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Dispute Resolution
Posted by Ksbugs on 12/31/2003
Who runs this place and why do creditors continue to put up with the incompetance.

Here's the build up.

An auto accident in 2000 had put me in the hospital. The other driver's insurance company was responsible for all related medical bill. State Farm paid each medical bill forwarded to them.

I start receiving collection notices some point in 2001 for $215. A payment was mailed an cleared 5/01. Collection notices continue and correspondance seems to have no effect.

3/02 There is a collection added to my credit report. With cancelled check and bank statement in hand, I begin calling NCO to correct the record.

That brings us up to present.

12/03 I place 6 calls to NCO at 800-541-2742.

Call #1 The operator disconnected the call after placing me on hold.

Call #2 Sherl answered and transferred me to cortney. Cortney says the account has been transferred to "ACLQ" and she had no info and could not help. I asserted that NCO processed payment and insisted on speaking with a supervisor. Placed on hold and disconnected

Call #3 The 3rd operator would only say that I needed to talk to "AQ". WOuldn't transfer me to a supervisor, give her name nor the number for "AQ" or "ACLQ".

Call #4 Monica answered and I immediatly insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I was instructed to hold. I did for nearly 20 min. Meanwhile I picked up my second line and placed call #5.

Call #5 Was transfereed to "Tanja's" voice mail where I left a message with complete details.

Call #6 The next day I spoke with Celest who transfered me to a supervisor, Tyra. Tyra gave me the same line about not having any access to any information regarding my account at NCO. However Tyra was able to give me a number to Attention LLC or "AQ" as 888-662-7547.

NOTE: The supervisors don't seem any better at their job than any of the other operators.

Called Attention LLC at 888-662-7547 the number seemed to be out of service. It would ring once or twice then change to busy.

Call #6 Yolanda answered and could only give the inoperable number to Attention LLC and could help no further.

Looking on the internet I found that Attention LLC has an office in Georgia and in Texas. Attention LLC is the same company as Sherman Acquisitions. Phone numbers for Georgia and Texas are 877-623-3097 and 877-370-8739 respectively.

Call #7 I called 877-370-8739 and Cleveland answered the phone. Cleveland had no access to the NCO accounts and had a colleague, Antonio Bacon, pick-up the phone. Antonio said that he would need to pull up the account at another location within the office and gave me the number of the location 888-517-7852x539.

Call #8 I called Antonio and explained that I had the cancelled check in hand as proof that the debt was settled. Antonio was the only person I spoke to that actually seemed that they cared about their job and was willing to help in the resolution. He also informed me that NCO had just transferred the account to Attention LLC in 10/03. Antonio instructed me to copy the front and back of the check and fax it to 770-432-9920. He also stated that he would handle the internal steps required to have a “Zero Balance” letter sent to me. He also said that it would be easy to retract the strike against my credit report.

I faxed the copy of the payment along with a thank-you note for his help. I will call to confirm receipt of the fax. We’ll see if Antonio and Attention LLC are any more helpful than NCO.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-31:
As I read your post, I just shook my head. Also, I hate to be the pessimist, but I wouldn't count on this being over for you yet. Based on past experience, and the headache you've had so far, I really believe that SOMETHING will go wrong. I do see a trend, though, in their behavior - they're more concerned with the debts they think they can collect, rather than the fixing the mistakes they make on files such as yours.
There's no honor in business as far as they're concerned. The people they hire seem to be for the most part, morally bankrupt...I've talked with people there that were obviously deprived of any sort of instruction in the ways of consideration, respect beyond that earned by fear, or reputation there of. They thusly have long since lost any sort of standard to establish a magnetic pole by which to calibrate a moral compass. People who view successful participation in society as not getting put in jail, not getting caught, and/or have that instinctive first response of determining how any of their life's issues/hardships are someone else's fault, are living a nightmare. Since we view the world as a reflection of ourselves, they naturally assume everyone else is just as morally corrupt as they are. That is assuming that any of them even realize that their perceptions and subsequent behaviors are evil and self-serving. I believe that certain people in this category (which spans the entire spectrum of races and creeds within America/Canada's workforce) actually do think they are living a lifestyle that is acceptable and unanimously maintained by everyone. I also believe that there is a concentration of these people working as collection reps for NCO. I think it has to do with the demographic that NCO management targets for their work force in this department. I think it's racist, and I think that if Rev. J.J. really wanted to expose true criminal exploitation of minorities in corporate America he should so with NCO. However it will never happen because NCO is 'providing jobs', 'second chances' etc. That's the light they want to be viewed in, at least. The truth is that they install an extremely expendable work force for low pay with a HUGE turn around in personnel. They encourage the kind of behavior that will inadvertently assure that those people who need these jobs will never have the tools to establish a career anywhere else after NCO. Now obviously, and this is for the NCO defenders (Who are about as effective at defending NCO as the French are at defending themselves) I'm not saying this applies to EVERY NCO employee, nor am I implying ANY specific race dominates this category or people. I'm simply defining the characteristics of the type of person that NCO targets for their workforce, and revealing the fact that it's exploitation under the veil of a 'second chance' for people who want to get their lives back together, (where applicable). Happy New Year!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-31:
allright allright, Horrible jerk!! SHUT UP already!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-05:
Very long winded, but very astute. I apologize for not just getting to the point...but you're getting info I usually charge for. I apologize, though, for rambling on and on.
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phone call from NCO financial
Posted by on 04/10/2003
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- i have received several calls for the person[s] who apparently used to have my phone number [over 1 yr ago now] concerning their debt. i called NCO several times this pm to inform them about the error in their records and was: 1] put on hold for 15 minutes/then disconnected without speaking to anyone; 2] put on hold [again] for over 25 minutes/never got a person; 3&4]hung up on twice by a ms webster because i requested a supervisor to address their absolute rudeness; 5]told they would remove my number [WITHOUT even giving them the number in question - i guess they're psychics] and 6] was refused any kind of prompt or courteous service. i spent over an hour trying to get this situation resolved. it would be easier to change my phone number but i figure i would just get some other deadbeats' old number & then start all over with the harassing phone calls again. this can't be right! doesn't anyone have jurisdiction over these very rude people? if i really owed them any money, i'd forget about it because 40 minutes is way too much time to spend on hold waiting for service from these ignorant people...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-30:
You obviously have plenty of time to waste by writing letters that have absolutely nothing to do with you except for the fact that you got some deadbeats old number ---- move on, contrary to what you believe the world does not revolve around you...Get over yourself !!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-04:
I am currently in the exact same situation with NCO financial. I am an attorney and contacted the Federal Trade Commission. They advised me to send a certified letter with a return receipt to nco financial telling them that there is no such person at our number, our address, and that we don't know the people they are calling for. If they continue calling after receiving my letter, they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Act and we will sue. visit www.ftc.gov for more information.
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How to get NCO off your back!!!!
Posted by White-C_02 on 06/29/2010
NCO Financial started calling me very soon after I went delinquent on my American Express card. Before I go any further, YES I do owe the debt, but due to financial reasons, I was unable to make any payments at the time. So, they called me all day, every day...Called my cell, my wife, anything they could. Even after talking to them and explaining my issue, they would call me back the same day hoping that I miraculously won the lottery and could pay them. They all spoke horrible English and eventually started talking down to me and trying to put words in my mouth. After months of this, we finally came to terms on a settlement, but they REFUSED to put anything in writing. After talking to 4 supervisors and catching them all in lies about their company's practices (they all contradicted each other), I finally got to feeling that I was being scammed and just felt very uncomfortable. I called American Express with an attempt to settle directly with them, however they said I could not. I then learned that NCO was contracted out to collect the debt and that it WAS NOT SOLD TO THEM. They lady with AMEX asked if I would like to file a complaint with their actions, I did and she removed them from negotiations. Within a weeks time, NCO stopped calling and Nationwide Credit took over. After a 20 minutes phone call, I came to terms with Nationwide and within 3 weeks, the settlement was COMPLETE!!! NCO has not called me since. I am more excited to see NCO go down then I am to settle that account...lol So if you are in the same boat as I was, call your original creditor and see if you can have them removed from the account.
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Posted by MRM on 2010-06-29:
Thank you for advising your readers what avenues to take when filing a complaint against the debt collectors. I did not know this and now I know!
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-06-29:
this is a great review. well written, and well infornmed!!
Posted by ok4now on 2010-07-19:
I like a story with a happy ending. Good for you! Keep in mind that most debt collectors work on commission. They have absolutely no compassion for the debtor and will try to squeeze every last dime out of you. Due to this horrible economy many honest hard working people have lost their jobs and no longer have the ABILITY to pay. Debt collectors fail to understand this. "Show Me The Money!" In the financial food chain they come dead last. First is your mortgage/rent. A close 2nd is food for your family. All the rest can wait.
Posted by grims on 2010-07-26:
Thank you for the information! NCO is intimidating and unpleasant to work with. When I originally fell behind and called Amex they did not tell me I could request the removal of NCO however after reading this review I have successfully had NCO removed and Nationwide is handling my Amex account. Many thanks for your help!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-26:
Not only are they often commissioned, but they can often purchase your debt from the original lender for a minimal fee, which is a gamble for them, but if they can get you to pay, they make a small profit.
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Harrasing Phone Calls Made By NCO
Posted by Susy on 03/19/2008
They keep calling about an old account from 2002. They don't have the bill but want me to pay.

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Posted by FDCPA Attorney on 2008-05-05:
A consumer should exercise his or her Fair Debt Collection Practices Act rights when confronted with a demand to pay a consumer debt he or she disputes. For more information, visit the below site.

[solicitation snip]
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NCO strikes again...
Posted by Mrs. V on 03/18/2008
EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND -- Yesterday morning, starting at 6:48am the phone starts ringing. I'm in the shower and don't get to it in time.

Next call - 7:38am (I'm out back)

Next call - 9:05am (still out back)

Next call - 11:32am (I'm out at lunch)

Next call - 1:30pm (I'm still out)

I get home to see all the calls on the phone ID. Not 1 message, though.

Next call - 2:47pm and I'm home to answer the phone.

It's NCO asking for me to take a message down the street to a neighbor (who I've never met!). The person tells me that this neighbor is a deadbeat and will not pay their bills and is not returning calls.

I tell them that I don't feel right hearing this information and that I will not take a message to my neighbor.


1st call - 7:01am - You guessed it, NCO. Again. Wants me to take a message to my neighbor.

I tell them no again and not to call me for this matter again.

2nd call - 10:32am - NCO. Again. Repeat conversation, yet, again.

3rd call - 1:24pm - NCO. Again. Repeat conversation, yet, again.

4th call - 3:05pm - I didn't even bother to pick up the dang phone.

How do I get these jackals to stop bothering me?!?

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Posted by thensider on 2008-03-18:
send them a cease and desist letter!
Posted by thensider on 2008-03-18:
dont forget to get a delivery confirmation!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-18:
Already printed out ^_^ I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow.

I didn't think that they could do this type of thing...
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-03-18:
mrs. v, charge them deliver charges. and when they do not pay you, take them to court. and then to nco to make the collection!
Posted by thensider on 2008-03-18:
Mrs.V, as per the fair credit act, they can contact you, although I think this contact is outside of their "abilities", also they should not be sharing your neigbors info with you. If they dont stop, contact FCC and your AG
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-03-18:
Do not contact the FCC. They have nothing to do with debt collection.

You CAN sue them if they continue to bother you.

Here is THE information source:
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
There are several FDCPA Violations here:
1st violation: Calling before 8am (Can only call between 8am and 9pm in the person's time zone).
2nd Violation: 3rd party disclosure...they can NOT disclose any information to a third party that the call is from a collection agency, that the person they are looking for is in collections and CERTAINLY can NOT tell a third party the person they are looking for is a deadbeat and owes a bill.
3rd Violation: Harassment: 1st case calling you (twice) Before 8 am or after 9pm in your time zone.
2nd case: Continuing to call you back after you told them not to AND continuing to call you back the same day after they already made contact with you. (Also make note of how many times they allow your phone to ring, this can also be harassment if they allow the phone to ring too long to annoy or harass).
4th Violation: 3rd party disclosure: Usually a neighbor would be called for location information (skip tracing) which has it's set of rules...however, since they had the debtor's location information and they were contacting you to get a message to the debtor...the violation would fall under 3rd party disclosure. Without the debtors prior consent to speak to you, the collector can NOT imply in anyway that the debtor owes a debt, can not state they are calling from a collection agency or collection dept. They can NOT give any account information to a third party. They can NOT disclose the debtor owes a debt.
Keep track off any communication attempts, times, messages etc. If they call again and you want them to stop, tell them they are in violation of the FDCPA and if you want, tell them exactly what I posted above. You may want to notify your neighbor of the violations, the neighbor would have a good case against them. You have 2 cases for the harassment and they have the case for 3rd party disclosure. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I trained Compliance and FDCPA/State Laws to NCO collectors and they DO KNOW the laws. Keep us posted.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
Sorry...I had 3rd party disclosure listed twice.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-03-18:
Heck, I'd get together with the neighbor and help him/her build this slam dunk case. Of course, you are the evidence gatherer. I'd say that's worth half after attorney's fees.
Posted by thensider on 2008-03-18:
VH Basher!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-18:
Thanks everyone (I have NEVER had a debt go to collectons and I STILL end up with calls from NCO @_@)!

I will do what DB suggested ^_^

They have called 3 more times (I let the phone just ring). The next time they call, someone is going to get an earfull!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
This is such a flagrant violation of several provisions of FDCPA, that I cannot believe that even NCO would stoop to this. I would more likely believe that someone is attempting to harass the neighbor, and this is how they choose to do it. I bet other neighbors are getting the same call.
There is a code you can dial immediately after a call (I think it is *85) that logs the caller. After doing that, I'd call the police and file a complaint. The police will call your phone company and get the information about the caller.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
I agree Ken, that they are most likely calling other neighbors, which is another reason the debtor should be aware of this...Mrs. V...if you want, you can IM the phone number to me and I can give you the location inforamtion of that NCO...they have sites all across the country and in India and the Philippines as well. I can get you names of people you may want to have for your records.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-18:
Ken and DB, it is NCO. Phone number 1-877-847-0092.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-18:
nah, have fun with the jerks. tell them any lie you want to, you are sleeping with the guy and will get him to pay, if they will pay a commission, give you a cut and you will pester him to pay, tell them anything...better yet, answer the phone like a recording and say, thank you for calling, someone will be with you shortly and lay the phone down by the radio.
Put your phone on the do not call list.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
Do not call list doesn't include Collections.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-18:
even for someone else's debt?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
How would the list know that? The list is for solicitations...it doesn't even include political calls (which they just announced Ohio is planning on have a Political Party Do Not Call List because people got calls at 3am)...and it does not include charity calls as well.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-03-18:
Mrs. V, I feel for you. I received a recycled cell phone number nearly a year ago and am still getting collection calls for that deadbeat. I've heard of those who continually received collection calls at home for a neighbor, most times a stranger to them. I've never dealt with that personally, thank heavens.

Quick question DB: If the calls originate from another country, do the same rules apply?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-18:
I just still think you should have fun with them and tell them anything that comes to mind.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
Yes...When I trained the Philippines, they had to learn all of our FDCPA and OUR State Laws. They have to by those. They work during the night, so they can call here between 8am and 9pm our time.
Posted by lilydarling on 2008-03-18:
You should do what I used to do for harrassing phone calls (and what they're doing is definitely harrassing you).. get a loud whistle and keep it next to the phone.. next time (and every time) they call, blow that whistle nice_and_loud into the phone. I don't know how well it will work, but it makes me smile to think about it : )
Posted by Principissa on 2008-03-18:
Mrs. V, hubby and I had a similar problem. So he got an air horn, next time they called he sent me and the kids out into the yard, put on his earplugs, and blasted it into the phone. Never heard from them again.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
I bet they never heard again either!
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-03-18:
Forget about the FDCPA...call the police!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
Ejack...just what do you think the police are going to do?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-03-18:
Ummmm...telephone harassment. Misdeameanor in most states.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-18:
Nahhhhhhh....you don't know what you're talking about...your head is still up in the clouds!
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-03-18:
Basher...get back in your cubicle and collect. Damn...If I want something done right..I just will have to do it myself!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-19:
Thanks for all the suggestions (even the odd ones ^_~)

I talked to a superviser (Andra) at NCO last night and got a fax number. I had my family lawyer fax they a letter on his letter head. I confermed that the superviser got it. I told the superviser the if I receive one more call from them about this issue, my lawyer and I would see them in court.

No calls yet this am ^_^
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-19:
Good for you...a person with FDCPA knowledge and an attorney speaks volumes!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-19:
Oh. By the way, I did talk to my neighbor (and very uncomfortable that was, too).

He said that the bill was from almost 15 years ago and that he had paid it. He said that this comes up every 5 years or so. He was livid about them calling his neighbors and asked if I could provide info on all this. He's taking NCO to court ^_^

I also suggested that he come here for some good advice!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-03-19:
I know it must have been uncomfortable for both you and your neighbor. But, you did the right thing and now he can go ahead and file against them for the FDCPA violations. You can also still do it for the calls they made to you before 8am and continued to call. I'm sure they would settle without going to court with the evidence you have against them.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-19:
Thanks DB, for all your advice ^_^
Posted by FDCPA Attorney on 2008-05-05:
Consult an attorney. You may have a very good case subject to the applicability of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

[solicitation snip]
Posted by meansharonjean on 2008-05-06:
It is ILLEGAL for any collection agency or attorney to contact a neighbor or ANYONE for that matter. I had this happen. Below is a letter you send to them; CERTIFIED WITH RETURN RECEIPT. If you are able to take the call, tell them you are recording them and you want their company name and address.

Dear Sir or Madam:
You are hereby notified under provisions of Public Laws 95-109 and 99-361, also known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your services are no longer desired.
You and your organization must CEASE & DESIST all attempts to collect the above debt. Failure to comply with this law will result in my immediately filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Michigan Attorney General's office. I will pursue all criminal and civil claims against you and your company.

Let this letter also serve as your warning that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to document any telephone conversations that we may have in the future.
Furthermore, if any negative information is placed on my credit bureau reports by your agency after receipt of this notice, this will cause me to file suit against you and your organization, both personally and corporately, to seek any and all legal remedies available to me by law.
Since it is my policy neither to recognize nor deal with collection agencies, I will settle this account with the original creditor.

Give this matter the attention it deserves!

And have a nice day.

Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-07-07:
Anymore problems Mrs. V? Hopefully, the problem is behind you.
Posted by JoJennette on 2008-08-12:
I got a call like that.....Finally after weeks of noone being on the phone when I ansered. I told the man I don't know this neigbor an will not do that. He cussed me and hi=ung up the phone. Is this legal to call neigbors 1/2 mile away?
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Telephone Calls Looking for "Old" Telephone Number Owner
Posted by Shahara on 05/11/2006
BRITISH COLUMBIA -- I have been getting a daily call (sometimes 2) from NCO Financial for 3 months. Our telephone number is new to us 3 months ago and the calls started the day we got the new number. It is from a machine- no human even comes on the line ever. The message is to call back to a phone number and use my number as the reference number. Our phone number is unlisted and I have a serious health condition which makes phone calls difficult for me.

So I just wanted to see how long this company would continue to call for. Well it's been 3 months!

I wrote an email to NCO Financial- no response. SO finally today I telephoned the number. Which is totally against what I feel I should have to do to stop this harassment. I even called Telus to ask what they could do about it. They can't do anything- except me dialing*69 after I receive the call and then paying for the service of call block.

When I called the NCO number I was annoyed and told them these calls must be for the previous owner of this number because I just moved here from 3000 miles away and have no debts. Plus no one had my number on the day when they started to call. (They were the first people to use the number) The woman was very RUDE! She sarcastically told me that maybe I should have called in then. I explained I have a serious health condition and had emailed her company. She then rudely stated she did not have control over emails. I asked her to stop with the "attitude" and she replied that I started with the attitude first. Then she hung up.

So I called Telus then and called NCO back. So I tried again to get them to listen. This time I got a Christine- she was more polite and I could at least understand here name since she spoke it a little slower than the first aggressive rude woman. They transferred me to someone who could "put a note on the file". The other woman who had hung up on me did nothing to put a note on the file that I was not the person they were looking for. She could have because they know the number you are calling from. This second person I spoke to asked for my name- which of course I refused. I said you can tell me who you are looking for though- and he did- some Dallas .... person. I stated that now one here has that name. He then asked if I knew him and what my address was etc. All this for calls meant for someone else. I do not have much energy with my health and this now just took up a significate portion of my energy for today!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-11:
Not doing anything for three months, just to see how long they would continue to call is hardly harassment. If you didn't answer all this time to let them know it was a wrong number, then it was your choice to have it continue, making it just as much of a health problem for yourself as the calls are. That, being said...You had to ask them who they were calling for, that gives me an indication that they never left a message on your answer machine, otherwise they would have given the name of the person they were looking for, in order for that person to call back. Without contact with the right party and without leaving a message, they can continue to call until the person is reached or message is left. However, they can not call the same number the same day once a message is left or that person is contacted. They also, can leave messages more than once a day as long as it is not left at the same number. I don't agree with the previous advice given, telling you to change your phone number. That shouldn't be necessary, it is alot of trouble changing a phone number, then reporting the change to all of the creditors, electric and gas companies, cable, family and friends. Send NCO a Cease and Desist of all communications (Phone and mail)if the calls continue. Send it Certified with return reciept...keep it for your records...the FDCPA will not allow calls to continue and if they do, you can have a lawsuit.
Posted by yoke on 2006-05-12:
In a way it is harrassment. Even when she finally called her back she was treated rudely. I can relate to how she feels, having to deal with it with Nelson Watson Associates. Even when you try and do the right thing the collectors accuse you of lying and will continue to call. The collectors really need to do their homework and make sure they have the correct phone number before calling. The number they are given may at one time been the persons number, but with technology today they can verify the information needed without calling an innocent person. I was able to locate the person Nelson Watson Associates wanted by using the internet.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-05-12:
Basher...it's harassment, hon. It doesn't really matter what the consumer does nor how long they wait to inform the moron at NCO that they've got the wrong cat. There's plenty of triable violations there.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-12:
I'm not saying there aren't violations here...I'm saying the calls are not harassement if the person being called doesn't answer the phone (NCO wouldn't know if they are standing there watching the phone ring or if they are simply not at home)if there is no answer, then the dialer is going to continue to dial the number. If a message is left, as I said, then we can not call that same number again that day...There is a difference between trying to call someone and catch them at home, and harassing them with the calls. It's true that harassment can come in other forms, for example verbal harassment once a person is reached or depending on the message left on a machine, it can also be verbal harassment...but to simply say they are being harassed because a company calls and they don't respond for three months...come on Maddy...I know you're smarter than that.
Posted by Shahara on 2006-05-16:
Thanks for your comments everyone.
I did answer the phone- but it was just a recording telling you to call a certain number and use my phone number as a reference number. No live person would ever come on the line. And they never did leave one message-- I presume they could not leave message from auto machine or something-- I don't know. But they would keep calling-- I would hear the phone ringing from another part of the house - If no one answered they would call back in a couple of hours untill someone answered. -(I am not one to "run" every time I hear the phone- that's why I have an answering machine) This was done daily--- When I called them to tell them they had the "wrong" person - I had to wait on hold for quite a while and was dealt with rudely.

Thanks for your input-- but I only wrote all of this down so others would be able to read it in case they had had a similar experience. I just wanted to share what these jerks are about esp when I saw so many others have had problems too. This is the first time I have even bothered to write feedback on a web board like this. I'm not looking for peoples opinion as to whether this is "good" or bad treatment-- I know what it is- I don't need others validation. But thanks to those who sounded supportive. I don't want to give this any more of my time-- they stopped calling-- my situation was easliy solved. I just wanted to see how far they would go.

I should not have to telephone a company to make them stop calling me daily and then get treated RUDELY just becausee I am showing slight irritation in my voice When it wasn't even meant for ME! A lot of people would have been way more "annoyed" than I was. I've been a middle manager in business for many years at one point and I have had to deal with many an irrate customer. I know when I'm being treated "rudely". This company has poor eithics . I believe in Karma--(although it may take lifetimes to see it come around) This also happened with my new cell phone number too.

I don't think I need a phone any longer-- The computer is enough-- now with voice. When companies start abusing the tech. then it is time to start making it work for you.
Posted by Shahara on 2006-05-16:
Oh also-- please read before commenting-- the phone again was answered- just in case people did not read it again when I wrote it the second time.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-16:
Ok..so you come onto an "opinion" site but you don't want anyone's "opinion"...thanks for wasting our time as well...bye now!
Posted by Miaow323 on 2006-05-19:
You have such a nasty demeanor Basher.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-20:
Miaow323 - well, that's what she's saying...if you go onto an opinion site, expect to get some opinions...lol
Posted by Shahara on 2006-05-25:
An opinion site could possibly be used to also to just share an opinion not solicit for them-- Bashing seems to be the theme for some on this site.

Because I do not want your opinion on my opinion, that does not give you just reason to be rude. What does it mean when one is overly reactive to anothers assertion?
I have filed a complaint about the reaction to my complaint-lol. I find that kind of funny.

When you are only looking to "Bash Debtors" around-- first make sure if they are a debtor and then ask yourself why am I bothering-- get a hobby-- or work overtime-- that would give the appropriate forum for bashingdebtors.

I will not be back to even look at your response dear basher-- you need help.

Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-05-27:
First make sure they are the debtor...hmmmm...answer your phone and tell them, you claimed harassment before you ever picked up the phone. And I know you'll be on here to check out my response...you may not respond to it...but you'll be back...have a good day!
Posted by yoke on 2006-06-05:
DB..when the person on the other end says I am not the person and I don't know who the person is, why can't bill collectors say I am sorry for bothering you and stop calling? Why do they call back the next day looking for the person you just got through saying does not live here, nor do you know who the person is? Why do they make an innocent person feel like that lowlife who doesn't pay the bills? Why say to the person, prove you are not the person we are looking for? I'm not saying NCO I'm saying bill collectors in general? I know you get people who say they don't live here(even though they really do, I do it to telemarketers all the time), but once someone says they don't know who the person is, why can't you take the innocent persons word and find the person who owes you the money. With technology that is out there now there is no excuse for getting the wrong phone number. The phone number we have now we have had for 5 years and we still get collection calls for Kelly Lock.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-16:
When someone says that we have the wrong number, it is company policy to ask probing questions. There are times that we have the right phone number and the right person, but it can be a case of fraud. Meaning, the person we are talking to may not be aware that someone opened and account in their name, so thinking they have no business with NCO, they say we have the wrong person...and we come across that alot. Another situation is when we just talked with the customer (verified it was them) two days ago then we are told we have the wrong number (because now they know we are calling because of a bill), they will tell us we have the wrong number...so, we start with the probing questions...when did you get this number...we just talked with so and so at this number two days ago etc. They don't re-issue a used phone number in a matter of two days. If we are told it is a wrong number and we ask probing questions and it truely is the wrong number, that person on the phone usually does co-operate with a few questions so the calls would stop. I will ask that person for the last four digits of their ss#, but if they are uncomfortable giving it, I tell them I understand and I don't push it. We can not give the last digits of the account holder to this person to verify with a yes or no because then we are disclosing info to a possible 3rd party. A collector has to be very careful how the probe and what they disclose, remember, this person is not identifing themself as the right party. We will ask if they know the customer, sometimes we talked with them at that number and they moved out two days ago...so, now those living there will just say we have the wrong number, if we ask if they know the person, and they do, then we have to ask for contact info...it's all company policy and we have to follow it within the FDCPA and State Laws. Sometimes our accounts will show we spoke with the customer, then someone said wrong number, then the next collector spoke to the person, then was told wrong number and when we see a history of that, well...we know we hav the right number. Anyway, once we verify we do have the wrong number, we have to document that on the account and remove the number...but if the collector is too lazy they don't...and that bugs the heck out of me because if I get an account that is documented as a wrong number and that collector left the number in...then I have to take it out when it shouldn't have even been in the dialer...and collectors won't remove it because they are on the dialer and it cuts into their utilization time and thier update time to remove the numbers and it those dialer times are off by too much, then it cuts into their bonus....the collectors are put on corrective action for not removing wrong numbers...and it can be a case of harassment if we continue to call a number that is documented as a wrong number. And when I come across those accounts, I have no problem reporting it so the guilty collector will be addressed...because it's wrong on the collector who gets the account afterwards, it's wrong for the person at that phone number, it's wrong per FDCPA and it's wrong per company policy. Now, I know that at Chase, the collectors will not remove the numbers, they just tell them that this is the number that was given and this is the number they will continue to call until the customer gives them a new number...but then again, that's Chase for you.
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Contact info
Posted by Robnhood on 05/19/2005
US -- NCO makes it very hard for the average consumer to get in touch with them so... lets level the playing field a little.

First you must know that this company is BIG and they are in bed with everyone INCLUDING the big 3 credit agencies (indirectly of course). They employ about 11,000 and have been around for a while.

Here are some interesting links and contacts.

NCOgroup, Inc
Chairman, President & Chief Executive - Michael J. Barrist mike.barrist@ncogroup.com
Senior Vice President Finance, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer - Richard J. Palmer
Executive Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel - Joshua Gindin

NCO Group, Inc.
NCO Financial Systems, Inc
NCO Portfolio Management, Inc

NCO Group, Inc.
507 Prudential Rd.
Horsham, PA 19044
Company Web Site
Phone: 215-441-3000
Fax: 215-441-3929
Toll Free: 800-220-2274

3850 North Causeway Boulevard, Floor 3
70002 USA
Tel: 504-837-6320
Fax: 504-834-5207

NCO Financial Systems, Inc/Subrogation Services
Baltimore, MARYLAND 21230,
(866) 836-9845
(443) 263-3020

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2005-05-20:
I could care two shyts about this company. Fck them!
Posted by friar john on 2010-06-05:
Here's an even bigger list of their emails. They make it so hard for people to get in touch with them. And yet they call day after day over debt related to incorrect data in their corrupt databanks. Perhaps there are many people that wish to get in touch with a real human instead of the robots that keep calling day after day.

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NCO Financial Services
Posted by Andthec on 05/13/2003
I have a debt that NCO has been trying to collect. I have chosen to not return the collector's calls. He has called my neighbors, asking them to give me the message to call him, and today threatened to call my employer. He gave me until 7:00 tonight, or else. I fully intend to settle, but not with NCO. After reading all the complaints, I am afraid that even if I pay them, it won't be the end of this issue.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-05-15:
TWO YEARS AGO, I paid off a debt to NCO Financial Services for $95 because they were sent after me by Sprint long distance (who screwed me over, but that's another store). I recently got a credit report showing that my debt through NCO was in "uncollected" status thereby smudging my credit regardless of the amount. I've tried contacting the company but can't get a hold of a real person. After two full years, they still haven't done anything about it. I know that if I waited two years to get something done at my job, I wouldn't have one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-05-18:
I was called on 5/17 from NCO and dealt with a Mark Valenzuela. He used such tactics as we'll put a lien on your house, you need to pay in full in 30 days, etcc. I offered to make installments (I owe $1200), he declined that option by saying "We're not a financing service, were a collection agency". Overall the conversation made my blood boil and I was able to keep it cool for a while. It was when he asked me "How does your fiancee feel, knowing she is marrying someone who cant pay his bills?" That is when things turned ugly, or shall I say, he got what he was looking for. At that point he was able to tell me that I wouldnt be in this situation if I just paid my bills on time, etc... After reading about 500+ bad stories about NCO, I have decide to write a letter asking them to show exactly what I owe, what the balance is now, what it was when the account was turned over to them and to show any interest that has accrued if any. Only then when I get something in writing will I respond and if any payments are made, will be don e via Money Order of Cashiers Check. I will not give out any acct. info to them at all. Just cant trust them at all. Be prepared for their call and if the do reach you, make sure they send you everything in writing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-09:
Damn I cannot believe all I have read on ths site about NCO..I use to work there up untill yesterday..Ofcourse I was only employed there for a week that is how long it took for me to see how really messed up these people are...and I don't mean all of them..Most are there cause they need a job and the money is pretty good. But I decided that money was not worth it..I def did not agree with how the collectors were handleing things..I seen that most of all the peeps they had me calling had been caled sometimes three or four times that day......I noticed that most of the calls were to the debtors place of employment and I could not believe they would do that? I heard how RUDE the supervisiors were while talking to these people and my stomach turned...They taught me about the FDCPA which is a law protecting the debtors and how important it was to follow it but as soon as that traning was over and we were on the floor's making are own calls EVERYTHING they had taught me about the FDCPA was not used by them or any of the collectors seated by me...There is no excuse for NCO and the way they are treating you...Tell them to CEASE and ASSIST to stop calling you and stop sending letters and by law which is something they need to follow they have to stop and remove your number from our list..
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-12:
You can tell every debtor that visits this site to advise NCO to stop calling them with a “Cease and Desist” letter if you want to but” hey” that will do nothing but extend the problem. Maybe some of these people just have no idea how they are supposed to react and they will take stupid advice and ruin their credit forever thanks to an idiot like you. CODE RED if you want to help these people then tell them that they should try to work with the agency by giving them what they want, if it is required that they approach a bank and try to get the money they do so. If they need to provide proof of income or a full financial profile then do so. Its not hard its not rocket science its just collections. Cooperation is a two-way street but CODE RED would rather set up road blocks and “men at work” signs so you can have opportunity to run and avoid the problem. Another thing CODE RED whoever the hell you are…don’t take your brain for granted judging by the way you spell you have been doing just that. Hmmmmmmm makes me wonder did you quit cause you didn’t like the job or did your mouth and all the profanity that you use get you fired. For anyone who is reading this take a look at his other postings then judge for yourself. Have a nice day the NCO way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-13:
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I know I owe the bill..
Posted by on 04/14/2002
THE NETHERLANDS -- and I have had every intention of paying the bill. This is the situation: I live in the Netherlands and when my partner and I lived in Canada for 3 months we owe a debt to Telus for our cell phone. We ended the contact with telus and then we owed a penalty of about $300. Telus didn't send us any information on the debt until one day we got a letter from NCO Financial Services and we did make the payment in full via mastercard, but for some (international) problem it was rejected and the outstanding amount remains. Then I sent letters to NCO so that we could arrange a 'method' to pay, the problem being that we live on another continent and its really been impossible to find a method of payment.(They never responded to my letters until 4 months or so.) Money going from the Netherlands to the bill in Canada.
We have asked for the ability to pay this bill via the internet since that is the common European method of paying bills.
They don't have cheques or money orders here.
So this is the problem: I admit this is my bill and I want to pay it as I have from the start.BUT in the meantime it seems that the amount owed has been going up..started at 300 and now it says we owe..$546. canadian.
A penalty for the cell phone contract that we didn't fulfill plus interest Im assuming.
Is it me or is this outrageous?
Email me at piet_and_yvonne@yahoo.com

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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-14:
I want to add to my post ^ that should the company be able to keep changing the amount of the debt? And without any itemized reasoning?
Im wondering about that. The letter does not say why the amount owed keeps going up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-16:
Could it be interest or a late payment fee?
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-21:
I am having a similar problem with Telus/NCO. I diso'd my phone a few months back, and left on vacation. Upon returning I find a letter from NCO, for about $150. My wife had recently paid the bill through online banking (a few weeks back), but NCO contacted us anyway - without any further followup from Telus. As of its expiry date, I am cancelling my Telus Mobility contract (don't want to give them the pleasure of getting a cancellation fee). I am currently using a Microcell/Fido phone, instead of putting any Long Distance on my Telus phone - I use the Telus phone for local, as I'm paying for the basic anyways. Telus ripped me off when I purchased the phone too. An agent told me this was the latest "dual mode" phone on the market. I found out 2 months later that their entire network had switched to "tri-mode", and that my phone would no longer be digital in any major center. I could not get on the "mobile web" and get my email - the entire reason I had purchased the top line phone. I complained to the dealer who referred me to Telus. Telus told me "sorry" I'd purchased the phone, and switching bands on their network was beyond their control. Now I'm stuck with an analogue Motorola Startac, that runs out of battery juice in just a few hours (battery on the unit is meant for digital, not analogue use).

Seems Telus has a big problem farming out their business to different sales channels, and their collection nazis - and they seem to care less. I will stick to other choices in the Market - including Shaw Cable, which I feel offers a very personal "local" approach in any city.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-12:
I know all two well how this company deals with the public and its clients!
Just about every account with a balance over $50.00 regardless of any offer they gave you will be reported against your credit.
Being in a management position with them, I know that they not only violate Federal and state regulations, regarding collection practices, but they our misleading their clients as well.
Funny enough the Corp. office is the worst regarding such issues.
I have tried repeatedly to correct issues I saw to no avail!
It doesn’t pay to be honest in such an organization.

They should be brought before the feds and all records seized for investigation.
NCO gets away with way too much as do those they place in managerial positions.

Just about every NCO client allows them to reduce your account and offer you a settlement. Most settlements start at a 20% reduction and a few offer 50%.

Watch your credit cards and bank statements, as they will run payments more than once.
After they post your payment more than once you will pay hell attempting to get your money back from them. They will demand proof that they mad a mistake.

All issues with NCO should be reported immediately.
If you feel NCO has violated you in any way, seek legal council.
I am surprised that this company does not have several class action suites against them regarding said violations.

I wish all who deal with NCO well.
Remember stand your ground and demand proof of the debt, make sure you do this prior to the end of the first thirty days of notification regarding the debt.
Do this via certified mail and keep all records and dealings with them on file, and in no time I assure you, you will have grounds for suit!

Knowledge is power; know the laws that regulate such agencies and their action.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-29:
Oh BooHoo for you and your poor life. When you and your "partner" decided to leave the country you should have tied up your loose ends. That is your responsibility isn't it ? I'm sure that you collected all the money that your friends and co-workers owed you before you decided to fold up your tent and go to God knows where. Didn't you ? This is the bottom line...If you ask for a service and you receive it then ,"HELLO", it becomes your responsibility to pay for it. Mail gets lost. Errors are made. And you are only the customer until you stop paying, once you blow your end of the deal then its up to guys like me to go in and get down to business...Everybody wants the money that is owed to them. Multi-million dollar companies, the guy on the corner, sueprmarket owners, slum-lords...you name it everyone wants what's coming to them....Black and white...bottom line...say it anyway you want..."You wanna Play;You gotta pay".
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-09:
ICEPICK you are so F**KING RUDE! I can not believe how heartless you are!!!!!!!! This ladie is silpy stateing that she wants to pay the F**KING BILL and all you can say is BOO HOO toward her situation! F**CK OFF and I mean that sh**..............I am a Collector at NCO but not for long...I have seen how some of these REP"S work and it discused me! And frankly SO DO YOU ICEPICK!!!!!!! As far as the ladie who is wanting to pay her bill my advise to you is pay in anyway you can...VIA INTERNET...MAIL IT IN...OVERNITE IT...PAY IT OVER THE PHONE....WESTERN UNION QIUCK COLLECT? anyway you choose...
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-12:
You really need to calm down. Grow some skin. Stop making everybody's problem yours. Damn it man !!! Oh and by the way, you keep telling everyone that you are or were a collector with NCO...let's make one this perfectly clear, the title of "Collector" is earned and unlike a cheap tie at Christmas not given. You may have been heading in the direction of collector but you are not by any stretch of the imagination one. And the language, please...if the words you type reflect the kind of person you are then I hope you don't touch anyone with the fingers you type with or kiss anyone with the mouth you speak with...my God man stop taking everything so personally...be a little more apathetic. Just before I go...one more thing, use "spellcheck" in the future. Have a nice day the NCO way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-13:
Posted by pictorialb on 2004-02-16:
CODE RED you are a busta. You couldn't hang because your'e that bleeding heart type more feminine than a little girl and you don't have the sack to collect from the poor consumers. For goodness sake the consumers incurred the debt and someone has to make them pay and the stronger you are the longer you'll survive. I see why your b*tch a** only lasted 5 days. Your a sissy dude. Get a life.
Posted by ThePaladin on 2007-03-19:
I can't believe the line that the EU doesn't have cheques or money orders any more - that was hilarious! You people need to get some personal responsibility - pay your debts and then you'll never get any collection calls. DUH!
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Do Not Post Date/Prepay NCO-They Withdrew The Same Day
Posted by Bashbye on 09/12/2013
HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA -- 1st NCO never billed me for a medical bill; but, the bill was reported to the collection bureau - l learned of it when my credit report was checked.

2nd in good faith I provided them with my bank account routing info., that they may debit my checking account on my pay day, a week later. However, they withdrew funds on the same day.

Consequently, Medical debts incurred after I had gone to the emergency room (which I plan never to do again in life). Then on last Thursday 9/5/2013 I pre-settled three debts, including NCO.

NCO is the only collector that did not bill me, at all.
NCO was the only collector to misrepresent themselves by withdrawing funds out of my checking account on the date that I did not agree to.

When I asked them to return the funds and debt my account on the agreed upon date, they (describe this act of congress) needed my banking info, put me on hold to rid me. I eventually hung up.

This was my 2nd call to NCO that; my 1st comment was after review of my files I need you to take the money out of my account on the agreed upon day. The team lead Ms. [snip] did not listen; she immediately said when you called earlier today you were ok with this mistake.

Oh, when I called and ask for a manager, no can do. Of course, I was placed on hold and my call was disconnected several times. By the way, they have caller ID and know who is on the line.

I hope and pray never to deal with them again in Life!

Their service is poor and I will report this to the credit bureau. Ms. [snip] never offered to pay any fees that I incurred due to their neglect.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-09-12:
Did NCO ask for a post dated check? Because they are not allowed solicit post dated checks, it's against the FDCPA. However, they an accept it if the debtor offers it. Yes, they were wrong for cashing it before the date you told them. That is why it is always best to make arrangements to pay on that date...either by calling them or having them call you on the day your funds are available. NCO is not the only company that has put post dated checks through early. What we don't know is whether or not the collector entered the future date on the computer or if they did and the payment went through by another department in error. You are always taking a chance when making a payment with post dated check. You put your trust in someone you don't know. Don't let anyone pressure you into post dating any payments. YOU are in the driver's seat and they will get the payment when YOU give it to them.

The person you mentioned in your review has had many other complaints written about her and it's hard to believe she's still with them. If she worked this way at the NCO I worked at, she would have been fired a long time ago.

One more question...when you gave them your bank information for the post dated check...was this towards the end of the month and the check dated for the beginning of the following month? The reason I ask this question is because if that was the case, I'd bet my money that it wasn't an error, but a collector who wanted that payment put through before the end of the month so it would go towards his current month's bonus. I've seen many collectors do that when worked at Chase.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-12:
You sure are inquisitive today, Basher. Your suggestion at the end sounds feasible - I had a medical provider do the opposite - held a check for months so it wouldn't show as the previous period's income.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-09-12:
this has been said before by other victims of NCO.

never give them access to any account of yours, as they will do what they did here. they are the bottom of the barrel of the collection services.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-09-13:
Thank you, 8er, 8er, my 8er!
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-09-13:
You know when anyone from NCO is lying?

...When they open their mouth.

You know want a NCO collector locked inside a ten year old outhouse is?

... A start.
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