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Attitude of NCO With Potential Payees
By -

TEXAS -- I have had the same experience with NCO as the rest of the comments here. The comments from their employees are snide and condescending as stated. Being a low life does not hinge on how much money one makes but the character of one's self. These people show they have very little character by their rude behavior. Their loss, not ours since many of us will not take their rudeness without returning the same - not everybody turns the other cheek. The fact that there is some outstanding debt does not give cause for disrespect especially not knowing each individual circumstance.

Their rudeness to third parties, not connected with the object of their search is even more unacceptable. I don't know about the legal. In my case an NCO rep called my HR department and was very rude to one of their personnel, eventually hanging up the phone - this jerk ** called her, not the other way around. All the complaining bodies and people need to come together in concert against such practices and those who support such practices, not just NCO but all such entities. Part of the problem lies in our "representative" system.

It was suggested that I try an organization called NACA that works with consumer issues. Know that NACA will not work with a student loan. They claim to have over 1000 lawyers in their database but not one of them will work with a student loan. Most won't even answer your request when they see that you are having a problem with one of these. NCO takes advantage of this and they don't care what your particular problem is or was with the default. There are a lot of people with a lot of actual legitimate issues with NCO.

Those who have defended NCO need to look in their own back yard. As exemplified by the fellow I talked with and the lady who recorded the conversation - even though she tried unsuccessfully to steer that conversation, there are some nice folks in there. You may not be the culprit but the fact that is that there are some very negative, despicable folks in NCO who evidently have little to no self respect, and feel they can push that sickness off to everyone they deal with over the phone in itself, needs adjudicating for everybody that's received their condescension and threats.

They also seem to think they will never run into any of the people they have been abusive with face to face, but as the world "shrinks" that probability increases. The kind of treatment they exhibit needs to be illegal but since it is not, there is no choice but rebuff this kind of behavior. Those who support this travesty are also part of the problem.

In my case there is a legitimate grievance with the debt in that the original default was illegitimate. The bill in question had been paid off several years before by the University as part of the entry process and I attended school almost to graduation after it was paid. It is a commonly known fact that one cannot register for any college anywhere in the country with an outstanding unpaid student loan. When I explained this to the collection agent at that time he called me a liar because he claimed "had the papers that said otherwise."

Also the unavailability of anybody of assistance with this from day one through now, the negative effects this caused - both immediate and long term from this, and collections process in which NCO is trying to be involved in the manner they are trying to be involved, totally oblivious to any possibility of dispute is of issue. There can be no dealings with them at all in face of their rudeness.

Since the original writing of this I have been contacted by a more civil NCO representative with whom I explained that the default was in dispute and has been since inception. I told him of the rudeness of the people who previously called then gave him my address and told him that all further contact needed to be in writing in order to maintain a paper trail. He agreed and we hung up. Later that afternoon another NCO rep called who wanted the same information so I told him I had already talked with Mr. So-and-so a couple of hours before that and he had all the information, and I had requested all further contact be by mail. I politely hung up.

The next day another NCO rep called. She was polite and said she was recording the conversation when it ended but not at the start. I explained to her the illegitimacy of the original default before she could cut in and attempt to guide the conversation and again asked that all further communications be by mail both for a paper trail and due the rudeness of various NCO reps who have called. Over the next several days there have been 2 to 5 calls a day from 800 and unidentified numbers all of which if and when answered are calls from various NCO people.

A few days later I received a bill in the mail for the full amount, over half of which is interest. A detailed explanation of the nature of the original default and the problems this caused has been sent to them. In this case the action of a callous, misinformed, collection agent threw a wrench in the gears of my college. If this debt had not been paid the school would not have allowed me to enroll at all. The original debt was paid through the university's internal mechanism during registration process. I went though registration 10+ more times without any problem.

Once this happened I went to the Financial Aid office to find out what to do and they gave me their contact info to give to this jerk to call them to verify the debt had been cleared. When I called and tried to convey this, he started railing me about being a "deadbeat" and refused to contact the school altogether. I gave them his number and he refused to talk to them too. He had the upper hand and I was kicked out of school. This led to a series of hardships not counting the change in direction generated by not being allowed to finish.

I did not have the cash payment he was demanding and could not borrow it as he also demanded especially in the face of the debt having been paid off several years before. This person was not an NCO employee but another collection company that did what NCO does today and apparently with the same rudeness and condescension. (This seems to be endemic in the collections business.)

I have sought lawyers for over a decade now and nobody will touch this. My only choice has been to refuse to pay until this is settled equitably considering the damage done. I work for myself mostly for cash on the barrelhead at this time and my wages can't be garnished in the manner they are trying. I figure my Federal tax exactly and pay the IRS directly so there is no excess for NCO to take.

Shocked at Behavior of NCO Financial Employees
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- I called NCO Systems today because I had been getting a lot of letters and phone calls and was curious as to why they had my phone number and address. I thought at first, they were some type of marketing company and ignored them. Since I am retired and have not charged anything, I called the main number, inquiring as to how they got my number and why were they calling me.

One of the first things they asked was my social security number!!! Can you believe that??? I refused naturally, and they asked how I could be helped. The man was nice enough. He asked if I knew a certain person, and said the name. I explained that was my grandson and he had purchased a phone at Sprint "on his own at the age of 16" with no problem, just a show of his driver's license. When I heard about the phone bill, I agreed to pay his current basic service, but no added services because he had not asked for that.

However, after we called Sprint and said we wanted nothing but basic service, they added unwanted services back to the phone, after they had removed them. I had to pay the huge phone for him, since he could not. I told him "No more, he would have to cancel," which he did. He was living with me for a time after he purchased the phone and that is how my address became involved. Apparently NCO got my number through my address. He has since gone away to college and I did not respond to the mail, since it was in his name. I just thought it was "junk mail" and threw it away.

The man I spoke with at the main number of NCO Systems gave me this number 1-800-709-8625 to call. He told me to tell them exactly what I had told him and they could handle it. I thanked him politely and dialed the number.
HAH!!! I thought I had entered into the script of a horror movie. I got the shock of my life!!!

The person who answered the phone was the rudest, loudest, most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to in my entire life, especially for an employee of a large corporation. NO ONE has ever spoken to me the way this person did. At first I was totally speechless! I tried many times, but never got the chance to explain my case. She refused to let me.

This woman went into me immediately, like dynamite, yelling and screaming like a "Banshee!!!" She was trying her very best to keep me from saying one word, but I did manage to add a few phrases the whole time she was yelling at me. I doubt very seriously she heard anything I said, she was ranting and raving so. I was trying to tell her to PLEASE just let me talk. She refused! She was in her own world of rude people. She had no reason whatsoever to treat me in such a deplorable manner. I did not owe her one cent! I did not even have an account there. They were abusing my phone and address.

Where did they find this person? She has to rate in the top 20 "Rude People in the United States!" Has she been trained by her company, NCO Systems to act in such an unacceptable way??? I certainly received the shock of my life. I did not know anyone would hire someone like this, especially a large company like NCO. I was awakened to the facts of life!!! Apparently she had been on the phone and had heard everything I had told the gentleman, because she went into me before I could get anything out of my mouth. She knew my grandson's name before I even told her anything.

I asked her over and over to please let me explain the situation, but she kept ranting over and over. I told her how in the world she was able work for this company was beyond me and I hoped her boss was listening to her. I just hung up the phone with her yelling all the while.

I hope no one goes through the nightmare I just experienced at NCO Collections, a part of NCO Systems. Needless to say the issue was never resolved. She did not want a resolution!!! She just wanted to "blow off steam" and I, unfortunately, was her victim!!!


Information from:

Bud Hibbs Helps America Hold Debt Collectors to the Law!

Agency collectors have correctly been deemed the worst-type of collection agents! They operate from a computer database containing all your personal information, provided to them by the original creditor. When an outside agency gets your account, it has been 'charged-off' for non-payment. They make calls as fast as the auto-dialer can (in excess of 250 a day). Commission
is their livelihood; they don't have time for pleasantries or obeying the law.

An agency collector's commission ranges from 15-25% of what they can extract from you. Most are paid bonuses if they hit a quota and steady, hard-working collectors can make $40-60K per year. The majority will bring in much less because they routinely step over the line to increase their take.
Who Seeks a Career as a Debt Collector?
In a industry where deception, craftiness, and deceit are rampant, you might imagine most honest people would seek work elsewhere. And you're right. My experience says the average debt collector is male, has a large ego, bounces from job to job, suffers low self-esteem and enjoys using the telephone as an instrument of empowerment. You' shouldn't be surprised
to find most of them have great debt problems themselves.
The debt collection business is plagued with high employee turnover. Constant training of new collectors puts great strain on the agencies and the employees. Every moment someone is in training is time lost on the phone. You can imagine the shortcuts that are taken to get a new caller on the floor as soon as possible.
Collectors see themselves in a position to take advantage of those they deem weaker, in
an effort to overcome their own insecurities. They normally will talk-over any issues you may have, threaten and intimidate you, lie, misrepresent themselves, abuse, annoy and attempt to push you as far as they can. After all, a portion of what they collect from you becomes theirs. Unfortunately, far too few consumers complain about debt collectors overstepping their bounds, because they are intimidated or embarrassed about their dilemma. Over the years I've dealt with literally thousands of collectors and suggest that only 2 out of 10 are honest and hard working. The greater percentage are deadbeat scum either just out of, or heading back into a jail cell. Collecting is a male dominated business and because of the shortage of skilled workers, agencies are hiring anyone who can walk and chew gum to make their calls. Social skills, education and career orientation are NOT normally the prerequisites for a debt collector – money beggar position.
What Techniques Do They Employ?
You'll hear standard phrases such as: "what is your intent" or "I'm going to recommend that our client take immediate legal action against you." The innocent unsuspecting consumer feels threatened,even terrorized by the antics of unscrupulous debt collectors. The really bad ones will call you at work, violate third party disclosure, or worse, threaten you with arrest or wage garnishment if they don't have the money today! They'll try to persuade you to pay off old debts using your new credit card, via Western Union wire transfers, bank drafting, debit checks and cash. They will tell you your credit report will be clean and your soul will be saved from hell, (halleluiah!) if you just send them the... $$ MONEY $$.
The National Consumer Law League, (NCLC) and the National Association of Consumer Advocates, (NACA) assist attorneys across the country in pursuing agencies and collectors who violate the law and your rights. Collectors are learning that the phone name they use and the perceived anonymity of hiding behind a telephone can easily be overcome with today's modern technology and investigative techniques. Some collectors are learning first-hand that they too, can be charged with making threats over the phone and that their employers don't provide bail money or legal representation. Creditors are increasingly becoming less tolerant of agencies that allow abuse and will drop those that don't comply.
I urge you to complain about collector abuse by contacting the FTC, the American Collectors Association, the original creditor and your state bar association (against attorneys), or me if
you feel your rights are being violated. There is a nationwide group of professional consumer attorneys, skilled in debt collection laws that passionately defend the rights of consumers
against these illegal collectors. No consumer should ever suffer abuse from a debt collector.
The laws WILL protect you!

What do you think?


MICHIGAN -- Got a call 2 weeks ago from NCO. They said they were trying to collect payment for my husband's credit card. (Never rec'd any letter or call from credit card company that we were being sent to collections. Our account was in good standings.) They never asked once what relationship I was to the cardholder and starting giving me a line of bull crap. They said our house, car and whatever assets were in husband's name - would have a lien put on them if they didn't collect a payment by Aug 1st. They never asked what I could afford and demanded this certain payment.

I gave them a post dated check with the option that they told me - I could call and cancel on July 31st if I didn't have the full amount that they requested. So I called and cancelled it and NCO confirmed that they cancelled the payment and would not put it through. Today, I go to Wal-Mart and I couldn't use my debit card. I called the bank when I got home and sure enough NCO put the payment through unauthorized. I called NCO and they said I was insane that they needed 72 hours notice to cancel the check.

NCO told me my husband had 8 judgments toward the credit card, and that if the payment wasn't made the total amount due would triple, plus interest fees, and that my husband's wages would be garnished to where he would only bring home $50 a week until the balance was paid. I called the credit card company and told them NCO refused any type of payment that I could make and they said I had to go through NCO. (So I guess the credit card company doesn't want their money if NCO is refusing payments and handling their accounts.)

Anyway, NCO said they were taping my conversation when I spoke to them, but when I asked to talk to the supervisor to make a complaint all of a sudden they found no record that I was being taped. NCO provides fraudulent information to people they are trying to collect from. When I asked NCO how they were able to give me information on my husband's account without verifying who I am such as an address, phone or anything they said under the FDCPA of state laws they could talk to the cardholder or spouse of cardholder. (Who's to say I was the spouse if they never asked?)

NCO employees are liars, I have first and last names of people and their phone #'s with extensions of who I talked to at NCO. I documented all the lies they told me. All I wanted to do is make a payment I could afford and they told me no, lies, and the bad part is, that the 5 of the 6 people I talked to were supervisors. NCO may want to invest in what type of employees they are spending money on, seems to me like they are losing money - not making it.

Do Not Post Date/Prepay NCO - They Withdrew the Same Day
By -

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA -- 1st NCO never billed me for a medical bill; but, the bill was reported to the collection bureau - l learned of it when my credit report was checked. 2nd in good faith I provided them with my bank account routing info., that they may debit my checking account on my pay day, a week later. However, they withdrew funds on the same day. Consequently, Medical debts incurred after I had gone to the emergency room (which I plan never to do again in life). Then on last Thursday 9/5/2013 I pre-settled three debts, including NCO.

NCO is the only collector that did not bill me, at all. NCO was the only collector to misrepresent themselves by withdrawing funds out of my checking account on the date that I did not agree to. When I asked them to return the funds and debt my account on the agreed upon date, they (describe this act of congress) needed my banking info, put me on hold to rid me. I eventually hung up.

This was my 2nd call to NCO that my 1st comment was after review of my files "I need you to take the money out of my account on the agreed upon day." The team lead Ms. ** did not listen; she immediately said, "When you called earlier today you were OK with this mistake."

Oh, when I called and ask for a manager, no can do. Of course, I was placed on hold and my call was disconnected several times. By the way, they have caller ID and know who is on the line. I hope and pray never to deal with them again in Life! Their service is poor and I will report this to the credit bureau. Ms. ** never offered to pay any fees that I incurred due to their neglect.

Heed the Warnings...
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- I have read the entire first page of reviews and complaints regarding this company. No need for me to read further. I have received numerous phone calls from NCO Financial in the past month to get in touch with my husband who is never home because of his over the road trucking job. I've advised them of this, but they still check in. I've offered to speak to them before, but they gave a speech about their policy regarding only speaking to the debt holder due to the federal privacy act. I was always told it was "personal business."

Well, today they called and again he's not home so I guess the federal privacy speech went out the window because they started chatting away giving me details of his overdue account and asking me to set up a payment plan. Well, I told her I could not pay in one lump sum today, but I did agree to the $50/month repayment plan, however I would set it up through online Bill Pay with my bank. This would allow my bank to send them a designated amount that we agreed to directly to NCO each month.

I refused to share my bank account/routing number with her and stated for fear of identity theft. She assured me the transactions were secure. I told her no company is exempt from unlawful misuse of personal information. If they can send me something in writing that would guarantee that, I may consider sharing my personal financial information, but not on the say so from someone I don't know and a company I am not familiar with. At any rate, the collections rep refused my offer and stated they would pursue with reporting it to the credit bureaus.

I thought I would share my experience. The woman was neither rude nor kind. She was "business-like." I guess I got lucky there. At any rate, I called the people we actually owed the money to and I've offered a payment schedule I could handle to them to satisfy my debt to which they kindly stated that would be acceptable. I have taken the advice of a previous poster in here regarding the federal letter which I generated immediately and will mail out to them certified with receipt.

You know, we incur debt due to various reasons in life. Ultimately we will also be responsible for that debt no matter whose hand it falls into or how much time passes. That is what directly affects our credit report/rating, not the company who's handling our account. It is their obligation to report it. A collection's agency purpose is to provide a final effort to collect a debt before it reaches your credit report so it's usually in your best interest to satisfy the debt. However, with the rising concerns of identity theft, no company is exempt from an unlawful employee misusing confidential information for personal gain.

How often that happens, we'll never know but it's for certain the risk is present. With that type of access, it's too good to pass up for some people. So what do we do when we really want to satisfy a debt but don't want to compromise our personal financial information? Well, if you truly owe the money they cannot refuse you sending them money to repay your debt if you send it on your own. If you do that, I would always send it certified and with return receipt. That is your proof payment was sent and received. I would also keep a copy of the payment you sent and a letter as well as any banking transactions to go with it.

On the payment I would indicate your policy/account number related to the debt (not your bank). I would suggest you send money order or cashier's check instead of personal check to keep your personal banking information secure completely. This also prevents any bounced payments since money orders are prepaid. Please make sure this will be accepted otherwise you've wasted your time and money.

If available, you may also try online Bill Pay through your bank. You'll need your account # for the collections agency, their full business name, address, phone number and payment amount. Of course you can also call them and ask to pay a certain amount via credit card. If they refuse, then ask for a supervisor. They are the ones bugging you to pay your bill. Too bad if it's not the way they want it. Paying a bill shouldn't be a hassle if one really wants to fulfill their debt obligation. That is the primary function of their business. If that doesn't work, seek legal advice. There are various sources online and some local offices will take the time to give you direction.

In the end, we'll never know what started this consumer war between debtors and collections agencies. The general opinion regarding collections agencies are "pushy" people who will do whatever it takes to get your debt settled. It makes the collection agencies money to settle a debt. They buy delinquent accounts from companies who cannot get people to pay their debts. If you incur a debt for any reason, say hospital, they generally give you 90 days to pay your bill. After that, they forward it to collections.

That is to say your account is "sold" to a collections agency to then collect the debt. They get paid to collect that debt. That would mean the company would have to be aggressive in obtaining payment for that debt so you get the numerous calls for debt collection. Somewhere along the line, this aggressive way of doing business has gone beyond customer service and grown into threats, name calling, demeaning conversations, misrepresentation, etc. I'm not saying all that is reflective of NCO, but I've dealt with a few other companies that have done so. The collections market is competitive.

Bottom line is, don't incur debt if you don't have to. Crawling out from underneath is a very nasty job. Nothing justifies their treatment of people, but they won't stop. So instead of complaining, let it be a new revelation to stop debt putting yourself in debt and get rid of collections agencies for good. Only one who will care about you truly is "YOU."

Before Complaining
By -

A few simple points to consider before complaining... If you have never had an account with the creditor they represent, the creditor is who your complaint is with not the collection agency; they simply pursue you based on the information provided by the creditors. If you are not the right party, cooperate with the collection agent to confirm this and they will not call you again. Are you the person their looking for? If so, then you have an obligation that has not been fulfilled, and you must do so in a timely fashion.

If the collector you are talking to is unprofessional ask for an officer of the company, most agencies have a compliance officer. Without the agencies aggressively pursuing debtors who have not paid, every "of age" citizen is now carrying the burden of the debt by paying higher interest rates and tougher qualification requirements. Not to mention more taxes for the bailout of these larger corporations.

If you are the indebted party and are upset with the calls to reach you, you need to reevaluate your efforts to resolve the issue. If you truly are unable to pay the debt back, the bankruptcy courts will bring the account to its final conclusion, whether it is a personal debt or a business debt.

The problem in my opinion is people get frustrated with the embarrassment of their inability to pay and have learned in our society that if you complain loud enough you can sometimes avoid the obligation all together as the creditors are not looking for a fight and will stop pursuing the debt as a course of least resistance. Most of the people who complain on these blogs fall into this category. If the collection agents are threatening action outside the abilities of actual legal recourse they are acting criminally and your complaint is best addressed by Law Enforcement.

My suggestions are as follows: If you owe a debt: pay it!!! If you can't pay it: file the relief the creditors are entitled to by filing Bankruptcy!!! It is a tough job to be a collection agent, most parties are in denial and attack the collector and the methods legally approved by The F.D.C.P.A. in an effort to avoid their obligations. ON the flip side if more people would talk to the collectors they would find that they have insight on ways to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the creditor and the debtor.

I have been in the industry 25 years and have been able to help THOUSANDS of parties resolve the problem of not only the creditor I was representing but other creditors they had in delinquency as well. Collectors are not the problem, people hiding from or ignoring their creditors are the problem. If you have any questions on how to address debt issues please reply to my blog - I will be happy to assist in any way possible, and it will not cost you a dime, only your time to research the best solution available.

How to Get NCO Off Your Back!!!
By -

NCO Financial started calling me very soon after I went delinquent on my American Express card. Before I go any further, YES I do owe the debt, but due to financial reasons, I was unable to make any payments at the time. So, they called me all day, every day... Called my cell, my wife, anything they could. Even after talking to them and explaining my issue, they would call me back the same day hoping that I miraculously won the lottery and could pay them. They all spoke horrible English and eventually started talking down to me and trying to put words in my mouth.

After months of this, we finally came to terms on a settlement, but they REFUSED to put anything in writing. After talking to 4 supervisors and catching them all in lies about their company's practices (they all contradicted each other), I finally got to feeling that I was being scammed and just felt very uncomfortable. I called American Express with an attempt to settle directly with them, however they said I could not. I then learned that NCO was contracted out to collect the debt and that it WAS NOT SOLD TO THEM. The lady with AMEX asked if I would like to file a complaint with their actions, I did and she removed them from negotiations.

Within a week's time, NCO stopped calling and Nationwide Credit took over. After a 20 minutes phone call, I came to terms with Nationwide and within 3 weeks, the settlement was COMPLETE!!! NCO has not called me since. I am more excited to see NCO go down than I am to settle that account... lol. So if you are in the same boat as I was, call your original creditor and see if you can have them removed from the account.

The Company Kings of Fraud
By -

About 2 months ago, I started getting telephone calls from NCO Financial at ALL times of the day. Starting at 8am and not ending until 9pm. I finally got tired of it and called them back. They told me that I had a debt that needed to be paid. When I inquired from whom this debt was for, they stated it was from Sears Roebuck. Here's the kicker... I haven't had a Sears account since 1989 when my credit cards were stolen.

When I asked the guy at NCO what the date of the debt was. He stated, 1989. I then told him, that under the laws of Florida, this is a non-valid debt as it was from stolen credit cards AND extend past 7 years. I told him to stop calling me, and if they continue, they will be sued for harassment and fraud. That actually seemed to work.

Then, I jumped on the phone with Sears's Fraud Department. Of course they asked me for my account information... which I didn't have and haven't had in 20 years! I informed them that selling an account that they had a police report on for theft, was illegal and I demanded that they ceased NCO Financial immediately, or they will also face a lawsuit. Their fraud department "disconnected" my call THREE TIMES!!!

I decided to pull my credit reports. Sure enough, NCO Financial is listed on my credit report SEVEN TIMES. TWO are for the same account (for which proof of theft was given). The other FIVE accounts were from companies that go back 15 years or more!

This is very frustrating as I DO NOT OWE ON THESE ACCOUNTS. I spent three years of my life fighting credit card companies and proving the theft of my credit cards and identity theft. Now, thinking that I can start to get my life back, NCO Financial decides to repost old debts to my credit file. Regardless that I do not owe them anything! Now, I have to go back 20 years, find the police report and dispute all the items on my credit report.

This is a never ending cycle and I am so fed up with it, that I am going to fight fire with fire. I'm not only posting as much negative information about NCO Financial and the companies that sell their accounts to them, all over the internet... I am going to every single BBB and Government Consumer Department known to man.

NCO Financial, needs to stop being greedy and buying up accounts! They need to actually research the "zombie" accounts that they are buying before they find themselves out of business for good. I think a Class Action Lawsuit is in order. And I believe, that any company that sells its old and closed accounts to NCO Financial, should have to pay as well. Selling fraudulent and old accounts should be against the law! It's fraudulence on a corporate level.

Emotional Bullies
By -

LONDON, ENGLAND -- I am so glad to have found this site after receiving an emotional bashing from these sick people who are employed by NCO Europe. I have somewhere I can take out my frustrations because if I kept it all in I would be in danger of having a heart attack. NCO had been taking payments from my bank account for four months but I noticed a few weeks ago the payments had stopped so I tried ringing them to see what the problem was as there were sufficient funds in my account to cover the debt. As normal I spent over an hour trying to get through to them with no avail so left a message for them to call me back.

They did ring me back and explained it was a problem on their part and it would be be rectified and I would be contacted to assure me the payments were still being taken. I never received this call from them and after checking my account on the arranged payment date realized they were still not taking out the payment so decided to call them again to sort this out once and for all. I left it till just before closing time hoping I might get through to them.

After a few minutes I did manage to speak to someone, at this point I was very calm and collected and tried to explain the situation to which I was told they didn't care who I had spoken to previously and what I had been told and that I had not been making the payments as arranged and that I would be taken to court and bailiffs would be sent to my property. I continuously tried to explain that it was not my fault but was spoken to with such contempt I could not believe what I was hearing. I ended up losing my temper and asked why he was treating me this way to which I was told "because I can."

I told the man to take me to court and that it would just let the judge see what a heartless ** company they were. He continued to speak to me in this way until I began to cry at which point it was obvious he was getting a sick kick out of hearing me upset. He also called me a cry baby and said he would only speak to me if I apologized for swearing at him.

At this point I just wanted to resolve the situation and did apologize to which he taunted "I cannot hear you" three times in order for me to say it louder then laughed and I could also hear other people laughing in the background, so I quickly took back the apology as I told him the situation was upsetting my children as they do not like to see their mum get upset. He said he didn't care.

I also told the man that he was harassing me and that I would be taking legal action against him and would be contacting the police about these unorthodox practices to which I was told that was the funniest thing he had heard all week. At this point I realized I was wasting my time speaking to these sick people who thrive on upsetting people and terminated the phone call before he had chance to do so and in order to get back some control, which is half of the problem with these kind of people, they like to control.

Anyway I have taken legal advice and found out a bit more about this company and the fact they are trained to act in this way. All I can say is what is this world coming to it frightens me the mentality of some people. Will let you know what happens anyway, these people need to be challenged.

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