. I was appalled by the way the collections person spoke to me. She was not only rude but hung up in my face. How do you treat a client like that?? Tell me, when you are trying to settle an account, you hang up in my face??????? The rude, nasty he/she calls me at work, harrassing me, threating me stating I will be sued or have my wages garnished. The thing even called me a liar stating that I didn't want to pay my account. OF COURSE! I want to pay my account, IF I had the money, I would. You think I would want my wages garnished or be sued? No, so here I am trying to work something out INSTEAD the thing tells me that she is going to send my file to have my wages garnished, she didn't care and HUNG UP IN MY FACE. Now tell me how do I work with someone that hangs up in my face ???
Posted by eathaor on 2004-02-24:
I agree with IcePick and others regarding NCO's rudeness, and employees. I was appalled by the way the collections person spoke to me. She was not only rude but hung up in my face. How do you treat a client like that?? Tell me, when you are trying to settle an account, you hang up in my face??????? The rude, nasty he/she calls me at work, harrassing me, threating me stating I will be sued or have my wages garnished. The thing even called me a liar stating that I didn't want to pay my account. OF COURSE! I want to pay my account, IF I had the money, I would. You think I would want my wages garnished or be sued? No, so here I am trying to work something out INSTEAD the thing tells me that she is going to send my file to have my wages garnished, she didn't care and HUNG UP IN MY FACE. Now tell me how do I work with someone that hangs up in my face ???
Posted by eathaor on 2004-02-24:
Posted by alex2 on 2004-03-06:
Icepick, Ice oh whatever just melt! Hey moron, you must work there at NCO. Non-education Coothless Organization It is totally unecessary to be rude to people when you are collecting money. I have done collections for almost 8 years for Attorney's I might add and if they are breaking the law..report them and let them know they will be reported. If the FTC gets enough complaints , that may warrant an investigation.
Posted by dustyrose12003 on 2004-03-15:
hey! lets here it for Alex2 and CodeRed!! You guys sure are on the right track!! I am haveing a problem with these people myself, and boy are they rude. They also like to make "deals" and "payment programs" that they know you can't possibly agree to, that way they can do their little "wage garnishment" dance. They also make sure and add a healthy fee for themselves, I might add. So, Icedick, (OOOPPPPSSSS! someone else who can't spell)go blow!!!!!
Posted by dustyrose12003 on 2004-03-24:
Codered, good, you quit that job when you found out what it was going to be. That shows real character. In my line of work, the billing can be just as hard on a person working it as being in collections. That is, I guess, becouse I deal with fines and citations for ordinances and laws that have been broken and/or abused. However, I don't treat people with rudeness, even though they are this way with me,(understandable, the fines are very stiff)and only once have I had no choice but to hang up on one. We will see what happens 20 years from now, though. ha ha
Posted by TinaMarie on 2004-06-15:
I have been dealing with NCO financial now for over a year. Just in March of 2004 I finally paid off my debt to them. (or so I thought) When I sent them my final payment I was relived to be out of debt until i got 15-20 phone calls from employees of NCO saying they never recived my payment. It is now mid June and I'm still having to deal with the threats of a lawsuite, garnishing wages, etc. I now have proof that they did recive my payment and I plan on taking them to court for harassment. I hope I never have to deal with people who are this unprofessional and down right rude again!!
Posted by moonbaby331 on 2004-07-09:
If you think about NCO employees as what they truely are.....high pressure salesmen that exist on commission. they're actually no worse than the slick polyester wearing salesman that sells you a lemon. All you have to do is call the phone company and have all 1-800 numbers blocked. Tell them they are no longer able to call you at work or they will be sued the nex time they do for jepardizing you employment. I wouldn't recomend the "cease and decist" letter though. That's an automatic transfer of your account to the "let's go to court" pile
Posted by Chandler on 2004-07-15:
My uncle and my father both found out about my debt months ago. I have yet to receive a call from NCO myself. This was a debt I missed during a move. I tried calling multiple times to clear this up. I was transferred to busy signals, left message after message...etc. but no luck getting anything done. I finally reached someone who left me on hold for 20 minutes. Several more meessages later (each one begging them to tell me how I could send my money to clear the debt) I get hold of someone with half a brain. He can't find the record, but he does give me a number for another group. That group can look up the record, but are not trained in how to take money or properly care for customers. They give me another number. I call this number at 10:30AM on a Thursday. The first nice person answers the phone and lets me know she is not the right person to speak with and transfers me to another extension. I wait on hold for 5 minutes. The phone rings and I am sent to a message machine which informs me the office is closed!!!! at 10:30 on a Thursday!!!! If anyone knows how to pay these jerks so that I can buy a house, please let me know. Seems like incompetence and stupidity are the moduc operandi at NCO Financial.
Posted by Big Jim on 2004-08-05:
It saddens me that any of you would pay money or attention to this or any other company like them.
Remember these two things: FTC and Atty General Office. Learn the laws written plain on the internet for you and then follow up when they break them. It is a $1000 fine and a $1000 for YOU for each law broken and they will tell you all about how they know the law and it NEVER applies to them. Read it, learn it.
I ate their lunch today and they were already calling me with a very nice attitude by the next hour.
Tomorrow I will finish nailing their studid A??heads to the wall. When I get thru with them they will wish they had never called me.

Never pay a collection company anything. Fire them on the spot, yes fire them! Study and learn how. You can get out of paying credit card companies as easy as going to bathroom.
If you feel you must pay your CC company do it yourself dealing with them and make an offer. They will cut it 60% so fast you would'nt believe it. Oh yes, be sure and tell them to knock off all interest and make your payments low as you want them. Like I said they will take it because you don't have to pay them Jack.
The law is on your side but you must let them know you have a problem. Quit letting these people jack you around. You will not beleieve how it turns in your favor after you know your legal rights and you have a load of them on your side.
I hope the next time I read about you it is about how you kicked some NC ass!!!
Posted by senatorjeffhill on 2004-08-23:
Wow. I can't believe this. I found others that have been victims of NCO. They call and call my elderly relative before 8am and after 9pm. They scare her, intimidate her, and harass her. I have taped them! Don't forget to do that if you're in Texas! They turned my $350 debt into over a grand! If you're in Texas, only one person on the line has to know its being taped and you know you're taping it and, guess what? So are they anyway! Arghhhhh! They've been in violation of so many laws that I just don't know what to do! This one guy named Babar, or Barbar, or whatever, continues to harass my elderly relative (who is 70) at odd hours and screams and yells at her. I owe $350??? They owe us well over $3000 just in what the federal government law says. Hey--I'm doing this for one of my business law classes! Wait until that fool finds out I've been taping him! He went from over one thousand dollars, to 500, to 300 in the same conversation!!! Look, I owe $350 and I need to pay it. No kidding. I don't know how it went to collections after talking to Capital 1. They seemed to understand. Well, I've talked to the attourney general's office and they have complaints in Texas! Well suprise, suprise! I can't find them. What is their website? All I can find is complaint after complaint! How far can I go down google??? 7 pages? 10 pages? 50 pages? Goodness, what is their website address?? Can anyone help? Man, they're going to owe me probably $5000 after all is said and done in the state of Texas. For those of you not in Texas, sorry your laws aren't as strong. I'm donating the tapes after everything to my consumer law teacher from last spring semester when all is said and done!!
Posted by guitarsweety on 2004-09-01:
I just read that NCO is in the middle of a lawsuit from the FTC. NCO is a joke, they have never once been able to verify the debt they say I owed and I was recently informed the a**holes have been removed from my report. I'm still debating on whether or not to pursue the harassment situation, sound slike they are in enough trouble already....
Posted by weeb on 2004-09-09:
I just found your web site and am shocked to find so many others have had the horrible experience with this company as I have. I have noticed alot of you have mentioned not to send them your $, and also that you have had them removed from your credit report. I wonder if anyone could share their suggestions with me. It would be of much help.
Posted by Mike03038 on 2005-03-26:
Nco financial loves to make threatening phone calls give you one hour deadlines. Claim they are going to put a lien on your home, all kinds of stuff.. don't take you don't have a dime to your name. they are unreal.
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Debt collection practices
Posted by on 05/12/2003
This is for Joe Holloway of NCO Financial Services. If you are the "Joe Collector" who responds to complaints on this site, you need to lose your smug attitude. Unwelcome workplace calls and belligerant language do not help the situation; nor does it help that when you are contacted, you hang up on the caller. A complaint has been sent to the FTC and the BBB concerning your attitude. People like you have also been calling my 78 year old Mother, making fun of her age and demanding she call on family members to meet your demands. Neither of us are deadbeats...you know nothing of our circumstances. Joe, you must be smarter than that. I hope you can sleep at night.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-05-14:
I do not know if there are any amount of words to describe the rude, unprofessional, threatening and condescending attitude of NCO representatives and their management. I had an experience yesterday that was truly classic and unbelievable with the verbal insults and threats. At one point the harrasement was so abusive, I asked to speak with a supervisor and the person refused for more than 5-10 minutes until I suppossedly got one. The call with the supervisor did not fair much better as he resulted to the same belittling, threatening tactics. These people are animals that hide behind telephone wire. To boot, they even threaten to tell my mother about my debt or involve her which I strongly suggested that they do not do. I am seeking legal advice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-05-14:
I do not know if there are any amount of words to describe the rude, unprofessional, threatening and condescending attitude of NCO representatives and their management. I had an experience yesterday that was truly classic and unbelievable with the verbal insults and threats. At one point the harrasement was so abusive, I asked to speak with a supervisor and the person refused for more than 5-10 minutes until I suppossedly got one. The call with the supervisor did not fair much better as he resulted to the same belittling, threatening tactics. These people are animals that hide behind telephone wire. To boot, they even threaten to tell my mother about my debt or involve her which I strongly suggested that they do not do. I am seeking legal advice.
Posted by dhelms8388 on 2004-02-20:
I understand how anonymous and anyone else who has had to deal with the tactics used by NCO. The first contact we ever had with them was a phone call from someone named Paul Kenwood who immediately immediately began threatening my wife with legal action. His first question to her was did she receive the court papers about being sued and the second was what is the name of her attorney. He continued with unjustified accusations of fraud and possible jail time if she didn't give him payment in full right then and there. He finally had her so upset that she gave in to his demands and gave him all the information that he needed to process two checks-by-phone for the entire balance. Fortunately this was on a Friday and after she told me about it I was able to place stop payments on the checks before they could process them. You can be sure that within a couple of days she got an angry call from Mr. Kenwood about the stop payments. This time though I was there to take the call and got to personally hear the abuse that he was dishing out. Now he threatened legal action for "bad checks" because I stopped the payments. I could go on and on about his lack of even common courtesy and his threats of all sorts but that would take a lot of web space. Please check out the Fair Debt Collection page on the Federal Citizen Information Center's web site. I have included the address below. It contains many interesting facts about what they can and can't do, many of which NCO violates daily. Things like they may not contact you at work if they know that your employer disapproves, that they may not contact anyone other than you or your attorney about your debt except to ask for your address, phone number or place where you work. They can not tell anyone else that you owe money. Please don't let these Mafia type strong-arm tactics scare you. Know your rights.

Posted by bobo on 2004-04-09:
Haywood Scott a collector from NCO has been repeatedly threatening my client. What a friggin worthless piece of you know what. He was actually callin to pay.
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I can't believe they're attempting to extort money
Posted by Eirinn on 03/25/2005
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I'm in the personal finance industry. I've made it a habit for years now to check my credit report monthly to ensure there is no incorrect information. Today I checked my report as I usually would, and I find NCO FIN/99 - which I've NEVER seen before, claiming a collection of $440.00 for an account opened in Sept. of 2004.

Now, I am not flakey. I keep VERY close tabs on all of my active accounts (7 cards, and 2 car loans) and all are in order, and paid up to date. I've been a financial advisor for 5 years, and I THINK I would know when I open an account, and whether or not I've paid said account. I pride myself on keeping my accounts in pristine order, because I WAS a teenager at one time, and messed up my credit, and have never allowed it to happen since.

I have not received ANY phone calls, or communications through US Mail regarding this debt. The 866 phone number for NCO that I found on Google leads to a machine *obviously* in a non-native English speaking CS department.
I immediately put through a dispute request with the credit company, and as with this site, have found multiple individuals on the internet who have had similar issues with NCO.

I intend to have my husband check his report tonight to make sure the same thing hasn't happened to him.

I can't imagine myself opening an account and then not paying it, as money isn't really an issue. They obviously don't know that they've chosen one HECK of an organized FA to mess with.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-03-25:
Posted by tander on 2005-03-25:
mistakes do happen, even with NCO
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-25:
DebtorBasher: Does NCO ever attempt to collect 'Zombie' debts?
Posted by stopNCO on 2005-04-01:
I was in a very similar situation. They don't care whether it's your debt or not. Sorry to say, things will probably just get worse. Go to www.stopNCO.com and discuss your experience. There may be some help available.
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Shocked at Behavior of NCO Financial Employees
Posted by Jspa on 06/21/2006
PENNSYLVANIA -- I called NCO Systems today because I had been getting a lot of letters and phone calls and was curious as to why they had my phone number and address. I thought at first, they were some type of marketing company and ignored them. Since I am retired and have not charged anything, I called the main number, enquiring as to how they got my number and why were they calling me.
One of the first things they asked was my social security number!!!!!! Can you believe that????
I refused naturally, and they asked how I could be helped. The man was nice enough. He asked if I knew a certain person, and said the name. I explained that was my my grandson and he had purchased a phone at Sprint "on his own at the age of 16" with no problem, just a show of his driver's license. When I heard about the phone bill, I agreed to pay his current basic service, but no added services because he had not asked for that.
However, after we called Sprint and said we wanted nothing but basic service, they added unwanted services back to the phone, after they had removed them.
I had to pay the huge phone for him, since he could not. I told him "No more, he would have to cancel", which he did. He was living with me for a time after he purchased the phone and that is how my address became involved. Apparently NCO got my number through my address.
He has since gone away to college and I did not respond to the mail, since it was in his name.I just thought it was "junk mail" and threw it away.
The man I spoke with at the main number of NCO Systems gave me this number 1-800-709-8625 to call. He told me to tell them exactly what I had told him and they could handle it.I thanked him politely and dialed the number.
HAH!!!I thought I had entered into the script of a horror movie. I got the shock of my life!!!The person who answered the phone was the rudest,loudest, most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to in my entire life, especially for an employee of a large cooperation. NO ONE has ever spoken to me the way this person did. At first I was totally speechless! I tried many times, but never got the chance to explain my case. She refused to let me.
This woman went into me immediately,like dynamite, yelling and screaming like a "Banshee"!!! She was trying her very best to keep me me from saying one word, but I did manage to add a few phrases the whole time she was yelling at me. I doubt very seriously she heard anything I said, she was ranting and raving so. I was trying to tell her to PLEASE just let me talk. She refused! She was in her own world of rude people.
She had no reason whatsoever to treat me in such a deplorable manner. I did not owe her one cent! I did not even have an account there. They were abusing my phone and address.
Where did they find this person? She has to rate in the top 20 "Rude People in the United States"!Has she been trained by her company,NCO Systems to act in such an unacceptable way???
I certainly received the shock of my life. I did not know anyone would hire someone like this, especially a large company like NCO. I was awakened to the facts of life!!!
Apparently she had been on the phone and had heard everything I had told the gentleman, because she went into me before I could get anything out of my mouth. She knew my grandson's name before I even told her anything
I asked her over and over to please let me explain the situation, but she kept ranting over and over. I told her how in the world she was able work for this company was beyond me and I hoped her boss was listening to her.I just hung up the phone with her yelling all the while.
I hope no one goes through the nightmare I just experienced at NCO Collections, a part of NCO Systems. Needless to say the issue was never resolved. She did not want a resolution!!! She just wanted to "blow off steam" and I , unfortunately, was her victim!!!

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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-21:
If the account is under your grandson's name and you are not listed on the account, they should never have spoken to you about it in the first place. Mail that comes addressed to your grandson should be forwarded to him, not just thrown away.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-21:
If you get an unreasonable collector who refuses to listen to a word you say then it’s fruitless to attempt meaningful discourse. Use the parrot method. Respond to every thing by alternating between “Interesting” and “Disturbing”. Every now an then throw in “Who is Biz?”. (If they answer the ‘Who is Biz’ question with a NIC of m3c user please let us know). You might want to check out this m3c thread – ( http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=14361 ). Take care
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-06-21:
Call an attorney in your area and explain what happened. He'll likely give you a bit of free advice as to what to do. They're not allowed to act the way you did, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from them again - next time you should be prepared to start building a harassment case against them...that's why you should talk to an attorney to get a game plan...what you can and can't do (record calls etc...) Good luck and I'm sorry this happened to you.
Posted by jspa on 2006-06-21:
Unfortunately the mail that was sent to him had no indicator whatsoever as to whom it was from. It looked just like a promotional or something. Since he was under age, I assumed it was just junk mail, until I decided to open one today, (after I made the phone call). If it had had a collection agency address on it, I would have called him right away! He had a part time job after school at the grocery store and was paying his cell phone bill until other services were automatically added to it, making it impossible for him to pay. That is when I took over. Apparently, this was Sprint's way of resolving the issue. I am almost 70, have high blood pressure and this call has upset me to no end. Trying to tell them that this was not his address is totally impossible!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-21:
Point of clarification on M-E-M's advice. Rules for recording calls vary between states. In states where recording of a 2nd party is not permitted w/o permission of the 2nd party, just hang up if they fail to consent to being recorded. Some states have no regulations. I always counsel (based on my consultation with my attorney) folks to record abusive collectors (where permitted) and file a transcript (save the recording too) with complaints to your telephone service provider, the FTC, and state AG. Life is too short to spend on the phones with potty-mouthed cretins. Caller ID is always a good investment to record times of day and number of calls per day from an abusive collector. Good luck poster!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-21:
It would be against FDCPA for a collection agency to use any name on an evelope that would disclose it was coming from a collection agency. My question is, by law, can a 16 year old get a cell phone on their own? If not, then he shouldn't be held responsible for any charges at all (much like the Columbia House issues).
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-21:
My NCO site used to collect for Sprint...I hated it! There were so many people that were spammed and were given "extras" that they did not sign up for and were even switched from their phone service to Sprint without their authorization...As a collector taking so many of those calls, I knew it wasn't just a story someone would tell me to get out of paying their bills...but, because there were so many I knew what they were telling me was the truth. I used to write off their balance for the services they did not ask for. Sprint was aware of this because they had codes for account that were spammed and we would code the account with that code and it was done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-21:
"One company Clark has talked about before is NCO. The company has been going after people who don’t owe any money after buying a bunch of debt from Chase Bank. What most people don’t know is that it’s illegal to try to collect a debt in bankruptcy. So, if you get a call from NCO, know that it is a scavenger organization that has been fined numerous times for violating the law. However, if you get a letter in the mail, you have to dispute the claim. It sounds ridiculous, but you MUST respond in writing and tell the organization that the debt is not yours. Otherwise, it becomes your debt automatically. And, even if you do owe a debt, never give your banking information – or a postdated check - to a collector." (http://clarkhoward.com/shownotes/category/6/23/169)
You could most likely get a response from:
Posted by warddw1526 on 2006-06-22:
I don't have Sprint and probably never will, but how can they just add unwanted services? Is that not illegal? However, the grandson had lots of time to dispute this with Sprint. When it went unpaid (which would have been written off after 120 days), it went into collections. Now, that does not give a collector the right to be rude either.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2006-06-22:
And debtorbasher brings up an excellent point. How was a 16 year old able to sign a legal contract for a cell phone? If he was 16 at the time, then it was a illegal contract. Just asking veryone else here, does anyone else find that crappy? Someone can illegally sign up for the service willingly, but not be responsible either.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-22:
Yes, it is illegal to give people extra sevices that they are charged for if they did not order it...and Sprint has had alot of lawsuits for it...that is why I would just write off the debt...why put the customer through all the trouble of writing letters, phone calls and at times, have to talk to people who won't listen? They told me they were spammed and didn't request the service, I had no reason not to believe them when it happened to so many others...so, I wrote it off, coded the account as spammed and the customer didn't have to be bothered anymore. Besides, as a collector, why would we waste our time calling the same person, listening to the same story, knowing they were not responsible to pay for something they didn't order?
Posted by jspa on 2006-06-22:
Apparently my grandson was charged the extra $117.00 because he cancelled before his contract expired. I tried to tell this to that rude, shouting woman at NCO, but she did not want to hear anything I had to say. She just kept yelling about anything she wanted to yell about, while I was trying to explain the situation to her.I am not exaggerating when I explain this situation.I had to hold the phone away from my ear!!!! I could not believe what was happening! After it was all over, I asked myself, "Is this what is really happening to our great country? How many people employed by major businesses are like her?"
Posted by jspa on 2006-06-22:
Update: Thank you for all your wonderful support. I have talked with my grandson and he said he had tried to settle the dispute with Sprint for months. He told a representative, since he was only 16 when he signed the contract and they added services which he did not ask for, he should not have to pay the remainder it.
The person were very irate and said according to their records he was 18 when he got the phone and signed the contract. They had purposely added 2 years to his birth date to cover their tracks. They quoted to him, the year of birth they had written down on him! He told them that they had written down the incorrect year and they knew he was 16, because they asked for his driver's license as identification. They would not compromise.
We have decided in order to help him develop a good credit rating, we will pay NCO Financial Systems and try to forget one of the worst experiences we have had to deal with. We will pray for all the people who will have to deal with them. The old saying is "What goes around, comes around". Hopefully, if enough law suits are filed against them, they will get the message.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-22:
ispa: Your grandson was 16 and since it is illegal to enter into a binding business agreement at 16 he is off the hook. As far as the incorrect birthdate...doesn't matter what their records show. It only matters what your grandson's ACTUAL age was the day he "signed" the agreement. Send NCO and Sprint a notarized letter from your grandson attesting to his age at the time the agreement was signed and his birth certificate. Include that the agreement and monies due are null and void and request a "release" letter from both. Send all this certified. I would also suggest your grandson run his credit report...this should be removed from it if it's made a blemish. Good luck.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-22:
If they took his driver's license with his age of 16 on it, and gave him a contract anyway, AND THEY added the two years on the contract...they are guilty of falsifing documents and can have a lawsuit for doing so...I'm sure if you tell them you are getting an attorney because they falsified the contract, they will write it off...and he wouldn't have to pay anything...they would rather write it off then go through a lawsuit.
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Posted by on 05/21/2006
Information from:

Bud Hibbs Helps America Hold Debt Collectors to the Law!

Agency collectors have correctly been deemed the worst-type of collection agents! They operate from a computer database containing all your personal information, provided to them by the original creditor. When an outside agency gets your account, it has been 'charged-off' for non-payment. They make calls as fast as the auto-dialer can (in excess of 250 a day). Commission
is their livelihood; they don't have time for pleasantries or obeying the law.

An agency collector's commission ranges from 15-25% of what they can extract from you. Most are paid bonuses if they hit a quota and steady, hard-working collectors can make $40-60K per year. The majority will bring in much less because they routinely step over the line to increase their take.
Who Seeks a Career as a Debt Collector?
In a industry where deception, craftiness, and deceit are rampant, you might imagine most honest people would seek work elsewhere. And you're right. My experience says the average debt collector is male, has a large ego, bounces from job to job, suffers low self-esteem and enjoys using the telephone as an instrument of empowerment. You' shouldn't be surprised
to find most of them have great debt problems themselves.
The debt collection business is plagued with high employee turnover. Constant training of new collectors puts great strain on the agencies and the employees. Every moment someone is in training is time lost on the phone. You can imagine the shortcuts that are taken to get a new caller on the floor as soon as possible.
Collectors see themselves in a position to take advantage of those they deem weaker, in
an effort to overcome their own insecurities. They normally will talk-over any issues you may have, threaten and intimidate you, lie, misrepresent themselves, abuse, annoy and attempt to push you as far as they can. After all, a portion of what they collect from you becomes theirs. Unfortunately, far too few consumers complain about debt collectors overstepping their bounds, because they are intimidated or embarrassed about their dilemma. Over the years I've dealt with literally thousands of collectors and suggest that only 2 out of 10 are honest and hard working. The greater percentage are deadbeat scum either just out of, or heading back into a jail cell. Collecting is a male dominated business and because of the shortage of skilled workers, agencies are hiring anyone who can walk and chew gum to make their calls. Social skills, education and career orientation are NOT normally the prerequisites for a debt collector – money beggar position.
What Techniques Do They Employ?
You'll hear standard phrases such as: "what is your intent" or "I'm going to recommend that our client take immediate legal action against you." The innocent unsuspecting consumer feels threatened,even terrorized by the antics of unscrupulous debt collectors. The really bad ones will call you at work, violate third party disclosure, or worse, threaten you with arrest or wage garnishment if they don't have the money today! They'll try to persuade you to pay off old debts using your new credit card, via Western Union wire transfers, bank drafting, debit checks and cash. They will tell you your credit report will be clean and your soul will be saved from hell, (halleluiah!) if you just send them the... $$ MONEY $$.
The National Consumer Law League, (NCLC) and the National Association of Consumer Advocates, (NACA) assist attorneys across the country in pursuing agencies and collectors who violate the law and your rights. Collectors are learning that the phone name they use and the perceived anonymity of hiding behind a telephone can easily be overcome with today's modern technology and investigative techniques. Some collectors are learning first-hand that they too, can be charged with making threats over the phone and that their employers don't provide bail money or legal representation. Creditors are increasingly becoming less tolerant of agencies that allow abuse and will drop those that don't comply.
I urge you to complain about collector abuse by contacting the FTC, the American Collectors Association, the original creditor and your state bar association (against attorneys), or me if
you feel your rights are being violated. There is a nationwide group of professional consumer attorneys, skilled in debt collection laws that passionately defend the rights of consumers
against these illegal collectors. No consumer should ever suffer abuse from a debt collector.
The laws WILL protect you!

What do you think?
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User Replies:Close comments

Posted by Ponie on 2006-05-21:
'My experience says the average debt collector is male, has a large ego, bounces from job to job, suffers low self-esteem and enjoys using the telephone as an instrument of empowerment.'

May we be presented with your credentials which enable you to make this declaratory statement? Have you possibly done a scientific survey which reaches this conclusion?

In looking over some of the responses you've presented on these issues, perhaps your expertise lies in the fact that you have a poor credit history and thus have had numerous contacts with collection agencies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-21:
Ponie - It came from here:Bud Hibbs Helps America Hold Debt Collectors to the Law!
My expertise lies in life little experience and in helping older people when one of these creeps calls. But this one comes from someone who does it for a living. You have the address now, check out his web sight.
PS. I try not to get into debt and haven’t been in 35 years now, thank you
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-21:
So, here you go again...using NCO's name to describe general collection agencies...Since you related this posting directly to NCO...let me clear up the "facts" that you seem to be unaware of...first off, there has been some lawsuits filed against NCO for FDCPA violations, as with other agencies. But it isn't ALL NCO and it isn't ALL NCO COLLECTORS..and it ISN'T the way NCO trains their collectors. As said in previous posting, and in regards to the NCO that I come from...Using threatening, intimidation, lies, misrepresentation, abuse to annoy and push the customers are all violations and with the monitoring and recording of their collectors, when found violating any of those, they collectors are pulled off the phones, lose all or a big part of their bonus for that month and if severe enough is terminated on the spot. As for the debtor being embarrased...well, we do have debtors who tell us they are embarassed and we explain to them there is no reason to feel embarrased because most of the time, the reason the person is in debt is beyond their control. (of course, some of them purposely try to beat the system, but then again they are not the ones that are embarassed about it). Lidman, you said you've dealt with over 1,000 collectors...in what way? What is your expertise other than reading Bud Hibbs' webpage? NCO hires people just out of jail...not...there is a background check made on everyone before they are employed. They hire anyone who can walk and chew gum...not true again...we actually have people who can't walk and are in wheelchairs working with us...and we also have people who can't chew gum because of dental problems. No social skills or education...wrong again...we have turned people away who tried to apply without a high school diploma or GED, they are a requirement and the first thing looked at when they fill out an application. Yes, you got one right, we do ask the debtor what their intention is. Why wouldn't we? We want to know if they have an intention to pay or not. Some have no intention at all...other do but they are unable to at that time, so we go into other options, like payment plans. Our commission is 15% - 25%...wrong, how many NCO people do you know who gave you that figure? My guess is NONE! NCO buys charged off accounts to collect...not all of our accounts are charge offs, alot of them are being collected for the client who still owns the account. Once they are paid up to date they are returned back to the client. Your experience (still want to know what that is) says average debt collector is male, large ego. bounces from job to job, low esteem...wrong again, we have all races, men, women, men who dress as women,gay, straight, lesbians, married couples, single Fathers, single Mothers, single non parents, handicapped and little people, many of them (including myself) has been employed with NCO for 5-6 years...not quite the job hopper you spoke of...upper management has been with NCO for 10+ years. NCO people have great debt problems, some do, some don't as with any company out there. Large turnover...yes, collections isn't for everyone and if they violated the FDCPA they are replaced. Taking short cuts in training to get them out on the floor...wrong again...they are not allowed to make their first phone call until they've passed the FDCPA and STATE LAW test, and, I have to admit it is not an easy test to pass. FDCPA training takes two days, and is the first thing covered in training...before system training or collection skills training, if they don't pass the test they can not go to the second leg of training. So, no short cuts in training. Telling debtors they are going to have the client take legal action against the debtor...how can that be when you just said we buy the charged off debts...if we own the debt, there is no client....besides, there is nothing wrong with saying it, if there is an intent to do as said.
Want more???????? Asking to pay by credit card, Western Union, Bank draft, debit card ...DUH YEAH...we don't ask for cash. Phone name used...if you're talking about using an Alias, yes we can legally do so, as long as the Alias is on file with our legal department and we use it consistantly on all calls. Want More????????
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-21:
One thing I need to clear up...when I said it is legal to use an Alias as long as it is on file with the legal department...please be aware, there are some State Laws that prohibit the use of an alias.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
DebtorBasher - Well, G-wizz
1. I can’t believe any thing you just said. Why? Because if you must use an alias, then you must know it’s wrong.
2. If you took the time to read things before you “assume” you would see all I said was “what do you think” at the last. Everything else was written by: Bud Hibbs.

Information from:

Bud Hibbs Helps America Hold Debt Collectors to the Law!

Have a nice day.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
DebtorBasher - O, If you check out that web sight, NCO is #9 on there worst list. Please, check it out....
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
DebtorBasher - Maybe you were confused, wait I replied to ponni and tried to clear that up. You did read that first, right?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-22:
Lidman - The collectors at my NCO never used Alias...I was informing you of the law in regards to using Alais',to let you know that it isn't something to hide behind but it is acceptable in the collection business. And I realized you said, "what do you think"...so, I told you what I thought. With NCO being one of the largest CA's in the States, I'm sure it would be somewhere on the list, they've had alot of lawsuits, I already said that...still,you're getting away from my point...you are using the NCO name to generalize ALL practices of agencies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
DebtorBasher - No, I am answering you and you said you wanted reports so I got you some. I said it was nothing personal, but I think you took it that way? You answered this report as though I had written it. The point I am trying to make is “Think, before you judge”. I tried many, many years ago to work with CA’s and they were always the same. I have seen many older people become very sick because of the harassment from CA’s.
I just think it is a sick way to do business.
How you do it, I don’t know? That is my point.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-22:
Lidman - I've come to the conclusion that you have no point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
DebtorBasher - Well then let me finish with this: You obviously are a close minded, self-righteous individual in other words a “Bill Collector” with a very sick sense of morality. Someone who only here’s what they want to and only believes their own BS. I tried to be nice you just wont let me. It’s ok though, I know it’s not in your line of work. Have a nice life, BY, BY!
Posted by Ponie on 2006-05-22:
Never heard of this Bud Hibbs feller. Since Lidman supplied the name and URL, I just had to go to the site. My conclusion after doing some surfing? Bud Hibbs is either a brother-in-law to, or a spin-off of, one eight hundred call sam! Not once in his 'advice' did I see: Pay your legal obligations--it's the honest thing to do. He advises deadbeats on how to skirt the law. The disconcerting part of this is these deadbeats, who can hardly afford more debt, are probably lining up to buy his book--to line his pockets. I wouldn't stoop to insult used car salesmen to put him in the same category. Sheesh!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
Ponie - While I agree with your Observation , If you read more you will find what your looking for. Try this.
Far too many people have the wrong idea about consumer debt. It's okay to have and use credit cards as long as you don't allow them to get out of hand and control you, but what choices do you have when that happens to you? When you owe money, there are really only four options available:
1. Pay Your Debt
2. Credit Counseling
3. Bankruptcy Protection (Now more difficult than ever)
4. Stop Paying and Walk Away

The obvious scenario is to pay your debts off in accordance with the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement (and all subsequent addendums to it.) This will eliminate any fear of having a bad credit report or the hassles of dealing with the collection process. If your credit cards are maxed out and you are barely making minimum payments, look to moving the highest rates down to lower card rates while continuing to make larger than normal monthly payments. If you are having financial problems, stop using credit cards, tighten your belt, set up a strict budget and follow it. Think of this as a program like losing weight, stopping smoking or quitting some other dreaded habit. You need to implement a plan that will change your financial course.
There is more, give it a try.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
Ponie - It is under the heading Drowning in Debt? It goes on to explain the other options you have and “why or why not” to use them. I really don’t it is directed at or for the deadbeats but that is always the risk.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-22:
Ponie - This Hibb's guy has been around saying the same ol' thing...funny thing is, he claims to be helping debtors...how? By charging for his service on how to "not pay your bills" how "Not to be responsible". Don't pay your bills, pay Hibbs instead. I'd like to see Hibbs give his service and send the bill later, and see how he feels when they turn the tables on him and not pay him for his usless service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22:
DebtorBasher - G! The funny thing is, it didn’t cost me a thing and he told me all about your company. I don’t see where he is telling people not to pay their bills? I do see however, he is telling people how to deal with deadbeat bill collectors.
Now I can also see how people “deadbeats” who don’t want to pay their bills in the first place could use his information not to, but isn’t that always a risk? Well, yes it is! I have been in business for 33 years and if I could get the money “deadbeats” owe me I could live like a king.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-23:
Lidman - You can get free info on NCO anywhere on line, including M3C...I even give free info out on NCO...I'm talking about the "service" he provides. You still haven't answered what your expertise is in the collection industry...
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-23:
Lidman - If you can't get the money people owe you, and you been in business for 33 years...then I'd have to say, you're in the wrong business...and you really don't know much about collecting debts, if you can live like a King IF they ever paid you. Maybe you should have NCO collect for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
DebtorBasher - Well you see the kind of debt I am talking is a little out of your scope of understanding. I have learned a lot over the years and some day you will to, maybe. If I take them to court then the lawyers get the money and I still have to collect mine. I build, install and maintain epitaxial reactors all over the world. They sell for $1.2 million each so I have lawyers to take care of the collections. Most of the times the business pay but once in a while you get thoughts that don’t. Koreans, Chinese and the worst “The English”. Then of course you must go to international court, by the time you get through, the lawyers have lots of money and your company has very little. The point is this is the real world of business and how they do it. You take a risk after you weight the possible outcomes. It’s like tax’s, you get mad because you must pay so much or you realize if I am paying this much in tax’s, then I am making a bunch of money. That is the business world but I don’t like seeing the average person getting rid off by the “business world”, big difference. Companies like NCO are for debts that are to small to be worth getting the lawyers involved; to me they are just another form of “terrorist” simply because of the tactics they use on people. And yes, I am a “hater”, I hate bad bill collectors but thank you for your concern and I live very well.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-05-23:
*on the edge of my seat furiously shoving popcorn in my mouth watching this 'main event'*
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-23:
Lidman - Who would have ever thought that running a business would be a risk? Thanks for that helpful info...it does not matter if a person is running a small Mom and Pop business or a multi million dollar business, if someone owes the company for their service, and the company lets them go...it's the company's fault. Lawyers expect to be paid for their service and if your company feels it's not worth it, then they have the wrong person running that company. Excuse the Lawyers, for wanting paid for the service they provide...THAT'S a successful business person...not one that says "I COULD live like a king" if someone would pay me what they owe, but it's too much trouble for me to get them to pay, so I'll just let them go...Donald Trump would be disgusted with a business man like you. So, what it comes down to is this...Collection agencies are hired to collect for clients, from people who did not pay for their services...Lawyers expects to be paid for their service by companies who hire them to collect for services that company provided to them...but YOUR company says it's too much trouble, don't want to pay Lawyers fees for their service, let them off the hook, making them into deadbeat debtors...thank you very much for giving them a taste of what it's like not having to pay their bills, they most likely owe the smaller companies as well...and THAT my dear is what keeps companies like NCO in business...You should seriously think about buying stock in NCO...because as long as there are business men like yourself in business, it will keep our business running for a long time. Thanks for your contribution! Another possibility why those overseas is not paying is because they probably speak and write better English than you do (just a hunch by looking at all the mis used words you use in your communications)and have no idea what you're talking about.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-05-23:
Mad Eye--LOL! I'd say rounds 1,2 3, and 4 have gone to Debtor. Lidman staggers drunkenly to his corner, all the while being berated by his trainer with 'I told you not to lead with your mouth!' :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
Ponie - You stab me…
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
Mad Eye Moody - Always glad to entertain.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
DebtorBasher - DebtorBasher - "I'll give you something to flap your lips on" if you would stop flapping your lips on it, you might be able to here what I said and I do sue them when necessary.
So you graduated form hi school or is that “High School”. Lawyers suck, they are always flapping their lips on things. “don't want to pay Lawyers fees for their service “, no I think the Romans had the right idea, “Kill Them” and then we would not need low life’s like NCO. NCO is one of the lowest forms of business there is and I see why now; Thanks for the confirmation. Talking about hunch’s maybe you have a liberal arts degree in BS, can that be.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
DebtorBasher - Check these out.
Title State

1. 5/23/2006 10:09:33 AM

NCO Financial ripoff. Liars and collection pimps Horsham Pennsylvania *Consumer Comment ..Yes, I understand disposable income
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial
Pennsylvania Author: Columbus, Georgia

2. 5/18/2006 6:11:43 PM

NCO Financial Systems ripoff calls me saying that they are with the U.S. Criminal Investigation Department Horsham Pennsylvania *Consumer Comment ..UH OH
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Systems
Pennsylvania Author: Dallas, Texas

3. 5/17/2006 3:45:16 PM

NCO Financial Systems ripoff Collections on dead persons Debt Pennsylvania *Consumer Suggestion ..Doug, want to have fun with this?
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Systems
Pennsylvania Author: Fair Play, South Carolina

4. 5/17/2006 9:03:53 AM

NCO Financial Systems, Law Offices Of Gerald E, Moore And Associates ripoff, rude, a-holes, jerks, but i beat them by playing their game! Ripoff Marietta Georgia *UPDATE ..I never threatened to kill or harm anyone...
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Systems, Law Offices Of Gerald E, Moore And Associates
Georgia Author: Los Angeles, California

5. 5/12/2006 5:49:51 PM
NCO Group Threats, Lies Wilmington Delaware *Consumer Suggestion ..Shirley...Here's how you deal with NCO Financial / NCO Group
Collection Agency's: NCO Group
Delaware Author: Sun City, Arizona

6. 5/10/2006 8:00:35 PM
NCO Financial Group has the wrong number, won't stop calling me up to 6 times a day ripoff Wichita Kansas *Consumer Suggestion ..The only thing NCO responds to is a summons
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Group
Pennsylvania Author: Wichita, Kansas

7. 5/7/2006 1:39:03 PM
NCO Financial Systems fraudulent attempt to collect nonexistent debt, ripoff Linthicum Maryland *Consumer Suggestion ..Jeff, info on NCO
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Systems
Maryland Author: Goochland, Virginia

8. 5/7/2006 6:29:10 AM

Capital One - NCO Financial ripoff Internet *UPDATE ..The Real Facts............
Credit & Debt Services: Capital One - NCo Financial
Internet Author: Johnston, Rhode Island

9. 5/3/2006 4:31:20 PM

NCO Financial Ripoff Degenerates Horsham Pennsylvania *UPDATE ..NCO; nothing but dead ends.
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial
Pennsylvania Author: Ft. Lewis, Washington

10. 4/28/2006 10:00:10 PM
NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS ripoff PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania *Consumer Comment ..WOW Stef... I can see why you are so high and mighty!
Collection Agency's: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS
Pennsylvania Author: scotts valley, California

11. 4/23/2006 10:02:01 AM

NCO Financial Systems Planning to rip me off for over $200 Wilmington Delaware *UPDATE ..Update, NCO
Corrupt Companies: NCO Financial Systems
Delaware Author: Daphne, Alabama

12. 4/22/2006 7:54:34 AM
NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS NCO DOES WHATEVER THEY WANT AT ANY COST ripoff WILMINGTON Delaware *Consumer Comment ..I see nco strikes again
Collection Agency's: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS
Delaware Author: Centerport, Pennsylvania

13. 4/21/2006 10:05:07 AM
NCO Financial ripoff claims an elderly family member owes money on a credit card they have never obtained Trenton New Jersey *Consumer Comment ..NCO did the same to me
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial
New Jersey Author: bath, Maine

14. 4/21/2006 9:35:00 AM NCO Financial ripoff Getzville New York
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Systems,
New York Author: Washington, District of Columbia

15. 4/20/2006 6:57:00 PM NCO Financial Systems, ripoff, tries to scare by calling my work, harassing, my credit card bill was settled that they call me about from another collector that I had paid in October 2005 Horsham Pennsylvania
Collection Agency's: NCO Financial Systems, Inc
Pennsylvania Author: mercer, Pennsylvania

Man, NCO SUCKS! And you work for them.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-23:
Lidman - Ok...I will reply in words that you will understand, AND I will type slowly so you won't get lost...I did hered wat u sid and yass, it es High skol not Hi skol. And no, I donut haf a degre in BS, Y shud I pay for a degre wen I kan just com on hear an lern frum U four free?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-23:
Most of those complaints were already posted on M3C at one time or another. But keep digger there buddy, I'm sure will may hit a load of fool's gold soon. Again...what is your personal experience with NCO? What is your expertise on the collection industry?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-23:
Ponie - How many rounds until the big KO??? I'm still standing strong!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - Good morning little Debbie, I see you were up late last night. Still got them thar lips a flappen. I wishen I cud be as smart as youen butt I jest dentent get hog jous yesterday. NCO--"Again...what is your personal experience with NCO?".. You so far and you are living up to everything I would exspect from a low life bill collector, thank you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - How Low do you "bill Collectors" people go?
Wounded Soldiers Fight Off Bill Collectors at Home
Congressman Calls It 'Financial Friendly Fire'; Military Blames Payroll Errors
Army demands $2K from soldier who lost his in Iraqi bomb attack.

Financial Friendly Fire Brian Ross - ABC News

April 26, 2006 — Hundreds of soldiers wounded in battle in Iraq have found themselves fighting off bill collectors on the home front, according to a report to be released tomorrow. The draft report by the Government Accountability Office, which ABC News obtained, said that hundreds of wounded soldiers had military debts incurred through no fault of their own turned over to collection agencies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - You work for this company...O,MY!!
Date: May 15, 2006 Baytown, TX
The people who work for this company are the biggest jerks out there. I was willing to work with them, but they have screwed up. The jerk who has my account is the rudest guy. He harasses my grandmother and tells her how much I owe and says for her to pay it. He should be talking to me only This is ridiculous. He threatens to sue me even though the statue of limitations is past. I really don't see how people who work for this company can sleep at night.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - Little Debbie, is this what you do?
Date: May 2, 2006
NCO Financial Services denied to provide an address and a settlement payoff letter to my lender. I have spoken with four individuals from NCO this morning and all were rude, yelling and ARROGANT." Why Little Debbie, this sounds like you?" This is against the Federal Trade Commissions Debt Collection Practices. I fully intend to file a complaint against NCO with the Federal Trade Commission – merely adding one more complaint to their lengthy list of complaints that I have found online in their files and via your website.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-24:
Lidman - Nice to be greeted by you this morning, my dear! As for Soilder's accounts...did that complaint say it was NCO? or just collectors in general...again...I have to ask. As for myself and our NCO collectors, (and I've had past postings stating the same)Once we find out that a debtor is in the service, protecting our country, the FIRST thing we do is tag the account for the Soldiers and Sailors program...this program puts a hold on the account while they are serving the country by stopping any additional fees, including late fees, cbr reporting or interest (for the accounts that are still active that are being collected for the original creditor that would normally still have fees applied). Once they are home, we have a re-payment plan to put them on so they won't have to pay the total delq. amount all at once. Don't believe me? You don't have to! Our NCO collectors sleep very well at night because we follow the FDCPA and State laws, and have nothing to lose sleep over. Any agency, including NCO who would violate 3rd party disclosure, in the case you mentioned, with the Grandmother, should absolutely be reported and sued...they are the ones that give collection agencies a bad reputation and I don't agree with their practices no matter what company they work for. Our NCO reps ALWAYS give the address when asked for it AND we ALWAYS sent out settlement letters...but not until after their checks clear from the bank. You have people who demand a SIF letter and the check hasn't even cleared yet. How stupid would it be for us to send the letter, only to have the debtor cancel or bounce the check on us...once they have that letter in hand, it's a done deal. Again...if the rep is rude they should be reported. But, you would be surprised how many people call us rude just for the fact that we called them about a bill. That is when the recorded tapes are for the protection of not only the debtor, but the rep as well. We've had complaints that our reps cussed and hung up on them, the tape reviewed that the rep never had a cuss word, never raised his voice and it was the debtor who used unacceptable language and hung up on the rep....so, if a debtor makes a claim like that, be sure there is a tape of that converstation...I've also had debtors say we were harassing them with phone calls...ON THE FIRST CONTACT BY PHONE!!! Harassment...NOT!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-24:
And who is Little Debbie? I don't make snack cakes...but I am as sweet as one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - "And who is Little Debbie? I don't make snack cakes...but I am as sweet as one."
Well, you are and I can see that now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - OK, Back at it.
How long has this been going on?
attacking a deployed soldier

I received a call today from a lady from NCO. She was rudely asking for my husband who is currently deployed to Iraq. When I tolded her he was not expected to return until mid-march she had the balls to tell me that if i talked to him to tell him to call her immediately. I told her

that I WOULD NOT have him call her since he is busy fighting a war and trying to stay alive.

Not to mention this is for a student loan that if they would learn how to read they would see is DEFERRED!!!!!!
This company needs to reassest how it trains its employees so that they know how to properly deal with people. Or better yet, quit hiring from the local correctional facility.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - What?
NCO/Wyse Financial and all their related companies clearly use intimidation and disruption of your life as their main weapon.
Read in their own words from their own web site the strategy their "well trained" reps will use on you. (What a joke)

"First it is important to understand why our collection agency can collect money that continued in-house efforts could not. It's called third party intervention, and it consists of 3 elements:
1.) Intensified demand. Debtors believe collection agencies have resources beyond those available to other companies.
2.) Negative image of collection agencies. Collection agencies are perceived as relentless and utterly serious about collecting money. Having that image gives us a tremendous amount of leverage to work with. Using the sales approach we develop a relationship with the customer listening to them yet re-emphasizing to not only pay our client but to pay our client first.
3.) Implied effect on credit standing. Third party involvement implies credit rating may suffer. WYSE Financial reports to Trans Union, Equifax and Experian"
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - Your Turn.
O, it's really sunny here today hows your weather?
Later, have a good day
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-24:
Lidman - The weather is beautiful here today...send me the link to the comment from a year and a half ago...if that was from a M3C forum, I believe I already responded to that one. And send me the link to the other...I'd like to read the entire complaint and responses.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-24:
Lidman - Nevermind...I found the link...instead of re-posting the complaint, why don't to repost my response to it...here...let me do it for you...in regards to the Deployed Soldier, my original response was (and let me know where we come out as the bad guy here): Yes, NCO does have a soldiers/sailors program. We have put a lot of people on it over the past year. It does NCO, the creditor or the debtor no good to keep calling when they are in the service for their country. The family they had to leave behind does not have to deal with bill collectors calling them. The collector you spoke with should have automatically put the account in for the program when they learned that he is in the service. Don't wait for NCO to call again, you call them, and TELL them to put him on this program. It is a program for that very reason, once he is on the program, the phone calls will stop and it will not have any further fees added to the account. There will be a hold on the account until his safe return home. When he gets home, and still needs time to catch up on everything, he can still possibly be put on one of our hardship programs. These programs are there to help the people, but not all collectors will tell the debtors that...why? I don't know, it does no one any good to just keep calling when they are in the service and unable to pay. I know this collector did not show it, but there are a lot of NCO collectors and employees who support our troops and you would be surprised to see how many of us proudly display our American Flag on our desk...mine has been there since 9/11 and will remain there until all of our troops are home again. My prayers to you and your husband for his safe return home. God Bless America!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24:
DebtorBasher - That was very noble of you and for that you have my respect. I just can’t find another “bill collector” that I have any respect for. Will you be the first? Don’t trick me now….
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-24:
Lidman - I'll be your first...no tricks.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-24:
Maddy: Are you proud of us?
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-05-25:
I knew you'd work it out. That's why I didn't step in...much.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-25:
Mad Eye Moody - It's just that my baby fingers are getting very crowded from all you guys that I have wrapped around it...would you mind scooting down a little Maddy, to make room for Lidman????
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-25:
*Doing the Duck and Cover*
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-05-26:
oohhh...easy there. You're not going to be able to walk through standard sized doorways if your head grows any more.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-26:
LOL...Maddy,everything I know about egos, I learned from you.. ;)
Posted by Ezzy on 2006-06-02:
I would say that this review of NCO is correct and probably a bit nice in describing their employees, much nicer than myself and others would describe them. Someone from NCO claiming to be a lawyer has been calling me and my parents. My mother told the caller that she would call the police if they kept calling her. I get hung up on whenever I ask this lawyer to know where he is liscensed to practice law or that I need written information on the debt sent to me. He threatend to go after my retirement fund unless I gave him my checking account information.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-02:
Well...this review was not about NCO...but GENERAL collection agencies....If the person who has been calling you is from NCO...the violations stand out like a sore thumb and an attorney should be contacted.
Posted by nanomarket on 2006-07-08:
Although rude and inconsiderate, the NCO bill collectors are no less despicable than the people who do not pay their debts. It takes jerks to deal with jerks.
Posted by fandangamo on 2006-08-03:
Um....for the record, my quota is 300 calls per day, and commision pays the bills....
Posted by NvLaw on 2006-10-03:
I believe there are decent people who happen to have a temporary job working at collection agencies. However, the collection business as a whole, is a sad type of business, where the owners of such agencies, seek to profit from the misfortune of others. This tends to be the situation in the majority of cases. I personally know of one person who was stricken with an unknown illness, which left him partially blind, with difficulty walking and breathing for several months. He had no income for almost a full year. A large collection agency, through an auto-dialer, often called him, sometimes at 9am sharp. One morning, he briefly explained his situation to the collector, saying he might become fully blind and was not able to presently make any payment. The collector responded, " I understand, but can you make some kind of payment today? " You see, what really matters in life is how we treat every person we meet or talk with each day. It would be tough to be a collector and treat people with kindness, respect, and dignity, which really matters more than we can imagine. I guess the nature of the collection business is in natural conflict with some of these standards. Life here is too short to spend our time primarily seeking wealth at the expense of others. Perhaps, there is a much better way to seek a good living.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-12-04:
"It would be tough to be a collector and treat people with kindness, respect, and dignity..." It really isn't tough at all..if you treat people the way you would want to be treated, you can still collect money without taking food from their mouths...Yes, there are TOO many hard core collectors, but you don't have to be that way. Every collection agency has programs and repayment plans, though we are trained to go for the full amount first, once we are aware that is not possible for the debtor to do...then we have other options for them...the problem is, when the hard core collector can't get that full payment, they make no other offers, making the debtor feel they have no choice and that they have to pay all or nothing...that's never the case...I've always gone for full payment, then gave options from there...hard core collectors feel it is a waste of their time to spend the time talking with the debtor or explain their options so they will just let it go as a refusal to pay and go onto the next call and try to get a full payment from the next person...People come out of training thinking they are going to get rich with big bonus' because most collection agencies will tell them they can make the big bucks, so they go full force when they get out of training, they are going to get mega bucks...that rarely happens...the hard core collectors are the ones that jump from one agency to another. There's no excuse to be rude and demanding on the phones with anyone...if they don't have it, they don't have it no matter what you say to them, the money isn't going to pop out of nowhere...and I'm talking about the ones that truely doesn't have it...not those who have it and just don't want to pay.
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Scam Artists
Posted by Patcher on 09/28/2007
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- NCO Financial has got to be investigated. Please contact appropriate authorities if you have been ripped off by them.

Last year I received a collection notice from them about an overdue medical bill. Being a person who doesn't like the idea of having bad credit, I paid it promptly. After trying to get reimbursed by my insurer the insurance company informed me that nothing had gone to collection. Beth Israel hospital has no record of this debt going to collection.

I have repeatedly tried to get NCO to send me info about this debt and they have never sent me any documentation. I was out over $400 for this. It makes my blood boil.

Last week I got a notice for an AT&T bill that was paid years ago. This company is a total con operation that uses semi-legitimate functions to get away with theft.

Please tell your stories to the authorities. What they are doing is criminal.

I am going to pursue litigation against these low lifes.
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Posted by squeekie on 2007-09-28:
Join the club. some of the debts they try and collect on are legit others may not be, But many of the agents are in habit of breaking the FDCPA. IE identifying themselves as lawyers, then refusing to say in which state(s) they are licensed in,(obviously not lawyers) threats of liens or seizer of property. I suggest you call the FTC and file a complaint, also there may be a class action in new york. check into it.
good luck
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2007-09-28:
Do a search on this site for advice from Debtorbasher and myself. We've pretty much hit on every situation there is to address, and the advice doesn't change...even if NCO's story always does!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-09-28:
Your complaint should also be with the original company. Someone at that original company didn't properly credit your account years ago and then they sold you to NCO as an "uncollectable account". You need to be making a stink with both NCO and the original company you owed the money to.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2007-09-28:
Agreed, hugh. NCO is much easier to sue (because they are usually in the wrong), and always ready to settle, though.
Posted by squeekie on 2007-09-29:
must be why they have class acions in, what is it 7 states now? maybe its 8 lost count.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2007-09-29:
Bud is a joke...his only concern is lining his own pockets from people who think they have a chance at neglecting to pay their bills...Budd will end up costing them more money than any of their bills are worth. It's simple...if you owe the bill, pay the bill. If you don't owe the bill get a verification of the bill fromt he collection agency...if they break any laws, sue them...Budd is NOT the friend of consumers.
Posted by lolawants on 2007-10-01:
I have received 3 calls from NCO since 9/27/07. I have called them numerous times and been hung up on. I did finally speak with a very rude woman, Katrina, who told me I had an outstanding debt of over $7K with Chase Providian from 1990. I never had an acct. with Chase. Also, unfortunately, in 1991, I had to file bankruptcy, so all debts prior to then were discharged. I have worked hard to restore my credit and am concerned that this is a scam that could ruin my credit. I contacted the PA Attorney Generals office and filed an online complaint against them. My next course is sending NCO a certified/return receipt letter instructing to discontinue the harrassing phone calls and to only contact me by mail.
Posted by wizardofsnog on 2007-11-06:
I agree with madeye moody on this one. (see his comments).. Im new to the NCO nightmare, but I'm an old hand at screwing around 3rd party collections agencies. Since Saturday night, (2 days ago) when this started, I have found not less than 4 lawsuits filed against NCO that were settled.

NCO can kiss my royal butt. What gets me is it APPEARS that US Dept of Ed is trying to force us to use them. No way. I think I may have at least 2 counts of mail fraud here.
Gotta love those parasites. They make life interesting.
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NCO Financial How To Deal With Them
Posted by DeePee on 02/23/2006
First and foremost, they record and monitor their calls. Stop it by:

"Per our conversation with your representative our company and the individuals who answer the telephones at our company do not authorize the recording or third-party monitoring of any conversations, in part or in whole. Should your corporation house the data or recordings of any portions of conversations with our employees, you are in violation of Federal wiretapping laws. Please cease and desist further contacts by telephone as a result of this negligence. You have been so advised.

Further attempts to contact us by telephone will be treated as an unauthorized wiretap violation and a suit will be filed in Federal court in against NCO Financial and the individuals initiating the contacts."

This was written for a company. If you are an individual, you have more rights but can use the above.

Let them know that you want them to stop contacting you period:

"This matter is in full dispute, please so advise your client with due diligence. Furthermore, cease and desist contacting me by telephone or mail with regards to this matter. I will not respond further to your requests, I will deal only with your client in writing. Furthermore, continued calls, mails, emails or contacts will be treated as harassment and negligence.

Should it continue, I will file a claim against NCO Financial and name the individuals separately in the lawsuit.

If you need any help further with NCO, contact me by email!


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Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-23:
Maddy correct me if I am wrong here....Some states authorize the use of phone conversation recording without permission whereas in other states, for instance the state of Florida, you have to have permission before recording a conversation. So it all depends on what state you reside in.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-23:
LOL...this was really fun to read. Give me a break...first of all, if you don't want to be recorded, all you have to tell the rep is,"I request this call not to be recorded" and the call will be transfered to a non-recording line...second of all, as for business', all the debtor OR anyone at that company, including third parties, have to say is, "I (or we)request no calls from your company"...and third, if you really want the calls to stop, then just pay your bill, (sorry Maddy), if it is in dispute send your dispute in writing. No request at the POE is honored by verbal request, but it is always best to back that request up in writing, certified with returned reciept...shhessssss...you did a whole lot of talking without really saying anything helpful. Take a chill pill and call me in the morning.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-24:
"Then just pay your bill." Gee...let me get out these SPACE CADET AWARDS for that wonderful advice. Congratulations Basher for joining this elite club. LOL!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-24:
EJ - yeah....that's correct. It varies from state to state...however if NCO preempts their call with that message that the call may be recorded...that's the same thing as giving the consumer permission to record as well. As for the poster...he can file whatever lawsuit he feels he and his lawyer think they can win, be it wiretap laws, FDCPA violations, or D of C. FDCPA would be the obvious choice...but there's a slew of things that can be alleged and argued... Cha-Ching...right? However, the decision to do so is really made on a case by case basis. We're just concentrating on consumer rights and recourse on this site.
Posted by bobo2 on 2006-02-24:
How Pennsylvania recently dealt with NCO -- I have seen no comments here about a recent settlement between NCO and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The details are in a press release dated 1/27/06 on the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Web site (NCO Group's Web site also has a press release about this, but has far less detail). According to the AG's press release, the AG's Bureau of Consumer Protection investigated "in excess of 800 consumer complaints" filed against NCO beginning 11/03. The complaints involved alleged violations of the state's Consumer Protection Law, Fair Credit Extension and Uniformity Act, and the federal FDCPA. Detailed alleged violations included calls outside the 8 AM to 9 PM window, use of obscene or profane language, other threatening or abusive conduct, and continued calls after consumers had disputed debts or requested that calls cease. As part of the settlement NCO agreed to pay Pa. $300,000 for the cost of investigating the 800+ complaints "and/or for future public protection purposes." In other words, NCO must pay a $300,000 fine. Also, NCO must implement programs to ensure that employees are adequately trained on debt collection laws and to discipline those who do not follow such laws. So it would appear that complaints to government agencies can lead to results.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-24:
BoBo's right...I wonder if this is the Horsham site...the one the well known Mr. Shaprio works out of...That whole site needs to be shut down and re-opened with all new employee's from cleaning crew to site leader to Pres....This site is the most shameful of them all...and they got away with way too much for too long...I'm looking forward to the day they close down that site and transfer their portfolio to a better trained, better respected site. And it is also true that complaints will get heard, alot of you may not know it, but in the past year, quite a few NCO sites have closed down because of the way they perform their collection duties...the accts were transfered to the other sites. That's the way it should be with any company...if one site is in violation, why keep them around???
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-26:
LOL. This was great fun to read! Gotta love it when people don't pay their bills & then get all p*ssy when the collection agencies call them up. Bottom line: (I know this will tick off a few people here, but I don't care)..............PAY YOUR BILL!!!!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-27:
Isn't she GREAT Folks...give her a big hand!
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-27:
Miantani........your close to getting that trophy! LOL!!
Posted by squeekie on 2006-02-28:
I have to say something once again. Regardless of if people paid their bills or not they do not need to be ABUSED by collectors, screamed at, or have them give out information to people that have nothing to do with the debt. And until the people bashing the ones that haven't payed bills have walked a mile in their shoes, STOP assuming they are deadbeats. There are reasons Im quite sure. and yes I got behind but if you want to know the truth for the past 5 years I have been taking care of a child with not one but 2 brain tumors for which he has been going through chemotherapy for on and off, and Im sorry if thats not good enough for you but thats just an example of what people may be going through and living on one income trying to make ends meet and put food on the tabe, pay medical expenses. ect
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-28:
Squeekie...don't worry about anything Miantani says. We know people hit hard times...and it sounds like you've had a rougher time than most. You concentrate on your baby - NCO shouldn't even be on your radar. If they think that they should be...well...come on back here and let us know or email one of us from the link on our blogs. Good luck and God Bless.
Posted by squeekie on 2006-02-28:
Thank you MadEye. Yes I have had rough times, but honestly I have seen people going through worse. as hard as everything has been I can still say that.
The guy from NCO I had talked to is a scumbag. I have sent them a cease and desist letter, telling them to contracked me by mail only that way when they mess up it's in black and white. I have also kept very good notes (narrative form) and sent it and the original letter to a lawyer in my are. Thanks again I will call if I need you.
Posted by bobo2 on 2006-02-28:
Squeekie's posts ably show how the "pay your bills" mantra is overly simplistic and can become tiresome. Most people do want to pay their legitimate bills. But even Miantani would agree, I think, that if a collector has the wrong person, or the debt really does not exist, or the amount is wrong, or the debt has already been paid, or there is some other valid dispute about the debt, a person should not pay just because a collector says to. And even Miantani would agree that sometimes there are circumstances such as sudden unemployment, or serious illness or injury, or death or divorce when people fall behind on their bills, not because they are living lavishly or beyond their means, but because unfortunate events overtake them and they must decide that providing the necessities of life to those in their care takes priority. And even Miantani would have to agree that even those who have a real debt and can afford to repay it deserve not to be subject to lies, deceptions, threats, obscenities, and just plain rudeness. After all, if a collection agency is confident that it has the right person, that the debt is correct, and that the debtor has the means to repay, it can always file in court. So good luck, Squeekie. Your family comes first.
Posted by squeekie on 2006-03-01:
Bobo2 that was well put. I have read through so many of these posts and it makes me sick to see how badly people have been treated. I would like to think, the overwellming majority of us want to pay our bills. I know there are some that make a living out of racking up debt and never paying it or rack up hugh utility bills and change their name on the account to start fresh. But they are few.
My family will always be put first. and even though I have that blemish on my credit Im really not terribly worried because My creit score isn't that bad.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-02:
Good Post Bobo.
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telephone numbers
Posted by on 09/03/2003
everyone please post the #,s for NCO so we can call them all the time and give it right back to them

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Posted by jett on 2003-09-03:
A previously posted review had a phone number of 888-626-8381 to call someone named "Candice" at NCO? Might want to try it...
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-04:
I have a number for NCO. A really rude lady named Star Knox called this was the number that she gave (800) 709-8625
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-05:
You talk about collection agencies harrassing debtors, and now you want to harrasse the collection agency? Well you can be charged if you call these collectors to harrasse them. And yes you can be caught, your email address is on this forum and candice comes here a lot, you even have her phone number, I think I should warn them and tell them about this site and have you charged if they even get one phone call. Loser
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-05:
collector - thank you for the advice - transcrips are all going to FTC since you call at my employers - expect to be sued.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-06:
Ok? That doesn't make sense to me. I personally never called your employer, whether another collector has or not is a different matter altogether.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-22:
Telephone number: 1-800-377-3663
NCO Financial - HORSHAM, PA
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-23:
NCO calls people at work even tho they have been told NO CALLS AT MY WORK So why shouldnt we call NCO at work???
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-23:
NCO calls people at work even tho they have been told NO CALLS AT MY WORK So why shouldnt we call NCO at work???
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-25:
You're a bunch of retarded loners who have nothing better to do than sit in your trailer parks on welfare and try to make other peoples lives harder. Get a life and leave the collectors to do their jobs!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-30:
I noticed them a few times on my caller ID while I was at work. The number each time was 757-687-6748. That's area code is the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Haven't talked to them about what it concerns yet. Will post later.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-09:
Candice needs to get a life..YOU'RE (not your) acting all high and mighty when actually all you are is a puppet on strings, working your ass off for someone else's profit..poor thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-19:
again, if you "deadbeats" will pay your credit cards collectors wont call you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-23:
Chris Has poopy pants
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-04:
NCO 507 Prudential Rd Horsham PA 800-392-2031
Ask for Jessica Banks
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-09:
I like to talk to them about the weather, where they are, etc. Drives them crrrazy. They are also located in the tidewater area of Virginia. Chris, your'e late for work at NCO - get a move on.
Posted by jenannie on 2004-02-20:
Funny thing, Chris. Not all people who have collections are losers who don't pay their bills. Some, like me, have 2 college degrees, and suffered illness which caused us to be out of work for several months. It's amazing that my bill with NCO is a MEDICAL BILL!!!! I have since repaired my credit completely, but you should give these other people a break. If you don't know the full story, don't assume that they are losers. Oh, and by the way...credit collection on the phone at work or repeatedly at home is harrasment and is punishable by law. That's what the Attorney General of your state is for. Write them a letter and give the details of the harrassment...they will contact NCO and request that a stop be put to the harrassment and if not, then you have the opportunity to sue.
Posted by pokey88 on 2004-03-02:
I use to work for NCO. And trust me, they do tell us how to "get around" some of the FDCPA rules. So any collector who comes on here and says otherwise is a liar. If it is over a credit card debt, NCO themselves can't actually say they will take you to court, but the actual credit card company can. We were allowed to say that. Also, you might want to check up on the FDCPA rules for your state, and make sure NCO is following them. I know we didn't follow them on every call.
Posted by slam5 on 2004-03-04:
NCO Financial Systems FYI:
I conducted my own research on NCO to find out who was running the company, and let them know of
unfair practices from their agents after repeated attempts to resolve the debt they say I owe. Here is their information:
President: Michael J Barrist (no info found)
Vice President: Charles C Piola Jr (610) 696-2843
339 Barn Hill Rd, Westchester, PA, 19382-2336
Secretary/Tres.: Steven L Winokur (215) 643-7473
203 Carpenter Ln, Ambler, PA, 19002-2711
I got a fax machine when I called Mr. Winokur
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2004-03-08:
Pokey: And what becomes of NCO collectors who "get around" the laws? They become EX-EMPLOYEES! You're living proof of that! And Slam: All of those names and number you gave doesn't take research...it is all available for anyone who wants it, and what about the number for Mr. Barrist? Hummmm...not quite the researcher you thought you were! His number is right in front of your face, open your eyes!
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Illegal Practices
Posted by Misstweek on 03/30/2005
TEXAS -- Recently pulled my credit report because I am thinking about buying a house. There is an entry from NCO on there that I had never seen before. I tried to contact NCO to find out what it was for exactly and just pay it off. well, that's when the fun began. The first five times I called I was hung up on when I asked for validation. So now I'm a little upset. OK, easy fix, contact the original creditor(an electric company), get a bill from them and just pay them. Next problem, they have no record of me ever having an account with them and I had never heard of them either. I dispute the entry with the CRA's. Amazingly it comes back verified. Call NCO again, finally get someone who will stay on the phone. He tells me its for an address for a house I moved out of in June 1999. He also told me that it was set to go to their legal department in 11 days. I requested that an original bill be sent to me. Well, on March 16 I get a letter from their legal representation (Boyajian Law Offices) saying that I never sent the payment I promised. HUH, I never promised a payment, I want some sort of proof. OK, now I'm really ticked. Call Experian to find out how they verified this debt when I can't get any info from NCO on it.

Now I find out something real interesting. NCO is reporting this as first going delinquent in March 2003, but originally had the first delinquency date as February 1999. Cute, account starts getting old just reinvent the date. The really weird thing is how could it even be February 1999 when I lived in that house till June 1999. Pretty sure I had electricity, think I would remember if I didn't. Seems like they just like to make dates up. The really funny thing is if they had just sent me a bill when I first tried to call them I would have probably paid up thinking that it was a utility bill I just forgot about. Now they have gotten me mad and I am reporting them to every governing agency I can think of.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-30:
Hmmm That seems interesting, hang around because there are some really talented people that can probably help you on this. I would suggest you pay close attention to posters such as Debtbasher, Mad Eye, and maybe Legal Collector for your best responses on NCO. Good Luck
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-03-30:
Hmmm...I may not be much help on this one. One reason being that I have no idea where the changing dates are coming from. Up to this point, you've done everything you can and reporting to the governing agencies may be your next best step. The most important thing is to keep everything documented and keep a paper trail, keep track of all the phone calls you make and the ones you get from NCO, get the names of the people you speak with etc. and good luck to you.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2005-03-30:
Oh yeah...I would strongly considering seeking advise from a consumer law attorney who would guide you to your next legal step. Me personally....I would rant and raise hell till I got something done. Suing them would be my first avenue since they like to reinvent dates.
Posted by tander on 2005-03-30:
Good Advice Debtbasher, very well put.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-03-31:
There are FCRA infractions, as well as some possible FDCPA violations...(w/o knowing the details I can't really confirm the latter). You DO need to contact an attorney - many will work on contigency. You've got the CRA and the CA shirking their duties, and subsequently violating the rights afforded to you under both protection acts. (FDCPA, and FCRA)
As Basher said, keep a very detailed paper trail, and record calls. (Your lawyer will advise you as to how they can be admitted into evidence if possible and if necessary) You could get a good chunk of change. Sure, it could be solved by a few letters...MAYBE; however...when did it become your job to do their research?
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-03-31:
Just dont spend your winnings on tweek, misstweek.
Posted by misstweek on 2005-03-31:
So far i have filed complaints with the FTC and the PA attorney generals office. They got fined $1.5 million last year by the FTC for changing dates, you would think their executives would be smart enough to stop. Goes to show how smart corporate executives are.
Posted by stopNCO on 2005-04-01:
They also "re-aged" accounts with small $2 and $4 payments (starts your 7 years over). If you would like an attorney to hear about your experience with NCO (for possible litigation), go to www.stopNCO.com and tell your story. The attorney has already been retained, there is no fee to discuss NCO's abusive practices.
Posted by GoingCrazy on 2005-04-08:
My credit report was pulled because we are trying to build a house. There was a collection from NCO that I had no idea about. When I called the collection was on my account but was for someone totally different and living in a different town that I had NEVER lived in. NCO keeps giving me the run around about it. It is about to drive me crazy!! WE have got the money as long as I can get this stuff settled!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-04-08:
GoingCrazy: Send in a letter explaining your dispute (the fact that the account isn't yours), contact the three credit bureaus and keep record of all your contacts and letters. If you have proof the account isn't yours, cooperate with NCO and send them whatever you need to help with your dispute. You have to determine if it is a case of the wrong person being placed on your report or if it is a true fraud in your name. If it's fraud, you will have to contact NCO and give them the information, the first thing they will ask is if you've filed a police report for fraud. They will walk you through the procedure.
Posted by 911causedmyheadaches on 2005-08-17:
TO the basher, you know I thought you were actually trying to be a help to these people, until I read that last post with you saying Hmmm, don't know how the dates got changed. You know that NCO does that to keep that debt within the SOL. Who do you think your kidding. Your company and you should have nothing to be proud of, your equal to the Mafia. Extorting your way through life and taking advantage of peoples set backs.
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Law suits
Posted by on 09/20/2003
Approximately 40 suits have been fiiled against NCO for abusive collection practices in 2003. Anyone care to be a witness? Let me know....
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-20:
I recieved a call from this company,A FEW MONTHS AGO, about an alleged debt that I owed-a debt from Airtouch Cellular from an account in 1993(Airtouch is now out of business-thought that this was convenient i.e for NCO)when I asked for proof of this debt I was hung up on.I called back and I was told that they would transfer me-again-same thing.I called again,this time I was put on hold,after 7 minutes I hung up and then called back from my Mobile phone(I guess that they have caller i.d. LOL)Surprisingly I was able to get through to the first guy...I asked that he provide "proof" of this "debt" or,otherwise,refrain from calling me.He said that this would be done-never happened, but yet they still continue to call....

I contacted the Dept Of Justice in my state-California,and I filed a complaint.I had to sign a release(for N.C.O.)to provide proof of this alleged debt..., nothing yet,yet they(N.C.O.) still call-interesting tactic,I think.
I've come to realize that the reason that N.C.O. does this type of thing,is because they believe that people won't have saved any info. from 10 year old accounts-interesting logic!!
The terms "Scumbags,Lowlifes" comes to mind...,
How are they still "in business"???
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-22:
NCO found my neighbor's telephone number listed and called asking for a message to be given
to me to call someone by the name of "David", at NCO Financial Services. I did not know who
this person was and assumed that it was a telemarketing call. A week later I received a
letter from "David" which talked about a debt and a judgment to be taken out against me if I
did not pay or contact them within 30 days. I called immediately. This was the first
contact that I had with NCO. Unfortunately, "David" was not available, but one of his co-workers "Jeremiah" or "something like that" said he could help. He immediately became
extremely angry and obviously trying the old "knee-cap method of repayment". I was
horrified. I had never disputed this debt and I still do not dispute the debt.

I owe $2,392.94, but at this time I can only pay $100.00 per month. This was obviously
not good enough for NCO. He wanted payment there and then. He was shouting and being
really offensive. His accent was a very strong almost NY accent and I asked him if he was
from NY City. He thought I was being rude, but I am from England and I take an interest
in where people come from. He ended the conversation with "enjoy your charge off young
lady!." As I am a senior citizen I thought this was really offensive. I called back
and my husband took the phone. The same agent screamed at him "well do you want to your
debt". My husband asked him who did he think he was talking to. The agent yelled obsenities down
the phone for about 40 seconds and hung up. I called "David" the next day and the
conversation started off really well. I asked him why he hadn't left a message at my home.
Guess what he had the phone number to my previous home , I haven't lived there for 7 years.
When I said that I would call back with information as to my payment, he lost his mind and
became abusive. He insisted I was giving him the run around. As I already told him I would pay $100.00 per month I tried to reassure him that I would pay as soon as possible. He insisted I charge the amount to a Target Visa Card he had my credit information in front of him. He hung up saying the same thing as the other agent "enjoy the charge off young lady."
On Saturday morning at 8:03 a.m. I was woken by a phone call from NCO. "Michele" apparently
a seasoned collector and a senior to the previous agents at NCO was extremely apologetic
about the previous phone calls and worried that I did not understand what "IN COLLECTION"
would do to my credit. She was professional and polite and even called her Agents (Punks)
..but she still insisted that I pay the debt in full as she did not want to see my credit
ruined as it was almost a perfect score. I said I had every intention of paying, but I
couldn't find $2,000 in one go. I said I would be able to pay $100.00 a month. She said
"okay, but my credit report would show a "charge off", she felt sorry for me and would keep
my file in her office for me to make payments directly to her office. I talked to my
husband and made arrangements to pay off the entire amount and "Michele" is expecting me to
express mail the money tomorrow. I found this Website. What do you suggest I do, make
payments or pay in full? Thank you Hoping this will help someone else.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-22:
You're stories are very common. They'll come on this site and do the same thing. (By the way...we're all dead beats here...according to them) They'll tell you to quit complaining and pay your bills. It's not that they're bad people, just ignorant beyond belief. If any of them go to another company to do collections they'll be fired and sent home if they maintain their current tactics. Then they won't be able to pay their own bills and then they'll end up on this site complaining about NCO collection reps along with us. Unhappy people strive to make others unhappy. We see the world as a reflection of ourselves. It makes you wonder what horrible things happened to each of these reps in their personal lives to make them so bitter, and nasty. It also makes me count my blessings that I’m not unfortunate enough to have had to go through the hardships that cause that type of behavior in them. I don’t know if there’s anything in the world I could go through that would make me act like that. That doesn’t mean I advocate in any way working with them. There’s other channels you can go through to resolve debt. Only one of them requires dealing with NCO and being verbally assaulted.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-22:
Offer Michele a settlement to close your account, this will save you money, but it will not be as good for your credit report. Not all collectors are rude or nasty. We simply want an effort for the balance and then we will look at a payment arrangement.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-22:
Thank you Rainmaker....... Collector whoever you are thanks also for your comments. If you work for NCO or another organization would you let me know why making payments was not an option to this debt? I have to pay the total for the debt not to be written as a charge off on my credit. If I make payments it will go to my credit report. It will go to my credit report anyway - am I correct? Thanks again for your help.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-23:
If it's with NCO, it's likely that the damage is already done to your credit report, Despite their promises to keep it off your report, I've reviewed countless records where info was reported by NCO anyway. They don't have the power to keep things off your credit report; their system is automated. NCO, as I understand it, is a third party collector. Payments are ALWAYS an option and there is never a dead line. They're usually tweaking the truth if they say that they must have payment by a certain date. You have as much time as it takes to pay off the debt. You can make fifty-dollar payments for ten years if that's all you can afford. Don't let them prioritize your finances for you. Your utilities, shelter, food, and transportation all come before anything NCO is calling about. That's not to say you shouldn't pay them, but you have to insist on paying on your terms; they'll disagree and make it seem like the debt they're after is the most important. That's their job. They’ll even threaten you, and tell you all the horrible things that they can do to you. They can’t do much of anything accept hurt your feelings and make you angry. Remember those things when you deal with them and remember that they're going to tell you all sorts of things that may not be true. Review and hold fast to your rights as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Act (go online and print a copy to keep by the phone), and you won't be taken advantage of by their hostile employees.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-23:
Thank you Rainmaker...I'll certainly take your advice it is very much appreciated. I'll be in touch..........Thanks again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-24:
It has probably already gone on your credit bureau as a charge off from the original creditor. What collection agencies mean by not going on you "cbr" is that it will not show up under NCO which will look very badly to top it all off. You can always make payments on an account, but it doesn't mean the collection agency can't sue you. The reason we tell people to go for loans is to take a payment arrangement if it warrants it. If you can get the balance via a loan, then there really isn't any justification in taking a payment arrangement when you can do that with the lender (if approved) and established good credit with them. We are realistic people, we just want the effort.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-25:
I've been getting calls for close to 3 months now about a card my ex of 3 years got after we divorced. These guys seem to think harassing me is the way to find her. The one that called last Monday flat out said he would keep calling till I tell them how to ind her. Like I would know where see after 3 years!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-26:
You should contact the Federal Trade Commision and tell them about the harrassment - I had to and was told to send a certified letter to NCO telling them to stop the harrassing calls - also have a copy of the the cc - to the Federal Trade Commision. Hope that helps
Posted by ROE4EM on 2003-11-15:
I so feel for you!! Hand in there.
I would like to see if anyone has had any mis-dealings with NCO in Torrence California and with the following people?
Marisio Aviva: supervisor:
Latonya Q: Acting manager 1-310-257-5932 (ext: 5932)
Not quite sure if they are technically in Torrance or Philadelphia, Pa. when I call.

We have been dealing with NCO for the past 2 years and still have no resolution. A medical bill that was paid in 2000 by our Ins. Co. and even though we are sending them proof by the cancelled checks from the Ins. Co they won't clear this!! We were finally told we have rights and can make formal complaints to the office of the Attorney General (California: 1-800-952-5225 or do it online at http://caag.state.ca.us/contact/index.htm.) We just made our formal complaint and we will see what happens. The better business bureau can't help as well as the Dept. of Consumer affairs. The attorney General is technically the credit burea's boss so lets rise up together and begin to flood their offices with these complaints. It's so easy to complain but not do anything about it. I was going to let it go too but I am a tax paying citizen and deserve to be treated better than the scum on the bottom of their shoes!! Send me any thoughts or if you have dealt with the torrance Ca agency and the above individuals.
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