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NCO Financial Systems
507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044
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They Are Crooks.
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Last Saturday 5/12/07 - I received a bill that was for my father for $6500.00 (after all fees were assessed) that he supposedly made in 2005. The only problem is my father died 7 years ago this May. The original amount was a credit card I am assuming because they won't send me anything information on the account or who originally sent it either. The original bill was for approximately $2,200.00. The bill my father received from NCO was $6500.00. Penalties and all.

First, this was the first time any bill was ever sent or we heard of, and especially since he was dead at the time of the original bill, which I tried explaining that to the very arrogant woman, and tell her he did not owe this as he was dead at the time this was made. Besides calling me a liar, which was pretty much insensitive, the lady (who by the way, talk about a dead beat she was) wouldn't even listen to me. She first tried to hang up on me and I told her she had better not that I needed to get this settled.

My husband said it doesn't make any difference - he is dead and they will never get any of the money they billed for but I believe that this wrong and it is the principle of the matter. I was defending my father's good name, since he did pay his bills on time and was a model citizen and no Mr. NCO financial person that was complaining about cry babies. You are 100% wrong.

There are times when people have problems beyond their control and cannot help what happens, however, in this case it was absolutely wrong as my father never made the debt in the first place and your dead beat company that you are so proud of wouldn't even listen. It was obviously an identity scam/theft which was made after he died and I understand happens all the time. It doesn't seem to matter that they are going after the wrong person for the money. And what is really so funny about this is NCO financial was scammed too.

NCO purchased the original debt so they are out whatever they paid for it as I spoken to my attorney and he said by law they cannot harass me or send anything to him, especially since it obviously is not his debt. Of course upon telling NCO of this they refused and wanted my power of attorney for my Dad. Hey, NCO I am not as stupid as you are if you think I am giving you my POA.

I have contacted my attorney and he will be contacting you. People these are the true scumbags as they obviously cannot get a halfway decent job themselves or they would not be working for this terrible place. We all need to contact our attorney general's office to stop this scam for good. I won't let my father be scammed even in death. Shortribs in Texas.

NCO = Slimy and Rude
By -

BRICK, NEW JERSEY -- After months of non-stop phone calls from NCO at precisely 8:30 AM EVERY MORNING, I had finally graduated and had started my first full-time job. Since I was finally able to make payments toward my debt, I called NCO and asked to set up a plan. They were nice enough on the phone, at least when they were trying to get me to set up post-dated checks (which is illegal, everyone out there). Since post-dated checks was the only way NCO would allow me to set up a payment plan, I had no choice.

For the next few months my payments were taken from my checking account like clockwork. One day I was called and offered a settlement that was too good to pass up. I borrowed the money the next day - those slimeballs made sure I know it was a "limited time offer" and HAD TO GET THEM THE MONEY BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK. Well I did, and I called them with the UPS tracking code just like they asked.

Now, here's where the story gets good (if you're even still reading then thanks! This was more for me to vent my anger) - ** at NCO had assured me my payment for this month would not be deducted from my account, so long as I got them the money for the settlement by the end of the week. Well the day of payment rolled around and wouldn't you know it - the money was taken from my checking account!! I called, furiously, and was handed off back and forth between rude reps until finally I was able to convey to one of these mental midgets that I had already settled my account.

Finally I reached **, a good twenty minutes later (and this is dealing with REAL people, not an automated system!!!). She offered NO apology, basically her explanation was "someone screwed up." She said they could refund the money, but they needed me to fax them a copy of the check as well as a copy of my statement showing the post-dated check had cleared.

Yes, that was exactly what I wanted to do after a long day at the office - stop at the bank and try to get the ** there to fax something to the ** at NCO. Well the bank was closed, so that meant printing out the statement and copy of check from my online banking and running across the street to the pharmacy to pay $3 to fax everything over.

After waiting a good half hour (I should note that ** told me if I faxed everything to her by the end of the day my refund would be issued the next day) I called and got ** (another twenty minutes with the mental midgets). **'s response? "Oh.. I haven't even walked into the fax room yet." Well, this didn't surprise me ONE BIT. When I asked if she could call me after retrieving the fax, she said "I'm sure it's there." So, no call.

Two days later I called NCO, got ** on the phone, and asked the status of my refund. ** told me it had gone to accounting, and would probably be issued Monday or Tuesday (it was Thursday, by the way - they had received my fax on Tuesday). But wait, "issued?" Silly me, I had assumed they would just credit my checking account. Nope, turns out they are mailing me a check. When I asked if they were overnighting it to me, they hesitated, put me on hold, apparently checked with a supervisor and responded "I believe we can do that." I WOULD HOPE SO!

Anyway, moral of the story? 1) NCO is a bunch of slimeballs. 2) They will make sure you pay THEM on time, but you getting money back from them? That's another story. 3) There is no avoiding any of it, so enjoy!

Latest News
By -

NCO Group CEO Makes Offer to Buy Company for around $1 billion. May 16, 2006 NCO Group (Nasdaq: NCOG) today announced that its Board of Directors has received an offer from NCO Chairman and CEO Mike Barrist, in a letter sent Monday, to purchase all outstanding shares of the firm for $27.50 each in cash. The Board said that they plan on meeting today and will form a special committee to evaluate the offer.

Barrist has partnered with One Equity Partners II on the deal. According to the letter from Barrist, One Equity manages over $5 billion in capital and has “extensive experience with management-led leveraged buyouts.” Barrist also stated that he and his group have received financing from Morgan Stanley to complete the deal. According to NCO's first quarter earnings release, the firm had 36,259,000 diluted shares outstanding as of March 31. Based on those numbers, the total offered for all shares in the letter is a little more than $997 million. NCO's stock jumped more than 40% in early trading on Tuesday.

The text of the letter sent to the NCO Group Board of Directors is below:

May 12, 2006
CONFIDENTIAL - Sent Via Federal Express

Board of Directors NCO Group, Inc. 507 Prudential Road Horsham, Pennsylvania 19044


I propose to acquire by merger all of the outstanding common stock of the Company for $27.50 per share, on the terms and conditions more fully set forth below (the "Proposed Transaction"). This price represents a 42% premium above today's closing price of $19.36 and a 33.8% premium above the 90-day average price of $20.56 per share.

I intend to partner in this transaction with One Equity Partners II, L.P. One Equity Partners II and its affiliated funds manage over $5 billion in capital, have acquired over 20 portfolio companies for aggregate consideration of over $7 billion, and have extensive experience with management-led leveraged buyouts. Given the extensive work that has already been completed by One Equity and Morgan Stanley, the fact that we have committed financing and our collective knowledge of the Company and its industry, I believe we can quickly and with great certainty complete an acquisition of the Company at what I think is a very attractive price.

The Proposed Transaction would be financed through a combination of approximately $388 million of equity and approximately $815 million of debt. Morgan Stanley has provided to One Equity Partners II a commitment for the full amount of the debt financing (including, if necessary, a bridge facility) required to fund the Proposed Transaction which One Equity Partners II is prepared to accept if we move forward with the Proposed Transaction. A copy of Morgan Stanley's commitment is enclosed.

I would make a significant investment in the transaction and would expect to provide other members of the Company's senior management team with the opportunity to participate as well. I would continue as chairman and CEO of the Company following the transaction, and I expect that our senior management team would also continue with the Company.

I know you are aware of my strong belief that the Company would be best served by a prompt resolution of this process. Accordingly, if we promptly enter into the Proposed Transaction, our proposed merger agreement would expressly permit the Company to solicit superior alternative transactions for a period of 21 days after execution of the merger agreement (the "Go Shop Period") and, at any time prior to shareholder approval of the transaction, to terminate our merger agreement to accept a superior proposal, subject to customary "matching rights." Further, if the Company terminates our merger agreement to accept a superior proposal that was received during the Go Shop Period, the Company would be required to pay a break up fee equal to only 1% of the transaction value, plus reimbursement of actual expenses. If the Company terminates our merger agreement to accept a superior proposal received after the Go Shop Period, the Company would be required to pay a break fee of 3% of the transaction value. Under this arrangement, the Company will be able to guarantee a high premium value for the Company without foreclosing the possibility, which I believe is unlikely, of obtaining an even greater value from a third party.

This proposal is subject to satisfactory completion of confirmatory due diligence by One Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley and the negotiation and execution of acceptable definitive documentation. Based on discussions I have had with One Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley, I am confident that their diligence will confirm their assumptions. Further, given the extensive work they have performed to date, I believe that, with your cooperation, their diligence can be completed within 7 to 10 days, concurrently with the negotiation and finalization of definitive documentation.

I anticipate that you will promptly establish a special committee of independent directors to review this proposal and consider how the Company should proceed. To facilitate this process I enclose a copy of our proposed merger agreement.

Of course, no binding obligation shall arise with respect to the proposal or any transaction unless and until definitive documentation has been appropriately approved, executed and delivered by the parties.

I believe that this proposal is in the best interest of the Company, its shareholders and its employees and I look forward to discussing this proposal with you in the near future.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Michael J. Barrist

Michael J. Barrist

Telephone Calls Looking for "Old" Telephone Number Owner
By -

BRITISH COLUMBIA -- I have been getting a daily call (sometimes 2) from NCO Financial for 3 months. Our telephone number is new to us 3 months ago and the calls started the day we got the new number. It is from a machine - no human even comes on the line ever. The message is to call back to a phone number and use my number as the reference number. Our phone number is unlisted and I have a serious health condition which makes phone calls difficult for me. So I just wanted to see how long this company would continue to call for. Well it's been 3 months!

I wrote an email to NCO Financial - no response. SO finally today I telephoned the number. Which is totally against what I feel I should have to do to stop this harassment. I even called Telus to ask what they could do about it. They can't do anything - except me dialing *69 after I receive the call and then paying for the service of call block.

When I called the NCO number I was annoyed and told them these calls must be for the previous owner of this number because I just moved here from 3000 miles away and have no debts. Plus no one had my number on the day when they started to call. (They were the first people to use the number.) The woman was very RUDE! She sarcastically told me that may be I should have called in then. I explained I have a serious health condition and had emailed her company. She then rudely stated she did not have control over emails. I asked her to stop with the "attitude" and she replied that I started with the attitude first. Then she hung up.

So I called Telus then and called NCO back. So I tried again to get them to listen. This time I got a ** - she was more polite and I could at least understand her name since she spoke it a little slower than the first aggressive rude woman. They transferred me to someone who could "put a note on the file." The other woman who had hung up on me did nothing to put a note on the file that I was not the person they were looking for. She could have because they know the number you are calling from.

This second person I spoke to asked for my name - which of course I refused. I said, "You can tell me who you are looking for though" - and he did - some **... person. I stated that no one here has that name. He then asked if I knew him and what my address was etc. All this for calls meant for someone else. I do not have much energy with my health and this now just took up a significant portion of my energy for today!

Hospital Bill, HELP!
By -

Hello everyone! I have been driven mad lately by NCO. Sometimes I feel like finding them in a dark alley and **. Here's my story (maybe someone can give me ANY advice on how to proceed?). First, I live in Montreal and I am a student. Because I am a US citizen, I am required by Quebec universities to pay for the international student health insurance that they provide every year. In 2004, I was a student at Concordia University and was insured by SunLife Financial. They were excellent in terms of benefits. I had full coverage for most things, including 100% coverage of hospital bills.

Anyway, on Aug. 3, 2004, I had to go to the emergency room of a hospital. They took my insurance info, etc and I thought that was that. A few months later, I get a call from someone in their accounting department asking me if I could send them an insurance form from my insurance company filled out with my information as SunLife had told them they can't be reimbursed without this form. I did this and even offered to go over to the hospital to help them with the rest of the form, since it was a French-speaking hospital and they seemed to have difficulty understanding spoken and written English. They said "no no, it's OK, we'll take it from here."

Again ,no word for several months... Come around February 2005, I get another call saying there was some other mix-up and they need my info again. At this point, I feel sorry for them thinking it's probably a language issue, and I even offer to pay the bill MYSELF and then ask my insurance to reimburse me since I knew I was more capable filling out the forms and such then they were. The hospital said "NO, we handle these bills, everything will be taken care of, it will take a few months (60 days) to clear it up but don't worry."

I called SunLife to see if they had made a claim and SunLife said they had no record of it, but yes, the hospital should be the one to make the claim. So now fast forward to the summer of 2005. At this point, I think the bill is settled. WRONG, some ** from NCO starts contacting me telling me they never paid. I am super nice with him, give him all my insurance info and he says he'll take care of it. Again, I call SunLife and they assure me that under the plan, I was covered 100% for hospital bills, just send it and they will pay.

To make a long story short, it turns out the hospital took too long to put in the claim, since (in a streak of bad luck), my insurance for the 2003-2004 school year ran out Aug 4, 2004 (a day after I went to the emergency room) and any claims needed to be sent in within 90 days of the end of my insurance to be paid. Yes, sure, I was automatically insured again by my school for the next year, but since this occurred in the previous insurance cycle, the 90 days still holds.

Anyway, the NCO guy was pleasant at first when he thought he would get his money, but now he is insisting that the insurance people won't pay, and it's my responsibility... screaming at me, calling me a million times a day, etc. I even got a letter from SunLife that a claim was put in but they cannot pay it as it was not submitted within the 90 day timeframe.

At first I found the NCO guy amusing since he got so upset. But now he doesn't leave messages, except calls about 2 times an hour and hangs up when the machine picks up. I don't think it's my fault that the hospital didn't put in the claim in a timely manner! I know SunLife would have paid (since they said they would when I asked and they paid my other hospital bills!!) and I was covered, but now this moron is harassing me for close to $700 which I, as a student, don't have! That's why I pay for insurance every year for god's sake!

I want the NCO guy to take me to court so I can explain this to the judge, rather than have him call me since I can't reason with him. He lies and tells me the company won't pay because I am not covered for this bill, says it's my duty, etc... Says the same thing over and over (actually, screams it). Any advice on how to proceed? Does he have the right to keep calling like this? I won't call him back anymore because I see no point in him screaming the same stuff over and over. And I don't think I should be out 700 dollars because someone in accounting didn't do their job. I tried my best to help!

NCO Reps Rude and Uncooperative
By -

I am in the process of cleaning up my credit of bad debts that I opened in college or shortly thereafter. I came across a collection account of my credit report for a Bellsouth telephone/DSL account dating back to 2003. Neither NCO nor Bellsouth had sent any correspondence to me in the past; they sent correspondence to an old address that I haven't lived at in 3 years. It's amazing they can add accounts to my credit report, yet they do not review my credit report for my current address.

In January of 2006, I sent NCO a certified letter (return receipt requested) making a settlement offer the account. If I would not have pulled my credit report I would not have known NCO had the debt. I did not receive a response even though someone in their office signed for it. I proceeded with cleaning up other accounts.

On March 16, 2006 I called NCO and offered to make a settlement on the account. She stated that Bellsouth did not do settlements. I called a few more times over the next several days hoping to get a different answer from a different representative. They all stated the same thing, "Bellsouth doesn't do settlements".

On March 23, 2006 I spoke with a different rep with an Australian accent. I asked about the settlement and she stated "Bellsouth won't settle". Since I couldn't get them to settle I figured I would ask for them to delete the collection account once I paid it in full. Even if they didn't agree to it, it was worth asking. The worst they could say was no. So I listened to her spill about how I owe the debt and I should pay it, blah, blah, blah. I begin to explain to her, that since I am paying it in full can they remove the collection account. She says that can be worked out once I pay the debt. Then she asks me to do a check by phone. I don't do check by phone and I don't do Western Union. She becomes irate and tells me I don't want to pay. I say I wouldn't be asking for a settlement if I had no intention on paying. I asked her for the address where I can send payment and she becomes more irate. She then goes on the say that I have made promises to pay in the past and that I hadn't paid. Now she is lying and I am becoming upset. I have not spoken to anyone in her office about promising to pay anything. I ask again if she could send me something in writing stating I owe the debt and that when I pay the debt this will resolve the matter. She became more irate when I asked for something in writing. I speak to a supervisor and he says they cannot send anything in writing because they do not want to be sued. I say it is ridiculous that they can do that. I don't care what is in my credit report I'm not send a dime to anyone with something in writing. He then goes on to say they sent out a statement and I can pay it then. These clowns will wait until I am good and ready before I give them a nickel. I am now in the process of contact with OC and pay them.

NCO Financial How To Deal With Them
By -

First, they record and monitor their calls. Stop it by:

"Per our conversation with your representative our company and the individuals who answer the telephones at our company do not authorize the recording or third-party monitoring of any conversations, in part or in whole. Should your corporation house the data or recordings of any portions of conversations with our employees, you are in violation of Federal wiretapping laws. Please cease and desist further contacts by telephone as a result of this negligence. You have been so advised.

Further attempts to contact us by telephone will be treated as an unauthorized wiretap violation and a suit will be filed in Federal court in against NCO Financial and the individuals initiating the contacts."

This was written for a company. If you are an individual, you have more rights but can use the above.

Let them know that you want them to stop contacting you period:

"This matter is in full dispute, please so advise your client with due diligence. Furthermore, cease and desist contacting me by telephone or mail with regards to this matter. I will not respond further to your requests, I will deal only with your client in writing. Furthermore, continued calls, mails, emails or contacts will be treated as harassment and negligence.

Should it continue, I will file a claim against NCO Financial and name the individuals separately in the lawsuit.

If you need any help further with NCO, contact me by email!


Customer Service...or lack thereof
By -

I am writing to report on the negative experience I had doing business with NCO Financial systems. My overall experience was not terrible, however, the most recent phone call was extremely unpleasant. I was contacted by a representative of the organization on behalf of Bank of America. I was not aware of any debt that I owed to Bank of America, but I had recently closed an account, so I assumed that it may have been something that did not post until after the account was closed. The first representatiive that I spoke with was very nice and professional. She explained to me who she represented, who the debt was for, and that she would like to try to settl ethis debt with me. She advised me that I owed around $430.00 but could settle the account for $370, payable in two post dated checks of Dec 27 and Jan 27. I agreed and proceeded to give her my account information. On Dec 27, my checking account was debited for the agreed amount.

I was again contacted around the middle of January from another representative. He contacted me at my work and said that he tried to contact my bank to verify the funds, but the bank had never heard of me. He then asked for my account information again. I asked him to hold on and explained to him that I was at work and I had some people to tend to and I would be back with him. I placed him on hold and when I returned to the phone, he had hung up. I did not hear from anyone else again, and I did not have the phone number to call back.

A few weeks later (around Feb 10th) I was again contacted by an NCO representative while I was at work. He told me this time that he was calling to settle a debt of from Bank of America. I advised him that I had already made arrangements with NCO to handle this. He said that the last account information that I provided ws not right and that I needed to provide him with alternate payment. Again, I was at work and asked him to hold while I retrieved my account info. I again returned to the phone to find that he hung up again.

Now today, the same gentleman contacted me (at work again) and asked me to settle the debt in full for $277.99. I advised him again that the payments were for $185.33 and he said that since the second check did not clear and that since I had hung up on him the two previous times that he could not settle for less that $277.99 and that I had to present a credit card payment in full at that time I asked him if we could set it up for a draft on 3/1/06 at which time my taxes would be there because I could not cover the $277.99 right now-doing so would leave me without any funds in my account. He said " No it won't because NCO did not draft the $185.00 out on Jan 27th so that should still be in there" . DUH!!! He just said that he had to debit $277.99!!! I asked again why the funds from the post dated check could not be verififed and he said because the account number was not recognized. I explained to him that I had not had this problem with the first transaction and why could he not pull my previous check and verify the numbr that way. He said that was just not how things worked and that he would not take another check from me anyway.
I finally decided to settle the account in full with him, because I was going to make sure that my credit report indicated that I paid in full and not charged off or settled for less than full. I gave the rep my card number and apparenlty he could not type very fast, so he told me to slow down and start all over with my account nuimber. At the end I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him because I needed to get back to work and he said "Look lady you don't have to be like this. It's not my fault that you were uncooperative and we voided your agreement. That will teach you not to put us on hold". Sad to say that he had taken what was left of my sefl control. I asked him to provide a receipt and he said "Sure but I cannot guarantee that it will get there". I then told him not to contact me anymore about this account or my lawyer would be contacted.

Unfortunately, this is not the first colelctor I have encountered, but by far the biggest jerk in the industry. If I am ever to be contacted by NCO again, I will snail mail all payments and will refuse any phone interaction. When faced with a debt, I do my part and pay it back, although it may not be as quick as they want it. However I do not deserve to be treated as if I am a third rate criminal!!

Top Ten Things Bill Collectors Don't Want you To Know
By -
  1. The More You Pay, the More They Earn
    Collectors get commissions -- usually 30 to 50% -- on money they bring in, which often double or triple their salaries. This means they have a strong incentive to press for a big "down payment" from you, even if this deepens the cycle of debt.
    Collectors hoping for a big commission may claim that the boss insists on a big down payment. In fact, blaming it on a mythical manager is designed to deflect your anger away from the collector.

  2. Payment Deadlines Are Phony
    Payment deadlines set by collectors are meaningless. Collectors simply want to create a sense of urgency, because the longer it takes to get you to pay, the less chance there is of collecting the debt.

  3. They Don't Need a 'Financial Statement'
    Collectors often claim they need a "financial statement" from you, so they can work out a realistic repayment plan. You'll notice, though, that the information they ask for -- bank account numbers, references, place of employment -- is far more than they need for that purpose. They're fishing for information that will help them find you if you move or sue you if you don't repay the debt.

  4. The Threats Are Inflated
    Collectors always graphically detail the disastrous consequences of failing to pay a debt. "Your credit rating will be ruined," they warn. (Not mentioning that it's probably already not so good, since a collection company is after you.) "Your personal possessions, including your car, could be seized and sold at a public auction!" (Never mind that this virtually never happens; it's illegal in some states and impractical because of the expense.) Probably 95% of the time, collectors go after only bank accounts and wages.

  5. You Can Stop Their Calls
    You have the right, under federal law, to tell a collection agency to stop contacting you. Just do it in writing, and contacts must stop, unless they're to tell you that collection efforts have ended or the agency is going to take a specific action (like filing a lawsuit) against you.

  6. They Can Find Out How Much You Have in the Bank
    A collector who has your bank account and social security numbers can probably easily find out the balance of the account. Because big banks now have automated account inquiry systems, the collector doesn't even have to speak to a human being; all it takes is a phone call to the automated voice-mail service. When the account number and social security numbers are punched in, the computer promptly supplies an up-to-the-minute account balance.

  7. If You're Out of State, They're Out of Luck
    Collection agencies routinely call out-of-state debtors to demand payment. But if a creditor has sued you and won, you are probably safe from enforcement action if you bank and work outside the state where the lawsuit was filed. That's because to collect, the collection agency must transfer the judgment to your state, which is prohibitively time-consuming and expensive.

  8. They Can't Take It All
    Certain income, such as social security, pensions and 75% of your take-home pay, is exempt from enforcement action. You can file a claim of exemption from a garnishment of the other 25% of your wages if it would cause you or your family severe hardship.

  9. They May Not Know a Thing
    Sometimes a collection agency lawyer, trying to collect a judgment debt, sends questions on a court form asking about your income and assets. (These are called "post-judgment interrogatories" or "information subpoenas.") This is good news for you -- it means that the agency has no information and is hoping you will be intimidated enough by this legal questionnaire to complete it. Many people do, because the forms list sanctions, such as fines, for not doing so. But normally, it is too expensive and time-consuming for an agency to go to court and force compliance.

  10. You Can Pay Student Loans in Installments
    If you are behind on student loans, you can apply for what every collection agency hates: "reasonable and affordable payments" under the 1992 Higher Education Act. If you can document financial hardship, a collection agency must accept as little as $10 per month for at least six months. As long as you make the payments, you are eligible for Title IV Student Aid, and you can continue the payments unless your circumstances change.

Dispute Resolution
By -

Who runs this place and why do creditors continue to put up with the incompetence.

Here's the buildup.

An auto accident in 2000 had put me in the hospital. The other driver's insurance company was responsible for all related medical bill. State Farm paid each medical bill forwarded to them.

I start receiving collection notices some point in 2001 for $215. A payment was mailed an cleared 5/01. Collection notices continue and correspondence seems to have no effect.

3/02 There is a collection added to my credit report. With cancelled check and bank statement in hand, I begin calling NCO to correct the record.

That brings us up to present.

12/03 I place 6 calls to NCO at 800-541-2742.

Call #1 The operator disconnected the call after placing me on hold.

Call #2 Sherl answered and transferred me to cortney. Cortney says the account has been transferred to "ACLQ" and she had no info and could not help. I asserted that NCO processed payment and insisted on speaking with a supervisor. Placed on hold and disconnected

Call #3 The 3rd operator would only say that I needed to talk to "AQ". WOuldn't transfer me to a supervisor, give her name nor the number for "AQ" or "ACLQ".

Call #4 Monica answered and I immediately insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I was instructed to hold. I did for nearly 20 min. Meanwhile I picked up my second line and placed call #5.

Call #5 Was transferred to "Tanja's" voice mail where I left a message with complete details.

Call #6 The next day I spoke with Celest who transferred me to a supervisor, Tyra. Tyra gave me the same line about not having any access to any information regarding my account at NCO. However Tyra was able to give me a number to Attention LLC or "AQ" as 888-662-7547.

NOTE: The supervisors don't seem any better at their job than any of the other operators.

Called Attention LLC at 888-662-7547 the number seemed to be out of service. It would ring once or twice then change to busy.

Call #6 Yolanda answered and could only give the inoperable number to Attention LLC and could help no further.

Looking on the internet I found that Attention LLC has an office in Georgia and in Texas. Attention LLC is the same company as Sherman Acquisitions. Phone numbers for Georgia and Texas are 877-623-3097 and 877-370-8739 respectively.

Call #7 I called 877-370-8739 and Cleveland answered the phone. Cleveland had no access to the NCO accounts and had a colleague, Antonio Bacon, pick-up the phone. Antonio said that he would need to pull up the account at another location within the office and gave me the number of the location 888-517-7852x539.

Call #8 I called Antonio and explained that I had the cancelled check in hand as proof that the debt was settled. Antonio was the only person I spoke to that actually seemed that they cared about their job and was willing to help in the resolution. He also informed me that NCO had just transferred the account to Attention LLC in 10/03. Antonio instructed me to copy the front and back of the check and fax it to 770-432-9920. He also stated that he would handle the internal steps required to have a “Zero Balance” letter sent to me. He also said that it would be easy to retract the strike against my credit report.

I faxed the copy of the payment along with a thank-you note for his help. I will call to confirm receipt of the fax. We’ll see if Antonio and Attention LLC are any more helpful than NCO.

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