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This Company Must Be a Scam
By -

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- After reading some of the post I felt the need to share my experience. In March 2006 I paid off an outstanding credit card balance through World Financial Network National Bank. I was told no further action would be taken. Recently I've been receiving letters from NCO stating they bought out my account and I owed them. Wrong! I have my cashed check and receipts from last March and knew something wasn't right. Upon trying to contact NCO and clear this matter up the phone # on these official looking letters isn't even a working one!

But it states you can go online and pay that way, I don't think so. I don't owe anymore on this account. It's closed and paid in full. I noticed most of the comments when people paid them had been when NCO contacted them. I suggest you try calling the # they give you and see for yourself. Also they state in the letter they sent me that they would share my info including my social security # with other related businesses. WHAT! Big red flag! One last suggestion, go online and receive a copy of your free credit report you get one a year which is what I did.

When you get it, it shows all your outstanding debt and which companies it's in collection with, so if you receive calls from someone other than that co. hang up! One last thing on the letter sent, it's stated their offices are in Horsham, PA but their return address is a PO Box in Trenton, NJ.

Shocked at Behavior of NCO Financial Employees
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- I called NCO Systems today because I had been getting a lot of letters and phone calls and was curious as to why they had my phone number and address. I thought at first, they were some type of marketing company and ignored them. Since I am retired and have not charged anything, I called the main number, inquiring as to how they got my number and why were they calling me.

One of the first things they asked was my social security number!!! Can you believe that??? I refused naturally, and they asked how I could be helped. The man was nice enough. He asked if I knew a certain person, and said the name. I explained that was my grandson and he had purchased a phone at Sprint "on his own at the age of 16" with no problem, just a show of his driver's license. When I heard about the phone bill, I agreed to pay his current basic service, but no added services because he had not asked for that.

However, after we called Sprint and said we wanted nothing but basic service, they added unwanted services back to the phone, after they had removed them. I had to pay the huge phone for him, since he could not. I told him "No more, he would have to cancel," which he did. He was living with me for a time after he purchased the phone and that is how my address became involved. Apparently NCO got my number through my address. He has since gone away to college and I did not respond to the mail, since it was in his name. I just thought it was "junk mail" and threw it away.

The man I spoke with at the main number of NCO Systems gave me this number 1-800-709-8625 to call. He told me to tell them exactly what I had told him and they could handle it. I thanked him politely and dialed the number.
HAH!!! I thought I had entered into the script of a horror movie. I got the shock of my life!!!

The person who answered the phone was the rudest, loudest, most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to in my entire life, especially for an employee of a large corporation. NO ONE has ever spoken to me the way this person did. At first I was totally speechless! I tried many times, but never got the chance to explain my case. She refused to let me.

This woman went into me immediately, like dynamite, yelling and screaming like a "Banshee!!!" She was trying her very best to keep me from saying one word, but I did manage to add a few phrases the whole time she was yelling at me. I doubt very seriously she heard anything I said, she was ranting and raving so. I was trying to tell her to PLEASE just let me talk. She refused! She was in her own world of rude people. She had no reason whatsoever to treat me in such a deplorable manner. I did not owe her one cent! I did not even have an account there. They were abusing my phone and address.

Where did they find this person? She has to rate in the top 20 "Rude People in the United States!" Has she been trained by her company, NCO Systems to act in such an unacceptable way??? I certainly received the shock of my life. I did not know anyone would hire someone like this, especially a large company like NCO. I was awakened to the facts of life!!! Apparently she had been on the phone and had heard everything I had told the gentleman, because she went into me before I could get anything out of my mouth. She knew my grandson's name before I even told her anything.

I asked her over and over to please let me explain the situation, but she kept ranting over and over. I told her how in the world she was able work for this company was beyond me and I hoped her boss was listening to her. I just hung up the phone with her yelling all the while.

I hope no one goes through the nightmare I just experienced at NCO Collections, a part of NCO Systems. Needless to say the issue was never resolved. She did not want a resolution!!! She just wanted to "blow off steam" and I, unfortunately, was her victim!!!


Information from:

Bud Hibbs Helps America Hold Debt Collectors to the Law!

Agency collectors have correctly been deemed the worst-type of collection agents! They operate from a computer database containing all your personal information, provided to them by the original creditor. When an outside agency gets your account, it has been 'charged-off' for non-payment. They make calls as fast as the auto-dialer can (in excess of 250 a day). Commission
is their livelihood; they don't have time for pleasantries or obeying the law.

An agency collector's commission ranges from 15-25% of what they can extract from you. Most are paid bonuses if they hit a quota and steady, hard-working collectors can make $40-60K per year. The majority will bring in much less because they routinely step over the line to increase their take.
Who Seeks a Career as a Debt Collector?
In a industry where deception, craftiness, and deceit are rampant, you might imagine most honest people would seek work elsewhere. And you're right. My experience says the average debt collector is male, has a large ego, bounces from job to job, suffers low self-esteem and enjoys using the telephone as an instrument of empowerment. You' shouldn't be surprised
to find most of them have great debt problems themselves.
The debt collection business is plagued with high employee turnover. Constant training of new collectors puts great strain on the agencies and the employees. Every moment someone is in training is time lost on the phone. You can imagine the shortcuts that are taken to get a new caller on the floor as soon as possible.
Collectors see themselves in a position to take advantage of those they deem weaker, in
an effort to overcome their own insecurities. They normally will talk-over any issues you may have, threaten and intimidate you, lie, misrepresent themselves, abuse, annoy and attempt to push you as far as they can. After all, a portion of what they collect from you becomes theirs. Unfortunately, far too few consumers complain about debt collectors overstepping their bounds, because they are intimidated or embarrassed about their dilemma. Over the years I've dealt with literally thousands of collectors and suggest that only 2 out of 10 are honest and hard working. The greater percentage are deadbeat scum either just out of, or heading back into a jail cell. Collecting is a male dominated business and because of the shortage of skilled workers, agencies are hiring anyone who can walk and chew gum to make their calls. Social skills, education and career orientation are NOT normally the prerequisites for a debt collector – money beggar position.
What Techniques Do They Employ?
You'll hear standard phrases such as: "what is your intent" or "I'm going to recommend that our client take immediate legal action against you." The innocent unsuspecting consumer feels threatened,even terrorized by the antics of unscrupulous debt collectors. The really bad ones will call you at work, violate third party disclosure, or worse, threaten you with arrest or wage garnishment if they don't have the money today! They'll try to persuade you to pay off old debts using your new credit card, via Western Union wire transfers, bank drafting, debit checks and cash. They will tell you your credit report will be clean and your soul will be saved from hell, (halleluiah!) if you just send them the... $$ MONEY $$.
The National Consumer Law League, (NCLC) and the National Association of Consumer Advocates, (NACA) assist attorneys across the country in pursuing agencies and collectors who violate the law and your rights. Collectors are learning that the phone name they use and the perceived anonymity of hiding behind a telephone can easily be overcome with today's modern technology and investigative techniques. Some collectors are learning first-hand that they too, can be charged with making threats over the phone and that their employers don't provide bail money or legal representation. Creditors are increasingly becoming less tolerant of agencies that allow abuse and will drop those that don't comply.
I urge you to complain about collector abuse by contacting the FTC, the American Collectors Association, the original creditor and your state bar association (against attorneys), or me if
you feel your rights are being violated. There is a nationwide group of professional consumer attorneys, skilled in debt collection laws that passionately defend the rights of consumers
against these illegal collectors. No consumer should ever suffer abuse from a debt collector.
The laws WILL protect you!

What do you think?

NCO Financial Systems Charges Outrageous "Convenience fees" for Making Payments Online
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I became ill months back and had to cancel some home services, which included my cable/Internet. I just received a letter from NCO Financial Systems, INC. They are collecting for the DSL Company that I owe. Which is fine, I admit I owe this company some money. So, I had every intention of going to NCO's website to make a payment.

To my shock, they want to charge a $12.00 "Convenience Fee" for every payment you make. So, if I make a $20.00 payment on my account, they will deduct $32.00 from my bank, and only take $20.00 from the balance. This is outrageous. I have never seen a fee like this. I pay all my bills online, and none of them charge. How are you supposed to pay off debts with outrageous fees like this? Can anyone shed any light on this? Is there an agency that should be made aware of this "Convenience Fee?"

Illegal Practices! Lawyers Should See This!
By -

FLORIDA -- To any Lawyer who gives a damn about justice, my name is ** and I worked for 3M in St. Paul, MN as a Medical Sales representative for over 5 years ending 10/2011. At 3M, we are given a corporate credit card to entertain doctors and hospital staff as well as pay for out of town sales trips and such. This credit card is taken out by 3M and not by me or the individual sales representative. I have checked my credit report and there is no trace of this credit card or its history on my report. I currently have about an 800 credit score.

As of a couple weeks ago, this NCO financial has been hounding me about paying the remaining balance on my 3M corporate credit card and saying I have personal liability and that it is on my credit report. They are obviously in cahoots with someone at 3M. I'm not sure where to go from here but this is absolutely ridiculous. This might be a chance to finally rid ourselves and our society of these inept idiots without a conscience. I refuse to back down from these things! Thanks.

Constantly Getting Calls And We Do Not Owe Them One Cent
By -

507 PRUDENTIAL RD, PENNSYLVANIA -- For months, I have received 3 plus calls a day from these jerks. I have talked to at least 6 people telling them the person they are calling is not at these phone numbers. They tell me it will take a week for them to stop calling, but MONTHS later, they waste my time daily. Now, the jerks are calling my cell number. All of our numbers are on the "DO NOT CALL LIST". I am sending a certified letter. I would love to start or join a "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT".

There are laws against doing this but these KNUCKLEHEADS DO NOT OBEY THE LAWS. It's time to involve the Attorney General of my state and yours. Please call or e-mail the FTC and the AG of your state immediately. Maybe they will stop these lawbreaking knuckleheads. How can it be legal to call a business and announce to whoever answers the phone they are calling about a debt and mention the person's name? Surely, this is illegal behavior. I have hung up on them for months, but when they started calling my cell for somebody else, I had to draw the line.

By -

I just got a new cell phone. The person that had this number before me, I guess owed NCO money. As a favor to NCO I called them to let them know they had the wrong number. They were very RUDE. I don't think this company is in any means professional and should not be talking to the public for any reason. If the jerk I spoke to were in front of me, he would have been punched in the mouth! If he had the balls to speak to me like that in person. NCO learn some manners, and can go to hell! I hope the guy that had my number before me and owes you money sticks it up your rude asses!

By -

CALIFORNIA -- I receive several telephone calls from this company, four today, saying I owe $948.00 to a payday loan company. I asked who the company was and they told me I am the one who owes the money and I should know. Also told me if I did not have the money in by 04/01, the sheriff would serve me with papers.

I have one payday loan and I spoke with them and they said all was well with my account. These folks are so rude, told me I would spend time in jail, so have a good time watching for the sheriff. If I knew what they were talking about I could handle the matter, said I had several e-mail regarding this situation. Have not received any e-mails from any bill collector.

Can someone please tell me who these folks are. Could not understand the person and asked to speak with the manager and he came back on the phone and said he was the manager. Oh my goodness what to do. He hung up on me so I called him back and he said he had nothing to say to me. He spoke with more stupid people all day long and I knew what he was talking about. Can someone help me find out who these people are and what they are up to?? Thank you.

NCO Financial Excessive Calling to Non-Debtor
By -

Although NCO Financial knows the location of the debtor its representatives continue to call an elderly relative of the debtor. NCO reps have called 2x per day on average (thank goodness her phone keeps a log of incoming calls!). Since NCO is only allowed to contact a 3rd party to acquire location information, the fact that they continually call even though they have the debtor's location is harassment. I have to wonder if it is part of their "collection practices" to try to frighten/harass elderly relatives of debtors. Fortunately I was there when the last call came in and I got on the phone and informed the NCO representative if they called again a complaint would be filed with the FTC. NCO needs to stop harassing elderly relatives of debtors!

Need Info Before I Get Myself Deeper...
By -

It all started June of 2009. I got a call on my cellphone from a man from India telling me that I am being investigated for an illegal action. So I naturally freaked out and called the number back. I called the number back for a week but, what a surprise, no answer. Recently, I've been looking for work, so naturally I had to do a credit check and was told that I had to handle a few things before anything was finalized.

I called NCO to make a payment plan for my student loans which are $28,000 now when I only borrowed $16,000 and will not supply me with a letter stating that I have agreed to a payment plan to hand the employer. I put 2 and 2 together and the illegal action was NCO outsourced. I didn't give anyone my account info. I need help on what to do. Thank you for your advice in advance.

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