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NCO strikes again...
Posted by on
EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND -- Yesterday morning, starting at 6:48am the phone starts ringing. I'm in the shower and don't get to it in time.

Next call - 7:38am (I'm out back)

Next call - 9:05am (still out back)

Next call - 11:32am (I'm out at lunch)

Next call - 1:30pm (I'm still out)

I get home to see all the calls on the phone ID. Not 1 message, though.

Next call - 2:47pm and I'm home to answer the phone.

It's NCO asking for me to take a message down the street to a neighbor (who I've never met!). The person tells me that this neighbor is a deadbeat and will not pay their bills and is not returning calls.

I tell them that I don't feel right hearing this information and that I will not take a message to my neighbor.


1st call - 7:01am - You guessed it, NCO. Again. Wants me to take a message to my neighbor.

I tell them no again and not to call me for this matter again.

2nd call - 10:32am - NCO. Again. Repeat conversation, yet, again.

3rd call - 1:24pm - NCO. Again. Repeat conversation, yet, again.

4th call - 3:05pm - I didn't even bother to pick up the dang phone.

How do I get these jackals to stop bothering me?!?

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User Replies:
thensider on 03/18/2008:
send them a cease and desist letter!
thensider on 03/18/2008:
don't forget to get a delivery confirmation!
Mrs. V on 03/18/2008:
Already printed out ^_^ I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow.

I didn't think that they could do this type of thing...
madconsumer on 03/18/2008:
mrs. v, charge them deliver charges. and when they do not pay you, take them to court. and then to nco to make the collection!
thensider on 03/18/2008:
Mrs.V, as per the fair credit act, they can contact you, although I think this contact is outside of their "abilities", also they should not be sharing your neigbors info with you. If they don't stop, contact FCC and your AG
tnchuck100 on 03/18/2008:
Do not contact the FCC. They have nothing to do with debt collection.

You CAN sue them if they continue to bother you.

Here is THE information source:
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
There are several FDCPA Violations here:
1st violation: Calling before 8am (Can only call between 8am and 9pm in the person's time zone).
2nd Violation: 3rd party disclosure...they can NOT disclose any information to a third party that the call is from a collection agency, that the person they are looking for is in collections and CERTAINLY can NOT tell a third party the person they are looking for is a deadbeat and owes a bill.
3rd Violation: Harassment: 1st case calling you (twice) Before 8 am or after 9pm in your time zone.
2nd case: Continuing to call you back after you told them not to AND continuing to call you back the same day after they already made contact with you. (Also make note of how many times they allow your phone to ring, this can also be harassment if they allow the phone to ring too long to annoy or harass).
4th Violation: 3rd party disclosure: Usually a neighbor would be called for location information (skip tracing) which has its set of rules...however, since they had the debtor's location information and they were contacting you to get a message to the debtor...the violation would fall under 3rd party disclosure. Without the debtors prior consent to speak to you, the collector can NOT imply in any way that the debtor owes a debt, can not state they are calling from a collection agency or collection dept. They can NOT give any account information to a third party. They can NOT disclose the debtor owes a debt.
Keep track off any communication attempts, times, messages etc. If they call again and you want them to stop, tell them they are in violation of the FDCPA and if you want, tell them exactly what I posted above. You may want to notify your neighbor of the violations, the neighbor would have a good case against them. You have 2 cases for the harassment and they have the case for 3rd party disclosure. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I trained Compliance and FDCPA/State Laws to NCO collectors and they DO KNOW the laws. Keep us posted.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
Sorry...I had 3rd party disclosure listed twice.
Slimjim on 03/18/2008:
Heck, I'd get together with the neighbor and help him/her build this slam dunk case. Of course, you are the evidence gatherer. I'd say that's worth half after attorney's fees.
thensider on 03/18/2008:
VH Basher!
Mrs. V on 03/18/2008:
Thanks everyone (I have NEVER had a debt go to collectons and I STILL end up with calls from NCO @_@)!

I will do what DB suggested ^_^

They have called 3 more times (I let the phone just ring). The next time they call, someone is going to get an earfull!
Anonymous on 03/18/2008:
This is such a flagrant violation of several provisions of FDCPA, that I cannot believe that even NCO would stoop to this. I would more likely believe that someone is attempting to harass the neighbor, and this is how they choose to do it. I bet other neighbors are getting the same call.
There is a code you can dial immediately after a call (I think it is *85) that logs the caller. After doing that, I'd call the police and file a complaint. The police will call your phone company and get the information about the caller.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
I agree Ken, that they are most likely calling other neighbors, which is another reason the debtor should be aware of this...Mrs. V...if you want, you can IM the phone number to me and I can give you the location inforamtion of that NCO...they have sites all across the country and in India and the Philippines as well. I can get you names of people you may want to have for your records.
Mrs. V on 03/18/2008:
Ken and DB, it is NCO. Phone number 1-877-847-0092.

jktshff1 on 03/18/2008:
nah, have fun with the jerks. tell them any lie you want to, you are sleeping with the guy and will get him to pay, if they will pay a commission, give you a cut and you will pester him to pay, tell them anything...better yet, answer the phone like a recording and say, thank you for calling, someone will be with you shortly and lay the phone down by the radio.
Put your phone on the do not call list.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
Do not call list doesn't include Collections.
jktshff1 on 03/18/2008:
even for someone else's debt?
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
How would the list know that? The list is for doesn't even include political calls (which they just announced Ohio is planning on have a Political Party Do Not Call List because people got calls at 3am)...and it does not include charity calls as well.
Nohandle on 03/18/2008:
Mrs. V, I feel for you. I received a recycled cell phone number nearly a year ago and am still getting collection calls for that deadbeat. I've heard of those who continually received collection calls at home for a neighbor, most times a stranger to them. I've never dealt with that personally, thank heavens.

Quick question DB: If the calls originate from another country, do the same rules apply?
jktshff1 on 03/18/2008:
I just still think you should have fun with them and tell them anything that comes to mind.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
Yes...When I trained the Philippines, they had to learn all of our FDCPA and OUR State Laws. They have to by those. They work during the night, so they can call here between 8am and 9pm our time.
lilydarling on 03/18/2008:
You should do what I used to do for harassing phone calls (and what they're doing is definitely harassing you).. get a loud whistle and keep it next to the phone.. next time (and every time) they call, blow that whistle nice_and_loud into the phone. I don't know how well it will work, but it makes me smile to think about it : )
Principissa on 03/18/2008:
Mrs. V, hubby and I had a similar problem. So he got an air horn, next time they called he sent me and the kids out into the yard, put on his earplugs, and blasted it into the phone. Never heard from them again.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
I bet they never heard again either!
ejack053824 on 03/18/2008:
Forget about the the police!!!
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008:
Ejack...just what do you think the police are going to do?
ejack053824 on 03/18/2008:
Ummmm...telephone harassment. Misdeameanor in most states.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2008: don't know what you're talking about...your head is still up in the clouds!
ejack053824 on 03/18/2008:
Basher...get back in your cubicle and collect. Damn...If I want something done right..I just will have to do it myself!
Mrs. V on 03/19/2008:
Thanks for all the suggestions (even the odd ones ^_~)

I talked to a supervisor (Andra) at NCO last night and got a fax number. I had my family lawyer fax they a letter on his letter head. I confermed that the supervisor got it. I told the supervisor the if I receive one more call from them about this issue, my lawyer and I would see them in court.

No calls yet this am ^_^
DebtorBasher on 03/19/2008:
Good for you...a person with FDCPA knowledge and an attorney speaks volumes!
Mrs. V on 03/19/2008:
Oh. By the way, I did talk to my neighbor (and very uncomfortable that was, too).

He said that the bill was from almost 15 years ago and that he had paid it. He said that this comes up every 5 years or so. He was livid about them calling his neighbors and asked if I could provide info on all this. He's taking NCO to court ^_^

I also suggested that he come here for some good advice!
DebtorBasher on 03/19/2008:
I know it must have been uncomfortable for both you and your neighbor. But, you did the right thing and now he can go ahead and file against them for the FDCPA violations. You can also still do it for the calls they made to you before 8am and continued to call. I'm sure they would settle without going to court with the evidence you have against them.
Mrs. V on 03/19/2008:
Thanks DB, for all your advice ^_^
FDCPA Attorney on 05/05/2008:
Consult an attorney. You may have a very good case subject to the applicability of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

[solicitation snip]
meansharonjean on 05/06/2008:
It is ILLEGAL for any collection agency or attorney to contact a neighbor or ANYONE for that matter. I had this happen. Below is a letter you send to them; CERTIFIED WITH RETURN RECEIPT. If you are able to take the call, tell them you are recording them and you want their company name and address.

Dear Sir or Madam:
You are hereby notified under provisions of Public Laws 95-109 and 99-361, also known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your services are no longer desired.
You and your organization must CEASE & DESIST all attempts to collect the above debt. Failure to comply with this law will result in my immediately filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Michigan Attorney General's office. I will pursue all criminal and civil claims against you and your company.

Let this letter also serve as your warning that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to document any telephone conversations that we may have in the future.
Furthermore, if any negative information is placed on my credit bureau reports by your agency after receipt of this notice, this will cause me to file suit against you and your organization, both personally and corporately, to seek any and all legal remedies available to me by law.
Since it is my policy neither to recognize nor deal with collection agencies, I will settle this account with the original creditor.

Give this matter the attention it deserves!

And have a nice day.

DebtorBasher on 07/07/2008:
Anymore problems Mrs. V? Hopefully, the problem is behind you.
JoJennette on 08/12/2008:
I got a call like that.....Finally after weeks of no one being on the phone when I ansered. I told the man I don't know this neigbor an will not do that. He cussed me and hi=ung up the phone. Is this legal to call neigbors 1/2 mile away?
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Is this NCO or Dept of Ed?
Posted by on
Back in the mid 1980's I attended one of the National Education centers school of electronics, National Institute of Technology, henceforth NCE/NIT. These schools later were labeled "student loan farmers", and had one of if not the highest default rates in the nation. NEC was sued by a number of state over the years according to my Google search. The latest is California, in 2007.

The school NEC, no longer exists. It was bought out by Olympia. I found this out recently, as I was considering suing them for fraud.

Over the years I have asked DEPT of Ed to send me copies of the records. They never did, nor did they reply.
Only recently have they done so. Like in the last 30 days.

At one time I had the State of Michigan, through its student loan program Michigan Direct, was willing to pay off my loans and take them over even though they were in default status. I even paid for a 3 way call between Michigan Direct (as it was called back then) and the Dept of Ed, and again DOE refused to cooperate.

I still live in Michigan, the state that has one of the worst economies in the nation.

In July of 2007, NCO financial contacted me about the loans. At the time, this was the first contact from either Dept of Ed, or any 3rd party collections agency in over 10 years. Realizing NCO was a 3rd party collections agency, I did my usual demand for validation form letter, demanding they provide a copy of a contract between myself and NCO financial named as primary parties. NCO failed to respond, and I sent them the default letter at the end of August of 2007.

Now in November of 2007 I get letters from Dept of Ed, claiming I went to a school called Olympia. I never attended that school, and demanded a full copy of all records concerning the same, to validate their claim.

I was sent over 150 pages of documents. Not one names Olympia as the school I attended.

Further more, the Dept of Eds record keeping is completely messed up.

The most recent copies of the so called "promissory notes" do not show a valid signature. Where the signature goes, is covered by various stickers and stuff. And most of the P-notes are incomplete, and have no back side to them.

If there is no valid contract, how can they file a claim? How can they Validate their claim?!

Can I challenge their claim for lack their being able to show a valid contract?

The loans are growing faster than my paycheck, and for me to pay the minimum, would be the equivalent to my housing costs. or nearly 70 percent of my take home pay. I cannot afford to do both.

I have an IRS garnishment on my check (hey, my screw up, and I'm paying for it) and the government is taking nearly 1/3rd of it. Any more and I might as well quit trying.

Now I get a letter from Dept, in an envelope that has Dept of Ed's name and address on it, and it says I have to contact NCO financial.

BULL. Since researching NCO financial, I have found a lawsuit that was settled that said 3rd party collections agencies cannot use false envelopes to make the consumer think the information is coming from a government source, such as Dept of Ed.

If the Dept of Ed thinks I'm going to pay NCO an extra 10K just to collect money that I would be sending to a US DEPT of ED address, they are totally INSANE.

Why should I pay NCO if Dept of Ed is collecting the money?

Will post more on this as things develop.
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User Replies:
msnanny on 11/06/2007:
Sounds like you have a good deal of experience dealing with creditors? You defaulted on a student loan, there's no forgiveness.
killerklown on 11/06/2007:
Once you default on a loan, the original creditor will rarely accept payment, as they've already been paid by the collection agency. That's why the collection agencies want their money. Because it's THEIR money, not the original creditor. Good luck with your dealings, but I don't think you've got too many options left.
DebtorBasher on 11/06/2007:
I was getting lost on my way through your review, but I made it to the end. You said, If you requested a valiadation of debt from NCO, they have to be able to provide that to you...if they can' don't have to pay. You said, "Now I get a letter from Dept, in an envelope that has Dept of Ed's name and address on it, and it says I have to contact NCO financial"...if the envelope said Dept of Ed and the letter was from the Dept. Of Ed...there is no misleading there from NCO...the Dept. of Ed is just informing you to contact NCO...NOW...if the letter inside the Dept. Of Ed was actually from NCO...that would be a violation.
wizardofsnog on 11/07/2007:
Actually there is no law that requires me to deal with any party other than the original creditor.
My contract does not allow them to sell the debt to anyone, unlike a home mortgage.

My contract if any, is with US dept of Ed, and since NCO cannot provide a copy of any contract, then They should be very silent.

The point of my review, was, and perhaps I didn't say it correctly, that the US Dept of Ed, seems to have admitted that it does not want to collect. And that it wants to force us to pay someone else to do the US Dept of ED's job. That's adding insult to injury, amongst other things. And there is no law that allows them to add such punitive damages on anyone.

wizardofsnog on 11/07/2007:
OH BTW, forgot to mention.
The letter received also was threatening wage garnishment, and to avoid it to contact NCO.
Suusan B. on 11/07/2007:
Sounds like you are currently under an IRS garnishment and at one point or another files bankruptcy (as revealed in a subsequent post from you) and that you would have a better understanding of debt collection processes. OK - - so the student loan was taken out for classes at a specific school that since was sold and changed their name and you are now trying to say you don't owe any money because the name of the school isn't the one on your original contract. Nice try. And then you come up with the fake envelope thing. It sounds clear to me that you defaulted on a loan, thought it was discharged in your bankruptcy (but it wasn't as they never are) and the Dept. of Ed sent you a letter informing you that they have sold your loan to NCO and you have to deal with them whether you want to or not. What part of "your loan has been sold because you didn't pay" do you not understand? "Why should I pay NCO when the Dept. of Ed is collecting the money?" Because you had your chance to pay the Dept. of Ed, you defaulted and they have sold your loan to a collection agency. You now have to deal with NCO and if you don't make arrangements to pay them they will garnish your wages and do whatever they have to to collect from you. So I would suggest you accept the fact that you owe them money and work something out.
Skye on 11/07/2007:
Just curious, how much in student loans did you receive and how long ago???

IRS garnishment sounds like nothing to mess around with.
Anonymous on 11/07/2007:
Wizardofsnog, how about this for something new:

We paid for your damn education, now pay the money back and stop your whining and crying because your being asked to do what is right!

It's not NCO's fault that you made the decision to be a dead beat. (NH)
DebtorBasher on 11/07/2007:
I really wanted to understand his situation better...but the more he explains, the less we know.
jktshff1 on 11/07/2007:
DB, I've kept quiet on this on. It seems the OP got caught up in one of the school "get degree quick" schemes, took out a government loan, and has now defaulted on it.
wizardofsnog on 11/08/2007:
First, to Susan B.
Yes, I did default on student loans, due to being out of work for a year, after a medical injury that forced me into bankruptcy.

To Skye Aubrey, I just got access to the US Dept of Ed's website, where this I got this info to answer your question: Aprox 15,000 was the original loan total. Now, an additional 17k (+/-4k) in interest has accumulated.

When I filed bankruptcy I included the school stuff. I got a letter saying all my debts were cleared. And in the financial situation I was in, I was moving around quite often, sometimes sleeping in friends living rooms, while I tried to find work and recover from the accident. Since the letter I got from the bankruptcy court said all my debts were cleared, I got rid of a lot of stuff, paperwork included that I didn't need to lugg around with me until I managed to get myself in better, financial wise. I.E. Job, apartment, etc. One of the things I lost or got rid of (I do not remember which) was the paperwork of my old student loans. I have NO WAY to verify what they say. Do you understand what that means?

I have no way to read what obligations if any I have, or might have, or could have, and/or what obligations the school had, or the guarrenteer (SP?) had.

The copies of the paperwork sent to me recently by Dept of Ed, are incomplete. Most are non readable.

What am I supposed to do, take their word that I owe them?
That's why I'm fighting the IRS right now. They said I never filed in 1994, yet 4 times I have sent them photo copies of the 1994 return they sent me that is CLEARLY marked "received IRS Detroit Michigan" with a date on it. That case is now pending in the court system.

Everyone has a right to have any claim made against them be verified. It is impossible to verify the Dept of Ed's claim if they cannot provide a complete and READABLE copy of the original documents or contract.

Dept of Ed claims I went to olympia school. I never went to olympia school. And since their documents are unreadable, how can I be sure if someone didn't steal my ID to attend the school they are claiming I went to?

In other words, look at it from this point of view. If the bankruptcy went through as told, and that my debts are cleared, then I have a right to know WHO applied for the loans to go to olympia school, and what their information is, so that I can file a claim of stolen ID. But since the documents are non readable and incomplete, there is no way to make that determination.

Second, Does the original documentation allow DEPT of Ed to sell the loan to a different party? If Not, then by selling the loan to ANY 3rd party collections agency, Dept of Ed is by their actions admitting that they are not owed any money, as the law requires a debtor to deal with original creditors unless the contract specificaly allows transferance of the contract to other parties. This occures in home mortages, for example.

Now do you understand?

The burden of proof is on US dept of Ed, Not me, and since they cannot provide a full copy, that is readable of the original documenation, their actions are noting less than using the US mails to extort and that is a crime.
trainer on 11/28/2007:
Allright, let me clarify this. NCO dosent own the debt, so therefore they will never show you a contract with there name on it. The DOE (Department of Education) does not deal with deliquent debts, they contract 3rd patry collection agencies to collect the debts. A student loan cannot be discarged through bankruptcy. If you send a cease letter to NCO they will first attempt to garnish your wages and if unable(youre unemployed) they will just reffer the account to the DOE for replacement, if you send the cease letter to the DOE they will throw it out as they are 1st party and are not subject to the FDCPA. When the school was bought by another company the debt was bough with it. NCO does not need to take you to court and obtain a judgemnet to begin garnishing your wages (when I was a collector I averaged 30 wage garnishments a month). The DOE can offset your Social Security benefits with no warning and without reagrd to paymnets. Yes, I am very versd in FDCPA laws and DOE contrat procedures and guidelines, I was a corporate trainer for a DOE contract. Bottom line Pay your bills and you don't have to worry about collectors. If you would like suggestions on how to fix your student loan there are options that they're not telling you about. The BSR (balance sensitive rehabilitation) program allows you to get out of default in 9 months. At the conclusion of your 9 payments your loan wil be consolidated and viola, no more collectors calling you, no more garnishment scare and some people can even defer there payments at that point for financial hardship.
wizardofsnog on 11/29/2007:
Trainer, and all, well most all,
I do thank you for your comments. At least you explained something I had not known, and do now.
Its been a long time since I have had to deal with this stuff and I'm on the short cram course in what is going on with these things.

I can't even figure out the 180 pages of documents the US Dept of Ed has sent me, as most are unreadable, have sections missing, and all but one lack a signature.

The results of 4 weeks of internet research have lead me to a number of conclusions:
1. Government student loan program is a Trap, and all students should avoid it at all costs.
2. Government has set itself up above the law, and a whole generation is going to be lost because of its lack of proper management of the Higher Education Act, total lack of oversight of lenders and schools.
3. Nothing is being done to help the victims of the now established trade schools that were basically farming the student loan program back in the 1980's, even when congressional evidence shows that they were doing this.
4. Changes have been made over the years - to protect the lending institutions, not to protect the CITIZENS who pay the frigging bills of this nation.
5. Only congressional action will help the millions who are suffering now, under debt that is growing faster than their pay checks.
6 Government sell out of America, by embracing such garbage as NAFTA and soon NAU, will further make it difficult for students to obtain decient paying jobs to repay their loans.
7 Government is still not doing enough oversight on the schools who are participating in the GSL program.
8 Both Lenders and schools are currently being looked at and sued by STATE governments for various reasons.
9. The current system forces people to go on the run so to say, switching jobs year to year, just to survive, making it impossible for them to attain any seniority in any company, which would put them in higher pay scale brackets where they might be able to start paying their loans.
10. Nothing is being done to help those who are working, but whose paychecks barley cover basic living expenses.And many of these cases, their paychecks don't even cover that. They are being forced to decide to "rob peter, to pay paul" and either way they remain in debt. These are not people who are living high off the hog, so to say.
They are not refusing to pay their loans, they just cannot due to financial situations at present time. That's a lot different than being a Deadbeat.

And finally, 11, it seems to me that it would benefit more parties involved, if the government would start helping us, instead of persecuting us for being poor, and that is how many of us see this situtaiton.

Again, thanks to all for your inputs.
trainer on 11/29/2007:
Not to be to rude but you did borrow the money 20 years ago. I think that's a little beyond "I cannot afford it this month". Your proposing that the fed give you money so that you can give it back to them and call it even. To put it in a real world example that would be like you borrowing 50 for gas today then borrowing 50 tomorrow and then giving me the 50 back and saying were even. I've had tough months but youve owed the loan longer that an entire generation has been alive. I was born in '84, around the time of your loan. That's a long time to blame poverty. If you would like help clearing the debt I would be more than willing to help in any way I can. Is you account stil at NCO? I'll make a phone call and get the number on rock bottom arrangemnts. I would need to know 3 things type of loag(g.s.l., n.d.s.l., or Direct), P+I (Principal and interest), Penalties. Call and ask them for that info and ill help in any way I can.
trainer on 11/29/2007:
BTW that long packet of documents is going to be your promisary note and a lot of other usless copys of correspondence. the signature only needs to be on one page.
wizardofsnog on 11/29/2007:
Trainer, Loans obtained in 1987, today is 2007, that's 20 years if East Leonard public school taught me math properly.

And do not forget, for over 13 years I believed the loans were discharged and no longer my responsibility. That's why I haven't tried to take out any other kind of loan since then, because I felt that the bankruptcy gave me a 2nd chance and that I could not (as it would not be fair) to ask for a second second chance. So until I was sure that I could repay a loan, I would never apply for one. I nearly got one in 98 when I had 5k in the bank, but then I got laid off for 7 months and had to use that money to survive on. Was going to use the savings as collaterial.

And for the life of me, where do you figure I'm asking them for MORE money? that's the last thing I want from them.

Oh, there is more than 1 loan. 5 total. Only 1 page of 5 different P-notes has a signature on it.
and that one is as clear as day.

Think I'm going to find a good lawyer for this.

trainer on 11/29/2007:
Call and get those 3 bits of info and ill help in terms of clarifying options. Let me make something clear, I don't work for NCO nor do I represent them in any way. I am only ofering advice from past experience. In terms of an attorney you will just halt the calls from NCO and hot-track yourself to garnishment. The key is to not make any waves when you call. If you piss someone off they will have a personal vendetta against you and in a case where garnishment is only a click away that's something you want to stay away from. Trust me the DOE has suffecient Promissary notes, if they didn't the collector would close your account(they get a commission for that), when you received a copy of your p-notes so did the collector.

Also, don't forget that the DOE is cinsidered first party. They don't follow any FDCPA laws and are NOT required to obtain a judgment to garnish your wages.
trainer on 11/30/2007:
You also discussed some confusion as to why the account is so large, ill try to explain how student loans are assesd pen and intrst as they differ greatly from cc and p-loans. when you took out your loan it was from a bank or other lending insitotion(not the dept of ed). The loan was guarntied by the DOE. What that means is no matter what the lending institution is going to get paid. Now there is more than one department of education, every state has one and the federal government has one, it is important that you understand that. After you default on your loan the state DOE pays your balance in full to the lending instution. Now you owe the state DOE. At this point your balance is re-capatalized(principle interest and any fees are rolled into a new balance). after your new loan amout is set you then receive a default penalty of 20%. yes youre balance jumps by 20% the instance that the doe takes over your account. When you didn't pay the state DOE the Federal DOE takes over your loan and the whole process starts over again. You will always continue to accrue interest even after default. Unfortunately that means your loan does grow at an alarming rate, however when you file bankruptcy you are required to follow up with all your creditors to convey the terms of your bankruptcy. in your case this means that you may just have to bite the bullet and pay a little extra. On the bright side they can only legally garnish you up to 15% of your take home(wages minus taxes, deductions not included). Now if you are being garnished more than 15% by the IRS you cannont be garnished until that has concluded. That dosent meant that you can push it off until then, you will still continue to be charged interest and penalties. Hope this helped, any questions feel free to message me.
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Scam Artists
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- NCO Financial has got to be investigated. Please contact appropriate authorities if you have been ripped off by them.

Last year I received a collection notice from them about an overdue medical bill. Being a person who doesn't like the idea of having bad credit, I paid it promptly. After trying to get reimbursed by my insurer the insurance company informed me that nothing had gone to collection. Beth Israel hospital has no record of this debt going to collection.

I have repeatedly tried to get NCO to send me info about this debt and they have never sent me any documentation. I was out over $400 for this. It makes my blood boil.

Last week I got a notice for an AT&T bill that was paid years ago. This company is a total con operation that uses semi-legitimate functions to get away with theft.

Please tell your stories to the authorities. What they are doing is criminal.

I am going to pursue litigation against these low lifes.
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squeekie on 09/28/2007:
Join the club. some of the debts they try and collect on are legit others may not be, But many of the agents are in habit of breaking the FDCPA. IE identifying themselves as lawyers, then refusing to say in which state(s) they are licensed in,(obviously not lawyers) threats of liens or seizer of property. I suggest you call the FTC and file a complaint, also there may be a class action in New York. check into it.
good luck
Mad Eye Moody on 09/28/2007:
Do a search on this site for advice from Debtorbasher and myself. We've pretty much hit on every situation there is to address, and the advice doesn't change...even if NCO's story always does!
Hugh_Jorgen on 09/28/2007:
Your complaint should also be with the original company. Someone at that original company didn't properly credit your account years ago and then they sold you to NCO as an "uncollectable account". You need to be making a stink with both NCO and the original company you owed the money to.
Mad Eye Moody on 09/28/2007:
Agreed, hugh. NCO is much easier to sue (because they are usually in the wrong), and always ready to settle, though.
squeekie on 09/29/2007:
must be why they have class acions in, what is it 7 states now? maybe its 8 lost count.
DebtorBasher on 09/29/2007:
Bud is a joke...his only concern is lining his own pockets from people who think they have a chance at neglecting to pay their bills...Budd will end up costing them more money than any of their bills are worth. It's simple...if you owe the bill, pay the bill. If you don't owe the bill get a verification of the bill fromt he collection agency...if they break any laws, sue them...Budd is NOT the friend of consumers.
lolawants on 10/01/2007:
I have received 3 calls from NCO since 9/27/07. I have called them numerous times and been hung up on. I did finally speak with a very rude woman, Katrina, who told me I had an outstanding debt of over $7K with Chase Providian from 1990. I never had an acct. with Chase. Also, unfortunately, in 1991, I had to file bankruptcy, so all debts prior to then were discharged. I have worked hard to restore my credit and am concerned that this is a scam that could ruin my credit. I contacted the PA Attorney Generals office and filed an online complaint against them. My next course is sending NCO a certified/return receipt letter instructing to discontinue the harassing phone calls and to only contact me by mail.
wizardofsnog on 11/06/2007:
I agree with madeye moody on this one. (see his comments).. I'm new to the NCO nightmare, but I'm an old hand at screwing around 3rd party collections agencies. Since Saturday night, (2 days ago) when this started, I have found not less than 4 lawsuits filed against NCO that were settled.

NCO can kiss my royal butt. What gets me is it APPEARS that US Dept of Ed is trying to force us to use them. No way. I think I may have at least 2 counts of mail fraud here.
Got to love those parasites. They make life interesting.
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They are crooks.
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Last Saturday 5/12/07 - I received a bill that was for my father for $6500.00 (after all fees were assessed) that he supposedly made in 2005. The only problem is my father died 7 years ago this May. The original amount was a credit card I am assuming because they won't send me anything information on the account or who originally sent it either. The original bill was for approximately $2,200.00. The bill my father received from NCO was $6500.00. Penalties and all. First, this was the first time any bill was ever sent or we heard of, and (especially since he was dead at the time of the original bill, which I tried explaining that to the very arrigant women, and tell her he did not owe this as he was dead at th time this was made. Besides calling me a liar, which ws pretty much insensitive, The lady (who by the way, talk about a dead beat she was) wouldn't even listen to me. She first tried to hang up on me and I told her she had better not that I needed to get this settled. My husband said it doesn't make anu diffeence he is dead and they will lnevr get any of the money they billed for but I believe that this wrong and it is the principal of the matter. I was defending my father's good name, since he did pay his bills on time and was a model citizen and no Mr. NCO financial person that was complaining about cry babies. You are 100% wrong. There are times when people have problems beyond their control and cannot help what happens, however, in this case it was abolutely wrong as my father never made the debt in the first place and your dead beat company that you are so proud of wouldn't evn listen. It was obviously an idently scam/theft which was made after he died and I understand happens all the time. It doesn't seem tyo matter that they are going after the wrong person for the money. And what is really so funny about this is NCO financial was scammed too. NCO purchased the original debt so they are out whatever they paid for it as I spoken to my attorney and he said by law they cannot harass me or send anything to him, especially since it obviously is not his debt. Of course upon telling NCO of this they refused and wanted my power of attorney for my Dad. Hey, NCO I am not as stupid as you are if you think I am giving you my POA. I have contacted my attorney and he will be contacting you. People these are the true scumbags as they obviously cannot get a halfway decent job themselves or they would not be working for this terrible place. We all need to contact our attorney general's office to stop this scam for good. I won't let my father be scammed even in death. Shortribs in Texas.
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Anonymous on 05/14/2007:
Read my blog about NCO. They are nothing nice to deal with.
grandma005 on 05/14/2007:
Since your father is dead let them go to the grave yard to collect. You are not responsible for his debt. The debt died with him. Tell them they are not to call you anymore period. The next time they do that they will be hearing from your lawyer.
Anonymous on 05/14/2007:
You can get some help with how to handle NCO at:


Good luck as they are true bottom feeding idiots!
jktshff1 on 05/14/2007:
I got one from my father being dead 7 yrs ago also. After speaking with my lawyer (told me there was nothing they could do and if I was denied credit because of the report, we would go after them), informing credit reporting agencies and filing with them that I was not the debtor, I began to "have fun" with the collection agency, answering their calls and telling them go ahead or I don't think I want to talk to you etc. Got the person calling me really mad. Finally, they gave up.
Anonymous on 05/14/2007:
Try this one:
NCO SUCKS of A blog about the horrid experiences debtors have had at the hands of NCO, one of the largest collection agencies in the world.
ejack053824 on 05/14/2007:
Tell NCO to eat shyt and die.
DebtorBasher on 05/14/2007:
If you are not on the account or POA, they are in violation of 3rd party disclosure. Did they say whether or not anyone else's name is on the account as a joint account or a wife? This is obviously a fraud account since it was opened after his passing (sorry about your loss). If you're able to get a credit report of your Dad's check if they are on it...if not then most likely, they don't have his SS#...and don't ever give it to them! As a collector at NCO, I've seen this many times, and it was a case of stolen identity, sadly enough 80% of the time, it was the deceases own family member. The proper way this NCO collector SHOULD have handled it was to request a copy of his death certificate, and if it is fraud, route the account to the fraud dept.
Ponie on 05/15/2007:
Although I'm of the mind that honest debts should be repaid, in this case I'd tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine!

Take DebtorBasher's advice. She's up on what NCO can/can't, should/shouldn't do. Her posts regarding collection agencies make a lot of sense.
DebtorBasher on 05/15/2007:
Thank you, Ponie!
Shortribs on 05/16/2007:
Thanks for all you comments and support. To claify some questions. No - he didn't and I didn't do this charge or whateve it is. My fathee had alzheimers the last 2 years of his life. My mother died 3 years before him and about a yeat after she died he went down hill fast. They were married 53 years. My after about 2 years at home with me I had to put him in a nursing home as he was wondering off and I worked full time. He died about 1 month of a stroke after he went in the nursing home. All his retirement pay and SS went to the nursing home. When he died my brothe and I paid for the funeral as Daddy had not planned for the future in that respect. So I know this is not his debt for a fact. I didn't make the debt as my husband and both have very good jobs so that wasn't it. Someone said maybe someone in the nursing home got his information and fradulently used his ID. I think this may have been the case even though I was very diligent in looking after his personal affairs. As for the POA I had it was just for his medical part so that in the event his was incapaciated so that he would not be on life support. He did that before my mother died and when he was th father I always knew. I am 57 years old so I am not nieve about all this. It's the principal of the entire matter that NCO Financial is targeting whether it be innocent people or people who have had some kind of hardship. Not everyone walks away from their debts, not everyone are deadbets as they called me when I tried to tell then this was not my fathers debt, and sometimes, just sometimes there are good reasons that bill was unable to be paid and this piece of Sh-- company needs "listen" to us for whatever reason and don't assume we are all wrong. Thanks for all your comments and all the listens. It helps me deal with the fact that they will have to eat this one, because I am not paying for something that does not belong to my father in the first place. BTW - I have never gone onto a chat room before. Kind of neat!
DebtorBasher on 05/16/2007:
Shortribs...I apologize if you felt my comment about the possibility of a family member opening an account under his name, was you. I did not mean it that way...only that I have had people who were victims of fraud an it was a family member...I always remember an elderly lady I spoke with whom broke down crying because as we spoke, I found that it was her granddaughter who did it to her. And you're absolutely right, the collectors need to listen to what the person on the other end of the conversation is saying. I used to train and monitor our NCO collectors for FDCPA and when I monitored some of them, I would hear a completely differnent conversation than the collector. Why? Because I was listening to them, and the collector was not. I would have those collectors review their taped conversation with me...some of them were shocked once they listened to the conversation on tape. They would admit to me they didn't hear half of what was said. Because, they were either using their calculator, or typing while the other person was talking. I always wanted to put together a training program to show them what they hear while talking and what they hear while listening...but that never happened.
Shortribs on 05/17/2007:
Thanks, DebtorBasher and Ponie and everyone. No need to apologize DebtorBasher, as it was perfectly understandable to say that sometimes relatives will use a family members identity or SSN. It was just that I could not get her (NCO idiot) to give me what company filed the original amount or any information on the account. All she would say is "His name is on the account, so he owes it" and we will collect. I told her I would fax her a copy of his death certificate, that he died May 29, 2000 and her comment was "would not make any difference". He still owes the money. The conversation went on for 45 minutes or more and went "NO WHERE", except my blood pressure - went to about 500. That was when I called our attorney and he assured me they (NCO) were beating a dead dog so to speak and they didn't have a leg to stand on. Apparently NCO purchases the account from the original creditor who filed it delinquent and now they are trying to collect. My attorney's take on it was "they bought themselves a debt that will never be paid back!" He said I know it bothers you that it is on your fathers credit but it doesn't make any difference now, since he is gone and they are the losers in this instance, so just sit back and smile and know you have the upper hand in this. I also asked if they can come after me and he assured me know. He said be assured, that I will more than likely continue to receive mail from them and luck is on my side as they don't have my phone number. He also said if by chance they do get it, to call my phone company for harassing calls, and my carrier will put a tracer or a block on my phone forthem. So I guess friends, the bottom line is here is as Ponie said "They can shove it where the sun don't shine." Thanks again for all your comments/help. It made me feel so much better and I can deal with it now. I was so wound up and frustrated that it showed in my email typing. I do need to read what I type though before I hit the send button. I was apalled at my typing. Where is spell check when you need it..... Thanks again - dear friends. Shortribs in Texas!
DebtorBasher on 05/17/2007:
I don't agree with your attorney. NCO is in violation of the FDCPA and you can have a lawsuit filed against them for it. I feel your attorney is wrong by telling you to just ignore it because they can't do anything. This is an obvious case of idenity theft...Your Father has the right to rest in peace without his name or reputation being ruined like this. I'm sure your Father was a respectible and responsible man...if he has been a victim of fraud with his account, there's a good chance the fraud may continue onto other accounts. I would suggest you file a police report with the information you have and let them investigate the fraud. The guilty person, I'm sure is not only doing this to just one account, even if only one of your Dad's, then I'm sure there are other people they are doing this with. I would seek another attorney...just like doctors, get a second opinion.
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NCO = Slimy and rude
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BRICK, NEW JERSEY -- After months of non-stop phone calls from NCO at precisely 8:30AM EVERY MORNING, I had finally graduated and had started my first full-time job. Since I was finally able to make payments toward my debt, I called NCO and asked to set up a plan. They were nice enough on the phone, at least when they were trying to get me to set up post-dated checks (which is illegal, everyone out there). Since post-dated checks was the only way NCO would allow me to set up a payment plan, I had no choice. For the next few months my payments were taken from my checking account like clockwork. One day I was called and offered a settlement that was too good to pass up. I borrowed the money the next day - those slimeballs made sure I know it was a "limited time offer" and HAD TO GET THEM THE MONEY BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK. Well I did, and I called them with the UPS tracking code just like they asked.

Now, here's where the story gets good (if you're even still reading then thanks! this was more for me to vent my anger) - Laurie at NCO had assured me my payment for this month would not be deducted from my account, so long as I got them the money for the settlement by the end of the week. Well the day of payment rolled around and wouldn't you know it - the money was taken from my checking account!! I called, furiously, and was handed off back and forth between rude reps until finally I was able to convey to one of these mental midgets that I had already settled my account. Finally I reached Laurie, a good twenty minutes later (and this is dealing with REAL people, not an automated system!!!) She offered NO apology, basically her explanation was "someone screwed up." She said they could refund the money, but they needed me to fax them a copy of the check as well as a copy of my statement showing the post-dated check had cleared. Yes, that was exactly what I wanted to do after a long day at the office - stop at the bank and try to get the a**holes there to fax something to the a**holes at NCO. Well the bank was closed, so that meant printing out the statement and copy of check from my online banking and running across the street to the pharmacy to pay $3 to fax everything over.

After waiting a good half hour (I should note that Laurie told me if I faxed everything to her by the end of the day my refund would be issued the next day) I called and got Laurie (another twenty minutes with the mental midgets). Laurie's response? "Oh.. I haven't even walked into the fax room yet." Well, this didn't surprise me ONE BIT. When I asked if she could call me after retrieving the fax, she said "I'm sure it's there." So, no call. Two days later I called NCO, got Laurie on the phone, and asked the status of my refund. Laurie told me it had gone to accounting, and would probably be issued Monday or Tuesday (it was Thursday, by the way - they had received my fax on Tuesday.) But wait, "issued?" Silly me, I had assumed they would just credit my checking account. Nope, turns out they are mailing me a check. When I asked if they were overnighting it to me, they hesitated, put me on hold, apparently checked with a supervisor and responded "I believe we can do that." I WOULD HOPE SO!

Anyway, moral of the story? 1) NCO is a bunch of slimeballs. 2) They will make sure you pay THEM on time, but you getting money back from them? That's another story. 3) There is no avoiding any of it, so enjoy!
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poppapia on 03/26/2007:
It sounds as if NCO is willing to work with you, providing you present proof of your claim. However, it is not illegal to post-date checks, but it is not recommended to do so.
spiderman2 on 03/26/2007:
and it isn't slimey and rude to not pay your bills before they go to collection?
wachoviacustomer on 03/26/2007:
NCO has a really bad reputation for harassing debtors and their rude and less than satisfying customer service. Spiderman2 it is a little immature to judge someone who has a debt go to collections since you really don't know what their situation is and why they missed their payment. Defaulting on any account doesn't give any company the right to treat you unfairly and there are laws out there to assure that they don't....
Anonymous on 03/26/2007:
wachoviacustomer; good points and I agree.
Anonymous on 03/26/2007:
waschoviacustomer - Great comment!
warddw1526 on 03/26/2007:
I agree with wachoviacustomer, and I work for NCO. Just to counter one of the OP's points, unless he is in Massachusetts, soliciting a post dated check is not illegal. Even in Massachusetts, a consumer can pay with post dated checks, but the debt collector can not ask for it that way.
tiredofbeingscrewed on 03/26/2007:
Yes, it's not great to get into a situation where you have to deal with these guys but after two months of talking with them, the ONLY thing that happened as discussed, without a documented agreement in my hand, was their check clearing my bank. They don't act ethically and don't believe they will. They are however a business and know the limits of the law so if you cover your butt, you can get done with it. No verbal agreements!
voiceoff on 03/26/2007:
You are lucky they kept their word. Some make settlement deals and reneg afterwards.
DebtorBasher on 03/28/2007:
Abrickwall...and anyone else reading NCO rep can not guarantee WHEN a refund or credit would be issued. Collectors don't have access to that information to be able to give them a specific date. Having it done the following day is unheard of with any kind of company.
Spidy....things do come up that may cause a person to get behind on bills and this poster stated she contacted them once she graduated and started a full time job. That shows responsibility on her part. When I worked at NCO and had to fax something to a debtor (when they are upset because the other rep before me never sent the fax they promised)I didn't just tell them I'd send it...I told them I would put them on hold while I sent the fax...this way,they knew I wasn't just saying what they want to hear, I was giving them what they were asking for. In this case, I would have put the caller on hold and went to check the fax machine. The reason most collectors just say they're going to do it and don't is because they are on an automatic dialer and their time is recorded. Talk time, wrap time, down time etc and it does affect their monthly review which affects their bonus'...I for one never cared about how much time I spent on the phone,talking wrapping, documenting time...that wasn't important to me. What was important to me was to make sure the person on the other end of the phone had all their questions answered, that they understood any type of payment plans we sat up etc...I just think it's so rude to be rushing a caller off the phone, knowing their hold time to get through to us is most likely longer than the conversation, only to end the call not knowing what has happened...needless to say, my dialer time was always an issue with my response to them was always..."Do you want it done fast or do you want it done right, because you're not going to get both from me" long as I was bringing in the money, what difference does it make how long a call takes?
creditwrench on 03/28/2007:
Well, your experiences with NCO are exactly why I say never pay the criminals a crying dime. Criminals? Yes, they are arguably America's most wanted criminals. How so? Because there are now over 150,000 people employed in the collections industry.
They break our consumer protection laws multiple times daily. That means millions of violations every day!

An unbelieveably large number of people including law enforcement have to hunt for them every day of the year trying to find them for various reasons.

That easily makes them America's most wanted criminals.

Pay them and it actually hurts your credit more than it helps!

Learn how to deal with their phone calls at
DebtorBasher on 03/28/2007:
Creditwench...walking out of a store with merchandise you don't pay for is criminal too....(not directed at the poster).
EastOhioan on 05/03/2007:
Screw NCO . . . from now on, if they call and ask for me, I tell them that " I'm " not here , when they ask who they ARE speaking to, I simply say " Hugo " . . the dumb jerk asked " Hugo Who ? " . . . I told her " Hugo **** Yourself . . . hahahahaaaa !!
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Latest News
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NCO Group CEO Makes Offer to Buy Company for around $1 billion

May 16, 2006

NCO Group (Nasdaq: NCOG) today announced that its Board of Directors has received an offer from NCO Chairman and CEO Mike Barrist, in a letter sent Monday, to purchase all outstanding shares of the firm for $27.50 each in cash. The Board said that they plan on meeting today and will form a special committee to evaluate the offer.
Barrist has partnered with One Equity Partners II on the deal. According to the letter from Barrist, One Equity manages over $5 billion in capital and has “extensive experience with management-led leveraged buyouts.” Barrist also stated that he and his group have received financing from Morgan Stanley to complete the deal.

According to NCO’s first quarter earnings release, the firm had 36,259,000 diluted shares outstanding as of March 31. Based on those numbers, the total offered for all shares in the letter is a little more than $997 million.

NCO’s stock jumped more than 40% in early trading on Tuesday.

The text of the letter sent to the NCO Group Board of Directors is below:

May 12, 2006
CONFIDENTIAL - Sent Via Federal Express

Board of Directors NCO Group, Inc. 507 Prudential Road Horsham, Pennsylvania 19044


I propose to acquire by merger all of the outstanding common stock of the Company for $27.50 per share, on the terms and conditions more fully set forth below (the "Proposed Transaction"). This price represents a 42% premium above today's closing price of $19.36 and a 33.8% premium above the 90-day average price of $20.56 per share.

I intend to partner in this transaction with One Equity Partners II, L.P. One Equity Partners II and its affiliated funds manage over $5 billion in capital, have acquired over 20 portfolio companies for aggregate consideration of over $7 billion, and have extensive experience with management-led leveraged buyouts. Given the extensive work that has already been completed by One Equity and Morgan Stanley, the fact that we have committed financing and our collective knowledge of the Company and its industry, I believe we can quickly and with great certainty complete an acquisition of the Company at what I think is a very attractive price.

The Proposed Transaction would be financed through a combination of approximately $388 million of equity and approximately $815 million of debt. Morgan Stanley has provided to One Equity Partners II a commitment for the full amount of the debt financing (including, if necessary, a bridge facility) required to fund the Proposed Transaction which One Equity Partners II is prepared to accept if we move forward with the Proposed Transaction. A copy of Morgan Stanley's commitment is enclosed.

I would make a significant investment in the transaction and would expect to provide other members of the Company's senior management team with the opportunity to participate as well. I would continue as chairman and CEO of the Company following the transaction, and I expect that our senior management team would also continue with the Company.

I know you are aware of my strong belief that the Company would be best served by a prompt resolution of this process. Accordingly, if we promptly enter into the Proposed Transaction, our proposed merger agreement would expressly permit the Company to solicit superior alternative transactions for a period of 21 days after execution of the merger agreement (the "Go Shop Period") and, at any time prior to shareholder approval of the transaction, to terminate our merger agreement to accept a superior proposal, subject to customary "matching rights." Further, if the Company terminates our merger agreement to accept a superior proposal that was received during the Go Shop Period, the Company would be required to pay a break up fee equal to only 1% of the transaction value, plus reimbursement of actual expenses. If the Company terminates our merger agreement to accept a superior proposal received after the Go Shop Period, the Company would be required to pay a break fee of 3% of the transaction value. Under this arrangement, the Company will be able to guarantee a high premium value for the Company without foreclosing the possibility, which I believe is unlikely, of obtaining an even greater value from a third party.

This proposal is subject to satisfactory completion of confirmatory due diligence by One Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley and the negotiation and execution of acceptable definitive documentation. Based on discussions I have had with One Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley, I am confident that their diligence will confirm their assumptions. Further, given the extensive work they have performed to date, I believe that, with your cooperation, their diligence can be completed within 7 to 10 days, concurrently with the negotiation and finalization of definitive documentation.

I anticipate that you will promptly establish a special committee of independent directors to review this proposal and consider how the Company should proceed. To facilitate this process I enclose a copy of our proposed merger agreement.

Of course, no binding obligation shall arise with respect to the proposal or any transaction unless and until definitive documentation has been appropriately approved, executed and delivered by the parties.

I believe that this proposal is in the best interest of the Company, its shareholders and its employees and I look forward to discussing this proposal with you in the near future.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Michael J. Barrist

Michael J. Barrist

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/16/2006:
Yeah, I was on Ameritrade earlier today checking the old portfolio and it was like YIKES... what happened! My first thought was DB finally collected on that ENRON account. How does this news go over with NCO rank and file?
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Telephone Calls Looking for "Old" Telephone Number Owner
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BRITISH COLUMBIA -- I have been getting a daily call (sometimes 2) from NCO Financial for 3 months. Our telephone number is new to us 3 months ago and the calls started the day we got the new number. It is from a machine- no human even comes on the line ever. The message is to call back to a phone number and use my number as the reference number. Our phone number is unlisted and I have a serious health condition which makes phone calls difficult for me.

So I just wanted to see how long this company would continue to call for. Well it's been 3 months!

I wrote an email to NCO Financial- no response. SO finally today I telephoned the number. Which is totally against what I feel I should have to do to stop this harassment. I even called Telus to ask what they could do about it. They can't do anything- except me dialing*69 after I receive the call and then paying for the service of call block.

When I called the NCO number I was annoyed and told them these calls must be for the previous owner of this number because I just moved here from 3000 miles away and have no debts. Plus no one had my number on the day when they started to call. (They were the first people to use the number) The woman was very RUDE! She sarcastically told me that may be I should have called in then. I explained I have a serious health condition and had emailed her company. She then rudely stated she did not have control over emails. I asked her to stop with the "attitude" and she replied that I started with the attitude first. Then she hung up.

So I called Telus then and called NCO back. So I tried again to get them to listen. This time I got a Christine- she was more polite and I could at least understand here name since she spoke it a little slower than the first aggressive rude woman. They transferred me to someone who could "put a note on the file". The other woman who had hung up on me did nothing to put a note on the file that I was not the person they were looking for. She could have because they know the number you are calling from. This second person I spoke to asked for my name- which of course I refused. I said you can tell me who you are looking for though- and he did- some Dallas .... person. I stated that now one here has that name. He then asked if I knew him and what my address was etc. All this for calls meant for someone else. I do not have much energy with my health and this now just took up a significate portion of my energy for today!
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DebtorBasher on 05/11/2006:
Not doing anything for three months, just to see how long they would continue to call is hardly harassment. If you didn't answer all this time to let them know it was a wrong number, then it was your choice to have it continue, making it just as much of a health problem for yourself as the calls are. That, being said...You had to ask them who they were calling for, that gives me an indication that they never left a message on your answer machine, otherwise they would have given the name of the person they were looking for, in order for that person to call back. Without contact with the right party and without leaving a message, they can continue to call until the person is reached or message is left. However, they can not call the same number the same day once a message is left or that person is contacted. They also, can leave messages more than once a day as long as it is not left at the same number. I don't agree with the previous advice given, telling you to change your phone number. That shouldn't be necessary, it is a lot of trouble changing a phone number, then reporting the change to all of the creditors, electric and gas companies, cable, family and friends. Send NCO a Cease and Desist of all communications (Phone and mail)if the calls continue. Send it Certified with return receipt...keep it for your records...the FDCPA will not allow calls to continue and if they do, you can have a lawsuit.
yoke on 05/12/2006:
In a way it is harassment. Even when she finally called her back she was treated rudely. I can relate to how she feels, having to deal with it with Nelson Watson Associates. Even when you try and do the right thing the collectors accuse you of lying and will continue to call. The collectors really need to do their homework and make sure they have the correct phone number before calling. The number they are given may at one time been the persons number, but with technology today they can verify the information needed without calling an innocent person. I was able to locate the person Nelson Watson Associates wanted by using the internet.
Mad Eye Moody on 05/12/2006:'s harassment, hon. It doesn't really matter what the consumer does nor how long they wait to inform the moron at NCO that they've got the wrong cat. There's plenty of triable violations there.
DebtorBasher on 05/12/2006:
I'm not saying there aren't violations here...I'm saying the calls are not harassment if the person being called doesn't answer the phone (NCO wouldn't know if they are standing there watching the phone ring or if they are simply not at home)if there is no answer, then the dialer is going to continue to dial the number. If a message is left, as I said, then we can not call that same number again that day...There is a difference between trying to call someone and catch them at home, and harassing them with the calls. It's true that harassment can come in other forms, for example verbal harassment once a person is reached or depending on the message left on a machine, it can also be verbal harassment...but to simply say they are being harassed because a company calls and they don't respond for three months...come on Maddy...I know you're smarter than that.
Shahara on 05/16/2006:
Thanks for your comments everyone.
I did answer the phone- but it was just a recording telling you to call a certain number and use my phone number as a reference number. No live person would ever come on the line. And they never did leave one message-- I presume they could not leave message from auto machine or something-- I don't know. But they would keep calling-- I would hear the phone ringing from another part of the house - If no one answered they would call back in a couple of hours until someone answered. -(I am not one to "run" every time I hear the phone- that's why I have an answering machine) This was done daily--- When I called them to tell them they had the "wrong" person - I had to wait on hold for quite a while and was dealt with rudely.

Thanks for your input-- but I only wrote all of this down so others would be able to read it in case they had had a similar experience. I just wanted to share what these jerks are about esp when I saw so many others have had problems too. This is the first time I have even bothered to write feedback on a web board like this. I'm not looking for peoples opinion as to whether this is "good" or bad treatment-- I know what it is- I don't need others validation. But thanks to those who sounded supportive. I don't want to give this any more of my time-- they stopped calling-- my situation was easliy solved. I just wanted to see how far they would go.

I should not have to telephone a company to make them stop calling me daily and then get treated RUDELY just becausee I am showing slight irritation in my voice When it wasn't even meant for ME! A lot of people would have been way more "annoyed" than I was. I've been a middle manager in business for many years at one point and I have had to deal with many an irrate customer. I know when I'm being treated "rudely". This company has poor eithics . I believe in Karma--(although it may take lifetimes to see it come around) This also happened with my new cell phone number too.

I don't think I need a phone any longer-- The computer is enough-- now with voice. When companies start abusing the tech. then it is time to start making it work for you.
Shahara on 05/16/2006:
Oh also-- please read before commenting-- the phone again was answered- just in case people did not read it again when I wrote it the second time.
DebtorBasher on 05/16/2006: you come onto an "opinion" site but you don't want anyone's "opinion"...thanks for wasting our time as well...bye now!
Miaow323 on 05/19/2006:
You have such a nasty demeanor Basher.
DebtorBasher on 05/20/2006:
Miaow323 - well, that's what she's saying...if you go onto an opinion site, expect to get some
Shahara on 05/25/2006:
An opinion site could possibly be used to also to just share an opinion not solicit for them-- Bashing seems to be the theme for some on this site.

Because I do not want your opinion on my opinion, that does not give you just reason to be rude. What does it mean when one is overly reactive to anothers assertion?
I have filed a complaint about the reaction to my complaint-lol. I find that kind of funny.

When you are only looking to "Bash Debtors" around-- first make sure if they are a debtor and then ask yourself why am I bothering-- get a hobby-- or work overtime-- that would give the appropriate forum for bashingdebtors.

I will not be back to even look at your response dear basher-- you need help.

DebtorBasher on 05/27/2006:
First make sure they are the debtor...hmmmm...answer your phone and tell them, you claimed harassment before you ever picked up the phone. And I know you'll be on here to check out my may not respond to it...but you'll be back...have a good day!
yoke on 06/05/2006:
DB..when the person on the other end says I am not the person and I don't know who the person is, why can't bill collectors say I am sorry for bothering you and stop calling? Why do they call back the next day looking for the person you just got through saying does not live here, nor do you know who the person is? Why do they make an innocent person feel like that lowlife who doesn't pay the bills? Why say to the person, prove you are not the person we are looking for? I'm not saying NCO I'm saying bill collectors in general? I know you get people who say they don't live here(even though they really do, I do it to telemarketers all the time), but once someone says they don't know who the person is, why can't you take the innocent persons word and find the person who owes you the money. With technology that is out there now there is no excuse for getting the wrong phone number. The phone number we have now we have had for 5 years and we still get collection calls for Kelly Lock.
DebtorBasher on 06/16/2006:
When someone says that we have the wrong number, it is company policy to ask probing questions. There are times that we have the right phone number and the right person, but it can be a case of fraud. Meaning, the person we are talking to may not be aware that someone opened and account in their name, so thinking they have no business with NCO, they say we have the wrong person...and we come across that a lot. Another situation is when we just talked with the customer (verified it was them) two days ago then we are told we have the wrong number (because now they know we are calling because of a bill), they will tell us we have the wrong, we start with the probing questions...when did you get this number...we just talked with so and so at this number two days ago etc. They don't re-issue a used phone number in a matter of two days. If we are told it is a wrong number and we ask probing questions and it truly is the wrong number, that person on the phone usually does co-operate with a few questions so the calls would stop. I will ask that person for the last four digits of their ss#, but if they are uncomfortable giving it, I tell them I understand and I don't push it. We can not give the last digits of the account holder to this person to verify with a yes or no because then we are disclosing info to a possible 3rd party. A collector has to be very careful how the probe and what they disclose, remember, this person is not identifing themself as the right party. We will ask if they know the customer, sometimes we talked with them at that number and they moved out two days, now those living there will just say we have the wrong number, if we ask if they know the person, and they do, then we have to ask for contact's all company policy and we have to follow it within the FDCPA and State Laws. Sometimes our accounts will show we spoke with the customer, then someone said wrong number, then the next collector spoke to the person, then was told wrong number and when we see a history of that, well...we know we hav the right number. Anyway, once we verify we do have the wrong number, we have to document that on the account and remove the number...but if the collector is too lazy they don't...and that bugs the heck out of me because if I get an account that is documented as a wrong number and that collector left the number in...then I have to take it out when it shouldn't have even been in the dialer...and collectors won't remove it because they are on the dialer and it cuts into their utilization time and their update time to remove the numbers and it those dialer times are off by too much, then it cuts into their bonus....the collectors are put on corrective action for not removing wrong numbers...and it can be a case of harassment if we continue to call a number that is documented as a wrong number. And when I come across those accounts, I have no problem reporting it so the guilty collector will be addressed...because it's wrong on the collector who gets the account afterwards, it's wrong for the person at that phone number, it's wrong per FDCPA and it's wrong per company policy. Now, I know that at Chase, the collectors will not remove the numbers, they just tell them that this is the number that was given and this is the number they will continue to call until the customer gives them a new number...but then again, that's Chase for you.
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Hospital Bill, HELP!
Posted by on
Hello everyone!
I have been driven mad lately by NCO. Sometimes I feel like finding them in a dark alley and %#*^@*&^#*&. Here's my story (maybe someone can give me ANY advice on how to proceed?).
First, I live in Montreal and I am a student. Because I am a US citizen, I am required by Quebec universities to pay for the international student health insurance that they provide every year. In 2004, I was a student at Concordia University and was insured by SunLife Financial. They were excellent in terms of benefits. I had full coverage for most things, including 100% coverage of hospital bills. Anyway, on Aug. 3, 2004, I had to go to the emergency room of a hospital. They took my insurance info, etc and I thought that was that. A few months later, I get a call from someone in their accounting department asking me if I could send them an insurance form from my insurance company filled out with my information as SunLife had told them they can't be reimbursed without this form. I did this and even offered to go over to the hospital to help them with the rest of the form, since it was a French-speaking hospital and they seemed to have difficulty understanding spoken and written English. They said "no no, it's OK, we'll take it from here." Again ,no word for several months...Come around February 2005, I get another call saying there was some other mixup and they need my info again. At this point, I feel sorry for them thinking it's probably a language issue, and I even offer to pay the bill MYSELF and then ask my insurance to reimburse me since I knew I was more capable filling out the forms and such then they were. The hospital said NO, we handle these bills, everything will be taken care of, it will take a few months (60 days) to clear it up but don't worry. I called SunLife to see if they had made a claim and SunLife said they had no record of it, but yes, the hospital should be the one to make the claim. So now fast forward to the summer of 2005. At this point, I think the bill is settled. WRONG, some ass**** from NCO starts contacting me telling me they never paid. I am super nice with him, give him all my insurance info and he says he'll take care of it. Again, I call SunLife and they assure me that under the plan, I was covered 100% for hospital bills, just send it and they will pay. To make a long story short, it turns out the hospital took too long to put in the claim, since (in a streak of bad luck), my insurance for the 2003-2004 school year ran out Aug 4, 2004 (a day after I went to the emergency room) and any claims needed to be sent in within 90 days of the end of my insurance to be paid. Yes, sure, I was automatically insured again by my school for the next year, but since this occurred in the previous insurance cycle, the 90 days still holds. Anyway, the NCO guy was pleasant at first when he thought he would get his money, but now he is insisting that the insurance people won't pay, and it's my responsibility...screaming at me, calling me a million times a day, etc. I even got a letter from SunLife that a claim was put in but they cannot pay it as it was not submitted within the 90 day timeframe. At first I found the NCO guy amusing since he got so upset. But now he doesn't leave messages, except calls about 2 times an hour and hangs up when the machine picks up. I don't think it's my fault that the hospital didn't put in the claim in a timely manner! I know SunLife would have paid (since they said they would when I asked and they paid my other hospital bills!!) and I was covered, but now this moron is harassing me for close to $700 which I, as a student, don't have! That's why I pay for insurance every year for god's sake! I want the NCO guy to take me to court so I can explain this to the judge, rather than have him call me since I can't reason with him. He lies and tells me the company won't pay because I am not covered for this bill, says it's my duty, etc...Says the same thing over and over (actually, screams it). Any advice on how to proceed? Does he have the right to keep calling like this? I won't call him back anymore because I see no point in him screaming the same stuff over and over. And I don't think I should be out 700 dollars because someone in accounting didn't do their job. I tried my best to help!
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 03/30/2006:
Your issue should be with the hospital,not NCO. I will bet everything I own, that NCO is NOT calling you a million times a day, when you make a claim like that, then I have to question if the rep is really yelling and screaming at you or if he is just making the normal collection call.
Miaow323 on 03/31/2006:
Wow, Debtorbasher, I didn't expect you to say something like that. I read your other comments and in general, you seem to be pretty fair (although some of your comments seem completely different in tone than most of the others). I guess you have never had any experience with the Montreal NCO guys. They really do scream at you. I don't see why I would want to lie when all I wanted was some advice on how to proceed. Whenever he yells at me with his usual "just pay just pay", I tell him "sir, please don't yell at me like that, and if you continue to do so, I will hang up". Which is what I do. And guess what he does? He calls right back and if I don't pick up, he lets it ring, ring ring. I even told him he would get a heart attack once when he seemed so upset. Anyway, nevermind, I shouldn't expect complete understanding from someone who does work for the company, whether it be in Canada or elsewhere. Just so you know, I came to this site looking for a reprieve, since this is really hounding me to the point of tears, so it was the last thing I needed to read a comment from someone doubting me. Geesh.

Miaow323 on 03/31/2006:
By the way, JayD, thanks for the advice! I'm a bit naive and didn't think I could deal with the hospital directly at this point...
Miaow323 on 03/31/2006:
JayD, (or anyone else well-versed in this topic), I was thinking of recording the collection guy to use as evidence. Does anyone know if that's admissible evidence in Quebec? Or where I can find some of that info? thanks...
Anonymous on 03/31/2006:
Miaow323: Yes I would record the calls first and then see if it is acceptable in court. There are laws about collection people calling you and they must follow the rules. Most of these collection people don’t know what the bill is for and they really don’t care. A lot of them are X-cons and/or are still in prison. The rest of them are just people who can’t get a real job, O, let’s say like DebtorBasher? The hospital sounds like the problem, because the French or language thing is a bunch of BS that is just an excuse. I would not change my phone number; I would put call blocker on it just to torment the guy. But keep good records because they will keep only what they want and make sure it will not hurt your credit. I know what you are going through another hospital did it to me when I had a hart attack. My wife and I were relentless on this issue; I won and they and they paid. “Carry on regardless” and good luck.
viperpa33s on 03/31/2006:
I feel your grief Miaow323 cause I have dealt with NCO in the past. I wasn't yelled at like the guy did to you but the woman I spoke to was rude on the phone to me. It was because my ex wife opened a eclectic account in my name and we live in 2 different states. Being dicorced from my wife didn't matter to her or that it was considered identity theft. My ex mother in law paid NCO cause I threatened to put her daughter in jail.
DebtorBasher on 03/31/2006:
If I came across a bit harsh in my response, I's just that when someone says that they were called a million times in one day, it is obviously an exaggeration. Then, we do have to wonder if the rest of it is exaggerated or not, which is why I quesitoned if the rep really yelled, or requested the payment. Let's say everything happened the way you stated. A million phone calls in one day is a violation of the FDCPA for harassment..even contacting you twice in one day is considered a violation. They can however, leave a message at more than one number. We have State Laws here that are a bit stronger than the FDCPA, but with you being in Canada, I don't know what type of laws, beyond the FDCPA you would have to protect the consumer.Yelling and talking over you, interrupting you and not allowing you to answer questions when they are asked, is another FDCPA violation.
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NCO Reps Rude and Uncooperative
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I am in the process of cleaning up my credit of bad debts that I opened in college or shortly thereafter. I came across a collection account of my credit report for a Bellsouth telephone/DSL account dating back to 2003. Neither NCO nor Bellsouth had sent any correspondence to me in the past; they sent correspondence to an old address that I haven’t lived at in 3 years. It’s amazing they can add accounts to my credit report, yet they do not review my credit report for my current address.

In January of 2006, I sent NCO a certified letter (return receipt requested) making a settlement offer the account. If I would not have pulled my credit report I would not have known NCO had the debt. I did not receive a response even though someone in their office signed for it. I proceeded with cleaning up other accounts.

On March 16, 2006 I called NCO and offered to make a settlement on the account. She stated that Bellsouth did not do settlements. I called a few more times over the next several days hoping to get a different answer from a different representative. They all stated the same thing, “Bellsouth doesn’t do settlements”.

On March 23, 2006 I spoke with a different rep with an Australian accent. I asked about the settlement and she stated “Bellsouth won’t settle”. Since I couldn’t get them to settle I figured I would ask for them to delete the collection account once I paid it in full. Even if they didn’t agree to it, it was worth asking. The worst they could say was no. So I listened to her spill about how I owe the debt and I should pay it, blah, blah, blah. I begin to explain to her, that since I am paying it in full can they remove the collection account. She says that can be worked out once I pay the debt. Then she asks me to do a check by phone. I don’t do check by phone and I don’t do Western Union. She becomes irate and tells me I don’t want to pay. I say I wouldn’t be asking for a settlement if I had no intention on paying. I asked her for the address where I can send payment and she becomes more irate. She then goes on the say that I have made promises to pay in the past and that I hadn’t paid. Now she is lying and I am becoming upset. I have not spoken to anyone in her office about promising to pay anything. I ask again if she could send me something in writing stating I owe the debt and that when I pay the debt this will resolve the matter. She became more irate when I asked for something in writing. I speak to a supervisor and he says they cannot send anything in writing because they do not want to be sued. I say it is ridiculous that they can do that. I don’t care what is in my credit report I’m not send a dime to anyone with something in writing. He then goes on to say they sent out a statement and I can pay it then. These clowns will wait until I am good and ready before I give them a nickel. I am now in the process of contact with OC and pay them.
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Mad Eye Moody on 03/28/2006:
Don't pay a dime, yet. If they tell you they'll delete in return for PIF, they're lying. They can't. PLUS - after you pay...they won't have anything to do with you unless they think they can get more from you. I'm not sure about Bellsouth...maybe they don't settle. Basher will have to offer up her inside knowledge on that. Second, you've pretty much admitted the debt is yours to them. You've even offered to pay in full. If that's the route you want to go, good for only advice would be to get EVERYTHING in writing, and KEEP it in a file marked, NCO for future reference.
Mad Eye Moody on 03/28/2006:
Also - don't pay via check by phone nor Western Union. Buy a money order and send it to them CRRR. Make sure that, before you pay ANYTHING, though...(I can't say it enough) you have documentation in writing of the deal to which you're agreeing. Floor is yours DB.
DebtorBasher on 03/28/2006:
Our site has always sent SIF offers in writing...the only reason this rep you spoke with would refuse to send anything in writing is if they have no intention on keeping their side of the deal that they are verbally telling you. If they say the original creditor will not settle, that tells me the original creditor still owns the account, not NCO...therefore, if you are willing to pay, I would suggest you send a money order to the original creditor with proof of delivery...also, if your NCO account number is different than the original account number, I would put BOTH of those account numbers on the money-order,
Mad Eye Moody on 03/28/2006:
Basher...sometimes I just want to kiss you. You really do the consumers on this site a good service. Poster...good luck.
DebtorBasher on 03/28/2006:
DebtorBasher on 03/28/2006:
Maddy: I think you're just saying that to get me to add you to my trusted list! ! !
secchamps99 on 03/28/2006:
I finally was able to get someone at Bellsouth. They stated the account has been set to a CA and I needed to contact them to make payment. I really do not want to pay NCO, I would rather pay Bellsouth.
DebtorBasher on 03/30/2006:
Just send it to Bellsouth then...with certified return receipt...they will either apply it or they will forward it to long as you have your receipt showing they got it, then it's up to them what to do with it.
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NCO Financial How To Deal With Them
Posted by on
First, they record and monitor their calls. Stop it by:

"Per our conversation with your representative our company and the individuals who answer the telephones at our company do not authorize the recording or third-party monitoring of any conversations, in part or in whole. Should your corporation house the data or recordings of any portions of conversations with our employees, you are in violation of Federal wiretapping laws. Please cease and desist further contacts by telephone as a result of this negligence. You have been so advised.

Further attempts to contact us by telephone will be treated as an unauthorized wiretap violation and a suit will be filed in Federal court in against NCO Financial and the individuals initiating the contacts."

This was written for a company. If you are an individual, you have more rights but can use the above.

Let them know that you want them to stop contacting you period:

"This matter is in full dispute, please so advise your client with due diligence. Furthermore, cease and desist contacting me by telephone or mail with regards to this matter. I will not respond further to your requests, I will deal only with your client in writing. Furthermore, continued calls, mails, emails or contacts will be treated as harassment and negligence.

Should it continue, I will file a claim against NCO Financial and name the individuals separately in the lawsuit.

If you need any help further with NCO, contact me by email!


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ejack053824 on 02/23/2006:
Maddy correct me if I am wrong here....Some states authorize the use of phone conversation recording without permission whereas in other states, for instance the state of Florida, you have to have permission before recording a conversation. So it all depends on what state you reside in.
DebtorBasher on 02/23/2006:
LOL...this was really fun to read. Give me a break...first of all, if you don't want to be recorded, all you have to tell the rep is,"I request this call not to be recorded" and the call will be transferred to a non-recording line...second of all, as for business', all the debtor OR anyone at that company, including third parties, have to say is, "I (or we)request no calls from your company"...and third, if you really want the calls to stop, then just pay your bill, (sorry Maddy), if it is in dispute send your dispute in writing. No request at the POE is honored by verbal request, but it is always best to back that request up in writing, certified with returned did a whole lot of talking without really saying anything helpful. Take a chill pill and call me in the morning.
ejack053824 on 02/24/2006:
"Then just pay your bill." Gee...let me get out these SPACE CADET AWARDS for that wonderful advice. Congratulations Basher for joining this elite club. LOL!
Mad Eye Moody on 02/24/2006:
EJ - yeah....that's correct. It varies from state to state...however if NCO preempts their call with that message that the call may be recorded...that's the same thing as giving the consumer permission to record as well. As for the poster...he can file whatever lawsuit he feels he and his lawyer think they can win, be it wiretap laws, FDCPA violations, or D of C. FDCPA would be the obvious choice...but there's a slew of things that can be alleged and argued... Cha-Ching...right? However, the decision to do so is really made on a case by case basis. We're just concentrating on consumer rights and recourse on this site.
bobo2 on 02/24/2006:
How Pennsylvania recently dealt with NCO -- I have seen no comments here about a recent settlement between NCO and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The details are in a press release dated 1/27/06 on the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Web site (NCO Group's Web site also has a press release about this, but has far less detail). According to the AG's press release, the AG's Bureau of Consumer Protection investigated "in excess of 800 consumer complaints" filed against NCO beginning 11/03. The complaints involved alleged violations of the state's Consumer Protection Law, Fair Credit Extension and Uniformity Act, and the federal FDCPA. Detailed alleged violations included calls outside the 8 AM to 9 PM window, use of obscene or profane language, other threatening or abusive conduct, and continued calls after consumers had disputed debts or requested that calls cease. As part of the settlement NCO agreed to pay Pa. $300,000 for the cost of investigating the 800+ complaints "and/or for future public protection purposes." In other words, NCO must pay a $300,000 fine. Also, NCO must implement programs to ensure that employees are adequately trained on debt collection laws and to discipline those who do not follow such laws. So it would appear that complaints to government agencies can lead to results.
DebtorBasher on 02/24/2006:
BoBo's right...I wonder if this is the Horsham site...the one the well known Mr. Shaprio works out of...That whole site needs to be shut down and re-opened with all new employee's from cleaning crew to site leader to Pres....This site is the most shameful of them all...and they got away with way too much for too long...I'm looking forward to the day they close down that site and transfer their portfolio to a better trained, better respected site. And it is also true that complaints will get heard, a lot of you may not know it, but in the past year, quite a few NCO sites have closed down because of the way they perform their collection duties...the accts were transferred to the other sites. That's the way it should be with any company...if one site is in violation, why keep them around???
Anonymous on 02/26/2006:
LOL. This was great fun to read! Got to love it when people don't pay their bills & then get all p*ssy when the collection agencies call them up. Bottom line: (I know this will tick off a few people here, but I don't care)..............PAY YOUR BILL!!!!
Mad Eye Moody on 02/27/2006:
Isn't she GREAT Folks...give her a big hand!
ejack053824 on 02/27/2006:
Miantani........your close to getting that trophy! LOL!!
squeekie on 02/28/2006:
I have to say something once again. Regardless of if people paid their bills or not they do not need to be ABUSED by collectors, screamed at, or have them give out information to people that have nothing to do with the debt. And until the people bashing the ones that haven't paid bills have walked a mile in their shoes, STOP assuming they are deadbeats. There are reasons I'm quite sure. and yes I got behind but if you want to know the truth for the past 5 years I have been taking care of a child with not one but 2 brain tumors for which he has been going through chemotherapy for on and off, and I'm sorry if that's not good enough for you but that's just an example of what people may be going through and living on one income trying to make ends meet and put food on the tabe, pay medical expenses. etc
Mad Eye Moody on 02/28/2006:
Squeekie...don't worry about anything Miantani says. We know people hit hard times...and it sounds like you've had a rougher time than most. You concentrate on your baby - NCO shouldn't even be on your radar. If they think that they should be...well...come on back here and let us know or email one of us from the link on our blogs. Good luck and God Bless.
squeekie on 02/28/2006:
Thank you MadEye. Yes I have had rough times, but honestly I have seen people going through worse. as hard as everything has been I can still say that.
The guy from NCO I had talked to is a scumbag. I have sent them a cease and desist letter, telling them to contracked me by mail only that way when they mess up its in black and white. I have also kept very good notes (narrative form) and sent it and the original letter to a lawyer in my are. Thanks again I will call if I need you.
bobo2 on 02/28/2006:
Squeekie's posts ably show how the "pay your bills" mantra is overly simplistic and can become tiresome. Most people do want to pay their legitimate bills. But even Miantani would agree, I think, that if a collector has the wrong person, or the debt really does not exist, or the amount is wrong, or the debt has already been paid, or there is some other valid dispute about the debt, a person should not pay just because a collector says to. And even Miantani would agree that sometimes there are circumstances such as sudden unemployment, or serious illness or injury, or death or divorce when people fall behind on their bills, not because they are living lavishly or beyond their means, but because unfortunate events overtake them and they must decide that providing the necessities of life to those in their care takes priority. And even Miantani would have to agree that even those who have a real debt and can afford to repay it deserve not to be subject to lies, deceptions, threats, obscenities, and just plain rudeness. After all, if a collection agency is confident that it has the right person, that the debt is correct, and that the debtor has the means to repay, it can always file in court. So good luck, Squeekie. Your family comes first.
squeekie on 03/01/2006:
Bobo2 that was well put. I have read through so many of these posts and it makes me sick to see how badly people have been treated. I would like to think, the overwellming majority of us want to pay our bills. I know there are some that make a living out of racking up debt and never paying it or rack up hugh utility bills and change their name on the account to start fresh. But they are few.
My family will always be put first. and even though I have that blemish on my credit I'm really not terribly worried because My creit score isn't that bad.
Mad Eye Moody on 03/02/2006:
Good Post Bobo.
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