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Insurance Fraud - Take legal action, links included
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- The previous reviewers are absolutely correct in their claims against NCOA ( I had purchased my plan through and had only wished I'd known what sort of insurance I was purchasing, or had seen these reviews in advance. I filed a claim over 3 weeks ago and have received few details regarding the phone I seemingly sent to the great beyond. This is well beyond their advertised claim of an average turnover time of 5 days. Customer response/service has been non-existent, as I've left over a dozen voicemails or have been told an "accounts manager" would be returning my call. I've received numerous false dates regarding when I would be receiving my phone, and finally took it upon myself to call and deal with the outsourced cell phone providers to get any information. Dealing with them has been an absolute nightmare, and we have to take action against this blatant insurance fraud. First, if they have your phone, try contacting them at the numbers below. Do not bother with the 1 800 number as it will always direct you to a voicemail message and they will never respond to your calls.

1(561) 470-1223
or try 1(561) 470-1273, 1(866) 654-5590
The "supervisor's" extension is 231, but I've never gotten through.
Also try calling the outsourced agent if you sent your phone in for repairs (Wireless Revival, for example). Their number appears on the RFS info sheet you sent with your phone.

Next, if you have been wronged by them, as clearly others have been on this website, we need to act. After (or if) I ever receive my phone I will be filing taking action. Please join me.

First, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The company is located in Florida (mailing address below). FYI, there are over 155 claims against them through the BBB in the last 36 months alone.

Next, Florida has an official Division of Insurance Fraud which accepts claims and investigates them. This is the real legal recourse as the BBB holds no true power.

Finally, call whomever sold you the policy and urge them to stop selling NCOA policies. Threaten to include them on these reports to the Division of Insurance Fraud and the BBB, or see if there is a similar Division in the base state for your cell phone company.

Take action now! Let's shut them down. And did I mention the Division of Insurance Fraud offers Rewards?

National Cellular Owners Association
PO Box 273566
Boca Raton, FL 33427-3566
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Anonymous on 06/22/2006:
"I had purchased my plan" Why? Just like Nancy Reagan's old motto "Just say No" I couldn't find any information about this company so, if you feel so strongly about then go here and see if you can get a remedy.
rdood on 06/23/2006:
The national insurance crime bureau is another organization to report NCOA to.

Also, I did some digging on the Florida business registry and found some more information on the owners. Use their information when filing reports, and feel free to give them calls or send them mail with your issues, as I'm sure any non-fraudulent business owner would want to be aware of so many dissatisfied customers. :-)

Owner: Lawrence Jordan, (561)470-1223
568 Yamato Rd, Ste. 200
Boca Raton, FL, 33431

Other contact: Frank J. Badach (561) 362-9800

CrazyRedHead on 06/23/2006:
I take it someone didn't read the terms and conditions.
abk on 11/07/2006:

Dear abk:

This letter is in reference to the above captioned request for service (RFS). The loss was reported to our office on October 30, 2006.

As recorded on your request for service, the loss was reported as: “The Phone was lost early Sunday Morning (October 29th) the last call that I picked up was from 4042428311 at about 3:30 am I have put a protection hold on my phone until I receive my replacement phone from NCOA.”

Please note that according to the terms an conditions of NCOA membership, reasonable care and control must be exercised at all times. Therefore, the following exclusion applies to this RFS:



Based on the information that we received regarding your RFS, it has been denied and cannot be considered for payment. Should you have any questions, contact NCOA Customer Service Department through e-mail –or fax to 561-470-1399. We regret any inconvenience you may have been caused.


NCOA Service Department
tlm031 on 05/29/2007:
I found this on another website - A REAL LIVE customer service person ALWAYS answers (I'm working through my own claim) 866.654.5590
laureen on 05/28/2009:
the 2 contact numbers above for lawrance and frank don't work.
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False Advertising
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CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- When I bought my cell phone, I decided that insurance for the phone would be a good idea. Now, in my mind, insurance usually means, I don't have to be Extra careful. It means, that mistakes are allowed and accidents can happen, and the insurance company will help me take care of them. On May 1, 2001 I went to visit someone. I parked my car in the driveway in the person's alley, and went inside. Unfortunately, I left my cell phone in the car. It was a hot summer day, and absent-mindedly, I left my window down as well. So, while I was inside, the person I was visiting, got a phone call from my cell phone. Now, when they told me, I realized something fishy was going on, since my cell phone was in the car. So, I ran out to my car to check, and found that my cell phone was missing. It was gone, just like that. I had only been inside for a few minutes. So, immediately, I called the insurance company and told it what happened. It told me I needed to get a police report before they took any action. So, I called the police, and got a report. I called the insurance company again and let it know, and checked up on the status of my case. Repeatedly, over and over, I called the insurance company wanting to know what they were doing about the situation. In the beginning, they gave me the run around-they put me on hold constantly, they switched the phone from one person to another, and used other tactics to get me off their back. Finally, after several weeks of phone calls, they decide to tell me that they aren't going to do anything about it and that I can't get a replacement phone. The reason they gave me was that I was should not have left the windows down, so as a result of my 'carelessness' they will not do anything to take care of the problem. In my opinion, this is an outrage. An insurance company exists so that the person has backup when faced with a problem. Unfortunately, in this situation, I had to insure myself first, then turn to the insurance. If I knew I had to always be extra careful, and not have my cell phone stolen, why would I get insurance? There would be no use for it. To call this an insurance company, and not provide the customer with any insurance, is False Advertising.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I would like to know that as an insurance company, you will do your job as you are supposed to. When something like this happens, I expect that I am not held responsible for it. As a result, I am entitled, to a free replacement for my cell phone of equal value.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.
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Anonymous on 06/22/2001:
I agree with you! What if on a hot day I leave my window open at my house while I run across the street to see my neighbor. If someone climbs in and steals from me, I would expect my home owners insurance to cover it! The fact is you had something stolen, you did not lose it, it was stolen. The insurance company should cover it. If they don't, I would check with your home owners insurance, they sometimes cover stuff like that! Good luck.
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NCOA insurance FRAUD
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SALINAS, CALIFORNIA -- Several Months ago my wife and I purchased phones and insurance (NCOA) through Wirefly. My phone was damaged and was no longer working. I contacted NCOA through their website and was give an "NCOA Reapair Approval Letter". I shipped my phone Priority Mail on 5/24/06. After several attempts to check the status of repair on the NCOA web site I emailed their support dept. I did not receive a response, so, I emailed them again. Of course, I did not get a response. I have placed two phone calls leaving my contact information response.

Where is my phone?!?!?!?

I have found several complaints on "my 3 cents" as well as other web sites. Anyone filed a lawsuit yet? Monday (6/12) I will check with the post office to confirm delivery of the phone. After words I am filing a complaint with the attorney General.
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Anonymous on 06/10/2006:
Hey! Its California dude what do you expect? Things are done at a pace where, well “who cares” that is the attitude and if you contact the attorney General you will get the same response. It is cheaper for them to give you new phone then repair one but that would make to much sense to them. That is my experience with everything to do with business in California. You would have a better chance of getting a hold of A.S. then the attorney general. Good Luck
rdood on 06/26/2006:
Same thing is happenning to me. I've posted a review on my 3cents with what to do, and contact numbers. You're going to have to hound them to get any info.
Tita on 02/07/2007:
yes its true they suck my best friend is having problems right now... anybody filing a suit... I'm advicing her to do so...
big f on 03/02/2007:
I wish I knew this was a scam, everything I have read that people have wrote is true. I bought my god childs phone from Wirefly, so I called them to imform them that they are letting a scamer insure their phones, they didn't seem to care. if anyone knows about a lawsuit, let me know.
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Rip off!!!
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- Yes I purchased an insurance for my phone from NCOA and well its good for nothing! It gives you information on what they'll cover but don't be fooled ALL THEY DO IS TAKE YOUR MONEY and PROVIDE YOU WITH NO SERVICE!!!! Please do us all a favor AND IF THERES ANYONE WHO BOUGHT OR IS IN NEED OF BUYING a cell phone TELL THEM NOT TO BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS company... SPREAD THE WORD and for all of us who were ripped off can't we all do something about this!!!!
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Sparticus on 02/07/2007:
I've never quite understood the whole cell phone insurance business... How much does something like this cost anyway?
Roger B on 05/19/2007:
I am not sure why so many are dissatisfied with the company. They do not provide insurance to your phone if you can not show proof that it was robbed from you from a secure location. I.E. Breaking into your locked car or home. I can only vouch for the great service that the company provided to me. I Have a blackjack which was stolen out of my locked car last week. Someone forced entry into the vehicle via bending and jacking my lock. After reporting my phone stolen to police I then contacted the insurance. They responded back to me in a day, and requested a copy of my police report, I forwarded them a copy and two days later my claim examiner got in contact with me and issued me a check for $300 since my phone is worth more than what my insurance covers. This is fine with me since I can choose a new phone of my liking. If your phone just disappears out of your own carelessness this is not the insurance for you, but if your phone breaks, stops working or was stolen from your person or secured location they will take care of you 100 percent.
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