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Neiman Marcus
27 Boylston St.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02461-1808
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Online Purchase
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IRVING, TEXAS -- I placed an online order at the Neiman Marcus Site for a $115.00 bottle of Jo Malone cologne. When I received the shipment and opened the box, there was a raw unboxed, unsealed, unpacked bottle in a folded plastic bag. It was sold and shipped without a factory sealed box, as if it was a tester not for resale. This was intended to be given as a gift. If I went into a Walmart, Kmart, CVS or even to a street vendor selling fakes, I would be sold a fragrance in a factory sealed and boxed product. It's not like I ordered a basket from Cracker Barrel but at least their cheese logs and sausages are individually wrapped and packaged in boxes.

Louis Vuitton in Neiman Marcus are snobs
By -

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- I took my sister to the Louis Vuitton section in Neiman Marcus last month to make a purchase. I wasn't dressed up that day and the black salesman looked at me up and down. He gave me an attitude problem from the start, so I asked him if he could show me a bag. He goes, "what bag?" I pointed out the bag to him. He goes, "well you'll just have to wait then". (He wasn't helping anyone) She goes, "what are you doing, you can't get that for me?" He goes, "are you actually going to buy that or you just want to see it?" I flipped out. I said, you know what you just lost a customer.

I don't need to sit here and be treated like this. I'm better off going to the real LV store, next door, and I walked out. The Chanel section, they cater you from head to toe at Neimans. Really, really nice. I don't care if I'm not dressed right, if I have money I want to spend there,you better cater to ME. You need my commission. I don't need you, and the majority of the employees at Neimans in Virginia act like you need them. I then proceeded next door to the Louis Vuitton store that's not affiliated with Neiman Marcus to tell them my story, and they told me they've heard a lot of complaints from other customers about the same thing.

Lousy Store Policies and Snooty Salesclerks

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Please join me in boycotting Neiman Marcus if you've had similar shopping experiences... First, their "price match" policy sucks. I bought a pair of jeans for $168. Found the same pair online on sale for $99. Whether or not the $99 sale price was found on Neiman Marcus online or any other online merchant shouldn't be an issue; doesn't it make sense for them to honor the sale price and refund the difference? If they don't, I'll just shop online from now on, meaning they've lost a very good customer. Every customer they lose means lower sales. Eventually they'll alienate enough customers like liberty house did with their lousy store policies and go out of business. Just watch and see.

It's just a matter of time. Who wants to bet? Secondly, what's with all the snooty salesclerks? I'm local so I dress local, meaning shorts and a t-shirt. I want to be comfortable when I shop. The salesclerk are dressed impeccably, but so what? Don't they make minimum wage plus commission? I'm not intimidated by the prices. I've bought $500 dress shirts. Hell, I'd spend $1,000 on a shirt if I totally loved it. Bet they can't! So there! Just disgusted. Similar stories? Please share and then boycott Neiman Marcus!!!

Neiman Marcus - beware of refused returns
By -

PARAMUS -- Neiman Marcus - Be aware of refused returns! I had returned some of my online purchased item at the store but 2 weeks later received 2 items back with the letter stating that the labels have been removed. I inspected items and found that all labels were there. After contacting customer service I was told that size labels were cut-off - Not only I did not cut them off, I did not even see that they were missing since I intended to return these items. For all I know it could be how they shipped it to me, or it could have been someone else's returns. Will never shop at this store again!!

Vice President of Customer Service should be Fired!!!

DALLAS, TEXAS -- The VP of Customer Service at Neiman Marcus Direct/Online forgot what the main purpose of her job title is. Instead of trying to help customers resolve their issues, she spends her time putting blocks on customer accounts so no other associate can give any information and for all calls to be only routed to her. I think this rude, incompetent lady forgot what the main principles of customer service are after being on the job for to long. She finds it's much easier to deceive and inconvenient the customer, instead of trying to help them. She doesn't even want to take responsibility for what she does, because she has her assistants return her calls and answer her emails.

I think she is just a grumpy lady who is unhappy with her job, and gets satisfaction from providing distress to the customer, instead of help. Someone needs to teach this lady a lesson and give her seat up to someone who will actually appreciate their job title. With the bad service, internal schemes, and rude attitude she is not only causing loss of business for Neiman Marcus Direct/Online, but the NM Group as a whole. Her approach to solving customer's problems gives a bad image not only to the online store but to NM's affiliates as well - I would never allow myself to buy something again with a Neiman Marcus tag on it.

Refused A Refund By Neiman Marcus, Because They Sold Me A Fake
By -

I will never shop on Neiman Marcus online again. I bought a coat from them that I wanted to return, only to be refused a refund because Neiman Marcus claims that the jacket I bought from them isn't a Neiman Marcus merchandise. Well, now I am out $2500, for no reason. Maybe this hasn't happened to you yet, but if you are okay with the odd chance that Neiman's will not allow you to make a return, because the merchandise you bought from them isn't a Neiman Marcus merchandise - go ahead and continue to shop there. As for me, as a loyal customer for years and years who have been treated like a criminal, I will never shop there again.

Failing To Fix Poor Products From China
By -

About a year ago I ordered a gold plated silverware set from Wallace. Wallace used to be a reliable vendor of silver products. I did not know they had been bought out by a Chinese company. The silverware was not plated but had a thin "wash" of gold which wore off in high use areas, such as the back of the spoon where it rests on the table and the ends of the fork tines. When I called customer no-service, I was told that faulty goods could only be returned for 90 days from purchase. Of course, it takes longer than that for the gold to wear off.

Before Neiman Marcus was bought, their service was impeccable. Now it is rotten. Looking in their catalog, most silverware and silver items come from Wallace (CHINA). Since they (NM) acted so cavalierly, I will not deal with them again. Also, I think companies should state that goods come from China so that customers who do not wish to purchase Chinese goods can pass them by.

Overnight delivery of catalog clothing
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Flat on my back with herniated disks, I ordered some clothing from Neiman Marcus' catalog. I paid $53.00 extra to have overnight delivery. It was to be delivered by FedEx on Friday, December 21, 2007. When it did not arrive on that date, I tracked it online and also spoke to a FedEx agent. She first claimed it was "weather," and then when I told her the tracking indicated it was in my city and the weather was clear, she then said, "the driver has too many deliveries since its Christmas." I was told it would be delivered either Saturday or Monday. Not exactly overnight delivery.

I then called Neiman Marcus and spoke to ** who put me on hold for a minute, came back and said she would refund the $53.00 for overnight delivery. She was charming. It's not Neiman Marcus' fault that FedEx can't deliver, but they take the responsibility for it. I'm impressed.

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