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Could Use Some Advice on What To Do About Debt With NCO
By -

To start off, back in December of 2008 I was laid off from my job. I immediately had to cancel my cellphone service, because I could no longer afford it. I was subject to an early termination for each of the two phones that were on my account. I had a bill of approx 520$ that I needed to pay. I did not receive my unemployment compensation till the middle of February so I did not pay for those two months. I stopped receiving my bill and when I called the cellphone company they informed me that my debt had been sold to a collection agency.

I assumed that I could not pay my bill through the cellphone company anymore and that's how they portrayed it also. I did not receive nor did I hear anything from any collection agency until this past Friday when they called my husband's phone saying that they were NCO Financial trying to contact me about an important matter. They told my husband that I had listed him as a contact (not true). He gave them my information then called me to tell me that I needed to call a number and ext with a code that he also gave me. I called and looked up the company while I was waiting to speak to a representative.

When I found out that it was a collection agency I knew it had to be about the cellphone bill. After being on hold for over half an hour, I left a voicemail with my name and number for them to call me. They did not call me back, but instead called my husband again on Saturday. I called them and got a hold of a representative that same day. The first woman I spoke to was polite and asked me some questions (which I wish I had not answered now but I legitimately thought that it was just a means to get the debt cleared up), among them where my husband worked and who our checking account was through (I am so angry that I gave out that info! I feel like such a sucker).

She then told me that my debt was over 800$ and I told her that I disagreed with that amount and that I need something in the mail stating proof that I owe that amount before I pay them anything. I also told her that due to my unemployment I would not be able to pay the debt in full, but could make monthly payments or at the very least 200$. She asked if I would hold (had no idea she was transferring the call to a manager).

A man who said he was a manager comes on the line and demands to know my plan to pay off my debt. I told him that my plan was to get the paperwork in the mail that stated proof of what I owe and then to make the payments that I could make till it was paid off. He then went on to say "So I'm going to read between the lines and guess that what you're saying is that you'll pay it when you have the money," and I was so taken aback at his rudeness that I was kind of flustered after that and said, "No. That's not what I said at all."

Then he said "Well why can't you put this debt onto your credit card that you have through your bank," and I said that the card is actually primarily my husband's and he won't allow me to do that. The manager then said in a tone of disbelief, "Your husband and you do your finances separately?" and I told them that in this matter of a debt that was mine, yes. He then went on to basically say that he had heard this excuse a million times and that all I am going to do is take one look at a paper statement and decide not to pay then screen my calls and that they would never hear from me again.

He told me that I could write a check to the cellphone company, that he couldn't care less what I did, and that he was referring my care for "further action." He then told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. I was really upset after this phone call, I just want to get this debt cleared up and never be in this situation again. I just don't feel like I can get anywhere with this company. I don't even feel safe giving any money to them now.

If anyone could give me any advice as to what to do now I would really appreciate it. I was under the impression that I could not go back to cell phone company to pay them, but he made it sound like I could. Thanks to anyone in advance for any advice or knowledge shared.

I Need Advice on How to Handle Shady Company...
By -

Here's what happened... I had a credit card account that was closed in 11/2004 and sold to NCO in 3/2005. NCO had contacted me soon afterwards, and I spent a month attempting to negotiate a settlement with NCO. On 4/30/05, I paid $1100 in order to settle the account which had a $1900 balance at the time. I now realize that I made a huge mistake by giving them my account information and paying over the phone. I also never received a letter from NCO stating that the account was settled.

I didn't hear from NCO for over 3 years, until they sent a letter to my parents' address in 11/2008. (I called the phone number on the letter and got transferred to several people. Each person told me that they had no information on this account or that I needed to call Citibank.) I made another mistake of assuming that this letter was a bogus letter. I recently went to a bank on 4/14/09 and found out that this isn't bogus. According to my credit report, I now owe about $2700 to NCO! I spent about 5 hours on the phone yesterday, trying to figure out what is going on.

NCO admits to receiving a $1100 payment from me, and I have requested my past statements from my bank as proof of payment. However, NCO will not acknowledge my $1100 as settlement. They are asking for me to provide things that don't exist -- a receipt/letter documenting the settlement (which I never received) & a copy of the front and back of a check that I never wrote (because I paid using account numbers over the phone). What do you suggest I do? Should I continue to dispute this balance with NCO directly? I can send a letter summarizing everything that has happened and requesting that NCO acknowledge my 4/30/05 $1100 payment as settlement.

I can also let them know that I will go to the State Attorney General. Should I dispute the current $2700 balance on my credit report with the credit reporting companies directly? I have been told that the balance might be removed from my credit report early, because NCO isn't acknowledging my $1100 payment as settlement.

Should I attempt to settle the balance AGAIN with NCO in order to get rid of the balance and save time & headache? (This is assuming that I can get NCO to provide everything needed in writing.) Is there another better option? Am I screwed until the balance is removed from my credit report in 2011? Will NCO still be able to take any assets from me after 2011? NCO Financial is the worst company that I've ever dealt with! Of course, I wish I had never gotten into this situation to begin with. I don't know what the best thing to do is now.

***CORRECTION: The $1100 amount above is incorrect. The number was given to me by NCO staff during my numerous phone calls with them on 4/15/09. (The dates are correct however.) I received a copy of my April 2005 bank statement today (4/17/09), as well as copies of two checks made out for $2000 and $1400 in 4/2005. So I now have proof of payment! I have asked NCO to fax me my account history, showing original balance, payment history, and current balance due. I am waiting for a response...

Do Not Post Date/Prepay NCO - They Withdrew the Same Day
By -

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA -- 1st NCO never billed me for a medical bill; but, the bill was reported to the collection bureau - l learned of it when my credit report was checked. 2nd in good faith I provided them with my bank account routing info., that they may debit my checking account on my pay day, a week later. However, they withdrew funds on the same day. Consequently, Medical debts incurred after I had gone to the emergency room (which I plan never to do again in life). Then on last Thursday 9/5/2013 I pre-settled three debts, including NCO.

NCO is the only collector that did not bill me, at all. NCO was the only collector to misrepresent themselves by withdrawing funds out of my checking account on the date that I did not agree to. When I asked them to return the funds and debit my account on the agreed upon date, they (describe this act of congress) needed my banking info, put me on hold to rid me. I eventually hung up.

This was my 2nd call to NCO that my 1st comment was after review of my files "I need you to take the money out of my account on the agreed upon day." The team lead Ms. ** did not listen; she immediately said, "When you called earlier today you were OK with this mistake."

Oh, when I called and ask for a manager, no can do. Of course, I was placed on hold and my call was disconnected several times. By the way, they have caller ID and know who is on the line. I hope and pray never to deal with them again in Life! Their service is poor and I will report this to the credit bureau. Ms. ** never offered to pay any fees that I incurred due to their neglect.

Defaulted Student Loans - Rehabilitation
By -

NCO is now defined by my handle... NewCrimeOutfit. Just as my wife and I were first meeting, certain personal things occurred that led to the unfortunate delinquency and subsequently default of her student loans. As things began to settle down, we both began trying to get the loans back into active/current status, only to get the runaround from the original lender and guarantor leading to a world of acronyms for programs and worse: collection agencies such as DCS and NCO. That was 7 years ago and I am almost ready to give up on trying to find any reasonable solution for repayment of these defaulted student loans.

After opening communications again with Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation, I find myself being forced by GLHEC back into the choking hands of NCO Financial (aka group, services, etc.). For the second time now they have done on AWG on my wife for her as yet unfinished degree. She is in a debtors' prison, unable to obtain her academic records to see how she might continue school and cannot even enroll because of the huge black ball of shame attached to a noose around our necks.

Fortunately, my wife's employer has volunteered to HOLD the AWG payment checks at corporate office until a reasonable repayment agreement (that we have requested) is offered to us. I openly asked reps of both GLHEC and NCO the other day if it is the God's honest truth that the ONLY way to get into the "Balance Sensitive Loan Rehabiliation Program" is through NCO. They both affirmed "YES." That doesn't ring true to me.

WHY is the government still directly or indirectly contracting with this outfit already fined $1.5-million by the FTC and under scrutiny of many State Attorneys General? How many of you here know of NCO being "kin" to OSI and offspring of SST -- all previously placed in the safety net of none other than JPMorgan Chase?! I am communicating with attorneys to see if I have been lied to by GLHEC and NCO... and I will post here if there is any genuine path for people who want to get back on track under the Federal Loan Rehabilitation Program.

I am also contacting various elected officials, including a State Rep, U.S. Rep, U.S. Senator and especially Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum. If there are other student loan defaulted borrowers from Florida that see this, please post comments below.

We need to make sure that this company is dealt with by an AG that does NOT tolerate abusive, deceptive or misleading practices by any business, especially collection agencies and more -- one outside of this State! Here is the Florida AG website: - Select "Consumer Protection" from the left side menu and then click on "File A Complaint." Keep a look out for more info here soon. All consumer input welcome!

By -

After receiving nothing from Capital One for over 3 years, I received a notice in the mail from NCO. I called them the same day to inform them that the account was closed over 3 years ago. The woman I talked to pretty much called me a liar and told me I had to live up to my responsibility. She then told me she would accept a payment of 900 (on an original balance of 200). I told her that I would not pay that and that's when she told me then "further action would be taken." I again told her that the account was already paid; she said that she had no documents proving that and unless I had the cancel check I needed to pay.

Who keeps cancelled checks for over 3 years? I told her to have a nice day and hung up. I called back a few minutes later after looking for the paperwork and calling my old back (who also do not check cancelled checks after the account is closed) and tried to set up a deal to pay the account again. I spoke with 3 people who were just downright rude. When I asked why it has been 3 years since someone contacted me I was told that that was not their problem and I should have contacted them (on an account that was settled!!!). I told them that the settlement price they were asking was ridiculous and that the account was almost 10 years old.

They told me that they spoke with Capital One via email and that is what they offered. I asked to be forwarded the email and was denied. Then the woman on the phone started to yell at me that that was the offer, take it or I could pay the balance in full. I asked her not to raise her voice to me and she said that she was "tired of playing my games" that I needed to finally take responsibility for my actions. I then told her that I did not appreciate the attitude and rudeness that I have encountered since I first called and she said that she did not appreciate my attitude.

I told her that I have been very good up to this point and even offered to pay again for an account over 10 years old that I already paid for once. She told me that she would not continue to have the same conversation and either I pay for the debt or they would further action. That is when I get the payment information and told her I needed time to decide. What kind of company is this? I offer to pay and get belittled by them in the process. I am tempted to not pay just because I don't want any of those people getting any money from me after the way they acted!

NCO Financial
By -

HARPERS FERRY, WEST VIRGINIA -- I contacted NCO about a letter received on January 15th. I informed NCO by phone that the charges on the account they referenced were most likely fraudulent, and I had no recollection of any business with the creditor--which was CapitalOne.

Later, through my own research, not through NCO, I learned that I had an account for only 3 months, three years ago (which is why I had forgotten it), but had closed properly closed at a zero balance, the final balance of which I verified by calling the company and sending a letter to close the account. The account was closed at zero. Three years later NCO is claiming a debt of $461. I claimed fraud immediately.

With the initial call, NCO said they would seek further information on the account (CapitalOne Credit Card) and call me back. Three weeks after my initial contact with NCO, there is still no information on the account in the hands of NCO. However, NCOs letter states that you ONLY HAVE 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt or any portion thereof.

Today by phone, NCO, informed me that the creditor has 30 days to comply with the request for information which directly works against the person being claimed against! I contacted CapitalOne directly for information on the questionable charges and was told I COULD NOT HAVE the information on account by phone even though I verified my security information and claimed fraud.

I am forced at that point to resort to letters to find out the nature of these charges. I still do not know what they are, as of this date, but because they will not tell me what they are I suspect usury and illegal practices and policies on the part of CapitalOne. Meanwhile the clock is ticking on the amount of time I have to dispute the charges, and neither company will disclose the nature of the charges. How can companies put accounts into collection and then claim they have no information on the debts incurred? How is it that they are allowed to demand payment, and yet have no records at hand to explain the nature of the charges?

How can they legally set these cases aside for 30 days if Fraud is charged? If these charges are the result of identity theft, these companies are negligent because they are not providing immediate information on the accounts to the proper person. Yes, I would like to join in class action against NCO because they can negatively impact your credit report, but do not have any documentation available to prove the debt exists. Also because they claim they have 30 days to get documentation on the debt, but you only have 30 days to dispute! Please contact me with any information on class action against NCO, or responses to my review. Thank you.

Seeking Advice
By -

About three weeks ago, I had an issue with my daycare. They stated I didn't pay them, which is not true. I have a copy of the duplicate check. The SAME DAY they said I didn't pay, they sent me a letter stating that if I didn't pay in 3 days from the date of the letter, I would be sent to collections. I got this letter the day I left for vacation. During vacation, I tried 3-4 times daily to contact the director but she was never "in". I was calling to tell her I had a trace on the check and see what we could do until the check was cashed.

Today, less than two weeks after the first letter was sent, I got a collection letter from NCO. (I've still been calling the director daily, but no avail). I currently have a trace/track on the check, and it has yet to be cashed from what I can see. So what I'm wondering is this: Is it legal for the daycare to send me a collection letter 3 days after they lost the payment? I thought that I had at least 30 days to resolve the debt before they could legally send it to collections. How do I deal with NCO? Should I call them and tell them the situation or should I just pay them?

Can I legally take the stop payment fee out of what I owe as it was the daycare that lost the payment? I cannot go into the daycare to talk to the director because she leaves too early in the afternoon and I simply do not have anymore time off work. I'm NOT disputing that I owe, because the check has not been cashed at this point. It's a matter of WHERE the payment is. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any advice?

COMPLAINT against NCO Financial
By -

I had two collection accounts that were bought by NCO. One I had paid in full in Jan 2007, and the last I just paid in full on Aug 06, 2007. I was informed that I would be charged nothing else and my other electronic payments would be cancelled. I check my account this morning and to my surprise I have an electronic check for $50.00 that was pulled on Aug 24, 2007. I have been on the phone with this company all morning, I was told to fax my copy of this check to a 877 fax number, but of course it will not go through. This is my fourth time faxing this info so that I may get my money back.

When I called again and asked to speak to a manager or supervisor I was told that the managers do NOT take phone calls. What type of company is this? I found information that this company has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and is charged with a 1.5 million dollar civil lawsuit. This company needs to be shut down and pay back everything it has wrongfully taken from consumers.

NCO a Nasty Collections Firm Who Violates Every FCC Rule in the Book
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- NCO Group, Inc. Wow, it seems that the bottom feeding group of collectors have all moved to a dirty town called
Horsham. Say the name of the town ten times real fast and voila, you get another name. I am writing as much contact data for all those who are tired of phone calls with these clowns. You simply write a letter telling them to cease and not call you.

Then you send a certified letter to the address in care of the president. If enough people force them to only write letters and they do not, then everyone can get together and file a class action lawsuit against the firm and their clients. So, here is the info, study this and tackle them head on. This is the current address for letters: 507 Prudential Rd. Horsham, PA 19044. This is a working telephone which they wish you did not know. Phone: **. Toll Free: 800-220-2274.

NCO does BPO, ARM, and CRM. The NCO Group specializes in business process outsourcing (BPO) accounts-receivable management (ARM), and customer relationship management (CRM) – aiming to streamline the financial, operational, and customer service end of client businesses. NCO serves clients worldwide in such industries as financial services, healthcare, technology, transportation, logistics, telecommunications, utilities, government, and education.

The company has more than 100 offices, primarily in the US, but also in Antigua, Barbados, Canada, India, Panama, the Philippines, and the UK. Subsidiary NCO Portfolio Management purchases and manages delinquent accounts receivable. Company Type Private. Fiscal Year-End December 2005 Sales (mil.) $1,052.3. 1-Year Sales Growth 12.0%. 2005 Net Income (mil.) $44.5. 1-Year Net Income Growth (14.2%). 2005 Employees 20,000. 1-Year Employee Growth 20.5%. Chairman, President, and CEO Michael J. Barrist. All this info is subject to change. Have fun.

Mixed Review
By -

PLYMOUTH, INDIANA -- I actually have mixed reviews about this company. I have had numerous medical bills go to NCO. I have been a victim of the countless calls, etc. However, I can't say that I blame them for wanting to collect their money! We just weren't in a position at that time to pay them. At one point I set up a payment plan with them and had to have a payment be late because of a vehicle breakdown. I just called the regular representative and he agreed to note that the payment would be mailed the following week.

My main complaint is that if they take you to court, they do it right before Christmas!! Not that we had a lot of money for nice Christmas presents or anything, but that 50.00/month demand toward the account was pretty salty and pretty much left us with nothing for our kids.

I actually came across this site when looking for their number as I was in a car accident in October and the other person's insurance has not paid my medical bills (as per the settlement agreement - I think I'm going to see if they're listed on here next and post a nice litle review about them) and those medical bills were turned over to collections. I was hoping to contact them before they contacted me and pay it off and hopefully they would agree to remove it from the credit report based on the circumstances.

But anyway, my experiences with NCO have simply been embarrassing, more than anything, but I think that I may be more cooperative than some because I understand the importance of paying debts, but there were just times in my life where it was not possible. Instead of getting angry that they were calling me because I "gasp" owed them money, I really tried to put myself in their shoes.

Anyway, again, I have mixed reviews. They do call too much and sue at the wrong time of the year, but I've found that when I'm cooperative with them, then they are cooperative with me, at least on the debt collecting end of it. I don't know how it would be to have to dispute a debt with them though, because, well, I've never had the opportunity.

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