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Temp Service Agency Scam
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Nesco Resources is owned by National Grid, a Gas and Electric company that services a good portion of the Northeastern United States. When Nesco finds someone a temporary employment position, it's usually with National Grid in areas such as Customer Service Rep, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. The temp employeee is then trained and put into action within a few weeks.

The "kicker" to this is you have to take a "test" which might or might not have anyrhing to do with the position you were trained to do. National Grid tells Nesco temps that it's a simple test of English and math skills. This test is done after four to six months from your hire date. The temp is notified by mail when he or she will be tested but no sampling of the test is given. The 3 hour timed test is then given and most fail, which leads to the humiliating process of having the temp escorted out of the by security because you are now deemed a risk. The temp is never given a copy of the test taken, a test score, or what the temp answered incorrectly.

WHEN NATIONAL GRID TELLS YOU THAT YOU FAILED THE TEST, THAT'S IT. The temp has to take National Grid's word for it. On top of this insulting gesture, the temp has had to paid weekly IBEW union dues since their hire date in which no union representation is given to these temps whatsoever to protest this testing procedure. IBEW's response to this is that the test being given was agreed upon by the union in their current contract and there's nothing the IBEW can do. Meanwhile, the temp has paid the union anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the temp's employment length.

National Grid's goal in all of this is to squeeze the IBEW out where it can using the Wal-Mart business model: have a majority of temporary workers in which they don't have to pay for medical or retirement benefits. The IBEW loses out by the significant decrease in pension contributions by National Grid for their retirees because full-time employees are few and far in between. There will always be an abundance of hard working individuals to hire as temps, hoping to get through their NESCO probationary period of 6 months and then another 3 months of NATIONAL GRID'S probationary period for that elusive full-time position that never shall be.

Add to this that New York is an "At Will" state in which companies can pretty much do what they want to their employees and National Grid has a monopolistic hold in the transportation end of its electric and natural gas services, you get a company that has decided pure greed needs to Win out for the enrichment of a few. This leads to the ruination of a state by residents having to leave because they're unemployed and can't afford the most basic of needs for themselves and their families. This will also be for the other states that have electrical and gas services with National Grid. Pure greed is evil at its finest for the few that get away with it.

Non Payment of Employees
By -

SHELTON, CONNECTICUT -- Recently I saw an ad in the paper for a job via a temp agency. The ad was big and stated they paid $14 per hour. So I sent my resume. I was contacted and I was hired. I went to the temp agencys "client" tested and interviewed. Upon going back to the temp agency to fill out paperwork I was told I would be making around $12.00 but due to my 6 years of customer service experience I got an extra quarter. Well the ad said $14 so false advertising.

Anyhow I proceed to work and the environment was terrible. I advised everyone I would not be returning there. The man who hired me sent me harassing emails telling me I was unprofessional and alls I could think of so is what youre doing. I emailed him back about my paycheck. He said he mailed it. Well I have not received it in today's mail. Whenever something is mailed in state it gets here in two days. So I got to their website and none of the links work at all. Not to tech support and not to their local branches. I'm beginning to think it was a scam?

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